Lesbian all girl teen party

Lesbian all girl teen party
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My wife Denise and I have two boys which at the start of this story were 3 and 5. We have a nice house out in the country with a big yard and an in-ground swimming pool with a privacy fence around it and a nice bar and bathroom beside it. My niece Jesse started spending 2 weeks each summer with us when she was about 10. She would always help out around the house when she stayed with us.

She was a beautiful girl with deep green eyes and long red hair. She was also very much a tease. She loved to play in our pool and lie out and tan beside the pool. She always wore a string bikini, even when she didn't have anything to fill it out. She always wanted to get as close as possible to an all-over tan, so she would lie on her front and undo her top and back strings to her bikini top and have my wife or I put suntan lotion all over her back. She also undid the sides of her bikini bottom and put her bikini in-between her cheeks so that she could get a tan on almost all of her butt.

She had us put suntan lotion on her legs and her butt so that she wouldn't get burned. She did the same thing when she turned over on her back and since her bikini was in a tiny pile on her non-existent boobs and her pubic area we had to put her suntan lotion on her front so that she didn't lose her bikini.

While we were playing around in the pool she always managed to grab my cock, rub against my cock, push her butt against my cock etc. but I always took it as accidental and I didn't say anything about it.

Over the years Denise was in the pool less and less and it would be me, the boys and Jesse. After a while of playing in the pool the boys would get tired and go in the house and play video games while I stayed outside so that Jesse could get her suntan. We had a rule that no one could be in the pool area unless an adult was there with them.

She still had me putting the suntan lotion on her and she still always wore a string bikini so that she could untie it to get the maximum tan. The more Jesse's body developed, the more teasing she did. She would make sure that I was looking and while laying on her front she would "accidently" lift up her upper body completely exposing her boobs.

When she turned over she would make sure that I was looking first and then roll over completely exposing her body and then cover her boobs and pubic zone with her bikini.

When she was 16 she was still only an A cup, but her butt had developed very womanly curves. She stepped up her teasing game to the point where she pulled my bathing suit down while we were playing around in the pool almost every day.

Sometimes she would pull my suit down and then swim off saying "you can't catch me". Other times she would do it "by accident". I just figured it to be part of her teasing and since I saw her nude it wasn't a big deal. The night before Jesse was due to leave that year we decided to all watch a movie together. My wife decided that we needed popcorn and we didn't have any.

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She left to go to the store while the rest of us changed into more comfortable clothes to sit and watch the movie. I had just taken off all of my clothes when Jesse burst through the door and she started talking excitedly about the movie we were going to watch. She was wearing a long thin white T shirt and nothing else.

She stopped in the middle of talking and her mouth hung open.


She stood there for a few seconds and her face flushed and her nipples got very hard. She put her hand up under her t shirt and started playing with her pussy. She said "Wow you have a big cock!" I looked down at my cock and said "It's not even starting to get hard yet. You will need to do something a little more inspirational to make it hard". She stood there playing with her pussy and I motioned for her to take off her t shirt and she did.

Her boobs were perfectly shaped and her nipples were rock hard and about an inch long. I motioned for her to turn around and she did so very slowly while never stopping playing with her pussy. She also never stopped staring at my cock. She had a shaved pussy and a perfect bubble butt. My cock was definitely getting hard. She started licking her lips and now her right hand was in her pussy and her left hand was squeezing and playing with her right nipple.

I motioned for her to walk over and she started slowly walking over. When she got beside me I took her right hand out of her pussy and started licking her fingers. She started shivering and moved her left hand to her pussy. I stopped licking her fingers and took her right hand and wrapped it around my cock. She then started shaking. I grabbed both of her boobs and started playing with her nipples and she screamed and she came. Then she collapsed on the floor in front of me.

After about a minute of her recovering on the floor I heard my wife pull up in the driveway. Jesse jumped up, tossed on her t shirt and went upstairs to the bathroom to clean up.

I put my t shirt and shorts on and went upstairs to setup the movie.

Nothing much happened during the movie except that Jesse kept giving me looks when she thought no one else was watching. By the time we went to bed my wife Denise was so tired that I almost had to carry her down to bed. While we were lying in bed she said "so what is going on with you and Jesse?" My wife and I have always been very honest with each other so I told her exactly what happened.

She went from being very tired to very horny. She surprised me when she excitedly said "so why didn't you go down on her to really make her cum?

Or she could have sucked your cock while she was playing with her pussy to make her cum harder." I didn't know what to say so I just looked at her. She then said "When I was younger I always fantasized about seducing my Uncle Joe but I never did. Can we please play act what happened?


I would love to play Jesse's part". So we did. Denise came in wearing a white t shirt that barely went below her pussy. When she walked over to me she got down on her knees and started licking my cock. "Oh wow I can taste her pussy juice on the middle of your cock where her hand was" she said before she stuffed my cock in her mouth and came all over her own hand.

She came so hard that she passed out on the floor. When she woke up I had her bent over the end of the bed and she looked back at me and said "Fuck me Uncle Joe. I have wanted your cock for so long so please fuck me now!" I stuffed my cock in her pussy and started pulling it out slowly and ramming it back in. She came 3 times really quickly and very hard while she pounded her fists into the bed. I then started pumping my cock in and out of her pussy very fast and she screamed into the bed and came for at least a minute before I exploded into her pussy and we both collapsed.

I left for work early the next morning and Jesse left for home around lunch time.

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At Christmas time I found out that Jesse's grades had fallen from getting A's to getting C's and D's. When she called I explained to her that if she didn't improve her grades she wouldn't be able to come down this summer because she would be in summer school. By the time summer came around she had not improved her grades so she spent the summer in school. She graduated the next spring which was shortly after she turned 18.

When I called to congratulate her the day after her graduation she asked if she could stay for the summer. She had a summer internship at a company close to our home. I talked it over with Denise and we agreed to let her stay. The first few days that Jesse was there I didn't see her because I was working overtime a lot. I finally got a day off and my wife decided to be nice to me and take the kids to a movie, lunch and a baseball game while I slept in.

I woke up at about 11 and there was a note on my night table that said "you have to tell me about it". I didn't know what it meant at first.

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I walked nude to the bathroom and took a shower and then walked nude back to my room and put on my bathing suit. I went into the kitchen to make some lunch and there was Jesse in a fuzzy white robe sitting at the table. "I didn't think anyone else was here" I said. Jesse said "that's OK I really enjoyed the show!" We laughed and caught up on things while I ate.

When I was done she said; "Can we get in the pool; I have a couple of big surprises to show you". "Sure" I said "let's go" Once we got there she said: "Stand in the middle of the pool and close your eyes facing the diving board".

So I did that and after a few minutes she said: "OK you can open them now". WOW…she was standing on the diving board wearing a teeny white string bikini and her body was incredible. Her hips had even more of a sexy curve to them but her boobs had gone from an A cup to a D cup.

It was obvious that they were perfectly shaped also because the bathing suit didn't cover much more than her nipples. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open until she said; "So what do you think"? "WOW" is all that I could say. She turned a little red and smiled and then dove into the water coming up right in front of me. Because her boobs were so big and her bikini was so small her bikini top was hanging below her boobs when she came up. Once again all I could do was stare with my mouth hanging open.

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She turned a little red and said "I guess you like them". She fixed her suit, not that it made much difference because the suit was very se-though anyway. After I got my head back together we started playing around in the pool.

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She then decided to challenge me to see who could hold their breath longer under water at the deep end of the pool. I beat her four times in a row so she decided to try to cheat to win. The next time we were under water she took off her bathing suit top.

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That didn't shock me and it only made me want to stay under water longer. The next time she took off her bathing suit bottom and bent over while spreading her legs. Again that only made me move in closer for a better view. When we came up the next time she said; "Please get your stopwatch; I want you to time how long I can hold my breath". Lucky for me she left her bathing suit off. I got back with the stopwatch and stood in chest high water while she went under and held her breath.

After trying 4 times she got up to holding her breath for 30 seconds. She said; "I need something to do to help me stay under longer. Do you have any ideas"? "I don't know, try counting backwards, doing flips under water, just do anything that you want that will make you stay under longer". She smiled a really big smile and said "hmmm, you said anything I want so anything goes".

She came up to me and gave me a big hug, rubbing her hard nipples all over my chest. She kissed my neck and licked my ear and said; "Are you ready"? I smiled and held up the stopwatch. She then slid down my body taking my bathing suit down with her. When my cock popped free she captured it in her mouth and started licking and sucking it like it was the only thing on earth.

She was an incredible cock sucker but after about a minute she needed to breathe so she reluctantly let my cock out of her mouth and came up for air.

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She said; "How did I do"? "You are an incredible cock sucker". She turned a little red and told me thanks and then said "I meant how I did for time?" "50 seconds" "I know I can do better than that" she said so she tried again while sucking my cock even more incredible than the first time.

Her time on this round was 55 seconds. "Let me try something else" she said "so that my time will go longer." She had me back up a bit so that we were only in waist high water and then she stood there for a few minutes with her hands playing with my cock under water while she caught her breath.

She gave me a very sexy look and said "are you ready?" I shot back a hot look and said "I've been ready for a long time, as if you couldn't tell." She spun around, bent over to put her upper body underwater and reached between her legs to guide my cock into her hot pussy.

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She rammed herself backwards and got the first couple of inches in, then she pulled back and rammed back again and she made it halfway.

By about the fourth time she took all of me and she held still for a moment so that she could adjust to my size. Her pussy was like a velvet vise, very tight and very hot. It was a great view with her perfectly round ass pushing up out of the water to stuff my cock into her pussy. After a few more strokes on my cock she came up because she had to get air. She reached both arms back to me so that I could hold her up so that she could breathe while she kept my cock in her pussy.

"I have never had a cock as big as yours and it feels so incredible in my pussy. I am really close to cumming so please let me cum on your cock and I will do anything that you want." We moved into shallow water and she let go of my hands so that she could hold onto the side wall of the pool. She turned her head back and gave me the hottest look I had ever seen and said "fuck me!" I started slowly moving my cock almost completely out of her pussy and then slowly pushing it all of the way back in.

After only a few strokes like that she screamed and shook all over and came. Next I started pumping her pussy really hard and she came twice more even harder than the first time. She then made me stop because she didn't have the energy to hold on to the side of the pool any longer. I sat on the side of the pool and Jesse came over to relax and hold onto me for a few minutes while she was still standing in the pool.

She laid her head in my lap with her mouth only a few inches from my cock. She kept breathing all over my cock head. She said "I have fantasized about having your cock cum in my mouth since I was 10 and now I am finally going to get to do it!" She started by licking every inch of my cock slowly and tantalizingly.

The whole time she was doing it she kept looking into my eyes. She then slowly took my cock into her mouth while she swirled her tongue all around the head. As she took more of me into her very hot mouth she danced her tongue all along the bottom side of my cock. She then pumped my cock in and out of her mouth all the while looking into my eyes for approval.

There was no way I was going to last long with her incredible talents and after only a few minutes I shot a huge load of cum into her very talented mouth. After a few minutes of recovery time I found our bathing suits and her robe. She went into the house and put on a little more modest bathing suit and we both got a drink. We were sitting at the outside bar for a few minutes when I heard a car door close and I knew that my wife and kids were home.


My wife gave me a hug and whispered in my ear "come into the house with me so that I can taste her on your cock." Would you like a part 2?