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Domina deutsch porno
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Rachael sauntered into our lounge wearing her jeans and tatty white t-shirt with her headphones in her ears, clearly sweating from her activity in her room. which had made her moan and groan so loudly i could hear her over the tones from the television. She smiled at me and I tried to ignore her, once again her snide comments about my friends and my ex were doing my head in and she couldn't shut up about her upcoming trip to turkey with her boyfriend Joel.

I sat patiently and turned the tv down and responded kindly. We sat for about 10 minutes until the room fell awkwardly quiet and as she was about to leave to return to her room I pulled out a game and a few bottles and offered her some entertainment.

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We started off answering the questions before challenging each other to drink shots when they got it wrong, eventually when she was tipsy enough, I started talking about things to annoy her.

"Why be a feminist I asked, and whats it like to give it to your boyfriend who is obviously into receiving anal, he's ike a lost puppy dog around you although a puppy has more spine than him!" "Fuck off you don't know what two people are like together!" she snapped.

"Oh but I do i hear you both at it, tell me have you always been that loud when you fake it?" "Just drop it i'm off to bed if you carry on!" "See if i care, by the way you still have a challenge to do seen as you lost that last round" I commanded, she looked at me and said "What you want then?" "Did you use your vibrator on yourself after he left?" I queried, "Yes why, oh god you heard me i'm embarrassed" she said sheepishly.

After a brief silence she asked, "is that what my challenge was to admit that ?" I burst out laughing and said no, of course not, as I strode purposefully over to the fridge freezer and demanded "shut your eyes, or I'll have to blindfold you for it," "But … " she started and I shushed her before she uttered another word, pulling out a few ice cubes from the freezer and whispering that she had to strip to her underwear there and then.

She pleaded and pleaded and eventually compromised to go get into her bikini, and she came back, wearing it under her dressing gown. She disrobed as she sat back in the chair and I grabbed the belt from it and used it to tie her hands behind the chair allowing me to fully enjoy her figure as she sat waiting and I explained " I'm going to brush different objects over your body and you have to tell me what they are, I have 5 get more than 2 wrong and you forfeit the game." I proceeded by blindfolding her with a scarf lying on the loungefloor.

My heartbeat started to race as I had already worked out how to cheat her out of this, by now I knew I was going to make her pay for all the shit she had put me through and my cock throbbed against the tightly fastened jeans. I allowed myself a quick rub over my crotch as I approached before running the 1st object over her neck and down her shoulder and arm, she commented on it being a piece of fruit and I asked which one, " a banana she said confidently and I stayed quiet and placed it back on the side swapping it for the cling film and placing it in front of her and said, " You can see what all 5 are after the challenge is completed".

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Next I grabbed a fork and used the handle of it on her chest and down her stomach towards her bikini line and she shivered at the touch of the cold metal. While she was in thought I ran it across the top of the bottoms and watched her hips gently rise in the chair.


I poured another shot of vodka and got her to drink it as she thought on. A knife she replied and I chuckled to myself and placed it next to the cling film.


I then grabbed a condom from my wallet and ran that over her and she couldn't tell what it was and passed. I told her to sit tight (not that she could move that far). I went into her room (sounded like I went into my own) and grabbed two things from her room, a pair of her knickers, for later, and her vibrator. I re-entered the front room and took a bottle of beer from the fridge and ran that up her legs and in between her thighs, this time she gasped and I saw her bite her lip and begged, "please stop that's cold" and I leaned into her ear, breathing deliberately on her neck causing her further excitement before I whispered "Guess what it is, I will stop as I pressed it against her moist cunt and allowed a finger to "accidentally" brush against her, she lightly moaned and I smirked.

"A glass bottle, probably a jar of mayonnaise?" she shrieked and I placed it in front of her with the other objects.

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Finally I used the ice cube and smiled as I knew where it was headed and immediately placed it by her belly button and slowly slid it to her bikini bottoms and she yelped, I quickly pushed it down her bottoms and into her cunt and started to rub her clit, she moaned loudly and inbetween in short shallow breaths, out came the words "ice-cube" and I stopped and replied "are you happy with all of your choices" and she replied " yes".

As I was just about to take off her blindfold she stopped my hand and queried "Why did u start to finger me? And what would the forfeit have been had I got them wrong out of curiosity? " Obviously she believed she was safe and I snickered as I replied, "The forfeit is to go and get your vibrator and masturbate in front of me and cum".

She smiled as she smirked "Just a shame I haven't lost then nyah nyah". As I ripped off her blindfold I laughed and boasted " you got one out of 5, but to make it better, seen as you were so confident you can start with that and I get to add one extra task following your embarrassingly low score".

"No, " she squealed, "God no," as she scanned the items on the floor, "You cheated! That's not fair!" I laughed "Nor's a black man's arse" as I undid her bikini top and slid my hands over her B cup tits and giggled, I pulled out my phone and took a picture pretending to be replying to a text. I then pressed record and left it in a subtle place and slid off her bottoms and saw her shaved cunt looking so wet and moist as I started to play with it and placed her vibrator against her clit.

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"nnggghhhhh" she started immediately, "Holy fuck " as I slapped her nipples before unleashing her hands and she moaned more in ecstasy sliding off the chair. I handed her the vibrator and demanded she continue.

By now she was so horny, she was doing whatever she could for release. " Mmmmmm oh fuck, yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" as she approached her climax I yanked the toy away just as she started to squirt. I stood over her and ordered " My turn to cum, on your knees whore," as I undid my button and jeans pushing them and my boxers onto the floor as I stepped out of them wiuth my erect cock level with her face.

I then pulled out her phone and rung her boyfriend and left him on speaker as she sucked me off, saying to her she had to keep talking or there was another punishment coming after. She licked the tip of my cock as she took the full 8 inches in, deep throating me and practically gagging in between sentences to him.

She Carried on as I slapped her arse and her boyfriend demanded what was that and I smiled evilly, as I approached climax with her head bobbing back and forth faster and faster, she said "I'll ring you back later hun, I have to do this quickly and I'll speak to you after." I tutted as she hung up and she focused more intently on my member bobbing back and forth so quickly with her head, my hips and balls were slaping back into her face as she withdrew each time, as I got closer she used her hand and twisted with her pulling motion.

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I shot my load down her throat and onto her tongue firstly and she licked up and swallowed each drop and I pulled out just enough to get a fair wad of cum on her face, getting it all over her chin and her nose and in her eyes. "Yum, you taste great" she smirked and I chuckled, asking "You ready for more?

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" "That's your lot I've done all you asked" She responded puzzled. I reminded her that she'd hung up and grabbed my phone stopping the video quickly before she was cleaned up.

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I grabbed her and kept her on all fours as I tied the scarf around her like a dog's leash pulling her outside onto the balcony &hellip. To Be continued