Niedliche blonde Teen Bimbo Göttin Handjob Cumshot

Niedliche blonde Teen Bimbo Göttin Handjob Cumshot
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It was the middle of December I had been dating this girl off and on, mostly because I couldn't stay faithful. It was a Monday night and once again I lied to her and told her I was hanging out with my friend Ryan. I was really going over to my completely gorgeous friend Lisa's house, to hang out with her a guy she was talking to and her friend Gabby. Lisa is about 5'7 deep tan, died jet black hair cut short, eyes like Denise Richards, and a perfect body with gorgeous 34 C cup breasts with the left nipple pierced (I was lucky enough to have seen it and it was all I could do not to put that perfect hard nipple in my mouth).

Long thick legs but nothing fat, and a smooth stomach she is a knock out.


I and Lisa have been friends since High School we went to different schools but we rode the bus together, and we hung out with the same people and had many wild and crazy times, but that's another story. I was kinda trying to get with Gabby who is 17 kinda chubby but she could pull it off she also had jet black hair cut short, and also had her lip pierced. She had nice tits but sadly the most I had seen of them is just her bra that she teased me with about a week earlier.

I drove my truck over to Lisa's house and noticed a Chrysler 300 in the culvasac by her house just sitting there, her dad was leaving to go to work.

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He had clients that he had to meet at all different times. Being a friend of the family I walked up the drive way and let myself in. No one was in the living room but in no time at all I was awarded with seeing Lisa at the top of the stairs in just her underwear she told me to give her a sec and she would be ready.

I teased her and told her to get her clothes on. As she drove back to her room the front door opened and in stepped this woman in her mid twenties. I had never seen her before and looking at her it was disappointing we have not met earlier. The woman asked who I was I told her I'm CJ Lisa's friend. Lisa poked her head out of her room and said "Oh yeah!

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You never met my older sister Taylor." (I had heard of an older sister but they never talked to her she lived a good 3 hours away and rumored to have a drug problem) I said Hi. She said hi back and then went down stairs to where there mom was. Taylor hollered to her mom saying that there was a strange guy trying to steal their T.V. in the living room. I laughed "I'm not a strange guy I'm family girl. Ain't I mom" finishing the sentence as I landed on the last step and seen their mom.

Who was running on the treadmill. Taylor got some things and went upstairs I stayed down there a minute talking with the mom (I always make the mom like me) then headed upstairs to Lisa's room. I knocked then entered all the girls were getting ready doing hair make up, and sadly dressed.

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Lisa was sitting on the floor in the corner of the room doing her hair and we made small chat. Taylor was in the conjoining bathroom with the door open and chatted with us. Lisa got my attention and mouthed "she thinks your hott" I smiled, and thought of the possibilities.

I was also pleased to find out that Taylor was gonna come hang out with us. Taylor had shoulder length dark brown hair with highlights with cat like eyes a big smile, and from what I can tell slightly bigger boobs than her sister.

She also had a nice firm looking ass and was about the same height as Lisa. I myself was rather pleased with how I looked that night I had blue jeans on, a nice AE shirt, my fav AE hoodie and a toboggan with a bill that my surfer style hair peeked out of at my forehead and gave me wings out the back, and since I'm 6'6 I often get mistaken for being older and the older woman seem to like it to (I'm a tree with a baby face) and I have an athletic build I'm not skinny I'm built like an ideal tightend.

After the girls got ready we left and picked up Gabby from work and then got alcohol and then the guy Lisa was talking to.

We drove to a caf?that lets you smoke hookahs. On the way their Taylor announced she had some xanex and passed some out to Lisa, Gabby, and Lisa's date me being the driver (since my SUV could fit everyone in comfortably) didn't take any.

I stuck to my bud select (I know not that smart). On the way to the caf?sex was a popular topic, and the fact I had seen Lisa's boobs. Gabby said: you've seen mine too!" I corrected her "no you just teased me and only showed me your bra." With that said she then turned towards me and lifted her shirt and bra and showed me her tits.

Her skin was milky white and in the dark light I could tell her nipples looked a sweet tasting pink. I almost reached out and touched them but fearing for our safety I kept both hands on the wheel and as soon as they were shown, they were gone.

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The caf?was pretty uneventful except for the glances me and Taylor where exchanging and the fact that Gabby was trying to separate us.

After the Caf?we decided to go to Gabby's and get in her hott tub, my brain was just thinking of the possibilities. The girls put on Gabby's spare bikinis and Lisa's date who was Gabby's brother in law just so happened to have shorts there so I was the only one getting in with just my underwear on. When we went to get in the hott tub lived up to its name it was so hot we couldn't get in so we left the cover off to let it cool down in the mean time we hung out in Gabby's room.

Lisa kept passing out from the pills, and her date was M.I.A Gabby decided to show off her toys she had a vibrating cock ring that Taylor seemed to like, and then she showed us anal ease.

This made me see her in an all new light. The tubb was finally bearable and we all got in I was surprisingly between Gabby and Taylor but closer to Taylor which spawned a funny look from Gabby.


Gabby was showing her immaturity all night long complaining about stuff and just acting to drunk for only drinking a 40 oz of Mike's Hard Lemonade, and having Taylor next to her she made the decision easy I changed my attention to Taylor. We left Gabby at her house and decided to go back to Lisa's house. It was 4 in the morning and Lisa's date and I decided to stay the night they slept in her room.

I was left with either the guest room or Taylor's bed downstairs in the basement I chose; well we all know what I chose. Laying in bed with Taylor I got bold and cuddled her she had no objections, then I asked for a good night kiss (lame I know but hey I'm 19 I don't have that many lines). My heart skipped a beat when she rolled over and put her lips to mine. I felt a jolt through my body and was completely content. She then rolled over and said goodnight. I now had a new woman I was interested in and I couldn't wait to see her again.

I bothered Lisa all day through texts about her sis, and we decided to have us all hang out again except Gabby. I picked them up and the girls looked great they even went through their x mas gifts and got there new jeans out that there mom had got them.

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We went to a liquor store and got some tequila and some Jim beam. Then went and got salt and lemon juice to take shots. Now we just needed a place to go… I knew of this place behind a carwash off a busy street outta sight, a place where I had taken some previous girls to do other things except drink.

We decided it was a good idea and the alcohol started flowing. Through our festivities Lisa told us she never had done a body shot. We went to the 24hr grocery store and got lemons me and Taylor walked in. As we walked I looked at just how hott she was and since I had been wanting to kiss her again since the moment I saw her that night I pulled her to me and said "I have been waiting to do this all night" and with that I kissed her.

We walked arm and arm into the store and got the lemons. Once we got back to our hide out Taylor demonstrated how to give a body shot on me. Now that Lisa knew how the bottle and lemons and salt where being passed around. Lisa with her date me and Taylor.

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I loved the feel of Taylor's tongue on my neck with every shot she had me wanting her so bad. Now after all the sucking on eachothers neck the taking of lemons from the both just turned to making out, and soon moans of pleasure was coming from the back seat. Lisa and her date where having a lot of fun by the sounds we where hearing soon while me and Taylor where making out, Lisa's feet where hitting me in the back in my head.

They soon moved to the very back so now we had privacy. While we where kissing I moved my hand between her thighs, the warmth emanating from between only fueled my animal lust, soon I Had her pants unbutton and slipped my hands past her waist band I could feel her trimmed pubic hair and then finally the velvet feeling of her lips.


As I slipped my hand further down I could feel the wetness and I slid two fingers in and started finger fucking her pussy. I was awarded with her moans of pleasure. While I was pleasuring her I myself was straining to burst through my jeans. Her hand started massaging my cock through my jeans and in between moans she whispered "Feels big." This just made me smile and kiss her harder and makin my fingers work harder.

I was alternating between fingering her and rubbing her clit and this was getting the reaction I was wanting moans of ooooooohhhhhhhssss and aaahhhhhssss and the look of her sex hungry eyes told me I was doing what she wanted. I finally freed myself from my jeans and placed her hand on my cock she stroked me, and then she leaned over and started sucking my cock. Now it was my turn to moan. I was especially impressed when I felt the back of her throat and then see all 7 inches disappear down her throat.

She was the first girl to ever go all the way down (while 7 inches is decent what I'm most happy with is that I'm thick prolly 3 inches around). The feeling of her tongue flipping at my head and then taking it all the way down again was making me go crazy.

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And from the rocking of the truck and the moans Lisa was having a good time to. After getting thoroughly aroused by the best blow job I needed to fuck her. I went to pull her on top of me but then she told me to wait till we got home. SO I decided to finger her and make her want it as bad as I did. In a half moan she said "I hope you'll return the favor with that I pushed her back leaned over and dove into her pussy.

I tasted the sweet tanginess of her juices and loving every second of it. The ooooohhhhhhssssss and ahhhhhhhs were now OOOOOOHHHHHH and AHHHHH and FUCK YEAH which only got me hornier. After licking her pussy awhile I sat up and kissed her hard nothing gets me hotter than a girl tasting herself from my lips. She then decided she want to fuck I got out the condom and went to put it on when at that moment Lisa needed to puke, I got out and had to open the back hatch so she could puke cuz I didn't want her to puke in my truck, with that we left and took her date home.

Then we got to her house. Lisa was still naked so I got Taylor out and put her against the truck and then when to get LISA dressed. As I turned my back Taylor fell to the ground drunk. When I turned to get her up Lisa bolted to the house telling me to get Taylor in the house that she's fine. So I carry Taylor into the house and down to her room.

I lay her on the bed and start kissing her again. She then starts begging me to fuck her. We kiss some more and she shows off her deepthroating some more and gets my dick hard. As soon as it's hard I stick it in her soaking wet pussy. Now blowjob can beat the feel of a tight pussy, it surprised me she was tight since she was 26 (later I find out that she had only been with 5 guys before me). I start humping for all I'm worth feeling the warmth of her pussy and her juices leaking down to my balls.

After about 10 min her moans become louder and quicker, OH YES EM OH YEAH MMMMMMM YEAH, I whisper in her ear "You gonna Cum Baby?!" She whimpers back "Uh huh" then I feel her muscles contract OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH I stick it in as far as I can go I let her calm down a second then go back to humping her as fast as I can. I switch positions and make her put her knees on the floor and bend over while I fuck her doggy style (very low bed) I grip at her firm ass.

Then turn her head to me and kiss her hard then bite her neck, OOOOHHHH MMMMM! Is my reward. After awhile the whiskey starts to affect me and I pull out and have her suck me some more while she's sucking my dick I get on top of her in the 69 position.

I lick her hard swollen clit in finger her pussy. Muffled moans escape her mouth. I start to hump her mouth and put my dick as far in her throat I can. Her mouth feels so good that the alcohol effect cannot compete against her abilities, and I'm ready to fuck some more.

I get on top of her again and fuck her hard, watching her perfect 36 C breast sway with every thrust. She starts to moan like she did earlier OOOOOOHHHHH and I feel the contracting, I pull her hair and pull her face to mine and kiss her passionately. She says "I love you." (Booze talking) I tell her I love her to then she say "no you don't its ok though." After fucking her some more her moans of pleasure start to get to me and I feel the great tingling sensation, I tell her "I'm GONNA CUM!" Just then I shoot my hot load into her.

We lay there a second, I get up and pee and carry her to pee. Then carry her back to the bed put her panties on and I put her shirt on her. I go and check on Lisa she is sound asleep, then I crawl back into bed with Taylor snuggle up and go to sleep… Can't wait to do it when I'm sober.