Hot friend give a very nasty blowjob bigcock teen

Hot friend give a very nasty blowjob bigcock teen
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Mom Decided to Cooperate. Sidney sat in her kitchen she was pissed at her husband for loosing there food money in the Friday night card game. I guess its tuna and soup for the week again she thought. Can it get more depressing then this she wondered?


She got up took a load of laundry out of the dryer and headed upstairs to put it away. She passed her son Jason's room, he was on the phone. She closed her bedroom door and listened to the conversation her son was having with whom she did not know. "How much did he make"? "Wait, your telling me people will pay to watch his mom have sex with young guys"?

"He made three grand the first week, no fucken way dude"? "Wow I'd love to get my mom involved".


"OK talk to you later". She finished folder the wash and headed back down stairs, unaware Jason had placed a call to a friend. "Well she heard me talking about it". I'll see if there's any interest from her in the next few days, but if there is were going to need some money". "I'm not sure two three hundred ought to cover it".

It's a one time payment for us. Since her husband was working this Saturday she figured this it might be a good time to question her son about the phone conversation she had heard. But how to start the conversation was the question. Around noon as they were having lunch an opportunity presented it's self and she sized the moment.

"Jason you're telling me they are trying to pickup women at the mall daily"? "Sure mom it seems to be very profitable for everyone". How exactly does that work"? Now Jason explained his plan and the story he and his two friends Ralph and Bob had come up with to get there mothers to have sex with them.

These guys cruise the mall, they see a nice looking mother and start up a conversation, after about fifteen minutes or so the subject gets around to money and if there interested they get told there doing adult movies. They are told exactly what's expected and then told after the start up costs they could get three grand a month.

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Sidney sat there listening very intently as this seemed like a win, win to her, you get laid and paid for it, interesting. Jason do you know these guys or have you seen them"? "Mom my friend Ralph is one of the guys". "Really, Ralph I would have never thought". Sidney was now wondering how to get her son to make the intro so she could see if she wanted to do this. I like to fuck and getting paid for it would be great. Wait if they are videoing it who will be watching? "Jason have you seen any of these videos"?

"Sure mom but they are like pay per view". "How is that possible"? "They rent the videos only to guys they know so they control who is watching". Sidney giggled and said, "Do you think they would like me"? Jason gave her a strange look. "Hell yes, although in videos the woman have larger tits".

"It's not how big they are but knowing how to use them".

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She was giggling like a school girl. Jason thought about it and then said, "I'll call him and see what he has to say".

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He got up from the table and headed to his room. In side he closed the door and placed a call to Ralph. "Ralph, Jason, OK now what do I do she interested and wants to talk to you". "Give it about 30 minutes and tell her the rest of the story, including watching a porno later in your room". "Oh Jason when she calls me I'll record it so you can here it.

Jason wasn't sure about this but really wanted to give it a try. He knew his mother smoked pot whenever she got stressed or pissed and right now she was both. He waited forty five minutes and headed to the kitchen. Passing her bedroom he smelled pot, she had a fan running but the smell was undeniable.

"Mom where are you"? The bedroom door opened and she was standing there. "What's up dude", was her response.

"Here's the phone number", when he answers tell him who you are tell him I've given you an idea about the deal but you want the details". "I will do that right now". "Mom if you're going to do this would you like to watch a porno with me later in my room"? "I'd love to honey now let me make the call". Sidney walked back into her room closed the door lit another joint and dialed the number.

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Ralph answered the phone on the second ring. "Hi Ralph this is Mrs. F, Jason's mom Sidney".

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"Jason said you would explain this adult movie thin k in detail to me". The next few moments she heard him talk about money and who got to watch and how much they charged. Then he said "now I have a few questions for you, ok". "Sure ask anything you want". "My tits are 36C". "Yes I swallow after I give a blow job". "I would enjoy giving a hand job I actually like watching a cock spurt". "I have all day Tuesday off, and would be available any time after nine".

"Sexy outfits, heels, sure I have a few". "No problem knowing guys will be jerking off to my videos".

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"OK I'll tell Jason, see you in fifteen minutes". Sidney opened her bedroom door and called "Jason, Ralph will be here in fifteen minutes and he has something for you and me". Jason knew what he was bringing over and what he had. Jason knew he really wanted to see her sexed up get a good feel and get home to his computer to watch.

She heard a car in the driveway; she put on a robe and headed for the front door. Jason had come out of his room and was heading there with her She looked at her son, "Jason do you like the look"? She opened the robe, "Wow mom you look super hot, fuckable"! "Thanks". Ralph came in and looked at Sidney, "you are hot come here". The robe fell to the floor, his tongue was down her throat, he pulled a tit out and was sucking it and had his other hand was in her panties rubbing her moist clit.

She moaned with delight, he kept this up for five minutes and finally pushed back. She had a dazed look on her face and a good size wet spot between her legs. "I've got to go talk to you later". He was gone; she put her tit back in her bra. Jason was staring at the spot between her legs. She giggled, they was not denying her enjoyment of the event. Her son had a bulge in his sweat pants that was quite noticeable. It appears he enjoyed the scene as well.

"What did he give us"? "We've got a MILF cd, he said to watch it and get dialog ideas". "Well let's watch it". They entered Jason's room and he hooked the TV to the computer, gave the machine several commands and they were almost ready. He didn't tell her that they were sending a real time show of what was going on in his bedroom to Ralph's computer.

"Mom how about taking your bra off and letting me see those tits"?

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"You like my tits don't you"? Jason hit enter and the TV screen started to show the movie. "Mom Ralph said to use this on you as the movie plays". "She was already watching the movie and said ok". Jason pulled the waistband of her panties forward and gently placed the clit Bullitt on her clit and turned it on low. Her eyes opened wide, "Wow baby I didn't see that coming but it feel great". "Mom spread your legs for me". "Spreading wide she laughed, how's this"? "It's a fuck me now spread". Jason cock was rock hard and she gently took hold of it and slowly started jerking him off.

They were half watching the movie and half watching each other. "Mom I'm going to cum soon". Sidney did say a word she put the head of his cock in her mouth and now started bobbing up and down while making slurping noises and messaging his balls. "I'm coming mom". Jason first blast shot a large load of warm cum straight down her throat. She pulled her head back so only the head was in her mouth.

As he kept spurting she kept swallowing until it seemed to be over. She looked right in his face opened her mouth so he saw all of his cum and then swallowed; she opened her mouth again to show she had swallowed it down. The Bullitt clit was creating a fire between her legs and she was going to climax.

She grabbed her sons shoulder and screamed she came hard she squirted all over the bed and herself.


Jason removed the vibrator. "Wow mom you're a squinter, huh". "Yes I am now you know so let's keep it our secret, OK"? Sidney looked down and realized Jason cock was rock hard. "Honey your hard again"! "Mom is it good with you if we fuck"? "Get these panties off me and get that cock in me, NOW please". Jason wasted no time he pulled her very wet panties off and get between her legs. "Baby go slowly I want you and I to really enjoy this". Jason pushed the head of his cock past her wet pussy lips and he heard her moan with pleasure.

"That feels great honey, now push it in deep and fuck me senseless. Jason was pounding her pussy she was pushing her hips up to meet his every downward thrust.

Since she had sucked the cum out of his balls a few minutes earlier so he was able to last a good fifteen minute, this gave Sidney time to have two screaming orgasms and she felt a third building. Jason cock twitch and she felt her orgasm flood over her. "Baby shot your load of hot cum deep in mommies pussy", she shouted.The cum spurted out of his cock and she moaned with every spurt. After a couple of minutes there breathing had returned to normal and he rolled off her.

"Jason do you think I'll be a good porno milf"? "You most diffidently will mom". "I would like to suggest we practice a lot more though". Sidney giggled "I think that's a great idea how much practice do you think it will take"? "Well I thought every day for the next six month would be a good place to start". "We will need to include Ralph too". "Honey if he is as good as you the three of us will have a wonderful time in bed. "Jason your cock is getting hard again"?

"Sure is, you want to suck it out"?

"No way my pussy needed another generous load of cum in it". "Get that cock back in me, please". Jason sat in his room after the sex episode talking to Ralph on the computer. All Ralph could say was "I've got to get some of that". "Listen Ralph you heard her say we can fuck every day so as long as my dads not around were good". Do you think she still wants to do a porno Jason"? "I'm not sure let's see if we can both get her Sunday.

Sunday at breakfast John told Sidney he was going to play golf, he and two other friends had a 10:30 Tee off time. Sidney just smiled at Jason, "I guess we'll be alone today want to do anything special"? "No mom Ralph is coming over and we have a project to really work hard on".

"Well I'm sure you two will get it off". "Were going to do the best we can. Jason got up and went to call Ralph to get him over as soon as possible.

"Get over here my dads got a 10:30 tee off time, "I'm on my way". Jason stayed in his room until he heard the front door close. They were alone. "Mom Ralph will be here in ten minutes you should get ready". I'm on it". It took Sidney 20 minutes to get ready and smoke two joints.

She emerged from the bedroom in a real slutty outfit of no bra, a green thong and green heels. She went right to Jason's bedroom, "Hey guys like the look"?

"Ralph smiled and said "Yes we do lets fuck", "Sounds good to me". She got on the bed and they started kissing and sucking her tits and rubbing her clit. "Ralph honey, since Jason has already gotten the pussy three times yesterday your first". "Now get over her and get that cock in my".

Ralph wasted no time and Sidney looked into his eyes "your cock fells great in there, go slow". "Baby please be sure to shoot your cum in my that is a great feeling". Ralph pumped for ten minutes, Sidney came twice and her pussy was milking the cock in her, Ralph yelled "I'm ready" "She yelled push you cock as deep as you can and put as much cum as you can in my pussy baby"!

She dug her fingernails into his shoulders and felt the fire between her legs erupt as the first spurt of warm cum flooded her pussy. "Oh god" was all she could say.

Ralph unloaded a torrent of cum in her waiting pussy.He laid on top of her breathing heavily for a couple of minutes the rolled off. Sidney smiles at Jason "Honey get your cock over her and give me a good fucking please".

"Jason I hope you got a couple of good load of cum for me"? "I've got plenty for you mom". Several hours later and having been fucked six times and two blow job The three of them sat on the bed talking, Ralph looked at her." You know Sidney Jason told me you needed some practice before going on film". Giggling she asked "Are you and Jason going to help me practice"? "I think a few months of hard work and we'll be ready".

Giggling she looked at them "Well as long as I can get cum in my pussy on a regular basis I'm not the least bit unhappy with this arrangement.