Teen suck hd and trap the other day my mom told me that i was growing up too fast

Teen suck hd and trap the other day my mom told me that i was growing up too fast
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Wake up, stay awake. Damn I don't believe this shit. I knew I should have kept my black ass home tonight but no, I had to go out on a run and now I'm dyin in this piece of shit field. Damn how long have I been here, it feels like hours. I'm cold as hell, ain't it still June. Damn I had shit to do tomorrow. I was gonna get up with my boys and chill then later on that night make up with my gurl at a candle light dinner. Shit was gonna be right, especially since we ain't make love in a month.

Damn I miss her, a thick ass red bone looking like Ky Toi Johnson, just a little thinner. I miss the way her lips taste. I can still remember the first time I was with her.

I was too punked out to try to speak, besides she was my wanna be ganstas lady. Punk ass wanna be didn't even know how to treat her, that' shit still pisses me off now.


Puttin his hands to her and in public, I had to check him, especially through that damn car window, busted his shit for real, his face and car window. That shit was mad funny and made me feel good. I was raised by all women so I could just watch that shit.

Punk ass Justin Smith aka Pretty J, not after that night. Damn it hurt to much to laugh, shit it hurts to breathe. Damn Riot find me nigga, my shit is leakin out on the real. Calm down, he ain't comin I know, I can feel it. I feel nothing, not even my fingers, just my thought.

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Damn God, where you at, Jesus send somebody…… Oh I see, did too much to walk through huh, fuck it fine, come get me you bitch ass wanna be fake gansta. Damn am I scaried, I am.

Of Satan and Hell, naw. It's my Lady, my Lady Taz, my wild child, I'm missin her and her touch, her love. Suck that shit up. Huh Riot, naw just some stray cat. Fuck it.

Fine, I'mma be a man I ain't gonna beg, just say thank you, thank you for my moms death, my father's exit when I was 5, thanks for the hood, thanks for takin my boy Fred, I'm sorry man, we ain't finna chill with Pac and Bigg son. But most of all, thank you for My love, that you for Reen, and please take care of her.

Iight, I'm cool now, I'mma enjoy my last minutes on earth thinking of her. I'm getting sleepy anyways, naw naw, damn it wake up. Huh, what's that smell, Reen. That's her scent, like she just came out the show. I see her, Baby I hear you. "SSSSHHhhhhhh, Just kick back and let me take care of you." "Iight baby." Damn it feel so good to have her in my arms.

She feels like she was meant to be in my arms and only mines, like god molded her just for me. She's wet but warm, hot from the shower. I can smell the soap and her scent in one.

I smell something elseher juices, she wet. I slide my hand down her back and place my leg between her. She grinds on it and our eyes meet. I try my best to swallow her lips and she does mines. Damn where am Iare you with me or am I alone. Fuck I don't care I'm with you. We kiss passionately for at least 5 minutes until we part to breathe and she moves me closer to the shower and I undress as fast as I can.

I doesn't fell like were walkin only glidin, slow and effortlessly.


The stream in the room and thick but I haven't taken my eyes off her soft, tight ass. Swayin from left to right I'm hypnotized. Now I'm naked and waitin to hold her. She turns presses her body to mines and turns me around and shoves me into the shower with a giggle. She enters and closes it behind us.

Our lips make contact again as she claws my chest and I massage her ass and tits at once. Slowly her hand moves farther south until my dick is in her soft eager hand and she begins to work me slowly in a teasin fashion, enough to get me hot but not enough to make me fire. She bites me bottom lip and slowly got down. Kissin my neck and my man titties like she call'em until she has me where I want her to have me.

She knows I don't like head but se still tries to make me enjoy it and I never stop her attempt. She work her mouth, tongue, lips, and throat in ways I can't explain but I get lost in every time. But this time she out does herself and I fire atleast twice as she continues without missin a beat and I'm in heaven.

Then she comes back up to me and kisses me deeply, it may sound nasty but I never get offended by it when she does that.

I decide to return the favor and I move as slow if not slower trying to build the excitement and extacy in her body tryin to make her explode in orgasmic sensations all over, and as I suck on her pearl and finger fuck her, intensely, that's just my goal. To make explode in ecstasy with such intensity that it rivals a nuclear bomb. I get lost in my meal, my feast, my dessert.

Forgettin about time I work her like I was possessed by Lust it's self. I can't count'em, her orgasms, one after another over and over, loosin her mind in pleasure, makin her speak words and dialects I never knew existed. She finally pushes me back out the show I bang me head on the side of the toilet. She's crouched over giggling from her orgasms and me fallin out the shower.

She walks over of me on the floor with my dick standin up like the Proud Pyramids of Egypt smile with the look in her eyes that got her the nick name Wild Child. She walks around to my face and sits on me and swallows my dick.

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We lay there face fuckin each other until she grabs my balls and declares in the most erotic voice "I can't wait any longer!" and we move to the bed. I lay her down and she grabs my dick and engulfs me into like a plug to a socket which send electricity through us together.

She rolls us over and she goes to work as I squeeze and tweak her tits and nipple, and fondle her clit. We move in harmony like music, never loosin the beat.

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Movin form position to position. Tryin to merge, become one. A man and woman in both love and lust together equally. Cummin over and over, orgasms and hours gone, lost in our desire. Finally as I'm behind her holdin her clit and nipple, rubbin'em softly between my thumb and index finger, she screams, shutters, and shake and collapses with me on top of her.

I myself repeat in the shivers of passion past. She moves into my arms and stares in to my eyes. She says she loves me and I repeat with all my heart and soul. She begins to cry and a sparkle catches my eye. I reach to wipe the tear away and she disappears and I'm back in the field staring at the stars reaching for'em. Was it real or an hallucination????

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Damn I'm too tired to wonder, to tire to think, to tired. Is that star callin me………&hellip. I'm comin. "Qwan!! Huh?" "Reen, you iight gurl?" "Yeah, I'm cool.

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I just had a dream me and Tuqwan was together, lovin each other, we said we loved each other and I had to let him go, like something took him. I hope he's fine." "Gurl please, that Negro ain't doin nuffin, he ain't got shit without you, go back to sleep, me and Timothy tryin to get or fuck on." "IIght gurl." "Goodnight Reen." "Goodnight Shamika., Goodnight Qwan Baby, I love you."