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Sex arab نيك عربي جميل
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it all started when my wife said why dont you invite mick and his famly along on our holiday ok i said i'll give him a phone.Sure he said we can sleep in the awning(we were in a caravan)so off we went.It was a very long hot summer and we settled down to a easy holiday rotine.I had known mick and his famly for twenty years and had seen his children grow up,there was carol (14) and vikky (15) and his wife anne(40).As i was lounging about i started to notice the girls and the way they dressed.Carol was a natural blond average size with small(about a handfull) tits slim body and small arse with long legs ,her sister was taller and took after her mother with shoulder lenth brown hair ,a slim body with loverly large tits long legs and a bum to die for, The girls liked to go around with just baggy t-shirt and tight shorts on and no bras,so you can gess after a few days i had pretty mutch seen their tits every time they bent down.One night we all went down to the pub lots of drink was drunk and by the time we left mick&anne were well drunk and carol couldn't walk.Give vikky a hand with carol while see to our kids and mick&anne said my wife so with me on one side and vikky on the other we all set off for the van.

The way i had my arm around carol i couldn't help but keep brushing against her left tit and soon found her nipple was erect (well it was cold) plus vikky keep brushing against my hand with her tit as well,as we passed the toilets mick shouted back "take her to the loo incase she wants to be sick"so we peeled off to the toilets.Standing at the ladies door i said "on you go ,give me a shout when your done".You'll have to come i cant hold her on my own theres a lock on the inside of the door to keep anyone out vikky said.Once we were in and the door locked i was holding anne over the loo for five mins then laid her on the floor on her back,vikky was stood watching "it must be cold in here" she said "look at her nipples sticking through her shirt" and right enough there was two little bumps where her nipples were.Vikky knelt next to carol "do you like her size or mine"whith that she pulled up carols top exposing a small set of tits with nipples fully erect and hard "go on said vikky have a feel"i placed my hands on carols tits and gently massarged them carol let out a small moan ,when i looked up vikky had taken her top and bra off to show her large tits with large pink nipples she moved up to me "now feel mine and compare",I cupped them in my hands they were heavy but firm she threw her head back and closed her eyes,i drew them to my mouth and gently sucked them it was bliss she then pulled away "and pulled down carols pants her small pussy bearly covered by pubic hair for all to see,Which one would you rather fuck she said taking down her own pants her pussy a lot better developed "yours" i said.

Well tough if my dad found out he would kill us however it dos'nt mean we cant have fun,she squatted over her sister and undid my zip taking out my erect cock slowly sucking while feeling my balls the other hand slowly pushing a finger into her wet pussy.Our moans filled the room untill with a shudder she came dripping down on to her sisters titsthen she wanked me off untill i cum all over her sisters tits also.

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While i cleaned myself up she bent over and began to lick our cum up off her sisters chest it was almost enough to give me a hard on .After we cleaned up we carried carol to the caravan and all turned in for the night,next day it was like nothing had happened carol not remembering anything and vikky not saying.

The famly moved to another city the following month so i kept in touch with mick by e-mail and phone the around a year later mick phoned and asked if i could visit and baby sit the girls "but they must be 15&16 by nowi said ,i know but we have to be gone all night and they will have partys and all sorts i feel better with a adult here"ok then i gess so.It was 3oclock when mick opened the door and with a flurry of instructions he and anne left trough the door .I was standing at the window when i saw the girls walking down the street both had their coats off and you could see carols white bra under her blouse and her short skirt and white socks pulled up to the knee.

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Vikky with her black bra showing under her shirt ,her short skirt and black tights was starting to give me a hardon again.As they came in carol saw me uncle john she said and ran over to hug me thats when i noticed what a fine set of tits she had developed and had caught up with her sister.Vikky came over and gave me a hug "i have to go to a show later but will be back for 12 ,ok i said "come on carol help me get ready "she said as she left the room.

At around 7 vikky came in "i'm off now she said do i look ok "she was wearing a strapless ballgown type dress and with her hair and makeup on she looked divine and i told her so "bye" she said as she left.

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Me and carol settled down in front of the tv ,talking about this and that and our holiday .She was sitting opposit me with her legs slightly apart and i could see all the way to her white cotton pants,you know i said you weren't so developed back then "oh these she said lifting her breasts up i know it drives the boys wild " then she moved over and sat next to me,uncle john can i ask your opinion ofcourse i said.

Carol undid her blouse and then her bra letting her loverly tits fall down"do you think these are normal it's just the girls at school say they arn't.

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I reached over and cupped them in my hands"they feel ok to me i said better than the last time i felt them "oh yes vikky told me about that pity i wasn.t awake i would have enjoyed it" she said with a smile,She then went on to tell me how her boyfriend kept going on about having sex,but i'm not sure she said do you think i could see your prick all hard as i've not really seen one before.Well sice it was straining against my pants i thought why not so proceded to get it out.Her eyes grew bigger as she veiwed my manhood i's a lot thicker than i thought is it ok to practise with it ,be my guest i said.

she slowly placed her lips around the end gentily sucking her large tits and erect nipples rubbing against my leg her pert bum rocking slowly near my head .Ireached out my hand to lay it on her arse slowly moveing down so only the thin cotton of her pants seperated my finger from her pussy.As i pulled her pants to one side i slowly inserted my finger in and out i could hear her moans so when i had got her all wet i moved her over so she was on her back with her legs in the air As i took hold of her legs i positioned my dick at the entrance of her pussy"are you sure" i said "yes please " she said so i slowly pushed in .At first she gave a few gasps but then they turned to moans of pleasure aftert 15mins i finally came ,a few mins later she gave a big shudder a look of satisfaction on her face.That was great uncle john my first sex.


Whats going on we both looked up and there was vikky ,she fixed carol with a stare"get to bed now and we will talk about this in the morning carol ran into the bedroom.

How could you uncle john you know shes only 15 you could get into trouble what if she got pregnant ,thats not a problem i cant have kids anymore i had the snip and im sorry but i just got carried away im sorry i disapointed you i said.Its not about the sex its just that after our last meeting i thought it would be me who had you not carol.

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All the time she was saying this she was unzipping her dress to show her in her black lace bra and pants plus black hold up stockings.She undid her bra to let her large tits fall down her beautiful pink nipples erect,then pulled down her pants .I stared at her hairy pussy and beautiful arse,she came over straddling my now hard cock slowly lowering herself onto me while i ran my hands over her nylon clad legs.Faster and faster she went our grunts and groans filling the room then with a shudder she came and 2mins later i exploded in to her wet pussy.

A short time later carol came in "lets get a photo of us all please",ok said vikky just one and although i wasnt keen we got one took .After that we slowly drifted to our own beds to get some sleep.Next morning mick arrived and couldn't thank me enough hope they weren't any trouble no no they were fine i said but i need to set of home,but i think i'll visit more often from now on.The girls were at the door and i got a hug from both of them and when mick and anne weren't looking a feel of carols tits and vikkys arse.

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Two days later i got a photo on my e-mail of me standing up cock out and the girls squatting either side legs wide open vikkys pussy still wet and both gjrls cupping there tits with big cheesy smiles