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Small tits teen lexi bandera toyed and fucked rough on sofa masturbate deepthroat
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This is based on a true story. Names and events have been changed to protect those involved. It happened when I was 18. It had been a year since Laurie and I had broken up, yet I still carried a torch for her.

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Try as I might, I couldn't stop thinking about her. The last time I saw her, about six months prior, she was coming on pretty strong to the point where she was straddling me wearing nothing but khaki shorts and a black lace bra. Of course, she was too devoted to her current flame and I was too much of a gentleman, so we didn't take it any further. (Before you say anything, I didn't hesitate to kick myself repeatedly for my inaction.

To this day, I still regret it.) I transferred to a new school on the other side of town shortly after that, so we didn't see each other for a while. Finally, after months of scrimping and saving, that magical day that every teenager waits for finally came. I bought my first car. Naturally, I was thrilled. The car was a real jewel and practically a steal at two grand. The previous owner got the car from his wife in the divorce, and was only too pleased to sell it cheap.

I performed the usual rituals involved in this rite of passage: Cruising the local hangout, going through the drive-thru at Hardee's with my brothers (the guy at the window was a classmate of ours and loved seeing my younger brother in the back, or as we called it, the "bitch seat". I still laugh at this.), and cruising for chicks.

Of course, I wasn't looking for just any chick. Granted, my nice ride was the envy of most of my classmates and could have guaranteed a little backseat romp with my pick of girls including, but not limited to, half the cheerleading squad. Still, only one girl would do. Or so I thought. About a week after I bought the car, I was ready to make my move. The plan was simple: Go to Laurie's and surprise her with the new wheels.

Then, offer to take her for a spin around town while reminiscing about the good old days. Finish off down by the lakeshore with a picnic dinner while watching the sunset.

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By nightfall, she would be back in my arms (and if I was lucky, my backseat). You know what they say, though, about the best laid plans of mice and men. I got to her house and when the door opened, I was greeted instead by Laurie's mom and 17 year-old sister, Mandy.

No big deal, I thought, until I asked where Laurie was and was answered with a simple "She's married." If I had been a cartoon, this would be the point where my jaw hit the floor and my eyes popped out of my head (and they nearly did, anyway).

I exchanged pleasant chit-chat with the two women for a while and received Laurie's phone number. Then I left, doing my best to hide the forlorn look on my once joyful face. Later that night, I was lying on my bed listening to some terribly depressing break-up music (and having deja-vu from six months ago) when the phone rang.


It was Mandy. Turns out, I wasn't that great an actor. Mandy noticed right away that the news had upset me, so she explained that she was calling to invite me over to hang out and attempt to cheer me up. I accepted, since Mandy and I were good friends, and said I would drop by the following afternoon. The next day, after school, I drove to Mandy's.

When I went in, Mandy was in her bedroom replacing a light bulb. As I was coming in the room, she had just grabbed the old bulb.

It was still hot, and Mandy yelped when she touched it. I quickly went to her to see if she had burned herself. After a close inspection of her hand, I determined that she was okay, and told her so. When I looked at her, there was something in her eyes and, before I knew what was happening, our lips met.

It was a short kiss, sweet and tender. We didn't speak for a moment, until I finally broke the ice and asked her if she wanted to watch a movie that I had brought over. We spent most of the afternoon hanging out, talking and joking like we used to.


We got so caught up that we lost track of time and the next thing we knew, it was half past six. Mandy decided to make the most of it and invited me to stay for dinner with the family. I was pretty hungry, so I accepted. After a delicious meal, we all gathered in the living room to watch another movie. Mandy's parents sat in their recliners and her little brother sat on the floor while Mandy and I ended up on the couchhuddled together under an old quilt.

Now, in order to understand what happens next, I need to explain something about these sisters. They both have a thing about movies.

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My first kiss with Laurie was during an Eddie Murphy movie, and every time one came on, we would start making out like crazy. Apparently, it was Disney movies that did it for Mandy.

We were about halfway through Lilo & Stitch when, suddenly, I felt Mandy's hand caressing my own. Before I knew it, she had taken hold of my hand and started guiding it under her shirt. I reached her breasts, which were not covered with a bra, and began to caress them.

At first I was worried that her parents would catch on. Fortunately, Mandy was a better actor than me, as she managed to keep her cool. After several minutes of fondling her breasts, I got bold. I took one hand and began to work it into her jeans and, eventually, her panties.

She was already a little wet by this point, so it didn't take long before I had a finger inside of her.

She was starting to breathe heavily and I was enjoying every second of it when.

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Unfortunately, the movie ended. We quickly regained our composure and I said my goodnights to everyone. Before I left, Mandy gave me a peck on the cheek, saying, "That was fun You should come over tomorrow so we can pick up where we left off." I told her I would be more than happy to. I gave her another quick kiss and made my exit, already looking forward to what tomorrow would bring. The next day was Saturday, and I had some chores to attend to.

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After a grueling morning of mowing the lawn in the summer heat, I showered and changed my clothes before jumping (literally) in my car and speeding (again, literally) off to Mandy's. She met me at the door with a friendly smile. I had expected more, truthfully, but noticed her aunt sitting in the living room and realized what was going on. My romantic mood was dampened as I sat with the two ladies, exchanging small talk while playing Monopoly.

Finally, Mandy's aunt announced that she had to leave for her son's baseball game and departed. Two minutes later, Mandy and I were in her room, frantically ripping each others clothes off. I took in her naked form in awe, gazing at her flowing hair and her C-cup breasts and shaved pussy. Without a moment's hesitation, she pushed me back on to the bed. I landed on my back and looked up at her as she took my cock into her mouth.

As she sucked on my shaft, I thought to myself about how lucky I was to have this hot blond licking my member while fondling my balls.

After a few minutes, I felt the pressure building. "I'm gonna cum," I told her, which just got her sucking harder. Eventually, I let it all loose, squirting hard as she swallowed every drop. When she finished, she looked up at me with a feral grin and said, "My turn." I turned her over on her back and spread her thighs as I began swirling my tongue around her swollen clit.

She moaned with pleasure as I licked her up and down, occasionally slipping a finger or two in and pumping her for a little bit. Finally, she could take no more. "I can't stand it," she gasped, "You're driving me crazy. I need you in me now!" I reached into my jeans, lying in a discarded heap on the floor, and pulled a condom from my wallet.

I slipped it on, still fingering her, and the positioned myself between her legs. She looked up at me with a smoldering gaze while I rubbed her clit with my hard cock. Then, I slowly slipped it in and began rocking in and out.


Slowly at first, then picking up speed, we built up a rhythm. I started pounding into her harder and harder, while she let loose increasingly louder cries of "Fuck me harder!" I can't say for certain how long we fucked.

Eventually, I felt that familiar pressure start to build. I was about to tell her when she cried out, "Oh, my God. I'm gonna fucking come." A few more thrusts later, we found ourselves climaxing in unison.

She let loose one last cry of passion as I emptied myself into the condom. For a few moments, we just lay there, making out and cuddling. Finally, she looked at her clock and said, "Shit! It's 4: 30. My parents will be home soon." I couldn't throw my clothes on fast enough. I kissed her goodbye and left, already replaying the memories in my head. I never saw her again after that, but I didn't mind. Eventually, I found a new girlfriend and moved on but one thing is for certain: I'll never look at Eddie Murphy or Lilo & Stitch the same way again.