Wicked cutie was brought in anus assylum for awkward treatment

Wicked cutie was brought in anus assylum for awkward treatment
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I want the reader to know, this story is completely fiction and will probably sound a litle over the top. I also want to say that I know very litle, if anything about the ice capades. But, as I was writing it, it made me horny. I hope you'll get the same reaction as you read it and maybe get off. As you read this, you will notice the main character is a straight-heterosexual male, who likes pussy. Even though I am a woman, I like to write stories from a man's point of view, whether true or not.

From the time I saw the ice capades on tv, I decided I wanted to dance and skate on the ice with one, if not more of those beautiful, sexy ladies, holding their firm bodies in the palms of my hands, while feeling them up, ultimately ramming their pussies with my hard dick. I enrolled in classes to learn to skate and dance on the ice and, soon started dancing with the gorgeous ladies I had seen on tv. No, I wasn't gay, nor was I really interested in dancing on the ice.

I was just plain horny and when I watched all those ladies skating and dancing, wearing their tights showing every sexy crease, curve and nice firm breasts, I wanted to get my hands on them and fuck them. I'd masturbate, while watching the programs, making myself cum over and over.

I imagined their cute, firm asses in the palm of my hand, rubbing their clits and pussies, and gently finger fucking them through the thin material of their tights. Some of the routines placed them in perfect positions which made it easy to cup their firm breasts, gently squeezing and caressing them, while pinching and twirling their hard round nipples.

My cock hardened just thinking about it. Watching exotic dancers was great, especially when they stripped their clothes all the way off and danced close enough, I could touch them and squeeze them and finger bang their nice wet cunts.

Rubbing and squeezing their own bodies, they were quick and easy for me to fuck and didn't object once they felt my searing-hot, beefy, cock banging their slippery, hot pussies, relentlessly fucking them hard, punishing their sweet, tight fuck holes, for making me so hot. As they danced around my body, touching and rubbing themselves all over me, reveling in the power they had over my cock. I'd convince them to pull my cock out of my pants, then right in the middle of a lap dance, I'd pull them hard down over my stiff dick, burying myself deep inside their hot pussies, fucking and pounding hard, giving them what they were begging for and deserved.

But they were only good for a quick lay. I wanted to fuck a pretty, sexy unsuspecting young lady on the ice, where she was vulnerable and under my power. Soon I had a sexy dance partner and learned the routines.

I didn't start playing with her pussy and tits right away. I earned her trust as a worthy dance partner first, then I started feeling her up and ultimately fucked her. My first partner was a sexy little brunette.

She had a perfect hour glass figure, with a tiny waste that ballooned out to curving hips, with a nice, firm, round ass. Her breasts were about medium size, but large enough to make me salivate and my dick get hard just thinking about feeling them in my hands and mouth. After skating and going through the routines for a few minutes, her tights slipped into the crevice of her ass, and between the labia of her very nice pussy. She kept her pubic hair well-trimmed to have a smooth flat look to her abdomen and pubic area.


However, I couldn't help noticing her special little jewel of a clit straining against the thin material of her tights, outlining it perfectly. I had an erection whenever we were on the ice together, going through our routine. I had many opportunities, holding her body close to mine and I know she felt my hard cock as I held it against her firm ass. Her body would jerk and she'd gasp when she felt my stiff manhood rub against her.

Her sensitive little sex bud, would poke its head out more, as her body responded to my touch. I had a hard time staying focused on the skating and I couldn't help looking at the creases of her ass and pussy. I couldn't wait to get my hands between her legs, rubbing her pussy. After some practice time in class, she trusted me enough to start meeting me at the rink for practices by ourselves.

It was hard to hide my erection during class and I had to wear latex pants that fit my body loser then the tights were, in an effort to keep my horny dick hidden from the members of the dance company. God, her body was so perfect. I wanted to lick her sexy labia and flick my tongue around her little bud and make her scream with desire, begging me to fuck her senseless.

I had to be patient and take it slow. But my cock seemed to be in control and reacted to my thoughts of fucking her nice, tight twat, banging her hard, taking her to heights of pleasure she had never experienced. I was determined to bury my dick inside her hot-wet, soft fuck hole. We started meeting at the rink once a week and I finally convinced her to meet more often wanting her more and more.

One evening we met and I had brought some hot chocolate for us to drink before we got started. She hadn't pulled her hair back yet. It was thick and silky smooth, hanging straight down her back just barely touching the top of her sexy buttocks. We sat on a bench, drinking our cocoa, talking about our routine and playfully flirting and teasing each other for a few minutes.

Before we got on the ice, she skated to the mirror to pull her hair back into a bun. I watched as she stretched her arms high up over her head, pulling her tights into the crease of her ass. Her breasts jutting out, straining against the snug top of her tights, her round nipples protruding against the light material, with the slight chill coming off the ice. It was erotic watching her pull her hair up off her shoulders and back. She was looking down and did not notice me watching her.

My cock was getting hard and I knew tonight was going to be the night that I would have her. As she finished, she looked at me through the mirror, smiled and asked me if I was ready to get started. Her smile was so beautiful and made my cock throb with excitement and expectation. I'd love to have that beautiful mouth wrapped tightly around my hard dick, fucking her to her throat, making her swallow every squirt of my hot cum as my dick exploded inside her.

I told her in a minute. I got up from the bench, quickly turning toward the wall, before she saw my hard-on through my pants. I busied myself, taking care of the thermos and cups, letting my dick calm down. I had to readjust it inside my pants, to try to hide that I had a hard-on. She was skating around the ice, stretching and bending, warming her muscles. Even her stretching and bending movements made her tights pull up into her ass and labia.

I glanced through the mirror now and again, watching her. I had to stop because it wasn't helping my hard-on. After doing a few stretches against the bench and adjusting my skates, my cock softened enough that it wasn't so prominent and she wouldn't notice right away. I knew the minute I touched her, that wouldn't last. I went out onto the ice, skated towards her and we started our routine. After a few twirls and jumps, our routine brought us together with her skating in front of me.

We were close enough to each other and I took advantage, pressing my hardening dick against her ass. She gasped and her body jumped, but she made no attempt to pull away from me. Part of this routine required her to have her arms outstretched to her sides as I held her hands gently.

Then I lowered them to her thin waist that easily fit into my hands, as I lifted her above my head and placed my hand in the small of her back as I began to spin, then, tossed her in the air, where she rolled, coming back down, landing safely in my arms. As I let her down, I turned her to face me, once again placing my hand in the small of her back, holding her close to me, pressing my cock against her vulva.

Our chests were touching and I felt her wonderful protruding nipples against my skin. I spun her around grabbing her hand and pulled her back to me ending in the same position. Taking her by the waist, I slowly lowered her head towards the ice with her legs wrapped around my waist as we spun around several turns. I looked down and her clit had hardened and was pushing through her tights, invitingly. My hands were around her waist and I reached down and softly grazed the tip of my finger across her hardened sex jewel, causing her body to jerk.

She looked up at me, gasping, and I smiled at her, licking my lips. I slowly rubbed up her torso, letting the heel of my hand rub against her vulva slowly, making her body jerk again as I wrapped my hands around her waist again. I slowly and gently reached for her breasts with one hand, cupping them and caressed them both and gently squeezed her protruding nipples between my forefinger and thumb, twisting them, then brought my hand back up to her waist, pulling her back up to me.

I held her close to me, slowly lowering her to the ice, holding her body close to mine, pressing our groins together as I let her down slowly. Wide eyed and breathless, she looked into my eyes in disbelief.


We resumed skating as she swung out away from me, spinning then came back with her back against the front of my body once again. I held her there, as I lowered my head to her bare neck, slowly kissing and licking to her earlobe, breathing heavy on her skin. She shivered as I nibbled on her ear, blowing my hot breathe inside through my nose. Then I whispered, "Did you enjoy that as much as I did? Can you feel what your sexy body has done to me? I want you! I want to make love to you!

I want to feel your hot naked skin against mine while I slip my penis deep inside your soft, vagina and gently have sex with you, feeling your hot, wet pussy wrapped tightly around my hot, rock-hard cock! Can I have you tonight, right here, right now?!" I didn't wait for an answer, I had decided I was going to have her, whether she wanted to or not. I would get her hopelessly horny, making her pussy throb so hard, that she couldn't refuse me, if she wanted to.

I turned her around, pulling her close to me and kissed her gently at first, then deep, frantically searching for and finding her hot warm tongue.

Then I kissed her hard and deep, pushing and sucking her tongue. She slowly put her arms around my neck, responding to my assault on her tongue, moaning and panting.

She pressed her body tightly to mine. I was on my way to heaven. I gently removed her arms from my neck, pulling her tiny, thin top sown her arms around her waist, letting her marvelous breasts free with a bounce. Her nipples were erect and hard. I cupped her buntiful, soft tits, with my hands, lowering my head, sucking, squeezing and nibbling them, moaning with immense pleasure as my dick hardened and throbbed rapidly. I pressed my dick harder against her hardened vulva, rubbing up and down, making her body squirm and jerk, enjoying her panting and whimpering as she became more aroused.

While working on her breasts, I lowered my hands to her tights, slipping my fingersthrough the top and inside the waist of her bottoms, lowering them to her thighs, I reached around her soft, firm ass, slipping my fingers inside the crevice of her ass, finding her tight ass hole, gently pushing the tip of my finger inside, circling and stretching it open, as her muscles contracted, tightening her hole around my finger.

Mmm. How nice it would be to fuck her ass! Her heart was racing and she started panting harder and moaning with pleasure as her muscles loosened, allowing my finger to penetrate her deeper. I fucked her tiny hole with my finger gently, but deeply.

She started moving her hips back and forth moving simultaneously with my finger pulling and pushing in and out of her hole. God, it felt so good feeling her hard, vulva pushing against my dick. I fucked her ass hole harder and faster and begin biting her breasts harder, making her wince in pain, but wail in pleasure.

I finger fucked her ass, a few minutes longer, slowing down, then pulled out and lowered my fingers to her slippery, dripping woman's cave, slipping my fingers deep inside, her muscles once again tightening around my fingers as I fucked her tight, hot cunt, deep and hard. I found her g-spot, pressing up on it, driving her mad with desire.

Her pussy was throbbing harder as she responded to my relentless molesting of her gorgeous, hot body. I slowly brought her to the edge of her release and ultimate soars to heaven in ecstatic pleasure as she begin having explosive, multiple orgasms, racking her body uncontrollably, making her scream in heights of pleasure she had never experienced before.

She was breathlessly screaming and moaning as her pussy convulsed over and over, squirting her hot, sticky juices down my hand and her inner thighs. I thought my cock would explode as it begin squirting little spurts of cum, soaking my pants, getting her vulva wet and slippery. I stopped assaulting her breasts, looking up at her face, watching her squeezing her eyes shut, gritting and hissing through her teeth while she came over and over.

Breathlessly, I whispered in a low, raspy voice, "Baby! Your body feels so good! I've thought about this ever since I met you! I want to sink my cock deep inside your marvelous pussy and fuck you hard and deep! I need to let my cock explode inside you, filling your cunt with all my thick, hot jism!" All she could do was moan louder, while fucking my fingers hard and fast. Finally her pulsating pussy slowed to small throbs as she squirted the last few drops of cum from deep inside her womb.

She lifted her head and looked at me, dazed, her eyes dilated from the pleasure she had just experienced. She was perspiring and panting as she said to me in a shaky, little voice, "That was the most wonderful experience I've ever had.

You made me feel so good. What can I do for you?

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Please let me pleasure you, anyway you want." I told her she didn't have to beg. I pulled my fingers out of her still oozing pussy, pulling my hands up to squeeze her ass, then lead her to the bench. Sitting down, I pulled her to me looking up at her face, then lowered my head to her vulva as I lightly licked her sensitive bud.

Her body jerked and she leaned her head back, moaning loudly, "No! Please! Not yet, I can't take another orgasm!" I stopped after a minute, let go of her and asked her to take her skates and tights off and suck my cock. She quickly sat on the bench, pulled her skates off, then her tights and turned towards me with her legs spread open, showing me her swollen, glistening pussy. God it was beautiful. I was still going to stick my dick deep inside that warm, soft canal.

I had pulled my skates and pants off, spread my legs and sat back, giving her plenty of room, to take my cock into her hot, tight mouth. She took hold of my hot-throbbing, oozing cock, rubbing her hands up and down the rock-hard shaft, pushing more cum out of the tip.

She licked the tip with her warm, wet tongue, making my body spasm ecstatically. "Ahhh. Yes. That feels so good. Keep it up baby. Keep it up. Suck it! Swallow it! All the way to your throat! Let me fuck your mouth!" She continued teasing the tip, slowly lowered her tight mouth over my throbbing head, sucking lightly, then passed the knot, making me moan in immense pleasure. She worked the head awhile, as my balls filled up with cum, becoming hard and my dick throbbed uncontrollably.

I laid my hands on her head, gently pushing her mouth down the shaft to my balls, touching the tight opening to her throat. "Swallow it, baby! Suck it! Ah, yes! Give me a blow job! Let me fuck your throat!" She sucked lightly, then started bobbing her head up and down, the length of my shaft. Fuck, I never felt so good. She bobbed faster, then swallowed the tip into her throat, sucking and swallowing, bringing me to the edge of my release.

I was so fucking close. My body was trembling with the need to let my cock explode and shoot my hot, thick cum through her throat, straight into her stomach, forcing her to swallow the hot juice.

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But I wanted to fuck her ass and cum inside her hot, welcoming cunt. I squirted a little cum down her throat. She moaned as she felt and tasted the hot-thick, salty jism, slowly seep down her throat, swallowing it into her stomach. I was so horny, my voice was barely a raspy whisper as I told her to stop sucking and swallowing. As tempted as I was to shoot it all down her throat, I wanted her pussy more. I told her to stop moving as I tried to gain control of my lust. She held still and as the throbbing in my cock slowed, I slowly pulled her head up, stopping periodically as I felt my orgasm building again.

Her mouth was so tight, it was hard not to cum. Finally, I pulled her mouth off, reached down and kissed her, cum tasting mouth. "That felt so good baby, but I want to do so much more. Will you let me have my way with you?" She nodded her head quickly, telling me, "Yes! Anything you want! Anything! Promise me one thing, though. Please, fuck my pussy and make me cum the way you did before?!" I smiled and told her nothing would please me more and that's exactly what I had planned after I fucked her cute, tiny ass.

I stood up, my cock still stiff and pulsating fast and hard. I could hardly wait to shoot my cum inside her beautiful cunt. I asked her to climb on the bench on her hands and knees, with her legs and ass spread wide.

She did as I asked and I climbed up behind her, positioning myself just right to penetrate her tight ass hole. I placed both thumbs on either side of her sexy, tiny opening, pressing gently inside, pulling it open, moving my thumbs around the circle of her hole, stretching it enough to slip both thumbs inside and slowly pushed my thumbs deep inside, moving them up and down, stretching it more.

I stopped for a few minutes, my cock springing with anticipation of fucking that lovely, tight hole. Whispering gently, I told her to relax her muscles, then started circling the hole, fucking it with my thumbs. When I had her stretched enough to start pushing my dick inside, I told her to take a deep breath and hold it, until I told her to release it slowly.

Holding her ass open with my thumbs, I aimed my stiff cock towards it, barely pushing the head inside. I rubbed the wet, oozing tip around her hole, pushing inside deeper, as she started to become accustomed to my huge cock penetrating her tight ass, her muscles begin to relax.

Soon the head of my cock was inside up to the knot. I was ready to push in all the way now. I told her to release her breath slowly as I quickly pushed the head in past the knot, moaning and yelling, in pure ecstasy as I entered her tiny hole.

"Uunngghh! Uunngghh!! Baaaby! God you're so fucking tight! Oh yeh! You feel so good!" Her body jerked hard and her muscles tightened as she winced and yelled out in pain. Her tightening muscles only served to make the entrance feel so much better.

I held my dick still, giving her time to adjust, but couldn't hold it long and started fucking her. I fucked her slow and gentle at first. Her ass was squeezing my rock-hard, throbbing cock so tight, I couldn't control it anymore and started banging her roughly deep and hard.

I was grunting and hissing out loud as I banged her ass relentlessly, making my cock swell and pulsate more. I was so close to cumming. I wanted to let my cock explode, finally reaching that heavenly place of release. I wanted to cum so bad, it was painful. But I had promised I would fuck her cunt and make her pussy explode as before, as I finally allowed my own release from the painful need I had let build up deep inside the inner most part of my soul.

I was the luckiest man on earth, being allowed to enjoy the carnal pleasures of the most beautiful, sexy creature I could mate with. She had become accustomed to my onslaught of her tiny ass and was fucking me back just as hard, moaning and whimpering loudly, telling me how good my cock felt, buried deep inside her ass.

As much as I wanted to allow myself to cum, I stopped fucking her, regaining control of my cock and slowly pulled out of her ass. She whimpered when I stopped fucking and I told her I needed to keep my promise to her and I wanted to cum inside her tight love canal, so I could enjoy watching her face as she, once again reached the heavenly bliss she had felt before.

We were both panting and perspiring as we quickly changed positions to enjoy the coupling our bodies were so hot for. She spread her legs and I went down on her sweet inviting pussy. I licked her labia, softly and gently drinking in her wonderful tasting love juices.

Her body squirmed and she pushed her hips forward, raising her ass and back up off the bench as I continued my pleasing assault on her tender, sensitive pussy. She was thrashing about, lustfully, groaning and moaning like a wild animal in heat, which served to turn me on more and encourage me to continue licking and teasing her pussy and labia.

She begged me to lick her clit. I ignored her pleading as I continued working on her cunt as her pussy pulsated harder, producing more of her sweet, tasty cunt juice. She smelled and tasted so good, I was moaning as I worked her pussy good, bringing her to the heights of pleasure she so desired and begged for.

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This woman had clearly needed to be fucked. Finally, after several minutes of working her slippery, oozing pussy, I pressed my tongue against the hot, throbbing opening of her fuck hole, slowly licking up to her hard, hungry clit. I barely touched the tip of the budding head with my hot tongue and she screamed with the most pleasurable feeling she had experienced.

She bucked her hips, trying to force her clit against my tongue. I held her thighs tightly as I continued teasing her sensitive, hard-on. Slowly, and gently I barely rubbed the tip with the very tip of my tongue, making her beg to be released from her tormented, throbbing, painful desire to cum.

Very slowly at first, then faster, I flicked her tender little hard-on, faster with more pressure, then swirled my tongue around her hardening clit. She was grunting and hissing as she came closer to that wonderful release of pent up lust. Just as she reached the edge of her most exquisite, multiple blast of orgasms yet, I stopped eating her out just before she went over, quickly sliding my dick deep inside her painfully, horny cunt, finally pushing her over the edge.

She bucked hard, forcing my dick to hit against her cervix. She fucked me hard and fast as her pussy throbbed hard and furiously with her orgasms. As soon as my cock entered her fuck, hungry-pulsating, tight pussy, it exploded and I shot my huge load of cum, straight into her cunt.

We were grunting and moaning, making guttural, animalistic sounds as we fucked and came hard with each other, finally reaching the blissful point of carnal release. We both yelled out, "FUUUCK!!!! UUNNGGHH!!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD! I'M CUMMING SO HARD! IT FEELS SOOO GOOD!!! AH FUCK!! YES! YES! YES!" We fucked each other hard and deep for several minutes before our carnal desires were satisfied.

Her orgasms were longer then mine and I continued fucking her hard as she continued cumming. After a few minutes, the throbbing of her pussy slowed as she stopped cumming, her body completely spent and exhausted from our lustful coupling. Our hearts were racing and our breath was bated as I laid on top of her, both of us slowly and gently rubbing against each other's hot, sweaty bodies.

Our hearts stopped racing and our breathing slowed. I couldn't help thinking, what a good fuck she was. And I vowed I would have her again and again. I pulled myself up on my elbows and lowered my head to her mouth, kissing her deeply and passionately, rubbing my soft cock against her clit.

She wrapped her legs around my waist, rubbing me back. We humped each other for several minutes and begin becoming hard again.

Would she let me fuck her again? As I kissed her, I lowered my hands to her luscious, tender breasts, squeezing and caressing them, rolling her nipples between my fingers.

She moaned and started kissing me harder and deeper as her legs tightened around my waist, pushing her pussy towards my hardening dick. My cock had hardened enough to slip it inside her pussy once again. I started fucking her gently. Her pussy felt like a wet, velvet blanket wrapped snugly around my hardening cock. I knew I wouldn't be able to get enough of this sphinxes' wonderful feeling body.

I pulled my knees up, spreading my legs apart to penetrate her cunt deeper and started fucking her hard and deep. I was leaning on my hands as my hips were bucking, riding her sweet, little pussy faster. I could feel her hot cunt begin to throb as she came close to another blissful orgasm. I didn't think I could cum again, but being inside her warm, wet, fuck cave changed everything.

She was a temptation I could no longer resist. She was fucking me back, panting holding tight to my arms as she came closer to her release.

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She pushed her head back, lifted her back up off the bench as her pussy throbbed harder and faster, making my cock swell and pulsate more. I looked down, watching my hard cock pushing inside her beautiful cunt, admiring how nice her labia looked wrapped tightly around my rock-hard cock. Soon, she started cumming again. He pussy was hot, wet and throbbing hard and she pushed me over the edge as I shot another load of hot jism, deep inside her, banging against her cervix. Damn, she was a good fuck!

Better then any exotic dancer I ever fucked. She was so pure, and beautiful, the very sight of her tender face, straining with her ecstatic orgasms, made my cock harder. I leaned back on my knees, and pulled her legs up over my shoulders, banging her cunt deeper and harder, looking at her beautiful pussy and sexy, hard-on.

There was so much cum between us, it started surging out of her pussy, squirting her clit. I was breathing so hard, I thought I'd collapse, "Ah, baby! I can't get enough of your exquisite pussy! Oh! You make me feel so good! Can you feel the cum on your clit?" Panting and moaning she could only nod her head yes. I don't know how long we fucked that time, but it was so good. I had chills surging through my body as I rammed her tiny, little cunt. Finally, after what seemed like hours, we had fulfilled each other's lust once again and our bodies slowly calmed down as we came down from our incredible blissful high.

Our fucking slowed, until we finally stopped. My cock and her pussy were so de-sensitized by that time, we couldn't fuck anymore. It was actually painful for us both as I pulled my cock out of her cunt. I watched as our cum, surged from her pussy and bent down, licking it up. When my tongue touched her pussy, she jumped, saying, "No! Don't touch my pussy! Please!" I stopped licking her and once again, laid down over her body, letting my body calm down. We were so exhausted and satiated, we almost fell asleep.

I aroused my self from my sleepy state, telling her we better get dressed and get out of there.

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We had lost all track of time and the sun was coming up. Soon, the dance class would be arriving. We hurried and dressed in our street clothes, shoving our tights and skates in our gym bags and ran out, before anyone came in.

I couldn't help but wonder if anyone would recognize the smell of cum and sex on the bench and chuckled to myself. She asked me why I was chuckling and I told her what I had been thinking. She blushed, and started giggling holding her hand over her mouth.

She was so cute, I had to kiss her. We went to my apartment to clean up before we went about our day. We showered together, but didn't get much further then that. We couldn't keep our hands off each other and kissed and fondled each other in the shower.

My cock hardened and I fucked her just because I was hard and made her have a small orgasm. I didn't cum, but I didn't care, because I pleased her. We finished showering then laid down on my bed, holding each other's naked bodies close and fell asleep.

We would fuck again later.