Ein weiterer kleiner Schwanz

Ein weiterer kleiner Schwanz
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I just looked right at her as both Hope and I were laying there on Hope's queen sized bed absolutely naked. "I believe I asked 'What the fuck?' Now what the fuck Joe?" Kayla asked.

"Well, I was just spending some time with Hope as she was scared and alone, plus it was storming out. So she asked me to stay her. And she kind of tempted me," I replied. "She tempted you?

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By doing what?" Kayla asked. I was just really nervous, she seemed pretty pissed off and that caused me to stammer a bit. "She got naked right in front of me to get me to stay, and I just couldn't resist honestly.

I'm so sorry Kayla," I replied. "Sorry for what?" Kayla asked. "Well, for having sex with Hope.


You asked 'what the fuck?', remember?" I asked. "Yes I do. It was more to the fact that, if you wanted to try her out before we had a threesome, you could have said something about it, without making it a complete surprise to me," Kayla replied as she came towards the bed. Then she got naked in about 20 seconds and got into bed with us on my side, she started kissing me passionately for a minute. Of course I'm thinking to myself 'What the fuck is going on here?' but I was still really horny and I had 2 very beautiful and naked ladies with me.

As I was making out with Kayla, Hope started blowing me once again, Kayla didn't object at all, so I was a little confused still. "Holy shit Hope, you can sure take a dick," Kayla said. "Yes she can, you should have seen her earlier, she was taking it like mad," I replied.

"Better than me though?" Kayla asked with a tone. "You are tied I'd say sweetie," I replied. "So did you enjoy having sex with her? Was she good?

And was she better than me?" Kayla asked. "Yes, yes, and sorry I just gotta say you are tied right now," I replied. "Well I can't argue with that, Hope is a very sexy woman. I know you have had to fantasize about her at least a couple times now right?" Kayla asked.

"Yes, I guess, she is a very sexy lady too, but you are sexier though. I give you that Kayla, even though you didn't tell me you were going out," I replied. Then we kissed again and she got down by my dick with Hope. "Your boyfriend has the most amazing cock I've ever had in my mouth or my pussy. He is a keeper Kayla," Hope said as she had her right hand on my dick.

"Thank you," Kayla replied just before they kissed each other passionately. I just saw that and I felt like I was in an porno, that was so fucking hot. My cock was already incredibly hard, then as soon as I saw them kiss each other like that, my cock was even harder than it had ever been in my life.

"Holy fucking shit ladies, that was so fucking hot. Kiss each other again for me please," I said. "Yes sir," They both replied. Then they kissed each other once again and I nearly came once again.

I had never ever seen two women before right in front of me kiss, just like in the adult films. So to see that only a few feet away from me was quite an experience to say the least. Then they broke the kiss and Kayla had begun blowing me like madness. Somehow it felt even better as she blowing me that time for some reason. Then Hope came up to my face and started kissing me again.

"Just so you know I wasn't lying, you do have a great cock. I think even if I was your sister, I'd still want to fuck you, and have you fuck me raw, can you believe that?" Hope asked.

"I don't know, but both of you are blow job goddesses. Seriously, you two are just that good, truth be told," I replied. Then Hope laughed a little and gave me a nice kiss. Kayla had kept blowing me passionately and Hope had put her hand onto Kayla's head. Kayla really started to take even more of my dick, she took it so far that she even took it down her throat a bit. "Oh yeah, that's good Kayla, keep sucking on it just like that," I said.


Then Hope gave me another kiss and got on the floor, she crawled over to Kayla's pussy. As she was on her butt, she began licking Kayla's pussy. So we had the train going on, and I had no idea how I pulled it off.

Maybe it just happened, but then I didn't care, I was just so turned on that is was actually happening. It was a fantasy come true, I always wanted to be in a threesome with two different ladies.

I couldn't believe that those two were into lesbianism. I had no idea about those two, so as I was laying there, I was just getting more and more turned on. I leaned up and put my hands onto Kayla's head as she was going up and down while sucking on my cock.


"I had no idea that you two were into this," I said. "Who said we are?" Kayla asked. Then I just had this confused look on my face. "Kidding, we've had sex a few times before, does that turn you on?" Kayla asked.

I was stunned for a minute, it took me a few seconds to respond. "Yes it does Kayla, that really makes me horny and makes my dick really hard too. This is definitely a huge fantasy come true," I replied. Then Hope got up and onto her knees with Kayla. They both faced each other and Hope leaned her head down and started sucking on Kayla's very erect nipples. "Oh shit, it's been too long Hope, yeah get those nipples like there is no tomorrow," Kayla said.

Kayla her hands onto Hope's head, it was actually getting hotter by the second, soon enough I'd have to cum. "Come on in and get the other one, I won't bite back," Kayla said. I got down on my knees as well and started licking and sucking Kayla's other nipple, then she had her hands on both of heads.

We both made sure we were making Kayla's nipples feel good. As I was sucking on one her nipples, I also began finger fucking Kayla. "Now that's what I call multitasking Joe, you should do that more often," Kayla said.

"Maybe I will," I replied. I made her belt out some soft moans, she was really into having this threesome that took me completely by surprise, and her pussy had gotten more than a little wet as well.

"Oh shit, Joe you should have been this frisky when we had sex together," Kayla said. Then I leaned up my head and kissed her on lips. We made out for a couple minutes as Hope kept sucking on Kayla's nipple as if she was gonna die if she didn't. "I've missed our sex life Joe, I wanna do it with you more often, I don't know what happened, but let this be a reboot to our sex lives.

I wanna fuck you every single day for the rest of lives, do you want to too?" Kayla asked. "Is that a proposal?" I asked. "Would you like it to be?" Kayla asked. "Yes," I replied. "I know we're having sex with Hope, but will you marry me Joe, and maybe have the occasional threesome with Hope?" Kayla asked. I thought for about 4 seconds. "Yes I will Kayla I love you.

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I will marry you and I've been missing our sex life in a very big way Kayla. I want it too. Maybe I was just missing it so much that I did it with Hope, can you forgive me?" I asked. Then she gave me another kiss, she hugged me as well as she had a few tears going down her cheek. "I'm in love with you Joe, you are like the sweetest guy in the world and this was for you," Kayla said.

"What are you talking about?" I asked. "I asked her to do this for you, so I had her try and get you to stay. I knew we hadn't had sex in awhile, so the temptation was more than enough for you to go in there head first.

So I wanted to do this for you, and Hope and I are friends with benefits you could say, consider this a wedding gift from her," Kayla replied. Wow now that was a lot of information and we seriously just got engaged. I had idea about those two, it was still a surprise, but cool, I wasn't complaining. I was in love with the idea and with her too. I just wish someone would have dropped a hint to me though, not that I was all that mad. How could I be? We were getting hitched. "I love you too Kayla.

I said yes because of that honestly. Call me crazy," I said. Then Hope went down a little further and got onto her stomach. Hope spread out Kayla's really nice pussy lips as far as she could and stuck her tongue in there deep. Hope made her moan very loudly, we nearly woke up the neighbors at that point. "Oh shit that feels go good. Yeah, can hit my g-spot too Joe. Get a closer look if you want," Kayla said. So I got down on my knees too, I got a very close look at Hope eating out Kayla's pussy like it was lunch and dinner.

A minute later I went back over to Kayla's dresser and found the box of condoms, Kayla had in her dresser, I grabbed one and ran back out there. "Now put that condom on, and ram her like you would ram me, but harder. Can you do that for your fiancé?" Kayla asked. "Maybe," I replied. So I took the condom out of the package and onto my cock.

Then I followed Kayla's request and inserted my dick into Hope once again. I started out slowly, but I started ramming her really hard after about a minute. I spanked her really hard then. I knew she'd like then, it was a lot better that second time. I guess because it was OK with Kayla. Or maybe it was just more exciting because we were having a threesome.

So I made Hope moan some more.

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"Oh yeah, shove your cock into me like mad," Hope said. I was looking at Hope eating her out and I got a little distracted I think. "Hey, come and get that dick into me as deep as you can already," Hope said. "OK, sorry about that. I was just absolutely mesmerized honestly. I never ever got to actually see one hot lady eat out another, it's a sight to see," I replied. Then Hope began eating Kayla once again, I slowed down my thrusting for a minute, I didn't want Hope's pussy to get sore too soon, but I still managed to make her moan a few times.

"Fuck me Joe, fuck me hard," Hope said. My dick wasn't huge, but it was big enough for them. So I kept thrusting my nice in and out of her slowly. Then Hope starting walking forward while on her knees while we were still on the bed, so their heads were lined up perfectly. They started making out passionately for a minute, I took a good look at this and wondered just how many times they had done this before that point.

"Damn you two are so fucking hot making out like that. Seriously that is like one of the seven wonders to say the least. The two hottest ladies on the planet are making out with each other," I said. "Thank you Joe," They both replied. "Yeah you better marry him, he is the sweetest guy ever," Hope said. "I know," Kayla replied. Then they began making out again and I also started ramming Hope's pussy once again. They both absolutely loved it. How did I have no idea that they both were really into this?

But I knew I was in love with Kayla. We had switched to me being on my back. I inserted my dick into Kayla's pussy and Hope put her pussy right above my face as well.

Then I tasted Hope's pussy for the first time. I got taste all of her juices that was coming out of her pussy. "And a great fucking tongue too," Hope said.

They both leaned up against each other and pressed their tits on each other. Hope's were a little bigger, but they still leaned up against each other really well.

I put my hands onto Kayla's butt as she bounced up and down a little. That really had stimulated me and soon after that I couldn't hold my load anymore. "Shit, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum," I said. Then they both got off me and Hope ripped off the condom.

Then I shot my load all over the bed. It also got all over their faces as well. Then Kayla and I laid down onto our backs. Hope began eating out Kayla once again. She wasn't gonna stop until she came too. So Kayla and I kissed a couple more times. "So do you really love me and wanna marry me?" Kayla asked. Then I kissed her again passionately. "Don't change the subject, do you really love me and wanna marry me?" Kayla asked.

"Yes I do Kayla, you two are seriously the two hottest and sexiest women on the planet. I'm not just saying that either," I replied. Then we kissed once again. "I love you too," Kayla said. Then Hope hit Kayla's g-spot and she began moaning loudly. Kayla came all over the bed as well.

So she was breathing quite heavily for a minute as Hope came up to lay down with us. "Well now that was some really great sex. And it was more her idea, but I certainly did enjoy it though," Hope said. "No shit? I was a little skeptical, but still did not think this would happen though.

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I gotta say this was a really nice idea Kayla. I never ever had a threesome before honestly. So that was like the best sex was of my life. But were you sexually attracted to me too Hope?" I asked. "Well maybe at least a little. We only had sex. Really passionate sex. And you may not wanna tell people you got engaged during sex.

Just saying. Now you could say I'm really jealous of Kayla now. You really are a great guy Joe," Hope replied. "Thank you Hope, you are a great friend. And speaking of jealousy, is it true that you were jealous of our tits?" I asked. "Yes and I'm still jealous honestly.

Why, did she tell you that?" Kayla asked. "Yes, she really got me worked up by telling me that honestly," I replied. "You horny lady," Kayla said just before they kissed.

Then I just had to know. I was a horny guy, and it would probably drive me nuts unless I knew. "So, what's with you two?" I asked. "Well we were roommates before you and I met, we were just horny one night and we just did it. We both liked it so we did it a few more times. So we're kind of friends with benefits I guess.

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We don't do it a lot. We haven't had sex with each other since you and I started dated, but, we've been roommates for a few years now. I guess, we'll have to stop now though," Kayla replied. "OK then. I had no idea honestly. Maybe we can have another threesome sometime," I said. "We'll see," Kayla replied just before we kissed again. "Well now you know," Hope replied. "Thank you for telling me," I said. So that one stormy night was one of the best nights of my life honestly.

I had my first threesome, had sex with Hope, someone I had a thing for some time, Kayla and I finally told each other we loved each other, and to top it all off we got engaged, all on one stormy night.