Luscious hot babe Bambi Brooks wants a hard dick

Luscious hot babe Bambi Brooks wants a hard dick
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This is a continuation of sharing my sister part one; it does reflect true events as they happened. I know my status states I am 41 (no idea why) but I am actually 43 being born January 1968.


After that initial SaturdayI was buzzing completely and really wanted to rush straight round to my best friend Phil's house and blurt out all that had happened and couldn't understand how she could immediately tell Tina but I wasn't able to tell anyone.

But I kept hearing Sharon's words in my head about not telling anyone. I also knew that Phil couldn't be trusted and wouldn't keep it to himself. I spent the best part of the next 2 weeks in turmoil, I knew what we had done was wrong and had to be kept a secret but I was also a very horny 13 year old who wanted a repeat performance more than anything else.

M y masturbation habits went into overdrive as I would constantly relive all the events in my head, I would compliment Sharon at any opportunity, on her hair, clothes, make up, looks, wolf whistle her etc, hoping she would give in and relent to another session, but I always got the same response, thanks for the kind words but nothing else is going to happen.

All that changed on her 16th birthday, it was the day before Good Friday. It had started just like any other as a school day but as we were breaking up for Easter it was only a half day at school. Sharon had got permission off my parents to bunk off school with Tina to go shopping as it was her birthday. Sharon was still in bed when I left for school with Helen my other sister, so left her card and present (HMV voucher) on the kitchen table.

Came home from school at lunch time, immediately got changed out of my uniform into T shirt and shorts as I was off to play football with my friends.

Both Phil and I lived in the same street, but at opposite ends After playing the football for around 2 hours the game disbanded as a couple of the lads had newspaper delivery rounds to do.

So we all trotted off home. When I got home Sharon and Tina were both sitting on the sofa in the living room giggling about something or other, I had no idea where Helen was. I sat down on a chair opposite them and wished her happy birthday then made small talk about how her day had been.

After a few minutes Sharon got up to fetch some drinks from the kitchen, when Sharon was coming back, Tina said with a rather mischievous smile on her face aren't you going to give her a birthday kiss then I replied OK then.

Sharon said don't I get a say in this.

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As Sharon neared me with 2 cans of coke in her hand, I stood up and took a couple of steps towards her and stood in front of her blocking her way. Leant in to her face and gave her a peck on the on the cheek, Tina groaned and said that's no good give her a proper kiss like before, I turned my head to look at Tina and winked, then turned to look Sharon straight in the eye, and for a few brief moments there was one of those scenes you see in the movies or on TV but never think happen in real life as we gazed in to each other's eyes and swear to this day that her eyes were just saying fuck me now.

I broke the gaze by moving my right hand to the back of her head and pulled her face towards me we both tilted our faces as our lips locked then parted lips as our tongues inter mingled.

By now my cock was rock hard and didn't care who knew, moved my left hand on to her right buttock and pulled her body hard against me making sure she felt how hard my cock was, and began squeezing and rubbing her buttock, I could feel the outline of her panties through her dress. I then started to pull the skirt part of the black dress she was wearing up at which point she pulled apart and broke the kiss.

She then said "I have told you before nothing else is going to happen it was a one off now either lose your hard on or have a wank,".

This time somehow the way she said it I didn't believe her and knew we would have sex again. Tina told her to stop teasing me and just fuck me if she was going to.

Tina then said the least Sharon could do was show me the underwear she had bought. Sharon said nothing would happen between me and her but would show me the underwear and began to rummage in the shopping bags at her feet. She pulled out a matching set of red satin bra and panties set on a hanger, quick as a flash I said very nice but for a proper opinion I would need to see them on her, to whom Tina agreed and said Sharon should go and model them for me.

Sharon said she wouldn't as it would just be teasing me. This felt really strange but exciting to hear myself being talked about like this in my presence Tina then changed tactic and began to fire a series of rapid fire questions about our session together, was I big, was I thick, did it feel good inside her, did it stretch her, did she taste me, did she taste my cum, did I make her cum.

As the questions kept coming you could she Sharon getting annoyed and after the final question of if he really was good would you let him do it againto which she replied that she would do me again. Sharon knew she had been tricked and was annoyed she then stood up, picking up the shopping bags, turned to Tina and said if you really want to find out do him yourself and walked out the room and upstairs.

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I should point out that Tina was a few months older than Sharon and was wearing a tight white T shirt through which you could clearly see the pattern of her bra, a denim mini skirt ankle socks and tennis shoes. While she was asking the questions her thighs parted and you could see the white triangle of her panties. My hard on and remained throughout and made no attempt to hide it.

I just looked at Tina smiled ,said come on then, stood up and walked over to me, dropped to her knees and placed her right hand on my thigh at the entrance to my shorts, before moving inside it and grabbing my cock through my y fronts., gave it a couple of tugs, before releasing it and saying let's have a proper look and moving both hands to the waistband and tugging my shorts down, I raised my bum to help her, as she pulled both my shorts and y fronts down to my ankles.

All the while still on her knees, Tina then bobbed her head and taking my cock in her right hand stuck her tongue out and began to lick up and down the whole length of mu cock, paying particular attention to the head of my cock and swirling her tongue around it before engulfing my cock in her mouth and wrapping her lips tightly round it bobbed her head up and down it. Before keeping her head still and holding my cock with her left hand and started to wank it into her mouth, all the time swirling her tongue around the head of my cock.

She then proceeded to move her right hand underneath her skirt and between her legs, her skirt and also the position of her body was hiding what she was doing, but I could feel the movement of her shoulder on my thigh. After a few moments of this she moved her left hand to my balls and started fondling them before snaking her right hand between my legs and started tickling my arsehole with her middle finger, before easily slipping it inside, wiggling it a couple of times and slipped another one inside as well.

She then started bobbing her head up and down my cock again. All these new sensations were driving my body insane and could feel the spunk start to swell, and soon exploded 2 big spurts into her mouth followed by a couple of short ones, which surprised me as I had already had 2 wanks that morning. Tina managed to swallow most of it but a small trickle started to dribble out of the side of her mouth, down her chin and onto her T shirt.

Tina looked me straight in the eyelicked her lips and said "mm very nutritious " before laughing, she then grabbed the neck of my T shirt, shuffled back a few feet on her knees and pulled me onto the floor on my knees with her. I put my hands on her waist as we locked lips, and as soon as my tongue entered her mouth I could taste the remnants of the creamy spunk still in her mouth.


I surprised her she said later by carrying on snogging her and not immediately withdrawing, my right hand moved on to her left breast albeit on the outside of her T shirt, and began gently squeezing it, when I encountered no resistance I felt braver and moved my hand underneath both her T shirt and her bra, I remembered Sharon using her thumb to flick my nipple and the sensations it brought me so began to imitate what she had done, this made Tina change her breathing as it got faster.

Tina finally let go of my T shirt and cupped my balls with her fingers and rubbed my cock in her palm, this started to breathe some life back into the old boy. So with tongue in her mouth and hand round her breast gently pushed her on to her back. Once lying down I eased myself off her body and onto my elbow as I grabbed the outside of her left thigh and eased it apart so I was lying in between her legs. It then dawned on Tina that I intended to fuck her; she raised her left hand on to my chest and suddenly said no, not here if we are going to do it then upstairs and on the bed.

I got up and offered my hand to her and pulled her up. With my shorts and y fronts still round my ankles I kicked them off before stooping down and picking them up, and proceeded to walk upstairs hand in handTina also grabbed hold of my cock as well as we were walking. Tina stopped me halfway up the stairs before turning to face me and locking lips yet again, with my free hand I moved it in between Tina's legs and moved it up, I felt her part her thighs a little to give me access and soon encountered her panty clad pussy, this was the first time I had come into contact with one so wanted to saviour the moment.

I remember I could feel her pubic hair coarsely rubbing against my palm through her panties, and also the warmth and dampness. As I rubbed back and forth the leg of her pants slipped in between her lower lips giving me open access to her pussy, instinctively I hooked first one then 2 fingers inside her and tried to imitate the movements of my cock inside Sharon.

Tina put both hands on my shoulders to steady herself as my fingers thrust vigorously in and out of her pussy making her legs weak as I again felt the ripple of her muscles but this time against my fingers. What surprised me the most was how much more loudly and vocal Tina had been over Sharon.


as I withdrew my fingers for the final time Tina took hold of my hand and sucked my middle finger into her mouth, sucking her own juices off it, before offering my forefinger to my mouth and told me to suck it. If I close my eyes I can still taste her juices now.

I just said to Tina bed now, she smiled and followed me upstairs, as she passed the closed door to Sharon's room she opened it popped her head round and said I'll tell you in a bit if he's any good.

As I entered my room I dropped my shorts and y fronts on the floor and took my T shirt offbefore jumping on the bed Tina followed me into my room and stood a few feet away from melocking at my naked body on the bed, before unceremoniously stripping her clothes off, I let out a low wolf whistle as she stood naked at the side of the bed, and muttered gorgeous absolutely gorgeous, what struck me the most was how different her boobs were to Sharon's, they were conical and pert with her nipples sticking out at different angles, while Sharon's were round and full.

Tina got onto the bed next to me and we laid down next to each other jostling for position before settling for Tina on her back and me on my side with my mouth wrapped around her left boob and my left hand snaking down to her pussy again I hadn't been sucking her nipple very long before she demanded me to fuck her.

I shuffled between her legs as she reached down and guided my cock into her. I soon found a rhythm and began banging into her but kept losing it as I was distracted by the old squeaking of the bed springs and also the banging of the headboard against the wall. Also the fact that Tina was very vocal with instructions and also fucking me back was very distracting in trying to maintain my rhythm as she tried to match me thrust by thrust, so it became very stop start due to my inexperience.

As it was very noisy we soon attracted the attention of Sharon who entered my bedroom wearing her birthday present, she told us to keep the noise down in case any one came home, but she didn't leave the room as stood in the doorway watching us. Tina reached out and grabbed Sharon's arm and pulled her on to the bed I managed to just squeeze out of the way as Sharon came crashing down on top of Tina.

I Got off the bed very disappointed as I was enjoying what was occurring with Tina as Tina loosely held Sharon on top of her rubbing her back and undoing her bra as well before looking at me and gesturing at me with her head towards Sharon's bum. She did this a couple of times before it clicked that she wanted me to fuck Sharon, so as Sharon and Tina lay on the bed in a cross position with Sharon's feet on the floor I shuffled behind Sharon and in a quick movement pulled her knickers down round her thighs and rammed my hard cock right inside hercomparing the tightness and how different it felt from Tina's pussyquickly gaining a smooth rhythm of hard little jabs in and out.

As Sharon started moaning Tina moved Sharon's bra out of the way and started to knead her boobs. Sharon was really starting to moan and was saying things like fuck me, oh god fuck me, just do it fuck me now.

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Etc. This went on for what seemed like ages as I was nowhere near coming Sharon's moans getting louder and more vociferous as I really started to bang into her, she then laid still gripping the sheets with her fists as her muscles inside her pussy rippled up and down my cock, slowly I started to feel my spunk rising which I was glad as I was starting to get a little sore despite all the lubrication pouring out of Sharon's pussy and my cock twitched twice before spurting out 2 streams of spunk.

My orgasm was very intense even though the amount of spunk produced was pitiful as it was my fourth orgasm that day. My cock starting to shrink I withdrew from Sharon's pussy with a loud popping sound and stood back quite proud of myself that there was 2 females willing to "play" with me, As I stood back saw Tina's right hand suddenly appear at the opening of Sharon's pussy lips, Tina used her fingers to part Sharon's lips before inserting 3 fingers into Sharon's pussy and proceed to finger fuck her, her became a blur of activity as it built another orgasm inside of Sharon.

I was very interested in the technique Tina was using so I could learn from its was watching intently and making a lot of mental notes of where her fingers were placed the rhythm used etc. As Sharon's orgasm subsided she turned her face to Tina and planted a big smacker on Tina's lips. I was still standing up leaning against the wall just drinking in the sight of the 2 bodies before me.

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They eventually sat up on the edge of the bed; it was Tina who spoke first, by saying thank you to both of us for an amazing experience. there followed quite a lengthy conversation mainly between Sharon and myself with Tina acting as mediator, where we both opened up quite a lot and it was decided that we could carry on doing things but it would be as and when Sharon agreed and that I couldn't do whatever I wanted.

Naturally I agreed to whatever terms were being offered as I didn't want this to ever end. I left the room to use the bathroom, when I re-entered the room Tina was fully dressed and Sharon had put taken her clothes off completely as they were brand new and she didn't want to ruin them.

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Tina got up to leave but as she passed me she stopped turned face me and leaned in to kiss me instantly we were exchanging tongues, as the kiss broke she cupped my naked balls with her fingers again and said not bad for a novice but need some practice, then turning to Sharon she said don't wear it out I have some unfinished business with it. This made me very happy as I realised that there may be the chance of another encounter with Tina. Sharon said she would try and educate me and teach things, and with that got up to let Tina out of the house The next few days being Easter weekend were taken up with family stuff and no opportunity arose but my education as Sharon called it started in earnest the following week.

More to follow soon