Uncut gay emo busting his nuts by emobf

Uncut gay emo busting his nuts by emobf
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All characters 18+ My first story for this site, hopefully you all enjoy! Honestly, Toby disliked the man who once was his favourite teacher.

A teacher who he wanted to impress, that was until said man married his mother. They had been together for a few years, and at first it felt cool that he did have some favouritism towards him even if it was just a little amount but when he was seventeen, the man got down on one knee and popped the question. If that couldn't have been more awkward, the noises that his biological factor seemed to cover his choking on a mouthful of fizzy. His dad never dropped by for surprise visits anymore.

For the first time in years, his mum Victoria Holland nee Palmer, had gone away with her two sisters on a cruise which lasted two weeks and is followed by another week of vacationing in New Zealand.


So, on the first night of her holiday Toby went out with some friends despite rules set by William only to come home past midnight with the older man waiting for him.

And this, had led him to a discipline that was of course humiliating. Even more so after it was discovered by his best friend aka fuck buddy, Kody Morris, that spanking just happened to be a big turn on for him. Upon recent discovery, it didn't matter who was spanking him.

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Toby thought that William was only bluffing when he said that Toby would be spanked if 'orders' were not followed. Within moments of entering the house, he had been dragged by the ear into the living room, bent over the knee of his step-father and his jeans pushed down to his knees before he could even say anything.

Unfortunately for him, he happened to be going commando as Kody was meant to be at the small gathering Ten minutes later, he found himself gasping in pleasure doing his best not to moan. His very noticeable erection pressing against the cotton fabric of sweatpants, and with each strike he rubbed against the man.

A small patch of dampness caused by his pre-cum already noticeable. Toby wasn't stupid, and he knew that William was now teasing him which only made it seem worse. His step-father was enjoying this too.


The harsh smacks with the leather belt having slowed down and the blows had softened, but still hard enough to leave a sting and the skin of his behind rippling as the belt slowly started to hit further down to the back of his thighs. Then, after what felt like extreme torture, Toby had reached his limit. William had brought the belt down hard on his arse, a loud cry echoing around the living room and Toby's back arched, and his doe-like brown eyes rolling as he came over the lap of the man.

"Fuck," he stretched out in a moan. His eyes now shut tightly as his bottom lip quivered. "Stand up," William delivered a harsh slap to his red bottom, and Toby let out a small whimper from the sting. Remaining still for a few moments before pushing his body up before staring down at the older male, his cheeks going red in colour as he saw the mess he made before his eyes travelled up to the large bulge in the man's lap. "Pants off." Although he was in what his family would described to be a 'rebellious stage', even if it lasted longer than usual, he listened.

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Scrambling slightly to kick of his shoes and then jeans, his eyes occasionally flickering towards William's crotch. Flicking his tongue out over his lips, Toby looked at his step-dad. Then to a pace much slower than what Toby preferred, William joined him in getting undressed, until eventually Toby's seven-inch member became hard once more, jerking in excitement.

His eyes not straying from the bulbous shaped head on the thick cock. "Suck." Toby's mouth parted agape, and his tongue flickered out once more as he stuttered out a response. "I-I haven't given head very much," that statement was very much true. Sure, he had been sexually active in the past few months but Toby had never really participated in much oral other than the occasional hand job he had given out or getting prepared for penetration.

"Well you're going to learn eventually," William was using a tone he hadn't heard before, and that made his mouth go dry as he felt even more aroused so wringing his hands, he took a few steps forward before dropping down onto his knees and taking the organ into his hand. Leaning forward, his tongue traced around the swollen head before trailing down to the base, feeling a sense of warmth as he heard William let out a sign before humming slightly.

Trailing his tongue back up, he took the tip into his mouth and swirled his tongue around as fingers tangled themselves into his hair and pushed down.

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Obediently, he bobbed his head as William directed, moaning slightly he cupped the heavy feeling balls in his hands and massaged them. Pushing Toby's head down further, William moaned and continued to push down until eventually it caused Toby to gag around the cock. His face now flashed a light pink in colour as his cheeks hollowed. It continued like this for what felt to be a while, and Toby couldn't complain as all thoughts of deep throating his step-dad no longer disturbing to him.

Instead, it felt more exciting. Letting out a cough, he felt his saliva dribble down his chin as the hands in his hair disappearing after pulling his head away.

"Left bed side table, grab the lube and a condom. Be quick," William said, using his thumb wipe away the saliva. Toby nodded, before rushing to the opposite end of the one-story home. His socked covered feet skidding across the hardwood flooring as he flung the door of the master bedroom open and wasted no time in pulling open the draws and digging in through the articles of clothing. Once he had pulled a condom from the packet and grabbing the bottle of lube, he ran back with the very same amount of anticipation for what was to come.

Panting slightly as he skirted around the ottoman, he shoved the two items against William's chest before reaching down and removing the socks from his feet. "Get ready," William handed the lube back to Toby as he sat down onto the ottoman.

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Flicking open the lid, Toby coated his two fingers before tracing around his hole and after a few moments he pushed a finger in, pumping it in a few times before adding the second finger. When he felt fully prepared, he looked back at William who was looking back, the condom already rolled on and he was stroking his member coating it with lubricant.

Toby didn't have to be told what to do when he saw William lean back in the armchair, his arms moving to lay by his sides. Straddling the man, he placed one hand on his shoulder while the other hand held his cock up straight until he eventually lowered himself, his face twisting at the entry of the thickness.

Hands on his hips helped push him down, the member stretching him as he sunk down. Toby moaned, his eyes tightly shut as he slowly raised and sunk down once more, rolling his hips as his gripped Williams shoulders as he begun to bounce at a steady pace.

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The sounds of Williams moaning only making him move faster, and soon their lips met. The kiss was rather sloppy, yet it was something that seemed to fit the mood as William wrapped a muscular arm around his waist. Their teeth clashed, and their tongues wrestled for dominance as he being the messy one, dribbled slightly. Angling his hips upwards and thrusting, William broke the kiss after a few moments and used one hand to push Toby's face into the crook of his neck.

Whimpering, Toby reached down and started to stroke himself, his thumb smearing the precum as he used it as a bit of lubricant.

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He didn't know about William, but he was about to cum a second time that night. "Fuck! Harder, Daddy, harder!" Toby demanded, twisting a hand into Williams hair as the man moaned loudly. William listened and slid down in the seat slightly as he delivered heavy thrust to the teen. William slapped Toby's arse, causing Toby to let out another loud sound of pleasure. To more hard slaps were delivered as William let out a low grown, his hips buckling uncontrollably as the arm holding Toby to him tightened.

Toby soon followed, his body jerking and multiple gasps coming from him as he shot his seed over William's stomach and chest before becoming limp in the now quiet room. Reaching down, William removed himself from the boy while letting out a shaky sigh and his head rested back against the seat before looking down at Toby's tired looking face.

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"Are you going to behave now?" Toby looked at the man and thought for a moment, a small smirk growing on his features and he shook his head no. "I always love a good spanking," he replied.