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Full length college boy physical videos gay LMAO this has got to be
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Aiden squinted as the sun shone right into his eyes. Ahead of him, his dad gleefully joined the crowd of tourists that formed what must have been the longest line Aiden had ever seen. "Come on, Aiden!" His dad called, waving him over. "The line is this way. The guide said that we got in on a great time, we only have to wait two hours before we could get in!" Rolling his eyes, Aiden made sure to groan loud enough for his dad to hear him. Decked out in jeans, a casual green shirt, and a pair of his favorite converse shoes, Aiden was an all around typical American teen.

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But this was not America .From the very moment they left the airport yesterday morning, Aiden had not had the chance to just sit down for even one single minute to catch his breath. This whole trip to Rome was a very big deal for his dad. Apparently, Europe was the great and mysterious Old World, and every cobbled path and stone that laid out Rome's foundations was rich in history with great and amazing stories still to tell.

"Can you imagine what these very buildings have seen?" His dad had asked earlier this morning as they passed by some old arches and stuff. "My grandfather lived till he was ninety, and he used to have so many stories to tell us. These buildings are over a thousand years old. Just imagine what they could tell us if these stones could speak?" Aiden had not been listening, of course.

He was annoyed with this whole trip in general, and just didn't want to deal with his father's strange enthusiasm for all things Roman.

From the moment they touched down on the plane, Aiden has had to plug in his earphones and blast music just so that he didn't have to listen to his dad's nonsensical babbling about history as he dragged him from place to place around Rome. And as if that had not been enough, his dad now wanted him to wait in line to see the Colosseum, which was just basically a very very old big stadium.

Aiden sighed. Why couldn't they have just stayed in New York so that he could go to summer camp with all his friends? Or maybe just even just spend the summer before high school chilling or hanging out with his friends?

Or if his dad really wanted to spend time with him, why couldn't they have gone to one of their many holiday homes all around the country? Instead, they come here to Europe, where the food is strange and the hotels are old. It just didn't make any sense to Aiden. Dad had been this way for the past year, and Aiden doubted that things between them could ever be the same again. Mom's death had just been far too difficult for him, and he had become almost a stranger to his own son ever since then.

Things were just too different now for things to ever be the same. I mean, does he even know how I'm doing at school? Who my friends are? Did he know I started doing track earlier this year? "Aiden!" His dad called once more, waving at him.

"Come on, you have to look at this!" Begrudgingly, Aiden walked over toward his dad, getting bumped around by the large crowd as he walked. "What is it?" Aiden asked, putting on a sour face for his dad.

"Look at this thing," his dad said, apparently without even noticing Aiden's annoyance. "It's huge isn't it?" Aiden shrugged, unimpressed. "The Yankee Stadium back home was bigger. If you wanted to look at big stadiums we could've just stayed home." "But you have to keep in mind that this is an ancient stadium, Aiden." His dad replied.

"It was huge for it's time, and you know what? It only took nine years to build. For a stadium this size, nine years of construction is still pretty quick even today!" "Oh, great." Aiden shrugged. "I guess we're here because you wanted was to see old stuff then. That's fine." "Come on, Aiden. Don't be like that. This place is great! I promise you, we'll have so much fun here. I've booked a whole tour throughout Europe for us.

This is just the beginning, and it will be so much fun when we start gettin into it." "What's going to be so fun about a whole month traveling through crappy countries with crappy hotels and internet?" Aiden shot back. His voice was getting louder now as his annoyance with his dad grew. "This is stupid. This whole thing is stupid." "Don't say that Aiden." His dad said sternly, frowning. "You know your mother and I had always wanted to come here.

It was her last wish was to come and see Rome before she died, and if only I wasn't so wracked with debt from her hospital bills, I would've taken her." "I don't care about any of that!" Aiden yelled.

By now, the people around them were staring at the growing commotion. "Mom's dead, don't you see? She's dead, and she's never coming back, but you just can't seem to get that through your thick head-" A hard smack to the face suddenly interrupted Aiden's rant, and the stunned boy was left to look up at his father in shocked silence. His dad had slapped him in front of all these strangers, and the stinging pain he felt on his left cheek was nothing compared to the stinging embarrassment he felt now.

Never before had his dad laid a hand on him, let alone in front of so many people. "Aiden." His dad began to say. Aiden knew from the shocked expression on his face that he too was surprised by what he did. "I didn't mean to." Aiden could hear the crowd around him whispering now. How much had they heard? What did they know about the argument between father and son? Aiden felt his face begin to redden with both anger and embarrassment as his father reached out to him. "I." "Shut up!" Aiden yelled as he pulled away from his father.

He could feel tears suddenly well up in his eyes, threatening to spill out. "I hate you! I wish you had died instead of mom!" Even in his anger, Aiden realized almost immediately just how cutting those words must have been to his father. He barely saw the hurt look on his father's face before he spun around, and he began to run. Run far far away. He didn't know where he was going, of course.

Rome was a strange city to the Americanized teen, and he knew nothing of its old streets and famous landmarks. But Aiden did not care; he could not face his father now, nor all of those people who had stood witness to their argument.

And so Aiden ran, his feet pounding away his frustrations on the streets of Rome, passing by the old stone buildings and the crowds of tourists and locals alike. At one point Aiden thought he passed the little gelato shop right next to his hotel, but he did not stop there.

He continued running until the crowd thinned, and finally Aiden was alone. There sounds of the bustling city were all very distant now, and there was no one around who could judge him for what he had said. Collapsing to his knees, Aiden let the tears flow freely now and began to cry, something he had not done since his mother had passed. He wished that he could just go far away from here, far away from this world. He never wanted to ever have to see his father again, and he wished that his whole life could just disappear and go away.

And upon the ancient stones of Rome did Aiden make his wishes known, muttering and pouring all of his anger to the timeless streets of the city. Soon enough, tpeaceful slumber took him as the boy cried himself to sleep, and the skies above him slowly turned dark as night fell. But Rome had heard his wishes. The Eternal City sees all, and hears all. It would not let the prayers of a boy go unanswered.

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••••••••••••••••••••••••• "Wake up boy!" Aiden's eyes shot open as he felt a boot nudging at his body. Sleep clung heavily onto his eye lids and he had trouble keeping them open as he tried to look around. Where was he? What happened? After several moments, the memories of what happened came surging back to him.

He was in Rome, dragged here by his stupid father. Aiden had gotten into an argument with him, and ran away after his dad slapped him in front of everybody. He had ran away. Aiden didn't even know to where.

He had just kept running until he could not run anymore, and he must have fallen asleep at some point in time. "You can't be sleeping here." The voice said again. "Get up now before I call the vigiles." Turning over groggily, Aiden rubbed his eyes as he struggled to a sitting position. "The what?" He asked, yawning. "The vigiles boy," the man said once more, then paused.

"And by the Gods, put on some clothes will you?" All of a sudden, the feel of the cold, hard ground pressed against his bare buttocks became apparent, and Aiden's eyes widened as he looked down at himself.

He was naked, every inch of his small, fourteen year old body was exposed for the world to see. At this sudden realization that he was naked, Aiden curled himself up into a ball.

"Yes, good, finally some decency." The man said. "You boys these days don't seem to know common public courtesy anymore." "My clothes." Aiden said, still in shock. "W-Where are my clothes?" "You tell me, boy. Someone probably snatched them up when they saw you sleeping drunk on the street. That's what I keep telling all you kids, if you keep that shit up, one day someone's gonna snatch up all your stuff. Or even worse, they'll snatch you up." "I-I wasn't drunk." Aiden muttered, his head spinning.

Suddenly he realized the danger of his situation. He didn't know where he was, nor the people here, and had been out for quite a while. Someone might have robbed him, or worse, done something else while he was asleep.

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"Sure, whatever you say." Aiden finally collected himself enough to look up at the man and was surprised by what he saw. "What are you wearing?" He asked in astonishment before he could even stop himself.

"At least I'm wearing something." The man grumbled. He was older, in his fifties, and thin with a grey beard of scraggly hair.

"My tunic may be torn, and it may smell, but what else can we plebeians do? At least I have the sense not to run around naked." Aiden's heart began to race. Plebeians? Vigiles? Tunics? What was this man talking about? He looked around him, and began to panic even more when he realized that things were not as they had been earlier. Even in the dark of night, the buildings, while they looked just as Roman as they did earlier, seemed somehow.

less ancient. But it wasn't only that. Some of the buildings that were here now had not been there either before Aiden had fallen asleep. What was going on? "Well, come on now." The man said, shooing him away. "My shop's about to close, and I cannot have a naked boy sleep outside my shop overnight. It'll be bad for business." "I-I can't go anywhere." Aiden stammered, still overwhelmed by everything. "I'm still n-naked." The man seemed to sigh, before going back in a door Aiden assumed was his shop.

A few moments later he appeared again with some garments in hand and tossed it at Aiden. "Here are a few clothes that could probably fit your size." The man said. "There's some undergarments in there, a shirt and trousers.

Now hurry up and go on home. Your parents must be worried sick, having their boy out on the streets of Rome at night." "Only my father is here." Aiden said, thanking the man as he began to put on the clothes.


"And I don't exactly know the city too well. I-I'm not from here, you see." The man's eyes narrowed. "Not from here? Boy, you'd better start telling me the truth. Are you a runaway slave? I wouldn't want to get into any trouble for that." "What? A slave?

No!" Aiden's concern began to grow. "I-I'm just lost. I'm visiting from Americayou see. If you can just point me back to my hotel, I'll be good to go from there." But the man shook his head. "I know nothing of an America, or a hotel." "W-What?" Aiden was in disbelief now. It couldn't be. "How can you not know of America?

Please, I only need you to help me find my way. Maybe if you could drive me I could put my hotel in your GPS, and then my dad can pay you. I don't have any money on me right now." "Again, you speak of strange things." The man said once more, unconvinced by Aiden's pleas. "I do not know of what story you wish to spin, boy. But I cannot risk helping you if you might be a slave." He began to stride forward, brushing past Aiden.

"All I will say is this. There is a inn not too far from here. You had better find it and get inside before the vigiles find you. The new Emperor has ordered the city under curfew." And with that, the man left him.

"The new Emperor?" Aiden called after him.

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"Rome under curfew? What are you talking about!" "What else do you think?" The man replied without breaking his stride. "Welcome to just another day in the Roman Empire." The man continued down the cobbled streets of Rome until he disappeared from view, leaving behind a stunned Aiden. He had noticed that something was wrong right away when he saw the man wearing clothes that seemed like something out of a Roman tv show. Aiden had wondered, at first, if it could've all just been some sort of trick, but now there was no question about it anymore.

Aiden had somehow been transported back in time to the glory days of the Roman Empire, Despairing, Aiden looked around him. The streets were empty and dark, and he was all alone here. He knew nothing of Rome or its history, and knew nothing of how society back then worked.

Wasn't it supposed to be dangerous? Walking the streets at night by himself? There weren't any cameras or proper documentation of citizens back then, and if something were to happen to an unidentifiable strange boy, who would care? Nobody would miss him, nobody would look for him. Aiden glanced warily at the shadows around him.


There was a inn close by, that old man had said. If he could just make it there, if he could somehow find his way there, Aiden would be able to rest for the night and take some time to clear his head. That was what he really needed now, a good night's sleep so that he could be fully rested and think this whole thing through. Aiden would have to find out how he even got into this whole predicament, and how he was going to get back. Taking off into the dark streets of Rome, Aiden began to look for the inn.

••••••••••••••••••••••••• Aiden stumbled into the inn, wide eyed and breathing hard. He had run the entire way through the dark streets of Rome, passing by some suspicious characters on the way that had made him fear for his own life.

But Aiden had managed to find the inn, and all he had to do now was get himself a room and figure things out. What seemed to be the lobby of the inn only had a handful of people; there was a large dining table in the center of this floor where two men sat talking to each other and a beautiful woman sat apart from them, and at the corner there was a sort of counter where a fat lady sat behind. Behind her we're some stairs that went up, and that was where Aiden was sure the rooms were.

Walking past the dining table, Aiden could overheat the conversation going on between the two men. "The Emperor does not have the strength to control the Senate or the Army, trust me on this one." "I think he is wise. All he wants is peace for Rome, the squabbling and politics of the Senators and Generals do not faze him." "Peace! You talk of peace and wisdom? The Emperor is nothing more than a puppet for powerful people, doing as they wish.

Tensions are already high, and it would not surprise me if our new Emperor meets the same end as his predecessor in a few months." "Do not talk about him. You know that we could get into a lot of trouble for that. His memory is condemned because of the dishonor he has brought upon Rome; let him be forgotten." Aiden glanced at the two men as he passed, but then quickly averted his gaze when they turned to watch him.

He continued onward and approached the lady at the counter.


She did not even look up at him, and he cleared his throat. "Excuse me?" He asked timidly. "I, uh, would like a room for the night." "Have your pick, Rome doesn't get much travelers these days." The lady said, still without even looking at him. "Three Denarii for the night and breakfast in the morning, no questions asked." And that was when Aiden suddenly remembered that he was in a whole new world.

Even if he had not been robbed of his clothes, his form of paper money would not have been able to buy him anything in Ancient Rome. "I don't have any money." Aiden muttered, biting his lip. "Then go away, boy. We'll have no panhandling here." Aiden felt tears begin to form in his eyes. He was desperate and afraid. Everything around him was so foreign, and he was here alone with absolutely nothing.

All of a sudden he wished his dad was here with him. At least then he knew he'd be safe. "Please," Aiden said, choking back tears. "I'm all alone here. I'm lost in a strange city, I know nobody here, and I'm tired.

All I need is a room for one night to rest and figure things out, and then I'll be on my way. Please." But the fat lady was unaffected by the boy's tearful pleas, only shaking her head and ignoring him. Aiden was just about to turn away and give up, when suddenly he he heard feet stopping behind him and felt a hand rest on his shoulder.

"He can stay in my room." The woman Aiden had seen at the dining table earlier had come up behind him, and smiled down at him. "The rooms are absolutely too big in Rome, and it makes me think of my kids and husband back home. I'd sure like for some company during my stay here so that it isn't always so gloomy." Aiden looked up at her. The woman wore a beautiful white toga made of what seemed to be the finest silk.

Her long, flowing hair was a rich brown and her eyes sparkled emerald green. Her face was smooth and fair, and her smile kind. Aiden suddenly realized how beautiful this woman was, and his face began to redden. The young teenager had never shared a room with such a beautiful woman before, and the thought thrilled him. "If he's alright with that, then I don't see what the problem is." The innkeeper shrugged. "Go ahead, breakfast is in the morning." "Thanks," Aiden said, following behind the woman as she began to head up the stairs.

"I just needed to find a place to stay tonight, and I didn't know where else to go." "You are very welcome." She smiled. "What's your name?" "Aiden." "Curious name." The woman replied as they reached the top of the stairs.

Like the motels that Aiden was familiar with, the second floor of the inn had about a dozen doors that entered into different rooms. "You're not from here are you?" "No." Aiden sighed. "I. Got lost." "And your parents? They're not here either?" "Yeah." Aiden felt tears well up in his eyes again. "They're gone." The woman paused and turned to face Aiden.

"I see." She touched his face gently and wiped the tears from his eyes. "I'm sorry for asking so much about you. I promise I won't ask you anymore questions. It doesn't matter." She smiled. "You're safe now, that's all you should know. Alright?" Aiden managed a nod, and the woman smiled. "My name is Aurelia, and like you, I have just arrived in Rome too." "Oh," Aiden said.

"What brings you here?" "Nothing interesting," Aurelia shrugged as the two stood there conversing. "I'm just here for a few weeks on business.

My husband is a senator, you see, and I help him with some of his odd tasks every now and again." "Your husband is a senator?" Aiden repeated. While he was not familiar with Roman history, he did know that senators were powerful people in Ancient Rome. "Yes," Aurelia replied.

"You will have nothing to worry about. I'll keep you safe Aiden, I promise. While I might be quite busy, you are welcome to stay in my room for as long as I am in Rome." Finally, for the first time since Aiden had woken up, things did not seem as hopeless as they were, and Aiden managed to smile. "Thank you." He said, swallowing hard. "I promise you, once I manage to regain my bearings, I'll find a way to repay you for this kindness." "Oh, I'm sure that won't be a problem, Aiden." Aurelia winked, turning as she continued to walk toward her room.

"Maybe you could just help me out with some things, and we'll call it even. I'm sure that there's a lot that a strong, young man like you could do." Her hips swayed suggestively as she walked, and Aiden could not help but stare as he remained standing on the spot. Suddenly he began to wonder what her body looked like under that long silk tunic, and Aiden felt a stirring in his groin as dirty thoughts entered his mind.

Quickly, he tried to shake them off. The underwear that that old shopkeeper had given him were not like the ones he was used to.

It was looser, and if Aiden got an erection right now, he was sure that it would be very visible. "Well what are you still standing there for?" Aurelia asked, and suddenly Aiden realized that she was already at her door. "Come on in, I promise I don't bite." "Oh. Y-Yes." Aiden shook his head, and started forward.

"Sorry, I was just thinking about something." "That's okay, I'm sure there's a lot on your mind." Aurelia opened the door and held it open for Aiden, who gave her a smile as he stepped through. The inside of the room was plain and simple; there was a single bed at the corner of the room which strangely almost like a regular bed in Aiden's time would.

The only differences was that the wood was not refined as it would have been in his time. At the base of the bed there was a trunk, which was probably where Aurelia kept her stuff. Next to the bed there was a window which had the blinds drawn, and there was also a simple desk pressed up against the wall on the right. "Do you like it?" Aurelia asked as she closed the door behind him. "It's a little small, not what I'm used to at all, but I thought it was pretty homey." "Yes, it's nice," Aiden began to say, and then turned back to Aurelia.

"But. There's only one bed." "Right," Aurelia said as she fumbled with the door, and Aiden heard a click as the door locked. "And what of it?" "Oh, nothing." Aiden said, turning away. "I'll just make some room on the floor then." "On the floor?" Aurelia asked, as if surprised. "Why would you want to sleep on the floor?" "What? Because there's only one bed." Aiden turned around, and his eyes widened. There Aurelia stood, slipping off her white toga.

Her dress fell over her naked body and to the floor, revealing her beautiful breasts and slender midsection. She smiled at him. "Like what you see?" Aiden was not even able to form a coherent reply. This was the first time that the young teenager had ever seen a naked woman in real life, and this was even better than Aiden could have ever imagined.

Unlike the naked women he had seen online who were overtly sexual and curvy with big breasts, Aurelia seemed more like a goddess. Her breasts were round and perky with beautiful pink nipples, and her thighs were fair and supple. Suddenly Aiden wondered if this whole thing was just one big dream. "I." Aiden finally managed to say as Aurelia began to step toward him.

"I didn't think." "You didn't think what?" Aurelia asked, stopping in front of Aiden. "You didn't think that I would want to sleep with you?" Aiden gulped and managed to nod. Aurelia only smiled at this, and bent down so that they were face to face. Aiden could feel his heart racing in excitement. This beautiful Roman woman of antiquity wanted to sleep with him. He held his breath as she leaned forward, her lips stopping just short of his neck.

"Oh." Aiden moaned as he felt her hot breath against his neck. "I don't know where you're from boy," She whispered into his ear seductively. "But you're in Rome now, Aiden.

What did you think I wanted in payment for your lodging here?" Her hands began to run up his arms and to his shoulder, massaging his burgeoning muscles. "I want you, Aiden." She cooed.

"I want you tonight, and for every night that I stay in Rome." She was rubbing against his chest now, and Aiden felt her hands begin to slide under his tunic so that she caressed his bare skin. "A-Aurelia." Aiden stammered. He could barely speak with all the thoughts racing in his mind. "Tell me you want me." Her wet lips grazed against his ear. "I want to hear you say it." Aiden gasped as he felt her hand reach downward and stroke at his thighs.

He had never been touched anywhere near his groin by anyone else before, and the feeling sent electric shockwaves of pleasure through his body.

"I-I want you." Aiden moaned. He couldn't think anymore. Any coherent thought that he had was overridden by the pleasure that his young body was feeling. "I want you, Aurelia." Aurelia smiled at this, and Aiden felt her finger linger over the boner that pressed against his trousers.

Aiden shuddered at the sensation, groaning with pleasure as she circled her fingertips over his cock. The young boy wished that the fabric between him and her fingers would go away, and he began to buck his hips as Aurelia sped up the pace of her strokes. Just as Aiden began to feel the approach of his first orgasm by another person, he began thrust even more frantically against Aurelia, only for her to pull her finger away from him.

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"Aurelia." Aiden whined, sounding pathetic in his desperation to cum. He was clinging onto her body tightly, as if his orgasm depended on it. "Wait," She smiled knowingly. "I'll do something better for you." To his surprise, Aurelia reached her hand around Aiden's back, sliding her hand under his trousers.

With that hand she began to softly and gently massage his buttocks, and with her other hand she began to rub at his crotch again. "Mm, nice little butt you have there." Aurelia winked as she squeezed it right, causing Aiden to jump a little. "It feels nice to be touched there, doesn't it?" Aiden nodded vigorously as Aurelia continued to caress his butt. Suddenly, Aurelia stuck a finger between between his butt cheeks, and Aiden yelped in surprise.

"Oh, there's no need to worry." Aurelia whispered as she let her fingers glide gently around Aiden's butthole, teasing him. "It will make you feel nicer, trust me." At the same time, Aurelia's stroking of his groin began to quicken, and Aiden stopped struggling against her intrusion of his butt. The feel of her smooth finger brushing against his butthole did in fact feel amazing. However, that butt stuff was something that gay people did, Aiden already knew that even in his young age.

The other boys in his school often joked about that and teased each other. But he was not gay, or at least Aiden had never thought of himself as gay before. He was still attracted to this beautiful Roman woman, but he could not resist the pleasures she was giving him on his young little butt. As another tingle of pleasure went through his body, Aiden shivered as he felt himself come closer to orgasm. "Aurelia, stop." Aiden groaned as she began to slider her finger directly over his butthole, causing him to quiver in ecstasy.

"I-I'm close." "Then cum for me, Aiden." Aurelia moaned as she began to focus her rubbing on the boy's cock head. "Shoot in your trousers, show me how much you want me Aiden." The simultaneous pleasure he felt both from his behind and front was too much to bear, especially as Aurelia began to focus her rubbing on the underside of the tip of his penis.

Aiden was finally pushed over the edge as Aurelia suddenly jammed her finger inside his butt hole, and his eyes went wide as he felt orgasm began to wash over his young body. "Yes, cum for me!" His body spasmed as Aurelia continued to rub at his crotch vigorously, and the long buildup of sexual energy in the young teenager was finally released as Aiden came in his pants.

"Oh my god." Aiden whimpered as he ejaculated into his only pair of undergarments as he bucked his hips forward.

He had cum with Aurelia's finger still up his butt, and it had felt great. It was nothing like Aiden had ever felt before, and he wondered if it was because of the finger in his butt, or if it was because of the beautiful woman who had helped him to orgasm. Maybe it was both. "I told you that you'd enjoy it." Aurelia said coyly, finally removing her finger from inside Aiden.

"But we're not done yet." She put a hand against Aiden's chest and seductively pushed him back toward her bed. Every move from her was graceful, and the young teenager found himself entranced by her beauty. "Take of your clothes." Aurelia said, pushing him back down on her bed. "It's time I had some fun." Already, Aiden could feel his penis stirring in his cum soaked undergarments again, and Aurelia noticed this too.

"The joys of being young." She smirked. Aiden quickly began to strip, just as she ordered, while she turned back and opened up her trunk. "There you are," She muttered as she reached in. "Just what I was looking for." Aiden had just taken off his shirt and trousers when he saw the leather straps Aurelia had brought out of her trunk. "What's that?" Aiden asked, frowning at the strange equipment Aurelia held. "It's just some restraints." She said as she tossed them to the bed.

"I'll put them on you and tie you down to the bed, then we can start." Suddenly, Aiden began to feel nervous. Why did she want to tie him up? Suddenly, common sense returned to the teenager and began screaming at him to run away.

He barely knew her, and she had been the one to approach him earlier. Aiden knew nothing of Ancient Rome, and for all he knew, her intentions could be malicious.

"Why the hesitation?" Aurelia asked, as if amused. "Listen, Aiden. I want to have sex with you, I really do. But I think that it's very clear that you aren't a Roman citizen, right?" Aiden looked from the straps up to Aurelia, and shook his head. "Exactly. You are a barbarian, Aiden, with potentially dangerous barbarian instincts.

And I am not only a Roman citizen, but the wife of a senator." She frowned. "I do want to have sex with you, Aiden. I want you to stop feeling scared and make you feel safe. But the only way we can do this is if I tie you down, Aiden." While all the voices of reason still screamed at him to run, Aiden could not possibly resist the allure of losing his virginity to this goddess of a Roman woman. Aiden had never had sex before, see, and he would have never thought that he would be having sex any time soon.

But here he was just moments away from fucking the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. Like all young boys, Aiden was eager to finally lose his virginity, so much so that he could not think straight anymore. "Okay," Aiden grinned eagerly. "I'll let you tie me down." He pulled down his cum soaked undergarments, revealing his five inch stiff boner. For a moment, Aiden thought he saw a hint of disgust on Aurelia's face, but it was quickly gone, replaced instead by the same seductive smile she had worn this entire time.

"You are in for a long night, Aiden." Aurelia said as she let one hand rub at her beautiful pink pussy lips, while she strapped Aiden down with her other hand. "I am going to make you feel so good." Aiden did not resist as she strapped him down to all four corners of her bed with her leather straps and some rope. He had been too blinded by the temptation of receiving his first taste of a woman's vagina to see the danger he was in. And now it was too late. Pausing to inspect her finished work, Aurelia tugged at the ropes and seemed satisfied.

Aiden meanwhile remained laying there with his five inch cock standing straight up, twitching anxiously in anticipation. But instead of stepping toward him like Aiden had hope, Aurelia turned away, walking straight to the door. "Aurelia?" Aiden asked as she unlocked the door. What was she doing? "Sorry Aiden," She shrugged. "You seemed like a nice boy, but you were also exactly what I needed here." The door suddenly swung open and a large bald man stepped through.

The man looked menacing and Aiden suddenly began to realize that Aurelia had tricked him. "Seemed like you didn't have a problem here." The man chuckled as he closed the door behind him. "They told me you were good, but in one night? Just amazing." Both Aurelia and the man stepped toward Aiden, who was now struggling against his restraints. "Look at him, he's trying to break free of leather restraints." The man said to Aurelia, laughing, and then looked to Aiden fiercely as he approached.

"Scream for help, and I'll cut out your tongue, boy." Aiden began to open his mouth, wondering if perhaps the man was just bluffing, but then thought better of trying to scream. He actually seemed like the type of person to follow through with such threats, and Aiden was not sure screaming for help would do him any good anyways.

"So, you're sure he's not a Roman citizen?" The man asked Aurelia as he stood over Aiden. "Yes." Aurelia nodded. "He's a stranger to Rome; no one knows who he is, and there aren't any records of him.

Just like you asked." "And how do you know that?" "Because his story is a little sketchy." Aurelia replied. "He isn't from here, and said that he was lost. Both parents are gone too. Oh, and his name is Aiden." "Aiden?" The man repeated as he untied the boy's restraints.

"Strange name." "That was what I said." Aurelia agreed. "I'm thinking that maybe he's some sort of a runaway slave or something. Perhaps he was from one of the Northern Tribes and was captured and made into a slave, only to make his escape now." Aiden squirmed as the man turned his naked body over, inspecting every inch of him. "He doesn't bear a brand." The man frowned. "He can't be a slave if he doesn't have a brand." "So what? That doesn't change the fact that he isn't from here. Besides, I think it'd be better if he didn't bear any sort of markings or brands if Atticus wants to use him for the final plan." "You might be right." Aiden felt a large hand on the back of his head as the man pulled his head back.

"Alright, boy. You'll do." He said, turning Aiden's face toward him so that he could see the man clearly. The man seemed to be in his mid thirties, with a stubble on his chin and a scar that ran across his left eye.

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"Since you'll be a really important part of this plan, I'd better introduce myself. My name is Ganner, and you'll be my responsibility from here on out." And with that, Ganner slammed the young teenager's head down against the bedpost, knocking him out cold.