Large knob excited public agent a lot

Large knob excited public agent a lot
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Chapter 8: THE END OF TINA'S INNONCENCE I wake up to bright sunlight, surprised that I made it through the night without being raped or molested by Eddie. I jump in the shower and finally clean away yesterday's filth.

I am getting some cereal and thinking about what I should do before work when I see Eddie's note on the counter. Teenster, Thank's for the hard work last night. No need to come into work today. Take the day and night off… Toby, Silv, and I will handle things tonight. You've earned it!

Eddie P.S. I added another $500 bucks to Tobe's college fund. Breadstick sales were off the charts last night! There's also $100 on the fridge as I noticed you guys could use a grocery restock! I am stunned… I haven't really taken a day off since I went on the run and I hadn't really thought to ask for one since Eddie tended to keep his clubs open 7 days a week one way or another.

I don't look a gift horse in the mouth and take full advantage of the day including splurging on Subway for lunch and picking up ice cream treats at the grocery store to surprise Toby with. By the time I make my way to the Stuffed Pussy on Tuesday, I am convinced that there will be some change, or new device like the mechanical bull designed to make me suffer.

Against all odds it turns out to be as benign of an evening as I can hope for. My definition of "normal" has gone way off track to the extent that I am relieved when the extent of Eddie's torture is having me serve beer and food wearing vibrating panties and escaping the evening with only 2 public orgasms…!

Wednesday seems like it will pass in similar fashion with the exception that I am coerced into riding the Mechanical bull wearing nothing but some cowgirl boots and a hat. This time they bind my legs so I don't fall off the bull but they leave my hands free.

I do my best to "play along" with some playful yeehaws when the ride starts. I don't resist when I feel my excitement start to build, knowing Eddie won't let me down until I humiliate myself with an orgasm. Instead of resisting, I grind my pussy against the vibrator until I cum, shaking helplessly on the saddle while the bar hoops and hollers around me.

When Phil and Eddie unbind me they again lift me off and I have déjà vu back to my first bull ride as they carry me to the front of the stage to show my swollen privates off to the crowd. This time I don't even have panties to provide any shred of decency as they spread my thighs wide to give everyone a close-up of my wet vagina. I close my eyes, feeling the heat rises from my breasts to my cheeks in a bright red blush. My mortification washes over me in pulsing waves of heat as my pounding pulse in part drowns out the crowd.

Three sharp open-handed smacks land square on my puss snapping me back to reality. The crowd laughs uproariously as Eddie admonished me. "Have some decency Tina! At least open your eyes and smile at your adoring fans!" I look down between my legs at the customers who seem to have decided the thing to do is to take a selfie with my puss in the background. I wait helplessly for Eddie to decide to put me down. Instead, Silvia steps in front of me and Eddie starts announcing again.

"My Daddy always said there were two kinds of girls&hellip." Eddie booms out in his best Master-of-Ceremonies voice. "Those that spit and those that swallow" he continues on. "But in my line of work, I've come to find out that that is not the only thing that sets girls apart&hellip." I feel the familiar onset of my body starting to hyperventilate as I listen with the audience, trying to understand where Eddie is going with his story and what new molestation it will lead to.

The bar is silent in excited anticipation and Ed milks this by pausing an excessive amount of time for dramatic effect. "You see there are two kinds of girls in this world folks… those that spit and those that swallow, but also those that squirt and those that don't!

Tonight the lovely Silvia is gonna help us find out which kind our cute little Tina is!" I swivel my head to look at Silvia, not understanding what Eddie's proclamation means for me. With her back to the crowd, Silv mouths a silent "Sorry Tina" which lets me know that whatever is coming isn't good for me. Then she turns and flourishes something blue in front of the crowd.

I struggle in Eddie and Phil's arms and then freeze in fear as I see that the blue thing was a latex cleaning glove that Silv is now wearing on her right hand. She applies a liberal amount of some kind of lubricant to her fingers and then steps between my spread legs and slides two well lubricated fingers deep into my still wet vagina. I squeal in surprise, not expecting such rough attentions from Silvia of all people.

"Silv, what are you doing! Ah gawd!" I gasp as her left hand starts rapidly stroking over my swollen labia and clit while her fingers curl up as if trying to meet her other hand and then starts to frig me. The onslaught has me squirming and squealing and then she starts hammering her fingers into my vagina. I start to buck lewdly in Eddie and Phil's arms, unsure whether I am trying to get my over-sensitive sex away from the onslaught or work myself towards the release that feels like it is building deep in my tummy.

Silvia seems to sense this and her fingers start to focus in on a spot just under my belly-button that causes me to shriek each time her finger-tips stroke the back of my vagina.

I am out of my mind, bucking and shrieking, and begging Silvia to stop when my orgasm breaks and I cum hard. Silvia yanks her hand out of me and I shriek "nooo" at the sudden empty feeling and then turn beet red as I see a fountain of liquid gush out of my vagina landing at the foot of the stage.

The crowd is cheering and Eddie is exclaiming "she's a squirter ladies and gentlemen" then Silvia steps back in and frigs me rapidly causing me to buck, kick, and struggle for a few seconds before another round of musky fluid erupts from my pussy with a wet gush.

I hang my head in shame and exhaustion until, thankfully, I feel Eddie and Phil lower my feed to the ground. Off to my right Silvia pulls off the glove, tosses it on the bar floor, and takes a bow. I sob in new humiliation. Somehow, I had gotten use to the idea that Eddie was going to force public orgasm out of me to please his guests and I had thought that I could cooperate and have them on my terms.

This act shattered that illusion, demonstrating how much more Eddie and Silvia know about my body and how much control they have over how they can make it react to Eddie's perverted ideas. "Well that's more than enough showmanship for tonight Tina. What a bonus! Let's get back to serving suds to all these men that are hoarse from cheering you on.

Remember folks, don't forget to peruse your table monitors to participate in our silent auctions and see upcoming events. We got an interactive show planned for this Saturday that you'll want to reserve a seat for early. I'm sure it will be a sellout!" I stiffen in alarm at this latest announcement wondering what horror Ed has planned for Saturday.

I don't like the sound of "interactive" and determine that I better take a look at the table screens and figure out what's in store for me! Try as I might, I can't seem to see what kind of surveys or voting the guys are doing on their table screens.

On Friday I am running around in my school girl uniform and it seems like every other table is talking about tomorrow but no matter how I plead or flirt, no one will tell me what's going on. I give up and finally leave the floor to corner Silvia and Eddie in the backroom. "If you want me to show up to work tomorrow you better come clean with what you're planning!" I demand. Eddie looks at me and laughs, seemingly completely unconcerned by my ultimatum.

"Well what do you think we're planning Tina? Did someone tell you what they think the show will be tomorrow?" "I don't know but everyone is talking about it and looking at me like I'm in big trouble and, and, and…" I take a deep breath "and its not fair that you keep surprising me with humiliating things and sex, and blow jobs, and everything!" My speech only seems to make Eddie smile more.

"Well Tina, maybe we should let you help us plan the shows. What do you think we should do to your hot little body to pack the house and keep the crowds coming back?" Eddie's question catches me completely off guard. In what warped world am I going to plan my own molestation, torture, and humiliation! "You can't ask me to help you plan perverted things to do but I don't like being scared all day not knowing what's going to happen and an interactive event with a bunch of horny perverted men sounds scary!" Eddie seems to be enjoying my confrontation, not the least bit concerned by my arguments.

"Hah Tina, I don't know what you could possibly be scared of… you've already thoroughly enjoyed being fucked and fingered on stage. Once you've gone all the way its just adding variation to keep the boys interested." I'm trembling a little bit now.

Slightly panicked by Eddie's cavalier disregard for my body. "How many men are we talking about keeping interested!" I demand angrily. "Six" Eddie answers without hesitation. "Six! I squeal. You better know that I'm not having sex with six men just to keep customers interested n your club." I state, trying to take a stand.

Eddie seems to study me and is quiet for a moment. I am getting concerned recalling how he hung me on the post and used the duct tape the last time he thought I needed to be "punished". "Ok Teensters… you've earned a little bit of leeway.

How about we agree that none of the six men get to fuck your pussy." Eddie pauses for effect. "But they get to get their hands and dicks on your body and paint you with a little cum if they are the high bidder.

Mouth, tits, rest of your hot little body is fair game but no pussy!" I shudder a little bit and then remembered Bill gagging me with his penis. "No mouth but I'll use my hands and they can cum on me." I try to bargain. "Hah! Nice try but I think we are going to tie you up nicely for them." I color and my pulse quickens at the perverse nature of the negotiation that I have gotten myself into. "Nu uh! If I'm tied up what happens if one of them decides he doesn't care what you say and rapes me?" I counter as matter-of-factly as I can with the heat rushing to my ears.

"Good point!" Eddie surprises me with his agreement. "Your slutty body does seem to get the boys a little out of control! How 'bout we agree that I strap a vibrator in your puss so no cocks can use it. That way we keep you nice and revved up so the boys get excited and come all over you quicker!" Things seem to be going downhill in a hurry so I take one last stab at protecting my interests. "Ok, they can put there penises in my mouth but not choking me like Billy did on his birthday." I demand as sternly as I can.

Eddie seems way too pleased with himself and is smiling devilishly as he laughs and says "sounds like a deal Teensters. You play along and I'll throw any guy out no matter what he paid if he tries to make you deep throat and gag on his cock.

But remember I still am going to find ways to torment, humiliate, and molest you to get the most entertainment I can out of the experience for our customers. I expect you to go along with the show and if you do, who knows. past experience says you'll like it!" Heat and embarrassment are throbbing in my head so that I can barely see as I exit the room and go back to taking care of Eddie's customers.

Eddie turns to Silvia with an evil grin. "What do you think she'd do if she knew that she just negotiated herself into being tied up and ass fucked?" Silvia looks almost sympathetic as she answers "poor naive girl.

She tried so hard." Saturday comes and at Eddie's request I show up to the club early to help with preparations. Nerves or something leading up to today gave me a rough night and couldn't seem to keep food down.

All morning I was running to the bathroom every 15 minutes. Given how Eddie handled my period last month I am kind of terrified about what plan he'd come up with to keep flue or food poisoning from keeping me off the stage! Luckily by mid-morning I feel better and for some reason I am surprisingly calm. Eddie seemed genuine in our negotiation so I feel like I know what I am in for. As humiliating as it is, I just keep telling myself that I've been through all of this already and made it out ok.

When I arrive I see Eddie testing out a huge turn-table in the middle of the open space in front of the bar.

It is a round platform raised up at the same height as our stage and maybe 12 feet in diameter. It is rotating slowly while Eddie and Phil stand on it.

"Good morning Teensters! How do you like our new stage?" I frankly don't know what to make of it. "it certainly is big. I take it this is so everyone can see me after you tie me up?" "Hah! That's right… and this way the boys can crowd all around the stage during your shows! I asked you to come in early in the spirit of our conversation yesterday, so that you can help us with how we are gonna tie you up and what your wardrobe will be." "uhm thanks Eddie." I'm not sure if I am thankful.

It seems almost more perverse to be helping my molesters refine their ideas on how to molest me. "Ok, lets get busy!" Eddie rubs his hands together in exaggerated excitement. "Now Silva, was telling me that it might be a good use of the turntable to have you on all fours and have the boys using your mouth and coming on your back and ass while it rotates… that way the audience will get to see the vibrator in your pussy and you giving blowjobs." I feel the heat rising in my cheeks but try to take a deep breathe as I know this is pretty much exactly what I agreed to with Eddie yesterday.

Trembling a little bit I climb up on the stage and position myself on all fours in the center of the rotating disk between Eddie and Phil without being asked. "Wow Teenster, that even gets me hard when you are in your sweats. Can't wait to see you wearing less in that position!" Eddie compliments me.

"How are we going to tie her up in that position?" Phil asks. I am briefly hopeful that if I go along with Eddie's pose that maybe he'll have to forego the tying.

Somehow being tied up and helpless makes the molesting worse. "Don't worry Phil, I've been working on ideas on how to best lock Tina into the optimal position to show off her charms.

Now Tina let's get you into position so I can take some measurements" I look over my shoulder at Eddie in concern. Here I thought I was in position. "Ok Tina the key is making sure we present your ass and pussy like a bitch in heat waiting for a stud to come fuck you.

So what we need is for you to spread your knees a little bit farther." I am beet red and yell at Eddie. "You don't have to say mean and humiliating things to me when there aren't customers. I'm trying to cooperate!" "Hah! I just want to make sure you haven't lost your spirit Teensters! And you're so cute when you're blushing mad!." "You're horrible!" I yell back at Eddie but I comply with his directions and spread my knees.

"I know Teensters! Its why I'm so good at my job. Now what do you think Phil… it would be better if somehow her ass stuck out a little more." Phil walks over and puts his hand between my shoulder blades. "lower your front Tina, that will show off your ass better." I follow Phil's instructions and feel my sweats pull tight against my butt as I present my ass. Leave it to Eddie to make a humiliating position even more lewd.

"Perfect!" Eddie exclaims. "Now hold still so we can measure up quick." Eddie scurries around me shouting out measurements to Phil.

"13" bellybutton to floor", "6" tits to floor"… etc, etc, etc. About this time Silvia walks in. "nice boys. Do you have her just the way you want her now?" "You bet Silv. How's her outfit coming?" "Hah, I can see you are enjoying this!

Her outfit is close… just needs adjusting" Silvia responds with a laugh. I stand up on the spinning platform. "All of you are awful!" I pout.

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"Yeah we are!" Silvia good naturedly agrees. "you boys go finish building and then maybe we'll do a dress rehearsal for your viewing enjoyment." Phil and Eddie disappear into the back and Silvia holds up something that looks like a tangle of straps and rings. "So, basically my outfit is me naked?" I ask. "More or less. I had to find a way to tie a dildo into your pussy and make sure Eddie had ways to tie you in position without making you too uncomfortable but otherwise a lot of skin.

Let's see how it goes…" I shrug and strip off my sweats, undies, and bra and look at Silvia. "Ok… how does this go?" "First we have some fuzzy cuffs that will give Eddie something to tie to." I expect Silvia to place the fuzzy pink loops around my wrists but instead she secures them snuggly just above my elbows and above my knees. "I don' think we need these wrist or ankle ones if we tie your knees and elbows where Eddie wants them…" I suppose that makes sense.

The way Eddie and Phil had me posed, if he ties my elbows and knees down to the platform, I'll pretty much be in position until they let me go. "Ok Tina, the next bit is a belt that will give us something to tie too when we strap that vibe in your puss." I blush but buckle the strap she hands me around my waste above my hips.

It has loops which I position above my hips but Silvia reaches in and rotates the loops so they are above my puss and butt. I blush a little deeper and then turn bright red when Silvia hands me a pink dildo.

It is about an inch in diameter and six inches long with bumps all along its length. It has some kind of branch coming out the front that looks like it will reach up towards my clitoris.

On the base of the dildo is some kind of ring. There is a pink wire dangling down from it with a little remote at the end of it. "I know it's a little embarrassing Tina but we better make sure the hardware works with the outfit. How about I give you a hand with this cute vibrator that Eddie picked out for you." I am confused when Silvia takes the vibrator back from me and brings it up to her lips. She gives me a conspiratorial wink and then brings it to her lips and slides it into her mouth.

She gives it a couple seductive sucks as if she is giving it a blow job and then slides it seductively down her body as if she is going to use it on herself.

I am taken off guard and somewhat mesmerized by her show so I am completely off guard when she is suddenly in my space with her arms around my naked body. Before I know what has happened one of her hands is cradling my head and her lips are on mine while the vibrator has slid down below my belly button resting on my inside thigh just above my vagina.

Silvia's is kissing me on the lips and I am so use to following along that her tongue is in my mouth before I pull away. "What are you doing Silv!" I gasp in shock. "Just helping you get in the mood love. It would be more awkward to just hand you this dong and tell you to stick it in yourself." I am unsure what to make of this but while she is talking, Silvia does something and the vibrator starts to hum. She wraps an arm around behind me holding me against her while she uses the other hand to slide the tip of the dildo between my legs.

She is sliding it up and down just at the top of my vagina which feels good but is too far up to really hit my love button. Even though it feels all wrong I part my legs and let Silvia bring the vibrator down my slit until it runs back and forth over my clit. I gasp and then Silvia brings the vibrator lower until it is vibrating the entrance to my puss.

I know I am wet from the heat I feel between my legs but somehow I still have the notion that I don't want this to go too far.

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"I'm wet Silvia, its ok." I say and my voice sounds husky and sultry even to me as I clumsily take the dildo and tentatively slide it into my puss. "Please turn it off." Silvia surprises me with another wet kiss on the lips which sends a shiver through me but she somehow deftly turns off the vibrator at the same time and then grazes her lips past my ear to whisper "that was kinda fun" sending another shiver down my spine.

What is wrong with me! I am completely disoriented, standing on the stage holding a dildo in my wet puss and horny as can be which is all wrong since the only other person in the room is another girl that is 20 years older than me!

"Well Tina, now that we have that out of the way… why don't you hold that in place and assume the position so I can fit the next piece of your costume." Silvia instructs me, but now her voice is all kinds of horny, sultry.

I awkwardly hold the dildo in my puss as I get back on all fours. The rest of my outfit is a strap that goes from the ring at the front of my vagina, through my slit, through the ring in the dildo, and then clips to the ring at the small of my back.

The dildo is now effectively trapped in my vagina which I don't feel good about. I experimentally flex my back and feel the strap pull the dildo deeper into me snugging the arm in front against my clit.

Wow Silvia, this is so naughty and humiliating. I am blushing deep red thinking about what I will look like on the stage on all fours. I know that if the vibrator is turned on I'll be coming and shaking my butt in front of all the men. Silvia seems to be glowing. "you're gonna be hot Teens. All that's left for us is waiting to see how the boys are gonna tie you down… we just gotta make sure you don't get uncomfortable waiting so let's give this thing a little practice." Before I can protest, Silvia has pulled me back so that I am sitting on my butt in her lap with my back to her.

She reaches down and starts up the vibrator and uses her knees to part my legs slightly. I gasp as the vibrator hums to life and I feel the full effects of the gentle humming on my love button. Damn it feels good! I give up and arch my back as Silvia runs her hands up and down me, cupping my boobs and then running her fingers down my sides and over my thighs.

I am in full "working towards an orgasm mode" and wishing the vibrator was more intense when Eddie and Phil walk back into the room. "Damn Silvia, I know I told you to try everything out, but you're gonna ruin all of our surprises for Tina?" Eddie exclaims.

"Nah Eddie, we just didn't want things to get dry and uncomfortable while we waited for you and Phil to do your jobs." Silvia responds sweetly. To which I can only mumble and squeak a little in agreement.


"I can see that." Phil says dryly but I don't care because I can't be anymore flush than I already am. "Well don't let us interrupt… we still have to screw these down to the stage." I was wrong. I blush deeper as Silv whispers in my ear "come on girl, let's see if we can make them drop their tools" and proceeds to use her hand to manipulate the vibrator firmly against my clit." I can't help it and start to moan and hump against her hand trying to get closer to my orgasm.

I hear a "Fuck, watch what you're doing" from Eddie and then a "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" This causes Silvia to laugh "something wrong over there boys?" I don't even care because now she is kissing my neck and wiggling the dildo over my clit rapidly and I am arching back into her.

Then my orgasm breaks and I shriek and tremble in her arms. Thankfully, Silv switches off the vibrator as I let the aftershocks take me, arching my back involuntarily every few seconds causing the strap to pull the dildo hard against me.

"Damn girl! You are something else!" Eddie applauds. Slowly I come back to awareness and realize I should look at what Eddie and Phil have been up to. I open my eyes and see 2 loops of 3 or 4 inch PVC pipe bolted to the stage along with an assortment of rings screwed into the platform.

I don't quite get it but I spread my legs apart to take some pressure off the dildo and languidly ask Eddie, "so where do you want me?" "Oh girl, if only you knew…" but he leads me by my shoulder over to the PVC structure and eventually I get what he wants. In the end I am bent over a PVC pipe. My knee cuffs are clipped to the bottom of the legs of the taller PVC structure and my belly button rests on the bar. The second bar is then positioned so that my boobs hang down behind it but my arms are in front of it.

The elbow cuffs are attached to the base of these legs. Now I am effectively tied down with my ass in the air and my front lowered so I am on my knees and elbows. It is as bad as I imagined! If it weren't for the dildo, my puss would be presented for any horny man to walk up and put his penis in me! Eddie and Phil seem pretty pleased and I think they are done. Then they walk up in front of me and I know I am in trouble because they aren't wearing pants. "One more thing to test." Eddie says matter-of-factly as someone, must be Silvia turns the vibrator back on.

I gasp and then I have Eddie's hands on my heading holding it up and in position so his penis can enter my mouth. He doesn't waste any time to let me get use to the intrusion before he starts thrusting in and out. Eddie is gasping as he says "now remember, ahhh, Phil, our deal, ohh, is noooo deep throating." I really should have known!

I start to lick and suck as best as I can as Eddie thrusts his cock into and out of my mouth… determined to get this over with. After all, what kind of fight am I going to put up tied to the stage like I am.

Before long, Eddie stiffens and his penis pulses in my mouth and then starts to spurt. I try to pull back, not thinking he would come in my mouth but he is holding my head on his penis and before long his cum is drooling out and down my chin. Finally, he pulls out and I spit out the rest of the cum and shriek at him.

"Eddie! That's disgusting! You should have pulled out like Billy did!" "Oh chill out Teensters! Guys can't come if they pull out and you don't have any hands free to finish jacking me off… a little cum in your mouth won't hurt you!" I don't have time to be indignant because next thing I know, Phil's cock is between my lips and I know if I want to get past this, I might as well service him as quick as I can.


All this time the vibrator in my puss is continuing on at a low hum keeping me wet but nowhere near where I need it to be to cum. Phil comes in similar fashion but this time I am ready for it and he pulls out quicker than Eddie allowing me to spit his sperm out on the floor. "I don't like this!" I scold Eddie but he just laughs. What did I expect? "Didn't think you would Teensters… course it could be worse if you hadn't done all that bargaining right?

Ok Silv, let's get her untied and cleaned up for tonight. She's off duty but she needs a shower and then you have to try to do justice to the voting and pick out the perfect outfit we can take off her.

We'll put all this bondage get-up on her dramatic like on stage. Oh, and maybe braid her hair. We'll use it to hold her head up so the boys aren't shy." I shudder at all of this but am relieved when the vibrator goes silent and then the strap is unclipped from my back and Silvia pulls out the dildo.

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I feel empty and squeeze reflexively on nothing after being full for so long. Then my knees and elbows are released and I fall back into a sitting position rubbing my elbows and knees. It's going to be a rough night! "Hit the shower Tina while I go check out our wardrobe. Then we'll play dress up." Eddie turns to Silvia and Phil. "Well that went awesome! Poor naïve girl is gonna lose her mind when she learns what's really going to happen!" Silvia looks more than a little smug with a diabolical glint in her eye.

"A well laid plan coming together. Course now I'm so fucking horny I'm going to have to try out Tina's toy before I go pick out her clothes. If you assholes wouldn't have both come in her mouth one of you'd be getting some right now." "Ha! Poor girl.

All revved up and no place to go!" Phil quips. "So Eddie, did you find a way to get her to drink the laxative so she'll be clean and empty by tonight?" "Yeah I talked to Tobes this morning and asked how sis was doing.

He was concerned about the big show tonight because he said Tina was running to the bathroom… I think we're golden!" I step out of the shower and don't bother to dress but just walk into the dressing room wrapped in a towel. "So what's it gonna be Silv… School girl, roller skates, stuffed pussy uniform?" "Nope Tina. The customers voted for more simple.

Cute pink knee length dress with white knee-high nylons and white pumps. We're going for the contrast of innocent girl, to naked helpless girl. I think it will rev up the boys and make your ordeal all the shorter.

After all, the sooner you get 6 horny guys off, the sooner you're done." I feel a little perverse donning a cute "go to Sunday school" outfit while thinking about how I'm going to be posing in a couple of hours. Silv hands me an embellished bra that could have come from my dresser at home along with some normal white silk panties with pink and purple hearts on them. "This outfit is so wrong Silv!" "I know!" Silvia sounds proud of her selection.

"I think you might only have 1 or 2 guys to take care of… the other might come just watching you get undressed!" Silvia does my hair into two braided pigtails, finishing the cute girl look. We go out and start serving.

Something about this outfit has the guys at their maximum groping mode. It seems like someone at every table feels the need to slide their hand up my skirt and grope my butt or paw my boobs.

Before this job I had no idea how perverted men are. All night Eddie is working the crowd, pushing overpriced drink specials, and alluding to the show coming at 11:00 pm. Around 9:30 I take a break and finally have the courage to nibble something mild. I am embarrassed by Toby working tonight but there is no talking him out of it.

I think he idolizes Eddie and Silvia! Our relationship has definitely changed, now sometimes I see him stealing glances at me and I always have to wonder if he is remembering the last show I put on.

When I go back out from my break I remember what Silvia said about getting the guys horny with the contrast between innocent and naughty so I try my best to play the cute girl routine figuring maybe it will shorten my ordeal. "Naughty man!" I chastise Billy as he cups my bottom for the 20th time of night.

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I playfully slap his hand away but lean up to give him a playful kiss on the cheek. "Even when I dress cute instead of naughty you're copping feels!" I twirl my dress which is kind of fun and then skip off to the next table… kind of getting into the act despite myself. "TINA!" Eddie bellows over the speakers I jump out of my skin but then realize that it must be 11:00 and Eddie is starting the show.

I look up. "Wha what?" I answer in as loud of a voice as I can muster in my surprise. The bar is silent and expectant, apparently they all knew that it was time for the show. It is a stark contrast to the usual rowdy bar but. It feels more like we are at a theater and the play is about to start.

Of course, tonight isn't all the usual crowd, I know that Eddie charged a huge cover charge for tonight because Bobby and Toby were out collecting and Eddie's usual overpriced drink special are twice as special and twice as overpriced. "Get up here this instant young lady.

Our customers have informed me that you have been a bad girl!" I make my way up to stage which isn't rotating. There is a fleece thrown over the PVC pieces. Eddie and Silvia are up on the stage and I see Phil making his way up with a chair. "Thankfully one of our guests has agreed to help me teach you a lesson! Would Frank S. come up if you are still willing, this young lady needs to be taken over someone's knee and my lessons don't seem to be taking!" I blush.

You'd think my modesty would eventually go away with all I've been through but I can't help it. I guess I'm glad that I'm not used to performing sex shows.

I haughtily put my hands on my hips and do my best spoiled girl imitation, determined to play along. "Nuh uh! I didn't do anything!" "Nothing! I saw you, serving beer, teasing the boys, getting their cocks hard with your antics.

Over his knee right now!" Serving beer? Really? I follow Eddies finger and see a guy that must be Frank S. sitting in the chair that Phil brought up to the stage. He must be in his late 40s and a little out of shape, but well enough groomed.

I make my way over to him and he eagerly takes me by the wrist and pulls me down over his lap. I smell his cologne and then I am staring at the floor. "Much obliged Frank, maybe you can get through to the little brat!" "We'll give it the 'ol college try Eddie!" Frank responds enthusiastically.

Then I feel him pull my skirt up over my butt to the appreciative whistles of the crowd. What a bunch of perverts! "Smack" "eek" I yip as he gives me a firm spank. And then he gets into it giving me another dozen spanks followed by running his hand through my legs and pawing my vagina through the panties. None of the spanks are real hard but I play along jumping and yipping, trying to take Silvia's advice to do my best to get the guys that are going to cum on me as excited as possible.

"Nice job Frank! And congratulations on being the high bidder for the start of tonight's entertainment! As a bonus slide a finger under those panties and tell us if the little slut's wet yet." Frank doesn't waste anytime sliding the crotch of my panties aside and running a finger through my slit. "Not yet Eddie. Looks like maybe I got through to her!" Frank states, holding up a dry finger to the audience.

I am kind of surprised but relieved that for once I don't have to be humiliated by my own body. "That a way Frank! How about a round of applause." The crowd obediently claps as I scramble up off his lap, blushing as my skirt falls back into place. Silvia is standing next to me and she leans over to whisper into my ear. "nice job love. Don't panic… but we kind of agreed to let the six guys tear your clothes off you. Keep acting but don't hurt any of them." Oh great!

"Thanks for the warning!" I whisper back. "So now for our 6 big winners… this little slut does seem to get herself into some bad situations. Teasing bad men… one time I remember she ended up all alone with 6 bad men… as I recall they ripped her cut little dress off, tied her up, and fucked her cute little mouth!" This seems to be some kind of cue as I see 6 men stand up and jog up to the stage.

I realize its going to get awfully crowded up here. They are everywhere from their 30s to what must be 50s in age. There is a younger black guy and the rest are white men. Its funny how you assess men differently when you know that in couple of seconds you will be performing sex acts on them!

I don't really have to act as I feel my body go into fight or flight mode and I instinctively turn as if I am going to run but my mind is still in control and I turn it into acting, spinning in panic as if I'm cornered. The men are on me in an instant and hands are on my dress, pulling me into a circle of arms. There is a loud tear and somehow my dress is pulled in half tearing down the back and then pulled off my arms and front.

I shriek in real panic as the boys hold my arms and waste and lift me off my feet to hold me out to the crowd displaying me in my shoes, stockings, bra, and panties. Then my bra is ripped off my front, exposing my boobs.

I shriek in real discomfort because someone has yanked my panties up as if trying to tear them, but instead just giving me a huge wedgie.

Hands are pawing over the tight silk feeling up my vagina and then someone reverses the direction and hands tear my panties back down my legs and off my shoes. "Ok boys, this way!" Eddie instructs. Without further prompting the men carry me over to the PVC which is now uncovered.

My heart is going a mile a minute and I know I am beet red as they pull me over the structure and Silvia and Phil help them put on the pink cuffs and strap my knees and elbows to their waiting clips. I feel humiliated and exposed as the platform starts to rotate and the air runs over my exposed vagina, sticking in the air for the whole bar to see. I squeeze my eyes shut knowing that the dildo is coming next, trembling with humiliation even as I'm relieved that all of the acting is done. "So, our perverted customers threw us a taboo twist when they wrote in a suggestion so wrong that we didn't think we'd be able to make it happen.

But lucky for you'all perverted is my business so rather than writing off the suggestion, we figured out how to make it happen!" It takes a moment for Eddie's words to register and me to realize that I am in more jeopardy than I realized.

I jump in my bonds and the bar laughs at my expense. I strain and twist my head towards Eddie waiting to hear what he is going to do to me. I alternate between watching Tina and looking out to the crowd as I continue my "master of ceremonies performance".

When I start to introduce the taboo twist, Tina jumps and strains against her bonds but her movements are limited. The partial bondage she is in works perfectly. Even better, her adorable ass clenches seductively in her panic… hiding her pussy and then revealing it again. Fuck she is hot. I can hardly wait until closing time. I am going to fuck her so hard tonight! "So 50% of the bid attached to this write-in request will be going to our little slut Tina, and the other 50% will be going to her brother Toby, as that is the only way we could convince Tobes to go along with this.

So a little backstory… with the escalating shows we have been putting on here at the Stuffed Pussy, Tina here tried to protect her interests a little bit coming into tonight.

So… earlier this week she did some negotiating with me and we laid a couple of ground rules." "Rule one. Tina is adamant that she is not going to let 6 strangers fuck her pussy for the amusement of my customers… Course we realized that after she is all tied up like a bitch in heat, it might be an unreasonable expectation to expect any able bodied male to have the will power to not go balls deep in that hot little snatch!" The audience laughs appreciatively and I am still wiggling and straining in barely controlled panic as if it will do me any good.

"So I had an idea… and since it was so logical, Tina couldn't find any reason to not agree with it. My idea was we stuff her pussy, Stuffed Pussy style, with a vibrator that was strapped in such that no cocks could use her puss.

Course once we advertised that we were gonna be adding a vibrator to her outfit, one of you perverts put in a request, with a significant bid I might add, to have her brother install said vibrator in Tina's snatch." "Nooooooooooo! No way Toby" I yell helplessly. Eddie ignores me. "So without further ado!" Eddie flourishes his hand into his jacket and pulls out the pink vibrator and holds it up for the crowd to see. I see Toby make his way onto the crowded stage and I moan "No Toby, No" but I have already given up, knowing this is happening to me and remembering Eddie promising that he would find ways to humiliate me no matter how I negotiate.

I see Toby take the vibrator awkwardly in his hand and then Silvia leads him behind me to my raised ass. The next thing I hear is the hum of the vibrator through the bar loudspeakers as it is switched on. Then I hear Silvia's voice "ok champ, work that cute little toy up and down your sister's slit until we see her get a little excited, and then we'll slide it in." I feel the tip of the vibrator press against my pussy. Tobe is working it around my entrance and I sob in shame.

"Remember to slide it up to get it on your sister's clitty. Its not all about her naughty entrance" Silvia instructs and I feel the vibrator slide through my slit and between my spread legs to my clit. It presses there and then returns sliding back and forth. I feel Silvia strapping on my waste belt and I know I am getting wet.

"That's it… see how hot and wet your sister is getting. You're doing a good job Tobes". I squeeze my eyes shut trying to block out how wrong this is. "She's wet and ready, you can start working your toy into her hot little hole.

I hear Toby's husky breathing coming over the speakers as the toy begins to probe gently at my entrance and then to my embarrassment, slides easily inside me until I feel the little arm humming gently against my labia and clit. Silvia pulls the crotch strap through the loop in the dildo and then I hear it clip to the ring at the small of my back. I gasp as the vibrator is pulled tight against me.

I try my best not to, but I know that I am involuntarily moving my butt back against the strap and the vibrator as if I am humping the air.

I look up to see all 6 guys have their cocks out in their hands. They are all rock hard and I know they will be in my mouth soon. I just hope they go fast… I feel hands pulling on my pig tails, pulling my head back and then there is a click as metal snaps into place and I find my head locked upright so I am staring straight ahead.

Somehow my pigtails have been tied to the ring on my waist belt. I squeeze my eyes shut and press back against the crotch strap, willing this ordeal to be over even as I feel the heat growing between my legs.

Eddie looks down at Tina. She is now fully tied, wearing nothing but white 1" pumps and her white knee-high stockings. Her pig tails are stretch back and a leather strap holds them tight to the ring in the small of her back forcing her to hold her head up right at cock level. What she doesn't know, is that below the ring at the small of her back, is another ring carefully centered right over her tight puckered asshole… seeming to frame the path for the 6 hard cocks surrounding her.

The strap continues down pulling tight through the loop in the vibrator protruding lewdly from her puss and then disappearing between her legs to the ring at her front. She is obscenely presented, and quivering in her bondage like an innocent lamb at the slaughter post. The vibrator in her pussy is working its magic and she has her eyes squeezed shut as she wiggles her butt, seemingly to hump back at some imaginary lover. Unbelievable!

Eddie looks around the audience. More than 50% of them have their hands on their members masturbating themselves as they watch the scene rotating in front of them. I let out an involuntarily moan, wondering how long they are going to let the dildo torment me before they start the show. "So a little more backstory. During our little negotiation, I made some promises to our little slut. And I always keep my promises.

See… not only was Tina adamant that she wasn't going to let 6 guys fuck her pussy, but it turns out… would you believe it… she didn't much appreciate Billy sliding his cock down her throat a couple weeks back when she was learning how to give her first blowjob.

Would you believe that?" The audience laughs uproariously. "So, boys… unfortunately… to get us to where you see we are today… I reluctantly agreed to our little slut's conditions. That is, absolutely, under no conditions, under no circumstances or at any time during this performance, will any cocks go into Tina's pussy, OR down her throat." There is a chorus of boos and groans as the crowd expresses its dissent at this announcement.

"I know, I know… our naïve little slut drives a hard bargain. But like I said… I always keep my word. So, if I see Tina gagging on any cocks, I guarantee that the swinging dick responsible will be out in the parking lot, with his pants around his ankles, before you can say "fuck" compliments of Bobby here." There is a renewed chorus of groans and boos making me feel super glad that I stood up for myself.

"But never fear!" Eddie's voice punches through the crowd. "I am an opportunist… and a perverted one at that!

And I thought to myself… no throat, no pussy… ok… So, I clarified with Teensters that we could still put 6 cocks in her mouth and anywhere else as long as they stayed away from her pussy.

I even clarified that they could cum anywhere they wanted on her hot little body as long as no deepthroat and pussy! So are you boys thinking what I'm thinking…" I don't understand but now I'm trembling in panic because I know that Eddie is building to something very not good for me and the audience must understand because they are clapping.

"So without anymore fanfare, before we get these horny cocks all over our naïve little slut… its time for our last write in request… which was also was accompanied with a nice size bid. Where do you guys come up with this stuff!.

This one asked for us to use table butter to lube up Tina's hole. We were thinking KY but what the hell." I am thoroughly confused… my puss is definitely already wet and the vibrator is humming away inside me. "So, boys, why don't you get busy in Tina's mouth while we prepare for tonight's historic occasion." Before Eddie finishes speaking there is an angry red cock probing against my lips and I open my mouth eager to get through this ordeal.

I start working my tongue all over the penis as it thrusts in and out of my lips. It is firm and emanating heat and I blush as I do my best to bring the man to orgasm. I am working so hard on the cock in my mouth that I almost miss Eddie's next announcement.

"Tonight, is the night that Tina loses her last bit of innocence… which I don't think she even knows she has… tonight, these 6 strapping lads get to fuck our naïve little slut's virgin ass!" I scream and shriek on the cock in my mouth even as I feel a finger pressing something cool and slippery against my anus. I realize that someone is sliding a pad of butter all around my butt and I shriek again as a finger forces its way into my bottom. I guess I knew from somewhere that butt sex was something people joked about but I didn't think it was something that boys or girls really did or wanted to do.

I shriek again on the cock as I feel another pad of butter pressed against my opening and then a finger frigs into my anus… I squeeze my bottom, clenching on the finger to prevent it from going farther into me. "whooowee, she is tight. Good luck boys. Plenty of lube but this naughty girl has one tight bottom! The gentleman that paid the exorbitant amount to lead the way knows who he is… step right up help us finish corrupting our sweet little Tina!" The cock pulls out of my mouth and when the man steps around me I see the audience streaming past as I slowly rotate.

I start to babble at Eddie. "No Eddie, No. This isn't what we agreed to.mmmph" My words are cut off as another cock is forced into my mouth. I squeeze my eyes shut since all I can see is some man's hairy crotch as he thrusts in and out of my mouth but I squeal and moan trying to get someone's attention. Then there is a sharp slap on my bottom and I jump. The man's spank is followed by a caress and then two warm palms cupping both of my ass cheeks.

I feel more heat coming to my head as he pulls my butt cheeks apart and there is applause and roars of approval from the audience behind me. Then I hear Silvia whispering in my ear. "Don't give up Tina. Things are getting out of hand but maybe you can get some of them to cum in your mouth if you work at it. Eddie tricked us but do the best you can." Do the best you can!? The man is still holding my but open and somehow the crowd's roar of approval isn't subsiding. Then I realize it's because it's a new audience.

He is showing off my butthole to everyone as I rotate. I am mortified as the cock keeps working in and out of my mouth and the dildo keeps vibrating inside my pussy and against my clit. Fuck! Thinking about the dildo makes me squeeze my pussy against it which sends a fresh wave of humiliation and horniness through me. I groan and then register what Silv said. Maybe the only thing I can do for myself is get some of these men to cum like Phil and Eddie did earlier. I start working my tongue aggressively on the cock in my mouth, ashamed that I am hoping to have it spurt in my mouth.

I think my sudden action catches the man off guard and he starts to pull completely out of my mouth and I think he has realized what I am trying to do but just as I open my eyes to look at him, his penis starts spurting right in my face. I shriek again and close my eyes as I feel the ropy sperm land on my nose and cheek. It is the first time I have had a close-up of a man's red angry penis coming and the image is burned in my mind, but instead of disgusting me I feel another perverse heat-wave wash down my tummy and into my pussy.

I moan and open my eyes again. Eddie watches Tina as she rotates next to him on the platform. His master-of-ceremonies services aren't needed right now as every eye is fixed on the helpless teen tied up next to him. The rich white guy that paid $15,000 to take her anal virginity, Dan something, is making sure to get his money's worth. He has moved on from using her mouth to molesting her butt. The crowd goes nuts as he spreads her ass for them and holds it open for an entire rotation of the stage!

Tina is jerking and spasming in her binds with each new humiliation, but little does she know it is only adding to her sexiness.

Eddie sees Silv whispering in Tina's ear and a moment later she starts working her mouth on the second guy. Wow! I'm gonna have to give that bitch a raise, Eddie thinks. I wouldn't have thought there would have been any way to get Tina back into the act at this point!

A moment later the second man gives a jerk and pulls out of Tina's mouth desperately trying and failing to hold back his orgasm and instead delivering a perfect facial all over a surprised Tina. "ohhhh man! Our hot little slut got you good but I'd say you got her back. Look at that facial ladies and gentleman. These aren't trained professionals but amateurs but that one is worthy of Peter North himself!" I hear Eddie commentating again and I see the first man standing in front of me again.

He is holding his cock. "I'm going to do you a huge favor Tina." The man states as he strokes his cock. "I'm going to lube my cock up really good so it feels nice in your ass." The man follows this absurd statement by taking a pad of table butter, unwrapping it, and starting to stroke it up and down his member. "But in return, I expect you to relax your asshole and let me in AND I expect you to cum real hard on my cock before I pump your naughty little bottom full of sperm." "Please don't do this to me" I beg.

"You can take the dildo out and fuck my pussy or I'll give you the best blowjob ever" I try to negotiate. "Sorry little lady, but I really am an ass man and yours is worth every penny I paid!" The man leaves my sight and then there is another penis pressing against my lips. This one is black and large but thankfully smaller than Bobby's. Even so I realize I don't want this one in me, so I groan helplessly and start to work my tongue to see if I can get him to cum.

I can't help but stop sucking and licking when I feel the first man's cock press against my anus. For some reason the black man pulls out and steps back from me and I shriek in frustration as I realize that he isn't going to let me make him cum!

"No, no, no, nooooooo!" I shout as the man's cock gently starts to jab at my ass and against my best efforts, the head of his penis enters my asshole.

He pauses there with just a couple of inches in my but and I yell helplessly. Wow! This guy is really putting on a show. Damn, I'd already be balls deep in her tight ass, Eddie thinks as he watches the man walk up to Tina and talk to her as he uses more butter to lube up his cock. Then he says something to the black man walking up to use Tina's mouth and moves back behind her. The black guy, Eddie thinks his name is Adrian, uses Tina's mouth for a bit and Tina works his cock, although a little less enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, Dan moves back behind her and starts probing at her asshole through the perfectly placed ring in the belt. After a couple of seconds of this, Adrian pulls back and Eddie can hear Tina's protests as Dan works her little asshole.

Then Tina shrieks and Eddie watches transfixed as Tina's tight little sphincter swallows the head of Dan's cock. Dan raises his hands in the air in celebration to roars of approvals from the crowd. Then Dan reaches down and grabs the cord to Tina's vibrator, pulling the control up to his hands. He must be turning up Tina's toy because her reaction is instantaneous. At first it hurts, like I'm taking a large poop in reverse, but a poop that won't go anywhere.

I feel so full with the vibrator till working its endless vibrations on me and the man's penis in my butt. He has stopped deeper and his cock jut wiggles a little. I am surprised that after the initial discomfort it is actually adding to my arousal causing me moan another loud "Nooooo!" in disbelief that my body can betray me even in this disgusting act. Then the mild hum of the vibrator inside me goes from a mild hum to a roar and in shock I thrust my pussy back against it taking another half inch of cock into my ass.

"Noooooooooooooooo!" I shriek in surprise. Tina shrieks another "No" that they probably heard in Wisconsin and jerks wildly in her bondage as Dan grins like the sadistic man he is. He lets the stage do another full rotation, letting Tina get use to his cock in her butt, before he resumes his relentless assault on Tina's ass. Using little thrusts, Dan causes his 7" penis to slowly disappear in Tina's rectum.

When he has Tina fully impaled on his cock, Dan starts using his right hand to rhythmically spank Tina's right ass cheek like a jockey spurring on his horse.


The whole time, Tina is shrieking and jerking back against him. I suppose she is probably humping against the roaring vibrator strapped inside her but the effect makes it look like she is taking her pleasure on Dan's cock in her ass.

Eddie looks down at his cock tenting in his pants. God damn! This guy is a first-rate show man! I am so full, and the man is wiggling his cock deeper in my butt, but it doesn't hurt anymore and instead is just adding to the heat in my loins. I wish my hands were free to press the vibrator harder against my clit and I desperately try to move my pussy back against it, but of course the vibrator moves with my jerks, buzzing just alongside my love button but not in the perfect spot.

Then I feel the man's thighs press against my ass cheeks and know he is all the way inside me. I blush deeper but moan loudly as I feel his cock inside me start to wiggle up and down alternating between hitting some pleasure spot and pressing alongside the vibrator in my vagina. I open my mouth to shriek in pleasure but before I get it out the black man's cock slips back between my lips.

I am out of my mind and then I am cumming, just like the man asked. I can feel my butt spasming on his cock and I groan in shame. Feeling just like the slut that they keep calling me. Dan raises his arms again in celebration and roars, "She's cumming!". He punctuates this with firm slaps to Tina's ass cheek with his left hand and then reaching over Tina to shake Adrian's hand.

Adrian joins in Dan's celebration, using one hand on the back of Tina's head to hold his cock firmly in her mouth while he shakes Dan's hand. Eddie feels his dick spasm in his pants at the sight of such degradation only inches away from him. "He did it folks!

Arabische Dame nimmt Hose aus

Our naïve little slut has cum on the first cock in her ass!" The crowd roars its approval and breaks into applause. I am still out of my mind and then I feel the man start thrusting in my ass, even while aftershocks form my orgasm are hitting me. I am shrieking and moaning and have forgotten entirely about servicing the cock in my mouth as the pleasure rolls through me making my body tremble and shudder uncontrollably.

Then the man slams all the way into my butt, stiffens, and I feel him spurt inside me. Another aftershock orgasm takes me as I feel the man slowly pull out of my bottom. Thankfully a moment later the vibrator in my pussy goes silent and the black man pulls out of my mouth. I fall against the PVC to the extent I can in my rigid bondage.

"Holy shit folks, I guarantee that there is nowhere you can go to find a show like that!" Eddie continues to narrate. "Why don't you let the next man have a turn at that mouth, and see what that cute ass is like. I know it's sloppy seconds but know that you are only the 2nd and that's something! I open my eyes and see that almost the entire crowed has there cocks in their hands as I rotate past them.

Cuckold taking a good pounding moaning and cum

Even the few women in the audience have their hands on their crotches masturbating to the sight of me. I groan and involuntarily flex my raised pussy, and now empty butt. I blush deeper knowing that the people I am looking at in front of me will soon be seeing my obscenely raised up ass and pussy, rotate past them in my lewd bondage. I don't have much time to think about it as I feel the black man's cock press against my bottom and with minimal resistance, slide past my entrance and then fully inside me.

He doesn't take his time but instead starts thrusting immediately, jerking me violently against the PVC bars before spurting into me a minute later. He pulls out, making my poor butt feel exposed, open, and empty again and then vigorously spanks my bottom. "Well that didn't take long folks. Can't say I blame him. I almost came myself just watching her first ass fuck!" I close my eyes in humiliation but then feel another penis at my lips and another cock press briefly at my butt before sliding inside.

This man turns my vibrator back on, painfully stimulating my over-sexed vagina. Man three spurts in me and then man four changes it up by pulling out and I feel his cum splash on my back. The fifth takes his turn. His thighs and balls slap at me furiously but his cock is either smaller or my ass has gone numb and I am just relieved when I feel him spurt inside me. I am super relieved when I hear Eddie call an end to the show.

Apparently my efforts on guy number six paid off… such a small win at this point. "Well boys and girls, how about a round of applause for our winners, their superb performance, and the generous donations they left int Tina's ass!" The crowd roars and jeers at me and then breaks into applause.

I am beyond caring as Eddie reaches down and unclip my ankles and wrists from the PVC. Slowly I stand up, waiting for someone to unhook my hair. Instead, Eddie pulls my arms behind my back and somehow clips my elbows together. I am standing on the stage but all I can see is the sealing and in this new position my boobs are thrust out at the audience.

"What are you doing Eddie!" I ask, more than a little scared. "Now, to keep all of you perverts from fingering Tina's poor little asshole raw all night, I'm going to install a cute little butt plug before I turn our little slut loose!" Eddie says into the microphone. In my ear he whispers "trust me, this is for your own good". Something hard and wide presses up against my asshole. Eddie is pulling me against him, and my well used butt slowly gives way and something slides inside until it feels like my anus is gripping some kind of thin dildo but I feel full inside.

"And with that, I think Tina has one more show in her before we send her back out to the floor!" I feel Eddie's hands at my tummy and then I realize he is somehow clipping the dildo control to the ring on my tummy. What I'm not ready for is Eddie turning the vibratory in my over-sexed pussy back to high.

I scream and fuck the air in Eddie's arms for a couple of seconds before twisting violently and falling to the floor. "aaiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" I'm on my back with my arms under me and my legs spread wide humping the air and trying to find a way to get my hands, which are straining uselessly at the top of my butt, to the control hooked on my tummy.

With my hair still tied to the ring in my back I am staring off the stage at the upside-down audience that is cheering and masturbating to me writhing violently on stage.

Eddie watches Tina hit the stage and then start to convulse and spasm as if she is having a seizure, or possessed. Holy shit! Tina is literally convulsively hopping on her butt across the stage, now clearly trying to get away from the vibrator trapped between her legs. "Eddie!" Silvia's voice breaks through his rapture.

"She's gonna break her damn neck!" Silvia rushes forward and switches off the vibe in Tina's cunt. Even with it off, Tina is still dancing on her back on the stage, and then she starts cuming again. Damn! I am cuming on my back again with black spots dancing across my eyes.

I can't see anything as waves of intense pleasure wrack my body. My neck is burning and my eyes are squeezed shut as I pray for the intense feelings between my legs to come to an end.

Faintly I hear Silvia's voice and then I feel her holding me as I continue to shake and cum. It seems like hours later that I open my eyes. My head is still bent backwards by my pigtails and I am staring up into Silvia's concerned face.

"It's all over Tina. You did it. You're ok. You're ok". Silv is trying to soothe me as her hands wrap around me in a hug. "Well that's a show. But don't leave yet folks. Phil and Tobes will get you some refreshments and as soon as Tina has recovered we'll send her out for your touching pleasure. As a bonus for our exorbitant cover charge, I encourage you to enjoy her tits or cum on her between now and closing time.

If you are like me, you really need some relief!" I see Eddie leaning down in front of my upturned eyes. "Great job Teensters! Silv, why don't you take her in back and giver her a couple of minutes without the head bondage and vibrator. When you send her back out make sure both are back in place and the vibrator is back on low. Tina, your job for the rest of the night is stumbling from table to table letting the boys jack off on you but I'll make sure there is something in it for you.!" I don't really understand as Silv leads me backstage, but I am just relieved to be done.

During my break, Silvia soothes and congratulates me. She tells me that Toby and I made more than $1,000 tonight. My 15 minutes without anything inside of me except for whatever Eddie put in my butt does wonders.

My butt feels all sorts of weird, probably for multiple reasons. For a little while, I am not tied up and I finally have circulation back in my limbs.

Silv is kissing my cheek and cooing at me and even though I want to be angry at her and everyone, I am mostly just relieved that the show is over.

I don't even put up a fight when Silvia lubricates the dildo and tells me it is time to go back out and greet my fans. I nod in resignation and Silvia wraps her arms around me pulling me back into her hugging embrace.

"It was awful Silv! I tear up, finally feeling the emotions flooding over me in Silvia's embrace. "It was humiliating and no matter how hard I tried Eddie knew what was going to happen and I just helped him humiliate me more." "sh sh sh" Silvia coos at me. "Eddie sometimes goes too far but I'm always here to call an end to it before you get hurt.

I love you Teens and I'm looking out for you. Our boss is just a manipulative bastard." Silv dries my eyes with something and then kisses my cheeks in short cute pecks until her lips find their way to mine. I don't resist when she kisses me on the lips and her tongue slides into my mouth. At this point Silvia is the closest thing I have to a friend and I need her so bad!

One of her hands reaches between my legs and I part them, knowing I don't have any choice but to come back out to the club wearing the dildo so I might as well let her put it in me. She uses two fingers to spread my sex and then deftly, somehow finds a free finger to work my love button. Her hand moves and then I feel the dildo moving through my slit. When she finally moves it up into me it goes easily and Silv finally withdraws her mouth from mine. "I love you Tina." You remember that and stay strong.

Silv says fiercely. I almost feel better as she straps the dildo back in place, ties my elbows behind my back, and then clips my pigtails to the ring in my back so I am staring at the ceiling again.

Absurd! "Remember, from here on out, they can't do anything to your pussy and ass because they are occupied… all that's left for the night is stumbling around and letting these poor lonely boys jack off on you." Silvia bends down to my knee cuffs and I hear two clips. When I start to make my way towards the dressing room entrance I realize that now I can only take 6" shuffling steps.

"One more accessory that Eddie requested" Silvia states apologetically. Tina switches the vibe back on low and I stumble out of the dressing room. The bar cheers at my re-appearance. I can't see where I am going, much less where the tables are but it doesn't seem to matter. Within a few steps there are two hands holding my breasts and I sense that I am surrounded by men.

Ten minutes of my tits being squeezed and my ass being grabbed and then I feel the now familiar feeling of hot cum hitting my tummy, hips and butt. Then the crowd of men opens up and I shuffle to the next table. The next table is groping at my leather belt and dildo. I am having trouble figuring out what is going on as I am spun around amongst a dozen groping hands but then I realize they are sliding tips under the leather belts. The favorite spot seems to be under the prong of the dildo that rides up my slit to my clit so now I feel the vibration muffled through multiple layers of paper currency.

More cum hits my legs and belly and I shuffle to the next group of perverts waiting for their turn waiting in vain for this nightmare to end. "Tobes, you've done your duty for tonight.

Now it's time for me to take care of your situation…" Silvia whispers in Toby's ear. Toby is returning an empty tray back to the bar on his return trip from serving $20 cocktails to the customers. Silvia can see his 14 year old cock straining against his pants.

He looks up at her confused but willing as she leads him back to the dressing room. It's a half hour after closing time when Eddie finally turns off the lights and has Bobby clear out the bar. He personally goes over to the cum covered mess that is Tina and reaches down to unclip her hair. His hands get covered in cum and she groans as she pulls her head forward for the first time in 2 hours. Eddie unclips her elbows and asks "do you want me to take care of your vibrator or do you want to get it?" Tina moans and then squeaks "I'll get it." She rotates her neck and then looks down and unclips the remote.

She squints at it and then turns it to off before wincing as she pulls up on the strap to unclip the crotch strap. I watch her pull the dong out of her angry red pussy. "here let me help you" I don't wait for her acceptance before I unbuckle her waist strap and then reach between her ass cheeks to grip the cute sparkling glass jewel that is the end of the butt plug I forced into her bottom.

She groans and says "Ow" as I pull the fat part of the plug past her sphincter and out of her bottom. She turns around to look at what I'm holding. "How was that for my own good!" she scolds me. I am relieved that she still has enough spirit left after her ordeal to be angry at me. "I couldn't think of any way to return your hot little bod to the club without more cocks ending up in your butt. Bobby would have been throwing one swinging dick after the next out on the street if your asshole was available!

And if I didn't send you back out, all my customers would have been gone in the next 5 minutes. Really it was an ingenious solution!" I explain. "Why don't you hit the showers. God do you need it!

Don't worry, I won't steal any of your tips here… you earned them! Silv can you collect, and urm, clean off Tina's earnings?" I blush and stumble back to the dressing room bathroom.

When I finish using the toilet and exit a long scalding hot shower in back, Eddie, Toby, Phil, and Silvia have the bar pretty well cleaned up and they are ready to lock the doors.

We walk out and Eddie walks with us towards our apartment. I groan inside knowing that it means I have to take care of him tonight before I can go to sleep.

He is talking at us. "We made a fortune tonight guys. Between the $20 cocktails and the bidding on all of the show participation this was the most profitable night I've ever had. Not only am I going to let you two have the $1,000 you earned from agreeing to put the dildo in your sister but I've decided another $4,000 should be yours… after all Dan paid a lot of money to be the first man to have butt sex with you Tina!" I am disgusted but I just keep walking.

Group of girls plays with big cocks

Glad to be clothed again. When we get to our apartment, Silvia says goodnight and I am not surprised when Eddie follows us inside. I am surprised when he walks up behind me and force marches me over to the couch bending me over the back of it.

"Eddie!" I shout standing back up. "I know you plan on having sex with me but Toby is here. Let's at least go in my room!" "Fuck Tina. I've been rock hard all night and Toby's seen it all. I just need to fuck the shit out of you.

Now step out of these pants!" He is pulling my sweats down and I start to fight but then realize that nothing good will come of it.

I sob silently, as I step out of my sweats and let him bend me over the back of the couch until my hands are on the cushion and my bottom is in the air. I look over and Toby is standing in the kitchen staring at me. I am wearing a t-shirt and the white silk panties with hearts, which were the only pare I could find to put on in the dressing room that didn't have a dildo attached to them.

Eddie slaps my bottom and uses a hand to convince me to spread legs another six inches apart. Then he pulls the panties to the side and I feel his cock. I am perversely relieved that it is teasing the entrance to my pussy. He teases my opening a little bit and I am thankful that I am not completely dry when he slides into me. He moans in pleasure and I feel myself involuntarily moisten at the intrusion. His cock is raging hot and even his balls feel tight when they hit my thighs.

Eddie withdraws, I expect him to plunge back in to my puss but instead he shifts and spears into my upraised bottom. "Owwww! Eddiee!! You asshole!" I yell as he starts jackhammering me, fucking my butt so hard that I feel like I am getting rug burns on the fronts of my thighs from the couch and the force of his cock feel like it is raising my feet up off the floor. I look up and see Toby still staring at me even as Eddie loses it, cumming hard in my butt.

I sob and collapse on the couch as Eddie pulls out of my butt. "Thanks Tina. I needed that in the worst way!" I feel Eddie slide my panties back into place.

I stand up and look furiously for my sweats. They are a couple of feet away and as I pull them back on, I yell at Eddie. "That is not ok! You cannot rape me in front of my brother! You need to promise me you won't do that again!" I know I am hysterical and shrieking at Eddie.

I don't know whether I am going to break down sobbing or rush at Eddie and start wailing on him when I feel Toby come up to me and pull me back into a hug. "It's ok Tina. I know you don't want all this stuff. You can't help it… its just what we need to do right now. Its ok." I am trembling and I shriek. "It's not ok!" I break free and slam the door of my room collapsing on my bed to sob myself to sleep.

Eddie looks at Toby. "Nice job kid. Make sure you keep your sister feeling reassured and we'll keep making it worth your while. Did Silvia make it worth your while tonight?" Toby blushes and nods. "Ye yes sir. I'll keep helping as long as you promise to keep us safe and don't let Tina get hurt." Eddie grins. "Don't worry kid. It is in all of our interests to keep Tina safe. She'll have many more orgasms than pain or discomfort.

Sometimes love hurts a little bit before it feels good but I promise you, we are making sure it feels good, better, and great for your sis! You've seen her cumming!" *********************END OF CHAPTER 8******************** Went on a bit of a writing binge leading into Chapter 8.

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