Sluts fuck at party with multiple guys

Sluts fuck at party with multiple guys
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Craig: I was doing homework when I heard the knock on my door. Opening it, I was surprised to find my sister in front of me. After the previous night, when she'd jerked me off for the second time, and climaxed around my fingers, I seriously didn't expect to see her for a few days.

"What's up?" I asked, trying to be as casual as possible. "I want to talk about last night." I gulped, let her in, and gestured for her to go on. "Look, Craig…I don't want this to be weird. It's going to be two months—two months, and we're only on what, day fourteen?" "Fifteen." "Right.

Fifteen. We're barely two weeks in, and it's driving both of us crazy. I figure we have two options—we can keep on waiting until our hormones take over before coming to each other, or we can acknowledge that we're both normal, healthy adults, and that means that yeah, we have sex drives." I blinked twice, trying to understand what my sister was saying.

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"So, look, as tempting as the thought of spending three days going nuts and then another feeling guilty is, I think we should get ahead of this thing." "Petra…" I replied, not quite sure what to say. "Are you suggesting we…" "Yes," she said, looking me coolly in the eyes, understanding my question before I even finished it.

"I'm saying that when you'd normally feel like jerking off, just let me know…and I'll do the same." I've got to admit, I was pretty stunned. I mean sure, since we started this whole thing, Petra had been the rational and prepared one, but something felt really weird about this. She was so…calm. Millions of guys would probably have killed to be in my place—my sister was basically giving me free hand jobs for the next 6 weeks, but you've got to understand—no part of me wanted this.

Sure, when I was insanely horny, the sight of my sister's face covered in my cum had been a weird sort of turn-on, but rationally, I knew that what we'd been doing was wrong, and I wanted as little of it as possible. And not the hot kind of wrong, either. The "eccentric billionaire with a weird hard-on for incest forcing us into it" kind of wrong, and believe me—there's nothing sexy about that. "Uh, okay sis…" I stammered. "I really appreciate the offer, but, um…yeah, I'm not really feeling it right now.

Thanks, though?" Petra laughed, and pulled me in for a hug. "I appreciate the honesty, little bro, but…well, I wasn't here for you." For once it took me a few seconds to work out what she was talking about, and then I connected the dots.

"Oh." "Unless you think there's something wrong with my plan, of course." "No," I replied immediately. I mean, I didn't want my sister to get the wrong idea—it was strangely important for her to know that I was a team player, not a selfish layabout who wanted to use her for sex without giving anything back.

As well as that, my experience last night had been the first time I'd ever actually touched a girl…down there. And even if it was my sister, I had to admit—I was keen to repeat the experience.

Judging by her reaction, I'd gotten the hang of it pretty quickly, and I really wanted to cement my learning. Somehow, fingering my sister didn't trigger off the same weirdness in my brain that I felt when she touched me. I guess it was because I was able to focus entirely on her pussy, to the point where it could be anyone's…as well as that, since I wasn't actually getting any physical pleasure out of it, I didn't feel bad about what we were doing. I don't know exactly how my brain worked in this situation—it wasn't exactly something I'd ever expected to come up—and so I agreed to help her.

After checking to make sure that our parents weren't likely to come up any time soon, I shut the door to my bedroom and put on the glove that Petra offered. "Now," she said, removing everything below the waist, "you did pretty good yesterday, so I'm keen to see how you go without direct instruction." "Sure thing," I replied, adding a squirt of lube to my hand. "Let me know if I do anything particularly wrong…" * * * Ten minutes later, I smiled proudly as, once more, my sister's pussy clenched around my hand in orgasm.

There was something so satisfying about getting a girl off; I don't know if all of them were so loud, but it was pretty freaking rewarding when Petra had to clamp her hand over her mouth to prevent our parents from hearing her cries of pleasure. "Wow," she said a few moments later. "Craig, I…wow." I didn't say anything, just nodded curtly. The more sexual contact we had, the more my confidence grew…the old Craig would have thanked her profusely and asked for feedback, but now that just felt pathetic.

"Well," I said with a yawn, "it's been good, but it's probably time for bed now." "Craig…" she said, looking at me with a crooked smile. "Come on. What did we just talk about?" My mind was a blank, and so I just stared at her as she pulled her pants back up. "Come on bro, we agreed—if we ignore our impulses, they're just going to build and build. Let's make this easy on ourselves, okay?" "What are you talking about?" I replied, and she gestured to the front of my pants, where my erection was clearly visible.

Oh. "You really want to take care of this?" I asked. "Sure," she said, obviously trying to be flippant and casual…but even as she spoke, she kept on staring at the bulge in the front of my pants. I raised one eyebrow, but she didn't even notice.

What the flip was going on with my sister? I couldn't deny that getting her off had turned me on—bringing a hot girl to a screaming orgasm will do that to any male, yeah?—but her behavior was creeping me out just a little. Still, I couldn't deny—I was horny, she was there, and if I didn't let her do it, there was a decent chance I'd succumb to temptation before I went to sleep. And so without a word, I pulled my pants down and let my boner spring into view, trying to ignore the smile on her face as it appeared.

She pulled out a second pair of gloves from her pockets—She really does come prepared, I thought—and sat me down on the bed. I wanted to shut my eyes while my sister lubed up her hand and crawled in-between my legs, but there was something about her fixation that…you know what? Fuck it, it was hot. I hate saying it, and I especially hated seeing it, but at the same time—any girl staring at your cock like it's a hugely valuable prize is going to be a turn-on, so rather than shutting my eyes and picturing Alison Brie, I just watched my sister as she slowly pumped my cock.

We'd been going for a few minutes when a thought struck me. "No condom?" I asked. "Don't worry about it," she replied. "But what about…—" "Don't worry about it," she repeated, and so I didn't. It wasn't more than a few minutes before I was ready to blow, and so I grunted a few words of warning. Tempting though it was to blow my load on her face again, I couldn't do that to her (especially if she started screaming) and so I let her know with plenty of time to stop, or put a condom on, or whatever her plan was.

To my surprise, as my hips started involuntarily thrusting forward, she leaned forward, took the head of my cock in her mouth, and looked up at me with those big, brown eyes of her. "Oh fuck," I panted. "Petra…" Having just cum the previous night, my load wasn't nearly as large as it had been the last two times, but she still seemed to struggle with it, choking slightly as the third string of cum propelled from my dick and hit the back of her throat.

After a few seconds of gasping and spluttering, she collected herself and swallowed loudly. "Petra!" I gasped in shock. "What?" she asked defensively, licking her lips.

"Oh come on—I didn't have a condom on me, and it's way easier than cleaning it all off. Besides, I've never had a problem with swallowing." There was a long pause, as I just continued to stare. "…I kind of like it," she finally admitted in that soft voice of hers. "Anyway, time for bed. Look, Craig—if you want to make this weird, we can make this weird. I'm just trying to be practical—we both have needs, and we both have ways of servicing those needs, so what's the big deal?

It's not like we're fucking." A part of me wanted to argue that yeah, swallowing your brother's seed was definitely in the same arena as sex, but she was right. It was only as weird as we made it, and so I just thanked her, shut the door, and lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling in thought.

* * * The next day was a Saturday, and both our parents were out. I was watching a movie in my room when she knocked on my door. "Yo," I said, and she pushed my bedroom door open. "What's up?" "I need your help," she said nervously, and the emphasis she put on 'help' told me exactly what she meant.

"For real?? It's been like twelve hours…" "Yeah…I should probably have told you this before, but I have a pretty high sex drive. If that's going to be a problem, let me know." What could I say? 'Yeah, sis, your libido is causing me anguish. Sort it out, except don't, 'cos then we lose four million dollars. Oh, and I'll still come to you for a handy whenever I want.' And so I let her in, got her off, and when she noticed my erection, let her jerk me off again as well.

She came back again that night. This continued for the next week. At least once a day, I'd finger my sister to orgasm…most times, I'd let her jerk me off as well. After that first time, I never brought up the condoms again—she seemed happier swallowing it, and I had to admit, it felt way better without the rubber. Even when a condom packet dropped on the floor as she pulled the gloves out one time, neither of us said a word.

As we approached the weekend, she started using her mouth earlier and earlier, too. To start with, it was always her gloved hands, but as I got closer to cumming, she'd start putting her mouth on me, until the feeling of her lips over my head was what was making me cum in the first place. At first I felt super uncomfortable with how things were progressing, but except for those little things, Petra seemed so…normal.

I figured it wasn't worth bringing up—after all, we weren't doing anything wrong. Until that Friday night. We were on the living-room sofa, and my fingers were lazily pumping in and out of her. Seinfeld was on, and we were both kind of watching it as we fooled around—when she asked if I could use my tongue.

"Petra!" I exploded. "What the hell are you talking about??" "Oh come on, Craig…please?


It would feel so good…" "No! I'm not…ew! I can't believe you'd ask me to do that!" I shuddered, and pulled my fingers out of Petra's pussy. She sat up, annoyed, and glared at me. "Oh come on! I've been practically sucking you off for a week! If you've got such an issue with siblings tasting each other's genitals, you've had plenty of chances to mention it!" I stood up, suddenly furious. "I never asked you to do that," I said in a dark hiss, moving my face closer and closer to hers.

"I don't know what kind of game you're playing, but I never asked you to do that. How dare you?" A look of terror crossed Petra's face, and I suddenly realized how aggressive I was being.

Without even noticing, I'd grabbed her wrists, and had her pinned on the sofa below me.

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The look of fear was replaced by a sudden tremor of arousal, as if she found my dominance somehow sexy…but no, I couldn't let myself believe that. I just couldn't. There was a long silence, until Petra's small, sad voice broke it. "I'm sorry," she said, and my heart melted…as I'm sure she knew it would. "I just get so turned on, and it's just been so long." "I'm sorry too," I said sincerely, before firmly adding "…but I'm not doing…that.

I can't." "Not down there, of course not.

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I understand. But look, how about a compromise?" My sister slithered out from underneath me, and slowly began removing her top. You've got to understand, in all the time we'd been doing this, she'd only ever been bottomless—I'd never seen her completely naked.

Hell, I'd never even seen her in a bra before. And so I couldn't help but stare as she slowly stripped out of her sweater, to reveal her bare breasts beneath.

Has she been braless all day? I wondered, before I really registered what I was seeing. Other than porn and statues, I'd never seen a woman's breasts before, and when Petra took my hands and placed them on her tits, I was unable to resist. I started pulling and tweaking, and Petra responded by moaning in pleasure. "Shhh," I said with a giggle. Our parents were out, but we needed to get into the habit of being quiet.

We still had a long five weeks ahead of us. "Suck them," she whispered. "Please, Craig…I understand if you won't go down on me, but use your mouth on my nipples. Please." A part of me insisted that it was wrong, but the offer was too alluring to pass up on, and so I leaned in to taste my older sister's nipples for the first time.

I lightly nibbled them, I sucked, I ran my tongue in circles around her teats—everything I did caused ripples of pleasure throughout her body, and when my hand returned to its duties down under, it wasn't long before her fidgeting turned into uncontrollable spasms of pleasure, as she came harder than I'd ever seen her cum before.

"My turn?" she asked, and I just nodded. She didn't put her clothes back on, just moved down and started sucking my cock. There was no pre-text of a hand-job, not this time—she just took my member in her mouth, and went to town. Whatever didn't fit in her mouth she'd jerk off…what we were doing was so hot, so taboo, I was tapping her shoulder in warning less than two minutes later.

Instead of speeding up, however, she pulled me out of her mouth, and with a wicked grin asked me a question I never thought I'd hear my older sister ask. "Want to come on my tits?" she said, and though I was too shocked to answer, she took my silence as a yes, and furiously continued to jerk me off.

All I could do was watch as my engorged head began spewing cum onto her firm, beautiful tits—she aimed carefully; the first spurt hit her right breast, the second her left, and she moved herself so she could take the final dribbles of cum from my spent cock directly onto her smiling face. "Thanks, bro," she said, cleaning her face off with her tongue and massaging my jizz into her tits. "I'm going to go have a shower, if you want to join me." I didn't.


As I came down from my exquisite, incestuous orgasm, my mind was racing. What the hell had happened to my sister? * * * Lord DeGraves smiled as he saw Craig traipsing across the sidewalk, obviously deep in thought.

A honk of his limo's horn caused the teenage boy to be startled out of his reverie, and when the old man got out, Craig stared at him in shock for a few seconds, before his eyes lit up in fury. "You!" he bellowed. "You did this to her! What did you do?

How the fuck did you do it? You're going to pay, old man…" As Craig began rolling up his sleeves, Mason DeGraves just laughed. "Come with me," he said, moving up the street at a brisk pace.

"Hear me out. If you still want to hit me, you can…but first, I want to show you something." Unsure whether to follow the old man or just tackle him, Craig stood in angry indecision for a few seconds, before shaking his head and storming up the street after him. Lord DeGraves slipped into a small bakery that Craig had never noticed before. "Cupcake?" DeGraves said, as Craig sat opposite him. In reply, he just got an angry glare, which he again responded to with laughter.

"Trust me, have a cupcake. Trish, three cupcakes!" "Three?" Craig asked, before he could stop himself. "Trish is going to join us, aren't you?" "Of course, Lord DeGraves" the baker said in a honeyed voice, and Craig looked up to see the proprietor of the small business enter from the back room.

She was a tall, full-figured black woman, with long braided hair, and a smile as white as snow. She was dressed like a Swedish beer wench—a short, frilly blue dress that showed off her knee-high white socks, and more than a little of her cleavage. It contrasted her dark skin-tone, a strange clash that caused Craig to boggle.

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"I, uh…" "Here," Lord DeGraves said with a smile. "Try the cupcake." Trish held it out, and without even thinking, Craig leaned forward and took a bite, trying with all his effort not to fall into the expanse of black cleavage in front of him.

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"Now, I can tell that you're mad, aren't you?" "You bet I am," Craig replied, but without the vigor that he'd intended. "If it weren't against the contract, I'd get Trish here to take you to the back room and calm you down, but instead I'm going to recommend that you take another bite of the cupcake, cupcake, and I'm going to explain a few things to you." The old man talked for a long time.

It could have been hours, for all Craig knew—his attention was almost entirely focused on the gorgeous black woman in front of him. Every time she giggled, her bosom bounced delightfully, and each time he tried to divert his attention back to the old man, she'd move a hand onto his leg and just toy with the fabric of his jeans for a few seconds. It was most pleasant and most distracting, and pretty soon the sun had set, and Craig noticed that more than a dozen cupcake wrappers sat in front of him.

"Where…where am I?" he asked, looking around. He was sure that he'd come here with someone, but he couldn't recall who. "I'm Trish," the beauty in front of him said with another dazzling smile. "You're at my bakery. You've been spoiling yourself…" "Haha, yeah, I guess I have. Uh, how much do I owe you?" "Oh, honey…" she replied with a pout.


"It's on the house. Now you should be heading home…I bet that you've got someone special waiting for you." "Yeah," Craig replied, still slightly dazed.

Brushing the crumbs off his shirt, he began to leave. Trish smiled as the young man left her store. He looked so intelligent, yet he hadn't even taken a second glance at the big plaque behind the counter, thanking Mason DeGraves for his financial contributions toward the small bakery. "I hope he finds what he's looking for," she muttered to herself, before popping a cupcake in her mouth, and wondering if Mason would be visiting again soon…for pleasure, instead of business.

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