Horny czech sweetie spreads her slim slit to the bizarre

Horny czech sweetie spreads her slim slit to the bizarre
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After living now with 2 beautiful, and very sexual women for months now. My life has changed so much. I'm Luke, 45 now, divorced and living with my girlfriend Maureen, or Mo, who is now 34. Her best friend Jessie, who is 35, also now lives with us. It is now the week of Thanksgiving, and on the sunday previous, Jessie informed us that her 2nd cousin, Mike, was being discharged from the Marines on Friday, and coming back to the area. After Mike's mom, who is Jessie's great aunt, and aunt to Jessie's mom, died when he was 12, he lived with Jessie and her mom until he was 17 and graduated.

He then joined the Marines. He is 2 years older than Jessie, but they became quite close during their time together and also were each other's first lover. Jessie had asked if he could stay with us, since he had no other family, and neither does Jessie. Mo and I were all for him coming here. In fact, Mo and Jessie gave Mike a going away present of both girls giving him a blow job, when he was to depart for the service.

On Monday, Mo asked if we could make Thanksgiving dinner for us, and invite her mom and dad, and sister, brother in law and the kids, and of course, Jessie. I thought it was a great idea. When I got home from work on Tuesday, it was late, almost 5pm and Mo was already gone to work, but she had been shopping and got all that was needed for dinner. I was going to surprise her tonight, and be waiting up for her, when she got home at 12:30am.

I asked for, and got, the next day off and wasn't scheduled back to work until the following Monday. I got a text from her about 7pm saying she has some awesome news to tell me and wants me to catch a nap so she can tell me tonight.

I just smiled knowing I was going to anyways. I already knew she was off the rest of the week too. Around 11:30, I went to the kitchen and got some cheese, summer sausage, crackers, and some wine for us.

As I was preparing, Jessie came down for water and saw me. "Hi Handsome. I see someone is going to get laid tonight. God, I wish Mike was already here, I could use a good fucking about now." I nodded and smiled, "The weekend will soon be here Lover, and I am sure we won't see much of you two." "About that!" Jessie started to say, "Are you really sure it is Ok with you.

I mean I am a guest here and I don't want to make you guys feel uncomfortable." "Jessie, you are not a guest here. This is now your home too. Who am I to say who you have here, or not. Plus, Mo and I don't expect to see you for day's, once he is home with you. Probably the only way we'll know you are here is when we hear the bed banging the wall and your loud orgasms." We both laughed then. "True. I do get into sex a bit.

And yes, I do plan on fucking him the whole weekend at least, and he already knows it." Jessie then got her water and told me good night, and I gathered up my provisions and headed off to the bedroom. About 12:15, I lit a couple of candles and lay on the bed, awaiting her arrival. Around 12:30, Mo finally was home and came into the bedroom. When she saw the candles lit and me waiting for her, she got a huge smile on her face. "Damn Baby. I could get used to looking at you like this all the time.

You are one sexy, handsome man." She then asked if she could turn on a light, and of course I said sure. She got out a VS bag, rummaged through it and pulled out this black thong and threw it at me. "Babe, put that on, while I go freshen up" and off she went, with bag in hand, to our bathroom. I got up and put the thong on. It was black, but definitely see through, and my cock actually responded and was getting hard. Then Mo came out and walked towards the bed. She had on a babydoll outfit.

Now this was something new for us. My ex used to wear outfits all the time, but this is a first for Mo and I. The top was see through black, and had a clasp holding it at the top of the plunging neckline, with spaghetti straps and stopped midriff, showing off her belly button ring.

She too had a matching thong and then thigh high stockings. Her red hair cascaded over her shoulders and she looked simply amazing. "Oh My God Maureen, you are stunning. You should be a Victoria Secret Model.I really mean that." "Thank you kind sir, and you look so sexy with that thong. I have been wet all night, waiting to put this on for you.

I absolutely feel incredibly sexy right now. And hearing you say that, makes me even sexier." She crawled up on the bed and I handed her a glass of wine.

Then fixed her a cracker with cheese and sausage and fed it to her. She drank and ate a few crackers. "God. You always make me feel like a queen, but now I really feel like one, and you are my servant.

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And trust me, I have something that really needs serviced quite badly." "Your wish is my command your highness. But first, what your news?" She broke out in a huge grin and set her glass down. "Honey. I was told today that I am being promoted to supervisor and I go to day shift. With that promotion, I get a 10 grand raise in pay. What do you think?" "I hope you said yes. That is awesome news, and judging from your smile, you accepted and love it too." "Oh god yes.

I have worked hard for this and have been hoping for some time now. I start next monday too. So we can start being a real couple now, going out in the evenings and going to bed together and falling asleep together. God it has been an awesome day. "I am so happy for you and for us too. I would love going to bed every night with you, and doing things in the evening, but, I was never unhappy about what we had before." I then asked, "When did you buy these items?" "That's the other thing I needed to tell and ask about something" I just stared at her, trying to figure out what she is up too, because she had this sly smile on her face.

"After I went shopping for dinner this morning, I headed to the mall for a new outfit for Thursday. In fact I found a couple of outfits and then went into my favorite store, Victoria Secret. As I was picking out some nice things, like this outfit, and yours too, I ran into the lady from the Toy store." "Her name is Sarah, by the way. She was looking for a new dress that was sexy, yet classy too. By the way, did you find her attractive?" "Yes I did.

I won't lie Babe. She is very pretty and sexy too" "Good. I find her attractive too. So anyways. We started talking and she asked if we did have a good time that night, and of course, I said it was fantastic and told her about our 3some." "I could tell I was turning her on too as I explained some things to her about that night and with Jessie, in general. So as she was picking out a couple of dresses, we continued to talk and found that her husband Brad, and she, do swing and both are Bi.

Brad being Bi oral." "Sounds like you two hit it off quite nicely. Just so you know, I am not homophobic either." "Yes Sweetie, I knew that. So, she pulled me into the dressing room with her, so she could see what these dresses looked like. When she stripped down, I couldn't help myself, and I pulled her in for a kiss, that lasted well over a minute." "Fuck baby, I was so hot. Sarah put her hand in my pants and started rubbing my clit and when she felt my ring, she said.

Oh my, I like that. I have one too. She stepped back and pulled her thong to the side and said, "Look at mine"." "Of course I did, and got on my knees to see it better. Then saw she had more piercings on her outer pussy lips. 2 on each side. The smaller balls on the outside and bigger balls on the inside." "I was in my own little world then and reached up and licked her slit and played with those balls.When I sucked her clit, she came then.

Just a small one, cum she did." I was watching Mo as she talked with me. I knew for sure she was in need of a good fucking now, but wanted her to finish her story.

"God Baby, she said that she cums easily now with these in her and Brad loves the feeling when they fuck. I guess it stimulates you guys big time. We then kissed one more time and she tried on the dress, and looked amazing in it, as she did with the other one.

She ended up buying both." "As we were checking out, the cashier was giving us funny looks. We must have made some noise, but who cares. Then we decided to eat at the food court." "Sarah and Brad have been married 5 years now, and dated 3 years before that, living together for 2 of them. They started swinging 4 years ago, with her then best friend and husband.

He, I guess, got a big promotion and moved to the west coast." "Anyways, they really enjoyed what swinging brought to their lives and want to find another couple for it. One thing she did tell me was that she can't have kids and Brad got himself fixed, but neither of them wanted kids in the first place." "As I was saying.

Sarah said she felt this tremendous vibe from the both of us, when we were in the store and wants to know if we would like to meet for drinks and dinner this saturday, and then see how we all get along. So what do you think?" I smiled at her.Mo was like a kid at christmas and this was her present. She's been wanting to experiment in the lifestyle and I do trust her and love her and I know from our 3some and the one my ex and I had, it would not bother me, as long as I was there to share in it.

I leaned in and kissed her lips, and told her, "Baby, if you really want too, I am all for it. To be honest, I have wanted to see you fucked by another man for some time now. It may not even happen this weekend, but if it does, just be your natural self and enjoy every second of it." "God, I do love you.

But understand, only you own my heart and if we decide to play with them, it is just sex, and hopefully, plenty of it. Sarah said they have not been with another couple since their friends moved away. They are clean too, and expect us to be as well.

Which I said we were." Mo jumped off the bed and retrieved her phone and said "Look at these." They were pics that Sarah had sent. One was of just Sarah, naked on a bed, legs spread wide, showing her shaved pussy.

I could see the piercings, at least the outer ones and her clit ring. Just above her clit was a tat that said "Lick Here" in cursive, inside a heart. I have to admit, when I met Sarah, she looked a little chunky, but naked, she looked great. Some women are like that, better looking naked than dressed. The next pic showed the inner balls. Fuck. I bet those would feel good on a cock as you fuck. The next two were of Brad.

He looked in good shape and had a pretty big cock. In fact, the next pic was of his cock with a tape measure next to it and showed 8 ½ inches, and his cock had a piercing, just below the head on the underside. "Ouch" I thought. "Where's a tape measure Honey?" I laughed, "In the kitchen Island drawer." Mo went and got it, jumped back on the bed, pulled my thong off, and gave the head a little kiss.

Then measured me. I stood at a proud 7 ¾ inches. By the looks of mine, I was a little fatter than Brads. Mo had me hold the tape and she snapped a couple of pics of it and the rest of me.

The had me take some of her. She then sent them to Sarah's phone. When I took one of Mo's snatch, she just pulled the thong to the side. She said she wanted Sarah to see her new outfit.

She then placed the tray, tape measure and her phone on the night stand, lay back down and said, "Come make love to me Baby. I know you have work in the morning. Then after I cum, fuck me like the slut I am" As I pulled her thong off I told her, "We can go all night love. I am off until monday" "MMMMMMMMM, Oh Yeahhhhhhhhh.Get that cock ring on and get inside me.

Eat me later" I got on top and entered her easily. She was so wet and tight. We kissed and moaned and told each other over and over we loved each other. The more we said those words, the hotter she became and had an orgasm. As she was cumming, we held each other tight. Arms around each other's necks and her legs around my waist. As I looked down on her she was smiling broadly. "What?" I asked. "I feel so loved right now. Where do you see us in a year?" Without hesitating, "Married" Her eyes grew big and said "Really.

You want to be married in a year?" "Yes" She pulled me back down for another kiss, that was, by far, the hottest she has ever done with me.

I then rolled us over, so she was on top. "MMMMMMM. I think my future husband wants to fuck his future wife's pussy huh?" "Yeah.

I got to see if my future wife has what it takes to fuck me like the little slut I know and love." She leaned down and pushed her tits into my face, and of course I had to bite and suck them. As I did that, her ass started pumping up and down on me, riding me like a wild stallion. As we fucked, I left to sucker bites on the underside of each tit. "You like leaving marks like that on me baby? You like how your slut rides this gorgeous cock of yours?

I think you love this hot little cunt don't you, you fucker?" Mo knows her dirty talk really sets me off. I grabbed her ass cheeks and started pumping into her now. "I bet you wish Brad's cock was pumping inside you right now. Let him experience the best cunt there is in this world. Is that what you want baby?" "Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkk Luke. Yes. I want to feel that cock of his and especially those two gold balls attacking my pussy.

And I want you next to me, plowing into Sarah's hot cunt and let me know how those 4 gold balls feel against your hard shaft as you 2 fuck." "Oh Baby, if we do fuck them, would you please fulfill my one fantasy?" "Just one" I asked. She giggles, "OK, one of them. But suck his cock with me. Let him cum in our mouths then share it together." "We can do that Babe, Anything .For.

You Honey. I need to cum Babe." MO jump off my cock and started jacking my cock and sucking the head. She moved so I could finger her too and finger her hard I did.

Within minutes, we were both ready. "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Mo" I started cumming. My fingers were deep in her pussy. She was drinking my cum and she started to cum too. When I stopped cumming, She crawled back to me and showed me my cum, then kissed me, pushing most of it in my mouth. When we finished kissing, we just held each other.

I was pretty tired now and so was she. I got up, blew out the candles, and took off the cock ring. I climbed back in bed and threw the covers over us. As we lay there holding one another, she asked, "Seriously. You want married by this time next year?" "Yes Sweetie I do. I can't even think about not having you in my life for good." "Oh Lucas, I love you. I would have married you the first time we made love.

That's how long I have been in love with you." "Me too Sweetheart. So Yes, I want us married by this time next year." "MMMMMMM. From Good Neighbors, to Lovers, to husband and wife. Life is so good" she said. Mo rolled over so we were spooning now. My dick was still pretty stiff and she reached around and grabbed it and guided it home.

"Fall asleep inside me Honey" **************************************************************************** Thanksgiving dinner went off without a hitch. Maureen can actually cook and did a fantastic job. Jessie and I did help her, so she wasn't saddled with it all. There was 7 adults and two kids, and Bob and Angie really liked that they did not have to host this year. Jackie came up to me at one point and told me, "Mo looks so content and happy since moving in with you.

Please don't hurt her. I know she is head over heels in love with you." "I have no intention of hurting her,now, or at anytime.Although it is not official, but plan on me being your brother in law in about a year." She kissed me on the lips, "Oh Luke, that will be fabulous.

I promise I won't say a word until she says something to me." Jackie giggled and shook her head. "What", I asked. "Is it true you 3 go around naked all the time?" I chuckled and wondered if Bob and Angie heard the same thing.

"Honestly? Yes. All the time. Come over and join one day." Jackie laughed, "Oh that would go over big with John. I would, alone, but I know hubby, he'd never think of that to do.

We used to run around naked until the kids showed up. I miss it. I really do. It leads to fun times usually." By the time everyone left and we cleaned up, it was almost 10pm, and Mo and I were beat. We just cuddled in bed, with no thoughts of sex this night. Though Mo did say she did talk with Sarah for a bit through text messages.

"Sarah is so excited about this saturday Hun. Well so am I.


But, she did say that if we all agree and we have sex and enjoy it together, they'd like us to spend the night with them, especially if we are drinking or smoking a bit." I smiled thinking, "Wow, she really wants this to happen." "Babe.

Everything we do Saturday, is all up to you. I will not force you into anything you don't want to happen. Remember, I have never had a 4some either, but it does sound exciting, and to be honest, I can't wait to see you with him." She kissed me, "Oh Baby, I don't have a clue why this has me so turned on, but it just does. I definitely want to watch you and Sarah together too.

Wait until you taste her, MMMMMM, she is yummy." "Well, wait until Brad get's a taste of your yummy pussy. I'm getting hard just thinking about you fucking him." "Sarah did say something that I don't know if you'll agree to though." "What's that?" Her hand was now stroking my cock.

"She said that they like to sleep with their guest. So you and Sarah together in one room, and Brad and I in another room. But that's after we all play together for a good part of the evening." "I think I would be ok with that, if you are.

But, that would be totally up to you Lover. But if you do, promise me you'll act natural and enjoy every second of it." "I will, I promise, and you do the same. I really like Sarah and hope we become close friends, and of course, lovers too." We cuddled then fell asleep. All I could think of was Mo and Brad fucking like wild animals. Only because I know Mo can get like that.

And, being a little selfish, I wouldn't mind fucking Sarah to sleep then waking her in the morning and doing it again. Friday morning, we woke up and made love then got up and decided to put up the tree for christmas. Jessie even got into it, but was getting really excited because Mike's plane was due in at 3pm.

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She would have to leave around 2, to pick him up. About 4:30, Jessie and Mike came through the door, as Mo and I were finishing up the decoration, which had not been up in years. Not since Linda and I were married. Christmas was no big deal for me these last few years.

I was introduced to Mike and of course, Mo already knew him and greeted him with a big hug and kiss. The usual small talk on how things are and stuff. I suggested going out to dinner, which was gladly accepted by them both. Although, I do think Jessie wanted to take him upstairs and fuck his brains out.

We went to Outback for dinner. We all had a good time and I found that Mike and I had similar interests, besides the girls. There was, of course, the good natured teasing between us, since I was a Navy man, and he was a Marine.

Fucking Jarheads. After we arrived back home, Mike came up to me and and said, "You sure it is ok for me to stay here?" "Hell Yes. You'd kill her, if you stayed somewhere else, and Jessie is like family to us." "Good. I just don't like to assume anything. I hope you know there is more to Jess and I. I really do love her and plan on sharing her bed." I laughed, "We thought that was a given. She'll probably wear your Jarhead ass out too." "Maybe wear a Squid's ass out, but never a Marine." and laughed along with me.

I wanted to say that she has tried, but I didn't want to go there, at least not until Jessie has talked about this house. She had said she plans on telling him everything, so I am leaving that all up to her. Later, Mo and I were watching TV and Jessie and Mike had retired to her bedroom, we could hear the bed squeaking and hitting the wall a few times. Jessie's moans were quite loud. Mo was getting a little turned on because she curled up next to me and was fondling my cock.

We were both wearing robes, since we didn't want to freak our guest out. At least until he knew and maybe accepted our lifestyle. Mo started kissing me and said, "Babe, let's go to bed and make some noise too. I need fucked big time." We went to bed and Mo was all over me. First sucking my cock into her mouth. Then she straddled my face so I could eat her at the same time. Damn, I love sucking her pussy. This only lasted about 5 minutes before Mo straddled my waist and started fucking me.

"Oh Luke, Fuck Me. Fuck my hot cunt with your man meat." She bent down so I could suck and bite her nipples, and I also grabbed her ass as we fucked. She was in a horny mood and she wasn't looking for slow tonight. We could hear our skin slap together with every downward impaling she did.

My one hand found her ass and started playing with her rosebud. This got her to moan real loud. "Yesssssssssssssss.

Finger my ass Stud." My finger was fucking her ass deep, and my cock couldn't get in any deeper. After a few minutes, her body tensed and she started cumming. My cock was washed with her hot juices and I could feel my balls getting coated too. I put my arms around her neck, and flipped her over, never leaving her pussy.

I put her knees up by her tits, so I had deep access to her love hole. "Fuck Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Take me Baby. Fuck my hot hole and feed it your cum" We fucked hard for the next 10 minutes. We both had a sheen of sweat on our faces. Her moans were so loud, that I was sure the neighbors could hear us, but who cares, especially when you have a sexual dynamo like Maureen. Then, "Oh Shit Luke, I am going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmm" I kept my assault up on her twat as I felt my balls tighten up now.

"Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" as I shot my poad deep inside her. It felt like I was cumming forever inside her. The whole time, her arms were around my neck tight and we kissed as we came.

"Holy fuck Baby. Did you dump a gallon in me. My god you came alot." I scooted down and inspected her pussy, and cum was pouring out it. I leaned down and started licking it up, which got her going again. My mouth was pretty full when I quit licking her and moved up to her face. She opened her mouth and I let the cum drip into her hungry mouth. The we kissed passionately. "You are, by far, the kinkiest man I have ever had sex with. Oh shit. I love our love making and sex.

You turn me on like no other. I love you more than ever." "I love you too Baby. But, I think it has something to do with my partner and her appetite for our love, and sex." We snuggled up together and lay there panting.

Mo started to say something but I said shush. We could hear Mike and Jessie really going at it now. Jessie was damn near screaming fuck me and I am cumming. Mo and I started laughing and just held each other tight. We kissed and said "I love you's", then went to sleep. I awoke around 8am. I am usually up a lot earlier, but she wore my ass out last night. I put on a robe and went to the kitchen and got coffee going.

About 45 minutes later, Mo came out in her black silk robe, which I find so sexy on her. I also thought I would find one that was in red, for a Christmas present for her. We sat there at the island drinking coffee and reading the paper when we heard footsteps coming down the stairs. In walked Jessie, with Mike right behind her, naked. Jessie looked at us, with her mouth agaped. "What's with the robes on?" Mo laughed and said, "Well, we weren't sure how Mike would react to us being naked all the time around here.

But I guess that's a moot point." Mo stood up and dropped the robe to the floor, then helped me with taking mine off. So, now all four of us were naked as the day we were born.

"Better?" Mo asked. "Much. You know I love seeing my two sexy best friends naked." Jessie came over to Mo and gave her a big hug and then a lingering kiss on the lips.

Jessie then laughed and started to talk. "Damn. It sure was a noisy house here last night. I was sure I would find you two in the basement because the bed fell through the floor." "Well, you two got us horny as hell, so we had to let you know that we were having fun too. Huh Baby?" I just nodded my head and agreed. I got up and poured them both coffee and asked if they wanted anything for breakfast. "Oh, I plan on having my breakfast in a bit here, after this much needed coffee." Jessie cooed out.

My god Slut. Give the man a break. You'll wear him out at this rate." Mo has a way with words. I just looked at Mike and he just smiled and shrugged his shoulders at me. "He's a Marine and they go like the Everyready Bunny. So there." and Jess stuck her tongue out. We chatted a bit and they asked what we were up to, today. We explained we were meeting some friends tonight for dinner and who knows after that.

They said they were going shopping and she wanted to take Mike over to her shop too, so her friends could say hi to him. As they were starting to leave to go back upstairs, I pulled Mike aside and asked if he was ok with the nudity.

"Yeah. I am cool with it. Not much surprises me when it comes to Jess. But, I will be honest with you. I do enjoy looking at Maureen naked. She is very hot." "Mike, I'll let you know, she thinks you are hot too and I have no problem with looking, or even touching.

I too, think Jess is hot to look at and always enjoy her naked." "Well then, I guess we both know where we stand. I guess Squid's aren't as tight ass as I thought." and laughed. Mo left in the afternoon to go shopping and needed to see a friend of hers. I puttered around the house, then around 4, took my shower and shaved, both face and groin area, just in case we did play tonight. I usually shave it or Mo does a few times a week.

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Mo did not have too anymore. She had that laser hair removal done to her. I may even try that. I was getting out of the shower when Mo came into the bedroom and showed me this little black dress she was wearing tonight. I couldn't wait to see it on her. She then went and showered while I got dressed for the evening. I was going to wear black Dockers and a light blue, long sleeved shirt. Casual business attire I guess you could say.

Mo came out of the bedroom around 45 minutes later and she looked absolutely smoking hot. The dress hugged her curves so nicely, and the plunging neckline showed just enough of her cleavage. The hem line stopped at mid thigh.

It said to me Hot, but not in a slutty way, yet definitely said I am sensual to anyone that looked at her. She even raised the hem to show me this black lace thong she was wearing. "Please babe, put the hem down, or I'll throw you on this couch here and take you now. Damn. You looking simply amazing and extremely sexy." She came up to me and and kissed me on the lips and patted my crotch.

"Sexy is what I was going for, and judging from this hard cock, I succeeded. Fuck I'm horny." ********************************************* We met Sarah and Brad at this little Italian place that was close to them.

About a 15 minute ride for us. They already had a booth, so we walked up and got in booth next to them. Sarah and Mo were sitting together, on the inside of me and Brad. Brad was a very good looking guy. About 5' 10, I would say, and about 170. Brown hair, that was kept short and was starting that widows peak near the front. He was dressed like me, slacks and a dress shirt. Sarah had on a red mini dress, that definitely hugged her body nicely. It's hemline stopped just a bit higher than Mo's and it too, had a plunging neckline that showed off her cleavage as well.

I would say, Brad and I had the two hottest women in the place. During dinner, we got to know them, and they us. We had many of the same like's, and not one of them was sexual in nature. Brad and I liked to hunt, fish, be outdoors and loved football. So the girls did nothing but jabber back and forth about different sales going on and stuff like that.

We talked Steelers and college and good places to camp and fish.


All in all, we acted like we've known each other for ages. Towards the end of dinner, the girls excused themselves to use the bathroom. Brad just chuckled and said. "You know, they may be a while. Lord knows what they do in there." I laughed and said" Yeah, it is amazing, but after what I heard about their VS shopping day, we might be sitting a while." "Oh I heard every detail of that too. It sounded hot. To bad we weren't there with them." "We may have ended up in jail for sure if we went too." I laughed after saying that.

Brad then asked, "Look, we really like you two and I would like to know if you want to come back to our place and relax with us. Try out the hot tub I have in the basement, or just sit around and have a few drinks. No pressure at all. If something happens, great, if not, that's cool too, but I believe we made a pretty strong impression both ways here and will become good friends. Which is what Sarah and I are looking for." "I agree with that.

I like you both, and like I told Mo, if it happens, great, just be yourself and go with it. We are a very open couple and I could tell you two are as well. And I have to admit, Sarah is gorgeous and looks super hot tonight." "I agree Luke, and Mo is stunning looking.

You are quite the lucky man. And if I may be so bold, I hope I get lucky with her tonight." "Well Brad, I am leaving that entirely up to her, but I have this feeling, you may just hit the lotto tonight. Do you two also enjoy some smoke?" 'Whewwwwwwwwww. Thanks god. Yep we do, and I am quite happy you do too. Nothing makes women, or hell, men, horny as some good weed. Sarah will fuck your brains out" I laughed and said, "Mo will too, and she can go a long time too". I then asked, "Is Sarah loud when she is having sex?

Because Mo really gets into it and loves to talk dirty, especially when it's straight out banging, then half the neighborhood has to know we are fucking then." "Oh yeah. Sarah is a spitfire when she gets going. She loves hearing and saying dirty things. Just don't belittle her. She hates that." "Good to know, but I am always respectful of my partner. Now Mo loves to act like a porn star and this is the only time she uses the word cunt." Brad laughed, and said, "You sure these two aren't twins?

They sound alike, and I find that exciting actually. Sarah loves anal too, when the mood strikes her and is looking for a DP partner." "Ditto with Mo too" I then told him about Jess, Mo and I and our excursion into DP and how both of them loved it. "Brad, have you guys met others, since your friends moved away? "Yeah we have. We got on that one web site for couples and met 4 different couple.

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Two of them we met, like we met you guys tonight, and that is as far as it got. You can just tell if you gell or not. They weren't bad looking, but there wasn't any chemistry there." "Then we met this one couple, and he was all for it, but you could tell that she wasn't really into this scene, but was doing it to keep him happy. Sarah and her went to the bathroom and she even asked the lady, and she admitted she wasn't sure she could do this.

They left right after that." "Then the last couple we met was about 3 months ago and they really seemed cool. She was a doll, and he was ok, but he seemed like a control freak. We did invite them to our house and we sat around and talked for a few hours, but that was it. He almost always answered for her. Then around 11pm, I said we needed to get to bed.

We never heard from them again." "Wow" I said. "We talked about this for a few months now, but you guys sort of just came out of nowhere. Which, may be the best way for this to happen." Brad smiled at me and said, "Man, you may be right. I hope it really is ok that I am Bi. I mean, I never do anything if the guy doesn't want too, but I always think it is better to be up front about this stuff." I nodded, and then, not sure why, I reached over and place my hand in his crotch and squeezed his cock, which was pretty hard already." He smiled at me.

"Don't ask me why, but I am curious. Especially after watching a porn scene one night with the girls, when 2 guys were blowing each other. It turned me on." Brad was just about to say something when the girls came back. This time Mo went to the other side and sat next to Brad, and Sarah slid in next to me. Mo was fishing something out of her purse, as was Sarah. Sarah took my hand and placed her red thong in it. Mo did the same with her black thong. The girls just smiled at us, and Sarah asked if we were ready to leave.

We all said yes and headed for our cars. I was to follow Brad and Sarah. In the car Mo told me her and Sarah fixed their hair and then made out for a bit. It was Sarah's idea to give you guys our thongs."Damn Baby. I am so turned on right now.Just know I love you with all my heart, but I do want to do this and have fun with them and make them our sex friends." "Well baby, I can see you really are into this, and so am I, so let's do it and enjoy every second of it." "Luke?

Are you going to be alright later when I sleep with Brad? I don't want anything coming between us." "Nothing, or nobody is going to come between us, now, or never. I love you too much already.

But we are adults. Been in relationships that weren't good and now we are, and we are going to explore it all together my love." She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "I love you so much. Oh and Sarah is going to pierce me in the morning. 3 studs in each lip. It will make it so we can't fuck for like 3 or 4 weeks, but Baby, I really want it done." "3 or 4 weeks? Shit. Well I guess I can live with out that for a short time.

Hell, I went months between sex before. Then again, I may not be able to penetrate, but that doesn't mean I can't eat you." About 10 minutes later, we pulled into their drive and got out, and followed them inside.Once inside, they took our coats and hung them up and we followed them into the kitchen.

The house was one of the older style 2 stories you see all over our part of the state. Probably built in the 30's. But it had many upgrades down to it. Brad mentioned that he has been working on it for the last 5 years, when they bought, right after getting married. Sarah got some wine out and glasses, and poured us all a drink. Sarah then said, "Ok. We don't have many rules, but one is, if you are good friends of ours, that means we'll probably be lovers and so we go naked around this house, so everyone strip down." MO smiled and let her dress drop to the floor, exposing her naked pussy and then removed her bra.

Sarah did the same, but she wasn't even wearing a bra. Fuck, she looked hot. Brad and I removed our shirts and pants.

Brad went commando but I had on the thong, which Sarah liked. "Damn, Maureen, he looks hot like that." I slid my thong off, exposing my half hard cock now. We all were naked and Sarah came up and gave me a kiss on the lips.

Mo did the same with Brad. Right then, I knew we were in for some fun tonight. We followed them into the basement then, but that after Mo retrieved a a cigarette case and lighter from her purse. I didn't know at the time she brought weed. We went into this one room that had the hot tub in it. Brad turned on the lights, which were set to a low output, and then removed the cover of the tub. He also turned on a fan, which he said he had to install, or it would get quite muggy in there.

Before getting in, Mo lit a joint for us, then lit one for them, and we all just enjoyed the pleasant feeling from the smoke. Sarah held some smoke and moved up to Mo and blew it into her mouth, then kissed, long and passionately. "Brad" Sarah said, "I think we found our perfect couple" We got into the tub then. Sarah and Mo sat next to each other while I sat on Sarah's side and Brad was on Mo's side.

Sarah held her glass up and said, "A toast to a new and hopefully long friendship, filled with fun, laughter, great sex, but also be there for one another." We all clinked glass and said Here, Here. Then Brad said, "Since you two are our guest, please sit up on the edge here. So Mo and I did. I kissed her and said, "I love you Baby" she replied the same back. Next thing we know, Sarah was between Mo's legs, eating her pussy, and Brad started sucking my cock.

Mo looked at me with wide eyes and just smiled. I leaned over and started tonguing her mouth. She was moaning a great deal and so was I. Brad mouth was really good. "Is he sucking your cock as good as I do baby?" Mo asked.

"No one sucks cock like you Sweetie." Sarah lifted her head and said, "Wait till I suck you big guy. I love sucking cock. There is another rule too guys, no cumming in the tub. If can't swallow it, then hold off until we are out of the tub. It's a bitch to clean up." Mo was getting lost in Sarah's ministrations and so was I.

"Fuck this feels so good" I moaned out. I kept on swapping tongue with Mo as our new friends continued their assault on our genitals. Then after another 5 minutes, they switched places and now Brad was eating Mo and Sarah eating me. "Fuck, you have a great cock Luke.

Nice and Fat." I smiled down on her and she went to town sucking me and jacking the base. Brad was fingering Mo and sucking her clit too, which brought her off in no time. "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk" she yelled. Sarah laughed and said, 'Oooohhh Good, a screamer like me." I told Sarah she better quit for now, or I was going to cum and I wanted to save that for later.

They both then stood up and kissed us. Sarah is a hell of a kisser. Loves sticking her tongue down your throat. "Wow" is all Mo could say. I then told them to switch places with us. I grabbed Mo's hand and led her over to Brad, who was sitting next to Sarah on the edge of the tub.

His cock was long, that's for sure. Mo and I knelt in front of him and we both started kissing his cock. Then we took turns sucking his cock into our mouths. It was something I had to get used too, especially with the two studs on the underneath of the head. I did figure to do it from the side, so my teeth wouldn't catch on them.

As I was sucking, Mo reached down and grabbed my cock then whispered in my ear, "Thank's Baby, I really wanted to do that with you." Sarah was moaning because she was rubbing her pussy. "Fuck, you two are so fucking hot." Then Mo moved between Sarah's legs and started eating her. It wasn't long before Sarah let out a scream and was cumming.

Brad tapped me on the head and said back off or I was going to get a treat. When Sarah came down from her orgasm, she said. "Let's take this party up to the bedroom. I need fucked so fucking bad right now." We all got out and grabbed our glasses and Mo grabbed the bottle and her case, and off we went. When we got upstairs to their bedroom, it was nicely done.

Not to feminine yet you could tell it had a woman's touch. Their bed was a king size too. They had a master bath off of it as well. Brad saying he combined two rooms to make this one big room with bath and closets. It was a four bedroom at one time. The girls put their drinks down and started kissing, while standing in the middle of the room. Brad and I just looked on, as our half staffed cocks began to grow again. The girls then got on the bed and got into a 69 position, with Sarah on the bottom.

Mo looked up from Sarah's snatch and said, "We won't be long. We both need some cock in us very soon." Now Sarah is only 5' 2, and about 130 lbs., or so.

34C breasts with dark nipples and areolas. Like I said, she looks better naked. Her ass has some weight to it, with small ripples in the cheeks, just the way I like it actually. Lots of moaning and grinding was going on, as Brad and I just stood by the bed and stroked our cocks.Just as the girls started to play, Brad got some cream and applied it to my cock and I did his, and we let them play for a bit, so the cream took effect.

Mo's ass was pointing right towards us and I motioned to Brad to have at it. He crawled up on the bed and smiled at his wife, then leaned in and licked Mo's puckered asshole. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh MMMMMMMMMMMMM" is all I could hear from Mo, since her mouth was clamped on Sarah's pussy lips. Then Brad stuck his tongue in Mo's pussy as he and his wife tongue fucked her more. Then Brad lined his cock up with Mo's pussy and slowly entered her. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyyyy Fuckinggggggggggggggggg Gawdddddddddddddddd" Mo yelled out.

I scooted up the bed and picked up one of Sarah's legs, slid under it, so now my mouth could make contact with this gorgeous pussy of hers. Mo had already lifted her head off of it, so now I had free reign over her snatch. Mo was almost squealing real high, every time Brad would slowly thrust in. Brad was not going fast at all, but taking his time and enjoying Mo's fabulous pussy. "Oh my god Mo, your pussy is so fucking tight" Brad exclaimed.

"Fuckkkkkk. I won't last long with this huge cock in me. And that stud is hitting my spot just right. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk" Mo leaned down by my ear and said thank you again and then said to me, "Oh God Babe, please think real hard about getting pierced. This feels so good. I promise I'll fuck you every night." I was really licking the hell out of Sarah's pussy now and could hear her moaning too.

Brad was increasing his speed now, because Mo's body was bouncing back and forth faster. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" she yelled out as she came. As she came, she grabbed my cock and squeezed it like a vise grip. Mo then fell to the other side of Sarah, panting heavily. Brad moved between her legs and lay on top of her and they started kissing.

Sarah moved over on top of me and started kissing me too. She is a great kisser, I may add. Then my cock slipped inside her. "Oh fuck yesssssssssssss" she said.

"I've been waiting all night for this." as she ground her pussy onto my pelvic region. Brad and Mo changed positions so she was now riding brad.

Brad's feet were down by my head, so this made it easy for the girls to face one another and kiss and grab tits, which they were doing. Then Sarah started riding up and down my shaft, which felt awesome. I could feel those stub's in her labia stroking against my cock with every movement she made. "Holy Shit Sarah. This feels amazing. My god Brad, you are one lucky guy" "Mo?" I think your man here likes the studs. Huh Luke? You like the way my pussy feels around your hot cock?" I laughed, "What's not to like.

Tight box riding up and down. Beautiful woman doing the riding, and then the sensation your studs add to it." Mo chuckled and said, "Good. Because she is doing mine tomorrow. Fuck. I can't wait." I reached and grabbed Sarah's ass cheeks and started pumping up into her.

As I was holding her ass, I let one hand drift to her asshole and started rubbing there. This got her to moan more. I let my one finger slip down to her pussy and got it wet, then went back to her hole and slipped it in.

"Oh Yeahhhhhhhhhhh. Finger my ass. Fuck, you are funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" Now both girls were fucking us hard. Moaning was going on all over now. Sarah was damn near slamming into me as I kept fucking her pussy and ass.

"Fuck me Luke. Make me cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Mo yelled out, "Cum in her Baby. Shoot that hot juice deep inside her." But then Mo started cumming, and as she did, so did Brad, who let out a loud grunt, and had his ass off the bed, driving his cock deep inside her. Sarah was now banging the hell out of me.



I'm so close. Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" I lifted up my ass then too and started shooting rope after rope inside her snatch.

As I did that, Sarah started to cum. Her body was shaking so hard, and her pussy tightened up on my cock like a clamp. I could feel her cum drenching my cock, and then felt our combined juices washing over my balls. Both girls fell down on top of their respective lovers, and we all were panting for the next 5 minutes or so.

Then Brad and Sarah got up and said they were going for some water from the fridge. That left me and Mo alone.

Mo came into my arms and asked, "Well? What did you think? For me, this has been fabulous, and I loved how you kissed me as Brad was fucking me. That seemed so erotic to have his cock in me as I kissed the man I love." "Babe. This has been great. Better than I could have imagined. I'll be honest. I thought you looked amazing on top of him and loved that you let loose.

Now do you want to spend the night with them, knowing we won't be together until morning?" "Now that I know how you feel. Yessssssssss. They are like a carbon copy of us. And you 2, look so sexy together. You have no idea how great that stud in his dick feels when it's sliding in and out. Please, oh pretty please, think about getting that done." "For you Babydoll, anything. I love you more now than I ever have Maureen. I think you need to show Brad that porn star that's in you too, when Sarah and I leave" "You better do the same Honey.

I think Sarah really likes you and how you are as a lover. Fuck. This has been fantastic. Would you meet them again?" "Of course, if only you do. I would be happy with just you, and not another soul. But this is fun. I can't believe I went so long without getting to know you sooner, when you first came back and after Linda leaving." Mo kissed me long and hard. As we kissed, we heard those two enter the room. "Uh Humm." Sarah let out. "Sure Brad. We go away for a few minutes and they are cheating on us." We all laughed, as they handed us a bottle of water.

Then Mo lit up the last two joints and we enjoyed the smoke. After a few more minutes of smoking and refreshing ourselves with water. Sarah reached out her hand to me and said, "Time we go get some sleep lover. I'm sure these two plan on sleeping soon too." Mo laughed and was grabbing Brad's cock and started stroking it.

"You two run along, but I don't think the Stud here is going to sleep for a while." Sarah and I each kissed our mates and then Sarah kissed Mo. "Take good care of him, and he'll take care of you too." As we were walking out, we both turned back to look at them and Mo was already starting to suck his cock hard.

Sarah laughed and said, "Yeah. Sleep ain't coming anytime soon in here and it better not with us." We got to the other bedroom, which was down the hall. We could hear a lot of moaning going on, so Sarah shut the door.

Sarah turned on the light next to the bed and we sat down on the bed and drank the rest of our water. "So Luke. What thoughts are running through your head?" she asked. "Honestly.

How much fun this has been. It is like we found our doubles, and not just sexually either. But the sex has been outstanding. You both are terrific lovers and are making us feel so comfortable with it." Sarah smiles, leaned in and left a lingering kiss on my lips. "Brad and I talked while getting the water, as I am sure you two did. We figured if you were dressing when we came back, then ok, it was fun, but maybe not your cup of tea.

I know I was happy to see you two kissing and still naked." "Yeah we did talk too, and think you two are awesome and want to keep on exploring this new friendship with you guys. Maybe next time, we all four sleep in same bed." I said.

"The reason we did the sleep separately was to see if any jealousy is there. Our old friends did this with us, the first time. They were seasoned swingers and knew that some couples may like it when all together, but many don't like being out of their mates vision.

Brad and I have so much trust between us, and love one another deeply, that we were fine with it. Plus, it does add some excitement to it." As she was talking, she was stroking my cock now, which was responding to her touch. So I was playing with her nipples as she talked too.

They aren't as long as Mo's, but sexy and hard. "Brad and I want to be friends with you guys too. And I don't mean just like this, but go out, have a good time, be like regular friends, but with the benefits that will go along with it. That's how we were with the other couple, Jim and Mary. We went to shows, and movies, ballgames, hiking, camping and all sorts of things. So that's what we want, oh and this too." "I think I can speak for Mo, but that is what we were looking for.

Good friends to have fun together, not just sexually. I'd be quite content right now to just hold you all night and nothing more, if you so desire.We've only done the 3some with Jessie is all, and this is more exciting actually. When I was married, we did the MFM 3some twice and I found that really cool. I really got off watching my ex fuck the guy." "I get off watching Brad fuck a woman too, or sucking a guy's cock, like you two did tonight.

That is hot to me. Jim did it twice while we all played, but I could tell he wasn't into it. Now you, I think, are going to get into it. And, I hope you realize this, as we continue this between us 4, we are going to build feeling for one another.

It's only natural and start to love one another. So you may hear Brad and Mo say they love one another, and I know in time, you and I will too.

So I just need to warn you of that." I smiled at her and wondered how this woman could be so sage about things.

"Who says you can't love more than one person? That is so silly, if you ask me. But besides saying it, if it is genuine, then it can be shown too, and not just in bed. I can tell you and Brad are deeply in love, just by your mannerisms and how you look at one another. I am grateful we came into your shop that one day." She smiled and said, "Oh yeah. I just got this vibe from you two that day.

I wanted to take Mo in the back and eat her silly then let you fuck the hell out of me. But I was really happy when I heard from Mo. I just knew then, we'd be like this tonight. By the way. The pot is starting to make me horny again." "So you are saying, a little less talk, and more fucking? Oh and, I want a stud put in my cock too" "Oh good. I happened to bring home a stud for you, since I already knew I was doing Mo in the morning. Just so you know am certified to do this and all my equipment is sterile.

Just understand, you two won't enjoying sex for like 3 or 4 weeks. Well you can eat Mo, but you can't fuck. I'll give you the particulars in the morning. Now if you don't mind. Let's get to fucking and sucking." I gently pushed Sarah back so she was laying on her back and spread her legs wide.

I ran my hands from her neck, to over her tits and nipples, and then down her belly to her mound. "MMMMMMMM I think I will." She looked puzzled, "Think you will what? "As your tat says. Lick Me. I love eating pussy" "Eat away Baby. Eat away" And so I did.

I ate her for the next 15 minutes, making her cum twice. Her juices tasted different from Mo's, but had a sweet taste and an awesome aroma. She is not a squirter, to my knowledge, but when she cums, it does flow nicely from her. As she was at the peak of her third orgasm, I kneeled between her legs and shoved my cock in hard.

"Ummmphhhhhhh." " Oh Fuck you cock is so good in me. Your's is fatter than Brad's, so I like the variety. Now fuck me Luke. Fuck me good." Since I came once, I knew she was in for a long fuck session.

We started slow, then I would speed up, to where she would be close to cumming again. Then slow down and do real slow strokes. Then speed up again. I kept this up for almost 20 minutes. I then raised her legs up and got my arms behind her knees, driving her knees back so they almost touched her shoulders.

Time was right to bang the fuck out of her.If Mo and Brad were still fucking, we had no clue, we were to lost in ourselves to care about them. "Oh Yeah Baby. Drive that cock in me Harddddddddddddddddddd" she yelled out. "Fuck my cunt. God you big cock feels so good." "Sarah, My god you are so tight now. Fuck you have a great pussy, and I love how the studs feel. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk" I started pounding into her. The other two had to have heard our skin slapping together.

Sarah kept screaming this high shrill sound as I pounded her pussy. "Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck. I'm going to Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" That was all I needed to hear, as my balls tightened up and that feeling oyu get just before cumming. "Fuckkkkkkkkk I am going to shoot" "Cum Baby, Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" I pulled out of her during her orgasm and started shooting cum all over her belly, tits, and then pussy. Sarah's eye's went wide, and she smiled. "Oh my god, that was a shitload of cum.

You could have shot that in me Sweetie." I just smiled at her, then leaned over and started licking it up. I made sure I captured every drop of hit, then moved up, between her legs, so we were face to face, opened my mouth to show her the cum.

Sarah opened her mouth and let me drip the cum into her hungry mouth. Then I pressed my lips to her and we kissed for the next few minutes passionately. As we kissed, my cock, which was still pretty stiff, slipped back inside her. We started fucking again, but kissing the whole time. She came within two minutes of this. We just laid there, holding each other and panting.

"Oh My God Luke. You are one kinky bastard. Fuck I just fell in love with you. Brad's the only man I have been with that licks his own cum up. Mo and I are so lucky." I then rolled off of her and pulled her into me and I reached over and turned the light off. She felt good, nestled in my arms. "Thank you. You really are a fabulous lover Luke.

Mo already said you were, but feeling and seeing is believing. Maybe in the morning, you could make love to me. I love morning love making" Did you ever have the feeling someone was staring at you, while you slept? Well, I had that feeling and opened my eyes to see Sarah, laying on her side, her head being held up by her hand, and just smiling away. "Good morning sleepy head. Hope slept good.

I did." "What time is it anyways? And, I slept great. Must have been the workout last night." "It's 7:30. I've been awake since 7. Had to pee. I peed at 3am and those two were still going at it." I laughed and said, "That's Mo. She can go all night, if you let her. If some shrink ever examined us, they would say that all four of us are nympho's." Sarah laughed and replied, "Oh, I would have to agree with them.

Brad and I do it 5 to 6 days a week. And most times twice a session." I got up and had to pee, but was right back. I could hear the other two softly snoring away. "I don't believe we are going to see our spouses for a while." Sarah smiled then asked. "So are you saying you two are talking marriage?" I nodded my head, "Yes.

I hope we are by this time next year. I'd do it now, but we figure the family would say shit about it." "Awesome. You guys better invite us. You two make a great couple. You really do. " "Thanks. So do you and Brad.

Both are very attractive. Fun to be with, and seem very down to earth, and definitely not phoney." "And, you will be invited too. In fact, we should have two ceremonies. One for the regular people, then one with just us 4, naked. We both do our vows, then make love to one another." "Oh. I like how you think." and giggled. "How about making love to me now. Very passionately please. You need to know I am not just some slut in bed." I pushed her back and lay on top of her, kissing her.

"I never thought that for a second. You are too passionate a person." I did to sarah, what I did to Mo, the first time we made love. Kissing and licking her everywhere, including her toes. Then when I put my throbbing member inside her, her legs came and wrapped around my waist.

"That was amazing Luke." We kissed and made love slowly for the next 15 or so minutes. Neither of us in a rush to orgasm, but towards the end, we did speed it up, to find our mutual release that we needed. Sarah moaned in my ear, "cumming baby. Cum with me" I started shooting inside her this time. Our mouths locked together as we came. When we uncoupled, Sarah just smiled over at me. "Maureen is right. You are a terrific love maker. I'd love to experience that again with you soon.

Let's go fix us, and them breakfast, then I'll pierce you two." Sarah and I worked together on getting breakfast ready. We both stayed naked, although, she did wear an apron when it came to frying the egg up. Brad and Mo came down the stairs about 30 minutes later, looking like they just got done having their own encounter. Mo and I hugged then kissed passionately, as did Brad and Sarah.

Mo smiled up at me and said, "I love you so much." I replied, "I love you too sexy." Brad and Sarah were still kissing, when we smelled eggs burning. "Shit. I forgot about them" and we all laughed. We then sat and ate and talked about the experience that we had.

We all agreed that we would like to continue this and move forward with it. There was no jealousy on anyone's part and we all had a great time. Brad said that Mo woke him up somewhere around 3am and they fucked again. Sarah said we just got done having sex before we came down to start breakfast. She omitted the part is that we made love. Sometimes, lovers need to have small secrets, I guess.

After breakfast, Sarah went and got her supplies for piercing. She had Brad lay a clean sheet on top of the kitchen island, saying this would be a good height to work with. I was first, since it would only take a few minutes to do me. Sarah wanted me half hard, so she held my dick out for Mo to suck it. Then Sarah took one suck at it, and giggled.

She first applied alcohol, then this liquid that helped numb the area, like they use in a hospital, just before stitches.

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She gloved up and then opened the package that had the needle and line. Attaching the line to the uncapped end of the stud, then slowly started inserting it. "This will cause a little discomfort. Mostly like a pinch is all." And she was right. It felt like a pinch, but that was it. Then she poured more alcohol over the area, wiped it with an antibacterial cream, and put the stud ball on the threaded end and tightened it down.

"Oh wow babe. That looks sexy. Damn. I wish we didn't have to wait so long to use it." Mo sighed. Then Sarah got Mo up there and basically did the same to her, through her labia lips.

3 on each side. Mo said she felt a slight pinch, but that was it. She said her clit ring hurt far worse. Sarah said that is because the bitch didn't know how to do it right. Then Sarah gave us written instructions on how to care for it and said we had to follow these to the letter, or risk infection.

She even gave us a gallon bottle of saline solution that we needed to soak the area with, daily. "Mo, you'll need to do this in the bathtub, while Loverboy there, can pour some in a mug and soak his dick." and giggled. "Also. You 2 will be a bit sore for the first few days and you cannot have sex for like 3 to 4 weeks.

They have to heal up pretty good. Mo can probably have it sooner than you Luke." "Well, that sucks. I can hardly go 2 days without him." We three just chuckled, but Sarah was serious. "Honey, I know you have a sex drive, as your man does too, but no sense risking an infection, or tearing those out. But after you heal, your sex will be at a new and wonderful level, trust me on that.

You'll be more sensitive and cum a great deal more, right baby?" "Oh yeah. The benefits to this definitely outweigh the lack of sex for a few weeks. Of course, if Mo is ready, and you're not Luke, I can stand in for you." Sarah piped up, and if Luke is ready, I can put a condom on it and take care of him if Mo isn't ready." Mo laughed and said, "So nice to have 2 great friends like you 2" and giggled, seeing she was being a bit sarcastic.

We then got dressed, and made plans to meet here in a couple of days, so Sarah could look at how we were healing. We all then kissed goodbye, with Sarah kissing me quite passionately, as did Mo and Brad. On the way home Mo asked, "Any misgivings or regret?" "None my love.

It was special, and exciting" We then told each other about our private time together and the talks we had with them. From what Mo said, he basically said the same as Sarah.

Mo and I agreed that we would love to see them again and hopefully many times after this. Mo said she feels a special bond with sarah.

Almost like she has with Jessie. We did decide not to tell Jessie about them just yet. So we could see where this leads. Jessie saw us later that evening.

She came down to the family room and Mo told her to look at her pussy and what she had done. Jessie said, "Ouch". But Mo told her there was very little pain. Then she showed Jessie my new stud. "Holy Fuck Luke. That has to hurt." I told her it didn't, at least not yet. Mo told her the whole story. Jessie got a little quiet then asked, "Does this mean, we are done being lovers?" and had a very sad look on her face.

"Heavens no. Why would you think that. You are my very best friend. But Luke and I wanted to be with a couple, and these two are like us. They don't want multiple partners, just some really good friends who also enjoy sex.

They know all about you and are dying to meet you. Trust me, you'll really like them." Mo went on to tell her about how we all met and where we met. "Oh, I know who she is. I have shopped there before. She's a little doll. But, I'll be honest, I don't know if I could get Mike to swing. Getting him to go naked is one thing, but who knows. I'm game though." A few days later, we met again and Sarah checked us out and then told us where to get more saline solution.

We all then went to dinner and enjoyed each other's company. When we got home, Mo asked if we could get a hot tub for our basement.

I said sure, but let's wait until after the holidays. She agreed with that. But I did start looking at the one room my former stepson used as his room, before he went to the service. I cleaned it out and pulled up the old carpet that was in there. For the next 3 weeks, we met up with Brad and Sarah. Dinners, or a movie, and even went to this one sports bar to watch the Steelers.

We always went away with a good feeling about them. The week before Christmas, we went to their house and Sarah looked us over and gave us a clean bill of health. Mo wasted no time in giving me a blw job, righton their couch. Of course those wto got busy too. By evening's end, both girls were fucked by us guys, but I had to take it easy and couldn't go full tilt on either of them.

Just getting to cum was fine with me. That Monday, Mo called around 5:30 and said her car wouldn't start. I went to her work and got it going. She has been having trouble with it, for some time now. It was a 10 year old Honda, with 130,000 miles on it. So I got the idea what to get her for Christmas, besides the other things I had bought already.

2 days before Christmas, I went to the local dealer and leased a Ford Escape. Brand New, pretty much loaded, and 4 wheel drive.

I have the Explorer and love it, but Mo said it is too big for her. So I was going to do one of those cheesy commercials, with the bow on top and hide it in the garage on Christmas Eve. She came home on the Eve, from work, and the garage door wouldn't open up, on her side.

She came in and told me about it. I said I would look at it in a bit. She said she was going to go shower, since we had to go to her sister's for dinner. I told her that the unit must be broke and I would fix it the day after, which she said Ok too.

I was smart enough to leave my car out, so no chance of her seeing the car beforehand. Jessie and Mike were going with us too. Little did these girls know, but later, we both were popping the question to them tonight. I had already asked Bob and Angie, and got their blessing. When we got back home, it was almost midnight. The girls said, let's open some presents tonight.

Mike and I agreed. Once in the house, the girls said they'd be right back. A few minutes later, they showed up in the family room with red, see-through babydoll outfits, thigh high stockings and Santa hats. They threw us some hats too and said, get naked and put them on. We all were sitting by the tree, when Mike reached over and handed Jessie a box.

She opened it and her eyes got huge. Mo had no idea what it was. "Jessie." Mike said. "I am not going through life anymore without you in. Marry me sweetheart." Jessie was flabbergasted. First time I can recall, she couldn't speak. Tears running down her face, then jumped into Mike's arms, "Yes, Yes, a million times Yessssssssssssss" She pushed him back onto the floor and just kissed and kissed him. Mo was crying now too, as I hugged her close. "I'm so happy for you two.

Thank you for letting us be a part of this moment." Mo said. "Well Mo, I can think of one way to make you cry more." I pulled the ring out that I had hidden in my hand. "Maureen, would you do me the honor and be my beautiful wife?", and placed the ring on her finger. "Of course I will. There is no one I would rather spend my life with Baby.

I love you so much" Mo straddled me and planted passionate kisses on me. My cock was rising to for the occasion. Mo reached her hand back and slipped me inside her. Jessie saw this and did the same to Mike. Mike had a shocked look on his face, but then relented as Jessie started pumping up and down on his swollen shaft. "Could you ask for a better present Mo?" Jessie asked. "No way. My best friend and I get engaged the same night, in front of each other, and now have our men inside us.Can't get better than this." About 5 minutes later, Jessie said, "wait, let's finish this later in our beds.

But god, this cock feels extra special tonight." We all laughed. Then Mo handed me an envelope. I opened it and saw it was a Hot Tub. Damn nice one too. 8 person, with lights and music too.

I read the note. It said "Merry Christmas Lover, I couldn't wait and Mike and Jessie helped pick it out. Delivery is in 3 days. "Oh baby, you shouldn't of have." "I know, but I just wanted us to have one soon. I hope oyu like it." "Sweetie, it could have been a tin can and I would love it. It came from you." Jessie and Mike exchange a few gifts and then Mo and I did too. I had one more to give her and asked her to follow me. We go to the door leading to the garage and I said go in there.

She opened the door up, turned on the light, and saw the car. She looked at it, then me, then back to the car. "Really, for me?" "Yes baby, for you. You deserve this.

That piece of junk out there in no more. Hope you like it." She grabbed a coat and threw it on and went out to look at it. She fell in love with it. About 5 minutes later, she said let's go back in. "Nice huh. Sister?" Jessie asked. "OH wow, what a christmas.

A new car and engaged to the sexiest man on earth. No offense Mike." Mike laughed and said, "None taken Sweetie. Just as long as Jess feels that ways about me." "Like you didnt know.


Now take me upstairs and make love to me all night Baby. No fucking tonight, all love making." Mo and I turned off the lights, and headed to bed. But first, she took a pic of the ring and sent it to Jackie, then Sarah. We too, then made love for the next hour.

No fucking. Just total love making. The next morning, we awoke to see Jessie looking at us. She was smiling down at us, naked of course.

"Get up you two. Let's not sleep the day away. Plus we got more presents to open." Somehow we dragged our asses out of bed and into the Family Room. I looked at the clock and it said, 7:30. "Fuck, no wonder why I am so tired.", I thought.

Mike was sitting on the couch looking like a bulldozer ran him over. Mike nodded at me, as if to say, "not my fault, she's crazy". Jessie and Mo started exchanging gifts. Most of it was girly stuff. Perfume, lotions, and wine, things like that. Then Jessie got Mo a double ended dildo. Now that made Mike and I sit up and take notice. Mo got Jessie a coupon to get her pussy pierced too, from Sarah. Jessie loved the idea. Mike and I exchanged gifts as well, and then we watched as the girls decided they had to try out the dildo.

They sat across from one another and started kissing. As they did, I sat back and watched. Mike was sitting up and taking in the sight of these two beauties getting hot. They each worked the toy inside them and started rocking back and forth, kissing the whole time. It wasn't long before they both started cumming. Mike shook his head in disbelief, "Holy Fuck. That is so Hot." I agreed with him and told him to sit back, because I doubt that they are done.

I was right. The girls then took the toy out and started to 69, right there on the floor. Mo was on top, and her ass was pointed right at us. I looked over at Mike and saw his cock was quite hard now. Mine was growing too. Mike is definitely blessed when it comes to dick. The girls kept going at it.

Moaning a great deal, and I know Mo had came once, since they got in that position. I got up and walked towards them and motioned Mike over. He hesitated at first, then came and joined me. I whispered to Mike, "Go on, take Mo from behind. She's been wanting you since you walked into this house." He looked at me, "Really? No Shit?" "No Shit buddy. It's just sex between best friends. Enjoy" He knelt behind Mo and rubbed his cock on her slit. I could hear Jessie tell him, "That's it Babe, fill her pussy with that gorgeous meat.

Fuck her good, like it is me" His cock slipped inside her, and all we heard was, "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. About time you filled my hole" "We share everything around here mister, so enough of this walking on eggshells. Fuck Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" Mike did as he was told and started fucking her hard. Jessie slipped out from underneath them and came and stood by me. Her hand was on my cock in no time, stroking it to their rhythm. Jessie then walked over to Mike, bent down a little and started kissing him.

"Fuck baby, doesn't her pussy feel great? God you look so sexy and hot, fucking her" Mike smiled and said, "Why aren't you and Luke fucking then?" Jessie needed no more comments and got on her knees too, touching Mo and facing Mike.

I got behind her and entered her for the first time in ages. As I did, I leaned over and kissed Mo. "Very Merry Christmas Guys", Mo said. Jessie moaned out' "Very Merry Fucking Christmas. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk"