Gordito rico masturbandose con protesis

Gordito rico masturbandose con protesis
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After Goku and Gohan's emergence from the time chamber, they enjoy a peaceful period of relaxation. The first day of the break, Gohan and Goku went out fishing.

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Krillin soon joined them, and they reflected on the day when they fought the Saiyans, Nappa and Vegeta. Goku accidently pushed Krillin into the lake by slapping his friend on the back too hard.

Krillin wobbled and he tried to grab hold of the bamboo fishing rod, but the rod snapped. Krillin started flailing in the water and shouting, "Help!

Goku! Help…me!" "Krillin, grab my hand! Come on!" Goku cried desperately. Krillin managed to cling to Goku's hand, and he dropped the act immediately. With a cocky grin, Krillin pulled Goku into the lake.

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"Ahahahaha! I got you good, sucker! I should win an award for that," he added cheekily. "Yeah, you're real funny," Goku said facetiously, but both Gohan and Krillin were pointing and laughing at Goku. They headed home for lunch, where Chichi had prepared a great meal for Goku and Gohan.

"Aaah, that was good!" exclaimed Gohan after they had finished. Chichi bent over and said "Gohan, time to do you your homework." "'Kay," Gohan said cheerfuly, and walked up to his bedroom. As Krillin spectated this, he thought Man, if this is what Goku meant by training in the outside world, we're in a whole lot of trouble… As if Goku had read Krillin's thoughts, he said, "Don't worry, Krillin.

I've still got to teach Gohan a few more tricks before we fight Cell." He gulped down his last mouthful of food and stood up.

"I'm going to go have a rest," he told Chichi and Krillin, and strolled up stairs peacefully.

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A few hours later, Gohan was still in his room, studying hard, but his mind was elsewhere. He looked out into the window, up into the beautiful sky, and wondered If I'm sitting here studying, what are Vegeta and Trunks doing?


Are we going to be ready for Cell? Chichi quitley opened the door an inch, and peaked into the room. "Gohan?" she walked over to Gohan's desk.


"I made a drink for you," she said sweetly, putting down a glass of lemonade with a sprig of mint in it on his desk. "How are you going?" "Umm… actually Mom, I'm finding it hard to concentrate right now.

People are out there training for the fight against Cell, and I'm here studying." "Hmm…" Chichi sat down on the desk. "I think I understand. You need something to take your mind of Cell so you can study again." She started undoing the scarf around her neck. "I think I have just the thing to do that…" "What are you doing, Mom?" Gohan asked curiously as Chi Chi started un doing her dress. "I'm going to show you the anatomy of a woman's body," Chi Chi said, taking off her dress completely and leaving only her bra and panties on.

"This is an area of study you won't find in that text book, and these things are always best done practically," She said. "Could you undo my bra, Gohan?" Gohan felt nervous by this stage, but he couldn't figure out why.

"Umm…sure, Mom," He moved behind Chi Chi, and slowly took of the bra. Once he was finished, he moved back to his chair. He then looked at Chi Chi's breasts. "Woah," he breathed, taking in the size of her boobs and tits. "Your chest is so much bigger than mine!" "That's normal for women, Gohan," Chi Chi explained. "We call these 'Boobs' and these," pointing to her nipples, "tits." "Wow," Gohan said, "Can I touch them?" "Sure Gohan," Chi Chi said lovingly.

Gohan slowly reached out and cupped Chi Chi's boobs in his hands. He moved them up and down, and giggled when they jiggled. He seemed to pay extra special attention to her nipples, slowly caressing them as they got hard. Gohan got a sudden urge. "Mom, I feel like I want to suck your tits," he told his mother. "Don't worry, Gohan, all men feel like that. You sucked on these when you were a baby, and milk came out of them.

You can suck them if you want." Gohan did not have to be told twice. He fastened his lips and tounge around her right nipple, slowly sucking it while cupping the other boob in his left hand.

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"Oh, my baby!" Chi Chi exclaimed, throwing her head back. Gohan looked up at his mother. "Did I do something wrong, Mom?" "No, Gohan, it made mommy so happy she cried out," Chi Chi said. The door slammed open, and Goku walked in.

"I heard some one cry out, and I " He suddenly stopped talking, taking in the sight of Gohan's mouth centimetres away from Chi Chi's naked breasts. "Goku…" Chi Chi began, "I'm really, really…" "Glad that you started to teaching him the basics!" Goku told Chi Chi brightly.

"I was going to show Gohan Kamehasutra sooner or later anyway." Goku walked over to Chi Chi and gave her a long, passionate kiss while cupping Chi Chi's breast. He turned to Gohan. "Looks like you've got a hard-on, son," gripping Gohan's cock in his hand. "What does that mean?" Gohan asked.

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"It means that your penis is stiff because you've been sucking on your mother's tits and watching me kiss her as well," Goku explained. "Now take your pants off, Gohan." Gohan nodded, and undid his belt. His pants dropped to the floor. He also took off the shoes Mr Piccolo had given him. Gohan's cock stood proudly out in front of him. "Wow, Gohan, that has to be 7 inches long!" Goku exclaimed. "That's my boy!" Goku then undid his one-piece suit, and his pants dropped to the floor.

His cock was still limp, but was still 6 inches long. "Looks like your father still needs to warm up," Chi Chi told Gohan. "Its not stiff yet." "Wow, dad, it's so big!" Gohan told his dad.

"Can I touch it?" "Sure, Gohan. Put your hand here," he told Gohan, showing how to hold Goku's cock. "Rub my balls, Gohan." Gohan massaged Goku's balls for a long time, sometimes pausing to hold his father's dick. It steadily got harder and harder until it was 10 inches long. "Aahh… good work, son." Goku said proudly, ruffling Gohan's hair. "Now get down on your knees." Gohan was kneeling now, with his head at direct eye level with Goku's cock. Again he got a sudden urge.

"Dad, can I suck your penis?" Gohan asked Goku. "Sure, Gohan, but call it a cock. It sounds so much sexier." Gohan leaned forward, and licked the tip of the head. Goku shuddered, and Gohan looked up. "Did I do something wrong, dad?" "No Gohan, it felt so good. Keep doing that." Gohan continued to lick the head of Goku's cock, and while this was immensely pleasurable, it wasn't exactly satisfying.

"Gohan, lick along the length of my cock." Gohan immediately started slowly licking the length of Goku's pole Iwhich was some effort for a ten inch cock).

While he did this Gohan fondled his balls. Then, Gohan found himself with the head of Goku's dick in his mouth. "That's so… so good Gohan. Keep sucking it." Bobbing his head, Gohan started to slowly suck the head off.

He slowly stroked Goku's dick as he did this. "Gohan, try and put it all in." Gohan looked up. "But Dad, I don't think I can put it in that far," Gohan said fearfully.

"Don't worry, son, I know you can do it. You're a saiyan, and a human, so you can do it really well." Gohan looked at the cock, and then with one big breath, Gohan put it all the way down his throat, and his nose was touching Goku's pubic hair. Gohan loved the feeling of his father's cock in his mouth, and Goku more so. "Gohan," he said, "I'm going to cum…" Gohan was going to take Goku's dick out of his mouth and ask him what 'cum' meant, But at that moment Goku's cock pulsed, and his load was forced into Goku's throat.

"Aaaahhhh!" They both screamed. Gohan took it and looked up at his dad. "Eww. Dad you peed on me!' "No I didn't, son," Goku explained, "That's what we call cum." "It's the stuff that makes babies," Chi Chi said, finally chiming in.

"Goku, I think you've given him enough to think about for one day. I mean, we do have nine days to teach him everything. Gohan, If you study well today, we'll give you another lesson tomorrow. How do you like that?" "Yes please," Gohan said. He longed for his own cock to be sucked the way he sucked his father's. Please comment if you want more!

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