Fucker Indian couple Are Having Sex

Fucker Indian couple Are Having Sex
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My name is Lucy, and I am 14 years old.

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I have big breasts for my age, they are double d's. I have a twin sister named Jessica, and she also has double d breasts.

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One day I came home from school, and I was heading to my room to change out of my cheerleading uniform when my brother grabbed me from behind, and dragged me to his room and shut the door.

He through me onto his bed and got on top of me and said, "After I break you, you will be my sex slave, you and our sister." I said, "No we will not be your sex slaves!" He then grabbed the top of my uniform and ripped it straight down the middle, exposing my sports bra.

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He also tore it off, then he picked me up and chained me to the wall and started sucking on my breasts and sticking his hand down my skirt & panties. I started saying, "Please stop, please stop, oh god please stop this!!!" Then we heard our sister come home, then he left the room and when he came back, he was dragging her into the room and throughing her onto the bed and tore off her shirt and bra, and chained her to the wall next too me and starts sucking on her breasts, putting his hand down her skirt & panties while rubbing my breasts.

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That was making us yell out, "Please stop, oh god, oh god, please stop this!!!" Then our mom walked in and we thought we were safe, but she asked if she could join him and started sucking on my tits and putting her hand down my skirt and panties while our brother was working on Jessica. Then they both got naked in front of us.

Then they tore off our skirts and panties.

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Then he came over to me and shoved his cock into my pussy, and my mom put on a strap-on and went over to Jessica and shoved the strap-on into her. After ten minutes of them pounding us, and of us yelling, "Please stop this!" We started yelling out, "Fuck us please, oh god, oh god, oh god." Then I said, "Just don't cum in side me I am not on the pill." Then he said, "Too late!" He shot loads of cum into my womb impregnating me.

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I look over and my mom is French kissing my sister while grinding her. Then my mom and brother switched places and she started French kissing me while grinding me, while my brother impregnated my sister.

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Then he said to us, "From now on you will wear what I tell you to wear, nothing more, nothing less, and when you are not having sex with me you are to have sex with mom or each other, and tomorrow we are going shopping for new super slutty clothes for you." Then they grabbed two butterflies and stuck them in our pussies and turned them on, and faced us tords each other and told us to make out, and then they left the room.

All of a sudden the butterflies went off and we started to french kiss while grinding on each other. To Be Continued.

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