Interracial BBC Anal Skinny Swinger

Interracial BBC Anal Skinny Swinger
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### Ke and Nivagi are my girlfriends. They live together. This is from my real life, so it's not too extreme, but I thought I'd share anyway.### Sunday's endurance practice was surprisingly a lot of fun. Normally I *hate* endurance practices, but since there was a bout Saturday, very few people showed up for this one and therefore it was ran at a slower, more personal pace. I actually got to work on technique instead of just racing pell-mell for two hours.

It was nice. After practice I picked up Nivagi from belly dance class and we brought Ke dinner before Ke went into work. Nivagi and I took a quick nap and then snuggled to watch "Angel," enjoying a lovely low-key night.

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Nivagi's legs were sore from her weekend belly dance program, so she asked me to help stretch them out for her. She was wearing very loose, thin pants that had fallen all the way up her thighs until they looked like shorts, exposing her sexy bare legs that looked great from all of her dance practice. Nivagi lay on her back and I kneeled between her thighs, raising her legs and pushing them towards her. Naturally, this position made us think of other things.

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"You've done this before!" Nivagi joked, as I leaned forwards, gently stretching out her legs muscles as I held her ankles up near my head. I spread her legs to a 45-degree angle, pressing them outward, and then just to tease leaned my pelvis against her and ground my hips against her warm cleft through her clothes. I was still naked from my post-workout shower, so my cock was instantly hard against her.

Nivagi and I agreed this position was better without pants, but I tried not to let myself get too distracted, and instead moved down and released her legs, massaging them one at a time while Nivagi lay on the bed. However, Nivagi was looking delicious and sexy, and I couldn't resist kissing and nibbling her thighs as I massaged them. I told Nivagi I was hungry again and that I might have to resort to cannibalism.

>B) I bit Nivagi's thigh a little too hard, so I moved up to kiss her and stroke the rest of her beautiful body. She removed her polka-dotted bra, and I kissed her breasts and sucked her nipple, running my hands all over her gorgeous belly. "OK," I announced as I reached the end of my self-restraint. "Pants off!" I pulled Nivagi's pants and panties off, leaving her delightfully nude. I dove into her pretty muff, burying my tongue in her before dragging it up lightly over her clit.

Nivagi moaned pleasingly in response, and I pushed off the wall to press my face more completely into her. I alternated between tongue-fucking her and sucking her clit, getting an excellent response to both actions. She especially liked when I pressed the pierced flat of my tongue between her clit and the entrance to her pussy and fucked up and down with it, penetrating her with the tip before licking up to her clit and back.

Nivagi came delectably, placing her hand on my head when she needed a break.

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I backed off, focusing on tongue-fucking her while her clitoris recovered. I kissed and nibbled on her outer labia, growling with desire as I ate her playfully. I built her towards another orgasm, pressing my face into her cunt to lap up her yummy juices as she came again all over me. She put her hand on my head again for mercy, looking very rosy and sexy as I continued to lick her.

Nivagi giggled as she began to become over-sensitive and tickly. I moved up her body, kissing her and stating that it was time for those leg-stretches again, this time without pants. I raised her legs and kneeled between them, laying my hard dick on top of her wet pussy and grinding and teasing her and I pushed her sore legs up towards her head, tilting her hips back and dragging her cunt along my erection.

I glided my stiff penis over the top of her wet pussy, tormenting both of us as I pretended to focus on making sure her hamstrings and muscles were properly stretched. I closed her thighs in front of me, fucking my prick between them over the top of her steaming, yearning cunt.

I could feel the warmth of her body below me, and eventually I could take it no longer and had to be inside her. I spread her legs wide, and then paused to reach down and grab a condom. I donned the rubber and then slid myself into Nivagi's humid embrace. Her cunt felt marvelous around me, and I leaned forward to fill her completely while enjoying her warm grip on my cock. Still holding her legs up, I pounded her fast and hard, adjusting my angle and position until I found something that made her moan in pleasure without sending me over the edge immediately.

I then spread her legs outward so I could watch my dick disappear inside her. I leaned close to kiss Nivagi before rising back up to jackhammer her perfect cunt. She felt incredible, and it was breathtaking to watch her groan and thrash as I fucked her. Nivagi reached between us to masturbate, adding even more to the visual stimulation.

I pulled her to me and fucked her harder, moaning as Nivagi's pussy gripped me tightly with each thrust. We both were approaching orgasm, and so when Nivagi reached climax I gave in and came hard with her. I held deep within Nivagi, grinding against her pelvis until I was sure all aftershocks had passed. After withdrawing slowly, I ditched the condom and curled up immediately against Nivagi's warm sexy body.

Somehow it had gotten very warm in the room, so we opened the window and then I spooned up behind her, caressing her dynamite curves. My hand drifted down to her amazing ass, and soon my fingers slipped into her sopping pussy from behind. I fingered Nivagi's wet pussy, getting very turned on again in the process. I moved down and we spread her legs, revealing her moist charms to me once again. I licked her swollen slit gently, sliding my fingers back inside her.

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I rubbed two of my drenched digits against her G-spot inside her, and carefully worked my wet pinkie into her ass. With my mouth on her clit and my fingers inside her, I slowly worked her snatch in even, churning rhythm.


I ate Nivagi for a pleasantly long time, enjoying her taste and the feel of her. I worried less about making her cum again and more about appreciating the sensations and providing some cool-down after-play. I gazed up at her magnificent body as I licked her, and smiled to myself about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful lover.

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When Nivagi signaled she'd had enough, I kissed her lovingly, and went to wash up before snuggling her for the rest of the night.