Lusty naked Asian brunette stuffs her ass with dick and fucks it

Lusty naked Asian brunette stuffs her ass with dick and fucks it
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This is a story of a reluctant-style gang bang. All characters are over 18 and all actions are completely consensual. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content.

All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life. If you are under the age or 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

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= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = * * * * * * * * * * * * Janet Bryce felt the pendant on her necklace vibrate slightly and she knew that they were near.

It still wasn't too late to stop this. All she had to do was press the panic button on her watch or say aloud, "Sisi, cancel." She could also bring everything to a stop by just repeating the word "cancel" four times. But instead she just took a deep breath and kept walking. She could have said, "Sisi yes," but she didn't have to for things to move forward. There were several commands which the watch would respond to, all of which began with "Sisi." Sisi is actually a girl's name in some African countries, but it is also CC which is short for Completely Consensual, one of the fastest growing apps in the western world.

Sisi technically isn't an app since it operates only on proprietary CC equipment. There is always a watch, slightly smaller in the female version, though some men wear the smaller unit and some women wear the larger one. Then there is the necklace. For women, there is a choice between a pendant style which hangs on a small chain around the neck or a choker style which wraps around the neck with a thin, black or white, elastic band that closes with Velcro in the back.

For men the pendant chain is slightly thicker and more masculine. The choker style is also larger with a thicker band. Again, some women wear the men's version, though on a woman, the man's choker pendant looks very much like a dog or slave collar.

Sisi was an entrepreneurial response to the crisis created by the #metoo movement. Yes, there had been excesses on both sides for decades, if not centuries, but the crushing weight of so many great men and a few great women being brought to account for their sexually abusive practices caused a quantum change in the way men approached women. and in the way women approached men. Mostly it was a good change, but there were also some serious negative changes. Men were afraid to speak to a woman in public.

A compliment, intended to perhaps be an opening for conversation, could be misconstrued and posted on social media along with the man's picture and the word "creep," or worse "predator." Men were so afraid of unwarranted retribution that it was to the point that many pretty women were sitting alone in bars and had to buy their own drinks.

And many horny women often went home alone or with the girlfriends they came with. Enter "Completely Consensual." You used your phone or a computer to load your preferences for the night.

There was no swipe left or swipe right. You indicated what type of man or woman you were looking for and what kind of sex you desired.

Then if someone who met your criteria was near, your pendant buzzed slightly. If they were very near, as in alongside you, your pendant gave a green glow to indicate that things could proceed. It also glowed red if someone who did not meet your criteria was next to you.

Both parties could see the other's pendants. There could be no misunderstandings. If either changed their minds upon seeing the other, they could hold a button on their watch while saying, "Sisi, yes," or "Sisi, no," and change the color displayed for that particular person.

With Sisi, everything would be Completely Consensual. Some bars were even advertising "Sisi nights" where a watch and pendant were required for admittance. Janet was wearing the female version of the Sisi watch, but the male version of the collar. On her it did look very much like a slave collar. Janet was not a slave to anyone, but she was a slave to her need for sex.

There had been a time when all she had to do was go to a bar and look available. She knew that her drinks for the night would be free and she would be going home with some hunky and virile man. Some evenings, she would even have a quickie. or two.

in the back of the bar or the back of a car before settling on her choice for the evening. But recently, men have been avoiding her as they have been avoiding all women. And regardless of how much you paid for it, a vibrator was not the same as a man. or a woman. She wasn't yet to the point of standing up in a bar and screaming, "I need sex," but she was very close such drastic action when one of her girlfriends showed her Sisi.

The pendant and watch were a tad expensive and the monthly service fee was well beyond Janet's budget, but if you agreed to "unmask" your security footage, the devices were much cheaper.

And if you agreed to "non-altered" distribution, they were free. The pendant acted as a body cam. In case something happened, you were secure in knowing that your blind date's face was recorded on Sisi's security servers.

Of course, with two body cams recording actually four since the watches also recorded with four body cams continuously recording, a lot more than faces ended up on Sisi's servers. If you agreed to have your security footage unmasked, that meant that Sisi could use it, along with AI modification of your face, to create videos which it sold on the net under several different names. There was always two green dots in the bottom corner of the screen indicating that both parties had agreed to the unmasking.

If either or both parties had agreed to non-altered, the green dot would be replaced by a green dash.

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Green dash videos were, of course, for the premium channels only. And double green dash videos cost even more. Janet was wearing a free pendant and paid nothing for the monthly service. She had used it twice before, but somehow those two encounters did little to relieve her sexual tensions. Both men had been sweet and handsome and virile and had taken her to orgasm. But she wanted to be fucked senseless, not made love to.

She hadn't realized that for her that quickie. or two or three. was a necessary part of a full sexual release. She needed multiple partners. The Sisi control app was very intuitive.

After cancelling several attempts to enter what she wanted, a message appeared on the screen which said, "Janet, are you seeking a gangbang?" Janet sat staring at that message for almost ten minutes before clicking 'Yes'. The app then asked, "Are you sure?" and Janet again clicked 'yes'. The app then displayed, "A gangbang means multiple, continuous partners. Are you sure that is what you want?" Janet did not hesitate this time as she followed the instructions and typed in the word "Yes." The questions that followed surprised her.

Did she want to meet her partners in advance or not? When she answered 'no' to that question it asked if she wanted the gangbang to be public, semi-public, or private? She thought for several minutes on that before clicking on semi-public. She felt herself blushing as she confirmed that answer, but she also felt a rush of sexual energy flow through her body.

The next question was, "Do you want this gangbang to be a surprise?" There was an explanation beneath the question which said, "This means that you will not know the exact time or place where this will occur. You can specify a day and a time range of as little as four hours. You will then be told a place to wait, but will be instructed where to go for the encounter only fifteen minutes in advance. You will also receive the vibration notice when your partner(s) are near, at which time you may still cancel." Janet thought for only a few moments before answering, 'yes'.

The next question was totally unexpected. "Do you want All Males, Mostly Males, Mixed Male and Female, Mostly Female, or All Females." Janet hadn't thought about that. She had been with other women a couple of times and loved the feel of a woman's tongue, but found that she really needed something inside her, and again, a vibrator or a dildo is still not a man. She clicked All Males, but then stared at the screen for a while and changed that to Mostly Males before confirming her answer.

The final question was "How many?" The choices ran from five to fifteen with a bottom category of "As many as are available." Janet smiled as she selected the final option and submitted her request. Now it was Friday night and Janet was walking along a jogging path that wasn't very well lit. It was a little after midnight when she left the bar as instructed. The path actually led from the bar to her apartment, but she had never taken it before because. well because it was a dark, lonely path that wasn't safe for a woman in the middle of the night.

But tonight, she didn't want to be safe. She wanted to be fucked senseless. And somehow Sisi knew that this was the perfect place for that to happen. She felt herself tense slightly as her pendant suddenly began to glow green. In the almost darkness of the path, that dull glow was sufficient to give a greenish cast to the path before her.

She continued walking, looking straight ahead. She could feel her panties growing damp between her legs. There was a slight fear vibration in the muscles of her leg as she took the next step and she wobbled slightly in her heels.

Then arms grabbed her from behind and she was dragged off the path into the grass where there was a stone bench in a small clearing. There was also a street light, but it had been disabled by taping a LED headlamp over the light sensor.

That would be removed later. Janet gave a scream of surprise. The group swarming her didn't bother to stifle her scream.

The jogging path at this point went past the air conditioning towers for two large office buildings. Not only did the towers hide the path from view, their constant roar hid all sounds that might come from the path.

Sisi had picked the perfect spot. By the time they had dragged her to the bench, Janet had lost her shoes and was barefoot. The crowd of men held her arms wide as someone cut her blouse from her body. They used a very sharp knife to slit it straight up the back and then across her shoulders and down under each arm.

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In the green glow created by the multiple pendants, she could see the front section fall from her body and float to the ground. She had worn an old bra and had been slightly concerned that her partner.

or partners. might have trouble unhooking it, but the sharp knife also sliced quickly through that. Rough hands pulled it from her body while a deep voice said, "I'll keep that." Janet had intentionally worn old clothing in case anything was torn or stained, but she had not considered that one of her partners might keep some of it.

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except for her panties. She assumed that one of the men would keep those. In the past, she had often left her panties at her partner's place. Her skirt was a black, spandex-type, mini skirt. It would easily slide down her body, but despite that she felt the knife slit it down one side and it fell at her feet. She was now standing against the back of the bench in just her neon yellow thong.

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It, too, was old, but didn't look it. She didn't have many opportunities to wear it since it showed through almost any outfit she had that wasn't black. Out of curiosity, she glanced down to see what it looked like in the weird, dim green light which surrounded her. Strangely, it appeared almost white.

In the few seconds she was looking down, she also saw the green light reflected off a blade which instantly sliced through the small, flat, strings on the sides of the thong. Although her legs were spread, the thong did not drop from her body.

Her own body fluids, which had been flowing freely since the first hands grabbed her on the path, were sticking the thong to her cunt.

She felt a quick tug as someone pulled it from behind. Now she was naked. and extremely turned on. The two men holding her arms pulled her forward so that she was bent over the back of the bench.

She gasped as she felt the tip of a prick slide against her slit, seeking entrance, then she groaned as it centered on her cunt and began to slide inside her. Two hands grasped her hips as the man behind her began thrusting. She could feel him slam against her ass. Soon she was moaning and calling out, "Yes, yes, yes," with each thrust. She felt him tighten his grip and pull himself against her. There was a slight shudder as he came.

Some women talk about feeling a man erupt within them, but Janet never could. Her own juices were so abundant that the sudden addition of a small amount of semen was not really noticeable. She did, however, feel it when he withdrew and another man took his place. This man was slightly taller. and bigger. He slid easily in place, but he seemed to stretch her just a little more than the previous man. He paused and rubbed his abdomen against her ass in small circles.

That motion caused his prick to wobble within her and her moaned "Ahhhh," proclaimed that she liked the sensation. Then he began thrusting. He wasn't quite as fast as the first man. His thrusts were slow, deep, and deliberate. Janet responded to each movement with a guttural "Yes, yes, yes." as she slowly moved toward her much-needed orgasm. She was almost there when suddenly the man began thrusting very rapidly and shuddered against her as he spurted inside her cunt. The next man was thinner, but longer.

much longer. Janet could feel him bottoming out against her cervix. She had only had one or two partners who were than long. Normally it was an unpleasant sensation, but as high as she was it gave her intense pleasure and her cries of "Yes, yes," became much shriller. She was sure she would go over the top with this man, but she was disappointed. His prick was much longer than his stamina. Maybe hitting the tip of his prick against her cervix on each thrust overstimulated him and made him spurt early.

In any case, it was a short ride and another man soon took his place. This man was average, and for some reason Janet thought, older. His hands felt slightly rough against the skin of her hips and he moved slower and less surely than the other men. He was much taller though, so he was entering her in a slightly downward fashion which put pressure against the front of her cunt.

His thrusts were slow, but not as forceful as the other men. Janet was no longer crying "Yes," but she was moaning continuously as he moved in and out of her. Her cry started getting louder and more shrill. Her legs were starting to vibrate. It was obvious that she was approaching orgasm. Then the man must have stood on tiptoe or something because he suddenly got even taller.

His prick dipped even more forward and began massaging the very front of her canal. Sudden, intense sparks of pleasure flowed through her and she began pushing back against him as hard as she could. Lightning was flashing in her mind. Everything seemed to disappear except the sensations of his prick within her.

Then the explosion came. Her whole body shook and she cried out with a long, low moan that slowly rose in volume and pitch until she was practically screaming "Yes!


Yes! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Her orgasm must have triggered his because when she came back to her senses, a different man was rubbing his prick against her slit, trying to line up with her cunt for entry.

He slid into her but remained motionless. Another man was standing in front of her. His prick was pointing at her face and he was rubbing the tip against her lips. Had she agreed to this? There were questions about oral and anal and multiple. How had she answered those? The choices were "Yes", "No", and "Only After I Orgasm". She opened her mouth. She had clicked on "Only After I Orgasm" and she most definitely had just experienced a wonderful orgasm. This was a new sensation for her. She had gone down on men many times, but she had never been spit-fucked where one man was ramming her from the back while another was fucking her mouth.

She felt the prick slide over her tongue and started to suck and massage it with her tongue. Then the man behind her started thrusting. He was pulling her back slightly onto his prick and then pushing her forward against the bench.

The movement moved her mouth up and down on the front prick while it moved her cunt up and down on his. She decided to relax and just let the men do the work. She was grunting slightly each time she was pulled onto the back prick and then again as she was pushed forward onto the other prick. It was rapidly driving her toward a second orgasm.

It wasn't that it was so much more pleasurable, but there were so many more sensations. And she had to time her breathing to the thrusts of the prick in her mouth. That meant she had to breath in as the man behind her pulled her backwards and thrust into her cunt.

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That created totally different sensations in her abdomen. Her grunts were starting to get louder and more shrill. Then the man in front reached under and grabbed her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. She screamed or attempted to as he pinched and twisted.

He was timing the twists to his thrusts. Each time her mouth moved forward over his prick, he twisted. It was pain, but at this point it was just one more sensation that was driving her higher and higher and higher.

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The man behind her pushed against her and started rocking with her. His prick was no longer moving in and out as he moved her up and down the prick in her mouth. Then the man in front pushed hard against her and clamped down on her nipples. She could definitely feel the cum spurting deep into her throat.

The combination of all of the sensations again caused the lightning to flash within her mind. She could feel her body convulsing.

Her feet left the ground and she rocked herself on the top of the bench. She wasn't sure how long she rocked and screamed, but when she again knew where she was, her feet were back on the ground and the prick was no longer in her mouth. A different man was also lining up behind her. For the first time, she heard a voice. The man said softly, "Let's see how you are on the Hershey Highway." He then pulled some of the fluids from her cunt and smeared them between her ass cheeks.

One finger went in and she gasped. He moved it slowly in and out a few times before adding a second finger, then a third. "Don't worry," he said softly, "Old Spike is long, but narrow.

You'll do just fine." Evidently it was the man who had bottomed out in her cunt. He centered his prick on her asshole and began pushing softly. She took a deep breath as the tip slipped past her sphincter and he stopped to let her adjust to the anal intrusion.

After a moment he began moving slowly in and out, going deeper with each gentle thrust. Soon, Janet felt his body against her ass cheeks. He was totally inside of her and she could feel him deep within her colon. Anal was not Janet's favorite, but this man knew how to do it. And he wasn't so big that he was tearing her asshole. She relaxed as he slid slowly in and out of her. A strange thought passed through her mind that she would have to check out a man's girth in the future before suggesting or agreeing to anal.

To her surprise, the slow, gentle strokes in her ass were taking her toward perhaps a third orgasm. She was softly chanting, "Yes, yes, yes," with each stroke. Whoever the man was, he was like a machine. Each stroke was exactly like the next and he seemed to be able to go on forever.

Perhaps it was because he was not bottoming out in her ass. Or perhaps it was because this was his second time. Most men are slower on the trigger the second. or third time. Janet's cries were becoming louder and his thrusts were starting to speed up. His timing was almost perfect. Janet screamed out her third orgasm just as he slammed into her and emptied his balls into her ass. He didn't pull out immediately, but instead stood behind her stroking her back and reaching under her to stroke her breasts.

His hands were gentle, but she winced slightly as his palms went over her nipples. He noticed and avoided her nipples as he continued to stroke her breasts. Finally, when they were both very relaxed, he slowly pulled out. The two men who had been holding Janet's arms now walked around the ends of the bench so they could pull her over to the grass. They said nothing, but pulled down slightly on her arms indicating that she was supposed to lie down on the grass.

"Do you know what a King's Crown is?" a voice asked from the darkness. Janet nodded her head. She had heard about it.

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She had even seen pictures of women doing it, but she, herself, had never participated in one. A man lay down on the grass next to her. He was face up and his prick was pointing straight up in anticipation. Janet got to her knees and centered herself over the man's prick. He slid very easily into her. Once she was in place, the man reached up and pulled her slightly forward. Another man knelt behind her and rubbed his prick against her slick asshole.

He pushed in with one quick thrust and Janet gasped. That had hurt. Not a lot, but it wasn't slow and gentle. and it wasn't pleasant. A third man knelt straddling the bottom man's head. He pulled Janet's face forward and lined his prick up with her mouth. As soon as he was inside her mouth, all three men began thrusting hard and fast. It was overwhelming. and it was degrading. Janet felt like she was just a piece of meat to these three. That thought should have angered her, but instead it caused a hot wash of passion to pour through her body.

Tonight she wanted to be a piece of meat. She had said she wanted to be fucked senseless and these three men were doing exactly that. She rocked silently as the three men thrust into her.

Her mind was going blank. Then her world exploded. All three men grabbed her and continued to thrust as she shook and quivered. She was trying to say, "No, no, no," but all that could be heard was "oh, oh, oh." She didn't actually want them to stop, but she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to stand the intense firestorm of emotions and feelings that was starting to tear through her body.

The world went bright white and then blue and then black. When she came to, she was lying on her back in the grass. Hands were stroking her body. small, soft, feminine hands. "One more," a soft voice said. "This time it will be a Queen's Crown." Janet had never heard of a Queen's Crown, but came up onto her knees as the woman pulled her forward. Again a man was lying face up on the ground. Janet straddled him and started to line his prick up with her cunt, but the woman stopped her and said, "Other hole." The woman's hands guided the man's prick back slightly to Janet's nether hole.

The man was average size and Janet was already stretched out, so he slid in rather easily. Still, Janet lowered herself very slowly onto his prick. "Now sit on him while I help you bring your legs forward," the woman said. Janet put her full weight on the man and the woman helped her bring her feet around so that she was sitting impaled on his prick with her feet alongside his shoulders.

"Now lie back," the woman said. Janet did so. The man had his legs spread wide, so she ended up with her back on the grass. Another man straddled the man on the ground and pushed himself into her cunt. Then the woman straddled her head and lowered her pussy against Janet's face. "You are going to go higher than you have ever gone," the woman said. "And it doesn't end until you make me cum." The woman snapped her fingers and both men began thrusting. The woman pushed her cunt against Janet's mouth and nose and began grinding herself into Janet's face.

"Suck and tongue," the woman said and Janet opened her mouth to suckle on the woman's clit as she tried to force her tongue into the woman's cunt. Again, not being in control at all and feeling like a piece of meat caused Janet to climb toward a fifth orgasm.

Both men were pounding her as hard as they could and the woman was pushing hard against Janet's face. She couldn't cry out at all. and she could barely breathe. In fact, she was starting to run short of breath. If this didn't finish soon, she would pass out. Janet began frantically sucking and licking on the woman's cunt as it rubbed up and down against her open mouth.

The woman's juices were starting to drip into her mouth. There was a slightly bitter, but not unpleasant, taste. She could hear the woman keening softly. As things began to sparkle and dim, Janet felt the woman's legs quiver in near orgasm. The two men both pushed tightly against her and the woman let her full weight push against Janet's face as she screamed out "Yeeeeeees!" Janet was nearly suffocated, but somehow her body exploded in the most violent release she had ever felt. Women joke about the ground moving for them, but for Janet it did, indeed, feel like she was in an earthquake.

Her entire world was crumbling and shaking as the darkness slowly overwhelmed her. When she awoke this time, she was alone, lying on her back in the grass next to the bench. The streetlight, which had been extinguished for her gangbang, was once again brightly illuminating the area. She started to search for her clothing. At first she was upset that she couldn't find it, but then she remembered that it was too cut up to wear anyway. Her shoes were also gone. Luckily the jogging path went directly behind her apartment.

Her main worry would be getting across the brightly-lit parking lot to the back door.


She grimaced as she thought of what the man who reviewed the security footage might think, but there was nothing she could do about that now. She started walking down the path toward her apartment.

The insides of her thighs were wet and sticky. There was also cum in her hair. She wasn't sure how that had occurred. Had some of the men stood jacking off above the King's Crown? They must have, but she didn't remember or hadn't noticed that occurring at the time. Twice on the way home, she had to scamper off the trail and hide behind trees when cars drove past on the nearby street. Once she had to go deeper into the woods when a bicyclist rode past with a very bright headlight.

Finally she was at her apartment. She decided the best approach was to just walk quickly across the parking lot to the rear door and punch in the entry code. Once inside, she took the stairs rather than the elevator to the fourth floor and then walked down to the end of the hallway to recover her key from under the small trash can.

As soon as she entered her apartment, she headed directly for the bathroom and took a long, hot shower. When her body was clean, she closed the lever for the drain and switched the shower to tub so that she could take a long, hot bath. She dropped two of her bubble blast tablets in the water and lay back as the tub filled.

When it was full, she reached up with her foot and shut off the water. As she lay back, a soft beeping on the sink counter told her that her watch or perhaps her pendant was reminding her to log on to the Sisi website to report her experience and rate her latest partner. She smiled as she thought about the fact that the ratings went from zero to ten. "Too bad," she said aloud, "that they don't have an 'I got fucked senseless' rating." She then fell asleep in the tub, fully relaxed and refreshed for the first time in months.

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