Wondrous Party Girlfriends Sucking Teen Boyfriend

Wondrous Party Girlfriends Sucking Teen Boyfriend
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Chapter two Chapter 2 It is now well after 10:00 pm and most all of the dinner guests are gone as he retrieves her tiny wrap, he for a moment ponders the thought of staying for a night cap as the lights of the city at this time of night are quite beautiful overpowering and very romantic and the thought of being with Diane under theses circumstances are very appealing, But then realizes he has not only made other plans, and also has a cab waiting.

Besides there will be many other evenings, that they will spend together over the next several weeks and that romance for the time being will have to take a back seat. He remembers what next is in store for my naive and very horny young wife, who's gambling habit has now been abruptly cut short. She is all back together and looks none the worse for ware as CJ escorts her through the bar several of the men that have enjoyed her company and assistance in the men's room have boldly looked her over and have commented to CJ what an incredible woman she is and that anyone of them would be more than happy to keep her company, she again blushes at their vocal comment.

Once it the elevator he wraps his arms around her and gives her another passionate and very deep kiss telling her that she is an incredible woman who has preformed his requests admirably and that if she keeps it up the debt will be paid in full in no time at all.

Once out of the elevator the cab and driver that delivered her earlier is dutifully waiting, and in the front seat is another person he opens the door for them and they both get in. The passenger has turned around and is really looking over Diane.

Her dress is really short and she is showing a lot of cleavage both are of great interest to him.

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CJ is amused at the attention she is getting as the man is not at all good looking and is more of a slimy looking black little weasel of a man, that is peering at her in a lecherous way! Diane is very uncomfortable at the way he is looking her over as the cab drives off. The driver asks CJ where to? And CJ gives him the address. The cab driver shakes his head and says nothing.

The grubby little sleazes ball of a man is leering more intently at my wife's legs and breasts drooling, and making vulgar noises The driver finally says would I mind stopping at there dispatch center so that the guy's, other drivers can see Diane naked!

CJ says not at allas his plans will not be affected if they take a little detour and is more than happy to continue her more than obvious discomfort and the letches obvious interest.

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CJ then says to the driver I will go you and your friend one better and tells my wife to turn around as CJ then unzips her dress all the way, and with little ceremony instantly pulls on it leaving her totally naked the little creep in the front seat is beside himself as apparently he has never seensuch a beautiful naked young white woman that is only a few feet away.

The driver almost chokes at what has happened. CJ asks the creep would he like a souvenir, the little man can hardly talk only nodding his head with the spital and the lust of a true voyeur vulgarly displayed along with the sweat on his face!.


Diane is terrified as this letch drools at her soft white nakedness. CJ tells him to open the sliding partition that separates the front from the back and as it opens CJ sticks Diane's blue dress through the opening, the nasty little man grabs it and buries his face in the soft and wonderful smell of my wife's female ambiance.

Diane is stunned at first and now realizes she has nothing to wear.The little sadistic looking man is making animal noises of lust as his nose has found the damp muskie odor that has been closest to that most wonderful place and the animal sounds he is making to my wife are both stimulating and frightening, as he continues to act as though he is going to get off from this most wonderful gift!

My wife is now a little calmer and uses CJ for some male comfort and protection as she slides up really tight next to him, he is fully dressed in a suit and tie and she is wearing nothing! CJ places his hand down in between Diane's bare legs and finds her soft and now even wetter folds, she reacts with a start and gasp as his fingers find her swollen and stimulated clitoris! My wife, has this most unusual and unconscious erotic habit of squeezing her thighs together when my hand is in her crotch.

It is kind of like a sexual pacifier and a precursor to sex!. CJ is pleasantly surprised as she, does not even realize what she is doing, to CJ it is an incredible and most wonderful feeling, something he has never experienced before with any another woman. He looks at my wife in wonder, her eyes are fixed straight ahead on this greasy pervert and is only thinking about what he might do to her if he gets the chance? She is thankful there is a partition between them as the cab pulls into the dispatch center.

It is just after 11:00 now. it is a slow night and a number of cabbies about six of them are in a small back room playing cards waiting for a call. The driver an older fatherly looking black man now opens the door on her side and offers his hand, she balks for a moment realizing she is still naked, he then helps her out and in doing so holds her hand up and slowly turns her around admiring her naked unblemished beauty patting her lovly bottom and then pulls her off by her hand towards the smoke filled room!

The little creep much to my wife's distaste has gotten out, leaving her dress behind in his haste, and is quickly following behind. The view of her bare white flesh and the way her bottom twists and wiggles with each step she takes, is quite erotically perverse and sexually exciting, not only to him. CJ has also gotten out and is following them.

The same view of her behind is also a wonderful sight along with the way 4" hi heels make a woman's ass legs thighs and calf's look so incredible as they enter the room. The card game is immediately over as all eyes are focused on Diane's bare breasts ass and sinfully bare and unprotected pubic area!

She is the most beautiful and lovely thing, I have always known this, but she has never thought of herself as being really attractive. The men are gawking as the older cab driver leads her around the table, letting each of the men drink in her naked beauty and fondle her. The little grease ball is still close behind peering even more intently at her bare bottom he, is apparently quite taken with it!

My wife responds to hands all over her, that are exploring her unprotected nakedness, with a gasp here and pleasurable moan there! Diane loves the attention as her fantasy of being naked helpless fondled and felt up, in front of ,and by men lots of them has again easily and pleasurably become reality as she once told me that she is a closet exhibitionist, but is now out of the closet! This blissful thought is quickly interrupted by the weasel as he cannot help himself and pinches her bottom so hard she yelps out in pain.

The little weasel breaks into a sadistic grin as the older man tells him to be more of a gentleman. This is followed by him saying who?. Would like to fuck her all of their hands go up with some vocal yes's who? Would like her to give them a really good old fashion blow job! Again all the hands go up! And who? would like to fuck her in her tight little white ass hole! Only the weasel says "me" quite loudly!

This comment from him has turned one of her "darkest" fantasy into an ever more appealing one. With the cards still on the table the older cabbie says, I know we will bet on who gets to do her, as money lots of it is now on the table. Diane is now standing between CJ and the older cabbie speechless, as to what is unfolding in front of her and thinking OMG they are going to gamble over me. The thought to her is strangely exciting and even stimulating!. CJ says, hold it a minute, telling everyone that she is a gambler and that she should get the chance to bet or save her ass.

Some grumbling occurs and all finally agree. As the first hand is dealt she does quite well, along with the second and third down to the point that she wins the final hand! All are amazed as she is a woman standing there naked in front of all these strange men and that she has actually won big!. No one is more amazed than me, when CJ later tells me this story as Diane almost never wins and I have her gambling debts to prove it.

My wife is leaning over the table gathering up the money not giving any thought now that she is naked. Her round over indulged globes of her bottom wiggle and jiggle quite provocatively as she grabs the money. Diane still has a big red spot where the weasel pinched her, but it is fading. She is smiling at CJ as she sticks fists full of money into his suit pockets. When the weasel says.

hold on I didn't get to bet? He is now eying my wife up and down, there is silence, when the older cabbie says I've got it just cut the cards, high card wins no money best two out of three.

If she wins she gets to go, and if you win you get to do anything you want to her!!! CJ just nods but says to him if you win I can't give her to you tonight or tomorrow, but that he will bring her back on Sunday! The weasel reluctantly agrees, as older man shuffles the cards over and over finally laying them on the table saying ladies first, my wife cuts a queen and the weasel cuts an eight. The cards are shuffled again, she cuts a jack, and he cuts a king. It is now even up.

As the last hand is shuffled she is worried as she knows she is not that good or lucky. when the old cabbie finally puts the cards down this is it. She, my wife tells him, the weasel, you go firsthis confident leer turns into a frown as he cuts a three. My wife is now holding her breath hesitating slightly with the confident smile of a gamblers sure thing, finally deciding between two cards pulling out and slowly turning over a &hellip.deuce!!! Her knees are week and she cannot believe what has just happened as the weasel grabs her soft slightly sagging ass cheeks and says these are mine!

He has been eying them all night and gives them a good hard squeeze! As she yelps! He is now drooling again with the possibilities of what he or his lecherous friends are going to do to her, Diane is scared and turned on at the same time. The thought of sadistic sex leaves her legs trembling he continues fondling her and sticks his greasy little face between her milky white breasts and savagely pulls her nipples around each sides of his cheeks before letting them go.

He then goes on to say that he is going to chain her to the urinal in the back bathroom and that he and all his perverted friends are going to make her squeal like a stuck helpless little pig! This is followed by grabbing her hand and almost dragging her into their restroom! Once she is in the room tells her to stand up on her toes, and then again followed by him saying faster as he watches the buns of her bottom giggle up and down in the most provocative and nasty way!

OMG, for Diane this place is exactly what her dark fantasy has been about it is everything that the men's room it the restaurant is not. The floor is wetthe place smells of piss and has not been cleaned for months. Both the toilet, that has half of a broken wooden lid and the only urinal are filthy, urine and yellow stains are every where there are all sorts of crude graffiti of horrible nasty writings and remarks written all over the walls about cunts bitches and slutty whores.

The weasel asks Diane her name, she says nothing he asks again, and reminds her, as he roughly rubs her bare ass. That he, has won the bet and emphasizes this fact by savagely twisting one of her nipples until she screams!

CJ sticks his head in the door to make sure that she is only, being tastefully abused. My wife with her heart pounding finally tells him.

He takes out a bold red marking pen and writes her name in big letters and then underneath it in even bigger letters scrawls BLACK COCK WHORE! He then grabs her by her hair and forces her face up against the dirty wall and holds his cell phone camera up and takes several pictures of both of them with those words with her name and face framed vividly in the back ground!. Then he unzips his pants unbuckles his belt and forces her head down to his crotch where a somewhat deformed slimy cock appears!

It is a fair sized one with a large light skin colored head that twists up and to one side it is about the size of a tennis ball, but is quite grotesque and unappealing, it has splotches of lighter colored skin.

There are scars that show it has been horribly abused and surgically repaired it also has a number of small lumps bumps and numerous large warts! He forces her head up closer, the smell is repugnant, sicking and quite overpowering. Even worse, his shorts have yellow stains and the sick sweet smell of dried semen from numerous masturbation's reeks from his lower torso! He then says, boy I will just bet a little white cunt like you would love to suck on a real mans dickor have it crammed up your tight pink little asshole!

My wife is queasy at the thought, but strangely her cunt muscles and sphincter contract at the thought, along with an even more perked anticipating feeling from her little clitoris! He then says "kiss it" she tries to recoil in horror, but his strong hand that is wrapped in her dark brown hair forces her closer, as he again says "kiss it".

That's it you little bitch right on the end. He now has both hands on her head as her red lips are forced to touch the tip of this dripping male meat and he forcefully rolls her head back and forth over the end of its hardness using her lips like a thumb print pad, as if they were fingerprints!

He then jerks her up and with his pants still unzipped puts his hands on her butt again squeezing it and pushes her back out to the table.


CJ says, eying his distasteful looking piece of man hood that has a pretty red silhouette of Diane's lips on the end, and says what time on Sunday do you want her back? The weasel says 11:00 pm as he proudly shows the image of red lip stick that has boldly left its imprint on his cock!. CJ then takes Diane's hand and gives her a bottle of water which she quickly drinks gargles and spits out several times trying to get rid of the weasels stench, and leads her back to the cab with the old cabbie, once in the cab he looks her in the eye.

He is amazed at the look on her face it is a combination of wonder anticipation and dread, as though she is somewhere else or in some sort of sexually erotic trance her eyes are glassy and have this mixed look of utter disbelief along with the possibilities of sadistic?

or pleasurable abuse both for her are apparently appealing!. She looks so innocently helpless setting there naked in the back seat of the cab. The old cabbie asks CJ again if he is sure about the address and CJ says yes. The cab leaves the dispatch center and once on the road CJ's hand is again down in between Diane's soft white thighs the wonderful squeezing of his hand with her thighs subconsciously starts again with out any prodding.

My wife is starring straight ahead and still thinking about tomorrow. When CJ takes his other hand and lovingly touches her cheek and directs her incredibly luscious red lips to his as a very sweet and tender kiss prevails he is beginning to love this young woman as much as I. Her eyes finally register where she is and what has happened relaxes and easily submits to his tender touch, but her thighs only continue to squeeze his hand ever tighter she is wet from the earlier thoughts and even wetter now from his loving touch, her heart is pounding again as he seems to know exactly what she wants.

The cab finally swings into an obscure back alley it is not all that far from the Boutique that she left earlier in the day. It is a specialty shop called Cold Steel and is run by an elderly black man who's name is Mr Steel it is almost 12:00 am. There are several people milling around, night people some prostitutes and customers most are black.

My wife is worried again as she is still nude her blue dress is up front and the old cabbie has offered it back. Diane is at first relieved and thinks that she will at least get something to wear, even if it is only this skimpy dress, but CJ declines saying, I told the weasel it was a souvenir and his to keep and I never go back on my word!.

This comment has left my wife speechless! The old cabbie opens her door and CJ pushes her up and out of the cab the night is cool. There are lots of lights and a big window that show the colorful display items of tattoo samples and all sorts of piercing jewelry and the hardware that goes with it are prominently on display.

Diane has always been fascinated by both tattoos and piercing, however she never would willingly do either. We have had all sorts of fun during the first several years of our marriage. In that I have written on her, nasty things with marking pens and have used numerous temporary tattoos on her. She is and has been quite taken with big blood red hearts and roses mostly on her breasts and bottom and I have had some special order ones made to accommodate her zeal and interest in them, but they are temporary.

What CJ and I have both agreed on was to make her think that she is going to be permanently tattooed, as a black cock whore that is co owned by me, her husband, and by CJ her new black master and that when she is in his company he has the power to do whatever he wants with her as his submissive and obedient slave, just as if she was a young black female slave during the period of slavery.

The thought to my wife is somewhat intoxicating as she has also had fantasy's about such things only in reverse. The slave girl is white and her sadistic master is black! She never thought that she would be tattooed or marked even after reading the agreement even though it clearly states that this is to be done!

The thought and possibility of being branded in fantasy was delicious, but in reality was quite unthinkable. CJ has taken her hand and almost has to drag her to the entrance. The hookers that are standing in front of the place tell CJ to get her the fuck out of there!. As she is now being eyed by their prospective customers, as she is totally nude and in the bright lights of the shop looks rather helpless and sinfully attractive, and has easily given the hookers more than enough competition.

She also looks so innocent like the girl next door this freshness along with her white shamelessly exposed nakedness is even more appealing to the prospective john's CJ is now holding her hands behind her back as the older cabbie opens the door and asks CJ when should he come back to pick them up? He says about an hour should be enough maybe a little longer.

Diane is even more concerned now as the lights are even brighter inside, and the place is packed for 12:00 am. Most of the patrons attention is directed to, who has just entered by the door chime. The fact that she is white, naked and being escorted by a black man wearing a suit brings even more attention. Diane's fantasy is fulfilled once again as he guides her around the glass display cabinets and in between the aisles and people.

One young lesbian and her girlfriend? Top or bottom, comment on my wife's beautiful white skin and say's what a bare canvas as she holds her colorful tattooed arm up next to my wife's bare one, and then pulls her loose fitting top down below her tits with little modesty revealing all of the colorful tattoos that adorn them. She looks enviously at my wife's sinfully bare and totally unmarked breasts and her pubic area that looks so inviting, I have shaved Diane so much that it hardly grows back anymore.

The young girl then asks CJ why she is here ? He answers in a mater of fact tone, that she is his, black cock whore and has been brought here to be permanently marked registered and tattooed. He goes on to say that she is co owned by him, and her husband and that he is her new black master! She then asks CJ can she please touch her breasts.

CJ nods and this young woman immediately and lovingly first, softly pinches her nipples and then squeezes the softness fullness of them, my wife is not at all sure how to react as the young woman again comments to her friend that they would be perfect to pierce and tattoo!

Her hand then trails down to my wife's mound and clit as she raises her, short little skirt revealing a hairless mound that has the most beautiful tattoo surrounding it, that goes up an out in all directions like some sort of starburst that tapers to her abdomen and out to her full thighs. Her labia and clitoris also have numerous chrome rings! And again states that my wife's would be so perfect to do the same to!

Diane has never had another woman so blatantly fondle her much less make such outrageous comments the fact that almost everyone in the place has tattoos and most are numerous and cover much of their bodies, at least what one can see of them is quite apparent.

The girl has made no effort to cover her breasts and then asks CJ is she, my wife for sale? Can she rent borrow or steal her for a while and if so how much?

For her, it is quite unusual to see such a innocently looking white middle class young woman in this establishment at all, much less at this time of night.

CJ tells her to give him her number and that he would see what he could do!


Much to my wife's astonishment as she is strangely aroused and uncomfortable at the thought of this this young tattooed woman and her companion having her as some sort of sexual play thing!. A beautiful young black woman dressed in a lab coat has made her way to CJ and asks looking Diane up and down, is she here for an appointment?

Is she the one that is to be marked tattooed and registered ? CJ tells her yes. My wife has gone from concern to almost uncontrolled fright and has a much more worried look on her face. She balks as the girl takes her hand from CJ and pulls her past several customers, and into the back room. The place is more like a doctors examining room than a tattoo parlor. There are several padded metal tables that have a number of attached fixtures, there are also a number of incredible copies of tattoo art along with 8 x10 color pictures.

Well over 100 of them they are equally divided of piercing's and exotic tattoos. This of course makes the setting no doctors office! Diane is even more worried as Dr Steel inters the room the lab coat gal gives my wife's hand to the doctor and like others lifts it and turns her around admiring her beautiful naked body. Asking CJ what she is here for? He looks like a collage professor and is quite distinguished, CJ later finds out he is, a long with owning this successful business.

CJ with out batting an eye tells the doctor that he owns her and that she is his property and that he has the signed and witnessed papers to prove it! and needs her to be officially marked tattooed and registered as his personal BLACK COCK WHORE! The lab coat girl again takes her hand and leads her over to the wall there is an area for official pictures like at DMV or for a criminal mug shot booth.

She then hands my wife a white card to hold up just below her face that has her official registration number along with the words BLACK COCK WHORE in bold letters.

Diane is in tears as she dutifully holds the sign up and they take a full face shot that flashes and then again with her profile. She then leads her over to one of the tables in preparation for this strict and very legal formality or at least this is what Diane thinks.

The girl asks her to step up and then bend over face down, she is docile and submissive and has turned slightly giving CJ a pleading look of resignation before bending over. She is hoping that in some way he will be able to stop the proceedings. CJ shrugs his shoulders as if to say sorry. its to late.

She is then bent over, under her waist is a higher padded firm cushion as her head and chest are comfortably forced down onto a narrow padded extension that lets her soft white 36"tits hang down unencumbered on either side. A leather strap is tightened around her neck and it alone does not hurt, but she now cannot move.

Next her wrists are fastened to the attachments that stick out forward of the metal table to similar devices. This ordeal is becoming more and more frightening by the minute however there is nothing at all she can do let alone stop it.

She softly starts to plead for them not to do this. The young woman only smiles at her as if taking some personal pleasure at Diane's helpless plight.

CJ and Mr Steel have been talking and they are far enough away that she cannot hear, as CJ explains what we have agreed to do and how she is to marked. We have both agreed that she is to be marked and tattooed on the under side of her right lower buttock so that when she is on her knees or is bent over in a submissive position the words BLACK COCK WHORE will be prominently and vividly displayed.

So that anyone behind her will instantly know her sexual status! We have decided it will be done in dark purple ink they type that was used in butcher shops years ago to mark meat as "US GRADE A CHOICE" !

For Diane it will be permanent and official looking, in reality it will eventually wear off, but the idea is to make her look think and have the feeling of being a legal registered and certified slave to a black man and that she is for all intentional purposes his black cock whore. My wife feels her legs being attached and belted to moveable fixtures at the back of the metal table.

First above her knees and then at her ankles. When both sides are adjusted and the belts are tight she hears the whir of several electrical motors as her legs are slowly spread and the cushion under her bottom is arched up even higher she has this incredible sensation of being totally helpless and vulnerable more so that anything we have ever done or that has ever happened to her in the past.The young attractive black woman has swabbed her nipples labia lips and clitoris in preparation to be pierced as part of this ordeal not knowing that this service will not be required!

The cold feeling of the alcohol on her genitals leaves her trembling.and her heart pounding once again! Now that she is in this position Mr Steel has walked around in front, to where she can see him.

He has the signed legal document that CJ has give him and holds it up in front of her and asks! In a demanding and very official voice, is this your signature!, and is this your legal name!, and did you willingly sign it! Diane does not know what to say, and can only stammer, as he again asks even louder, well did you? &hellip. My wife is in tears meekly says yes.

OMG she thinks to herself she really is going to be a black cock whore!. She really likes CJ even for the short time they have been together, but is unsure as to just what he will do?.

She has no real idea what really will be required of her after this service is complete, hoping that he will not be to harsh or abusive! Mr Steel continues having her recite and repeat, first her name and then that she willingly, has become a submissive, and again meekly repeats the words. He then says to CJ you know I have to fasten all the slaves, cunts and whores down pretty tight when I pierce or brand them as many times they really squeal cry and begand sometimes it, can be a most unpleasant job he has a smile on his face that does not reflect at all what he has just said nor can Diane see his smile.

He Goes on to ask did he want her pierced ? CJ says no and Mr Steel says are you sure,? As this would be the perfect time and I will throw it in along with the tattoo, registration and certification as an extra at no charge?

CJ says he wouldn't mind seeing several small sharp needles poked through her nipples and especially her clit just to see if she would be a good candidate! But again declines to have her actually pierced, much to my wife's relief.

With my wife in this helpless position CJ take interest in her red open toed spiked heels and slowly slips one off of her foot.

She had wondered at the boutique when her hair and nails were done why they had spent so much time on her feet? This special treatment was now going to be brought home in a way she had never imagined ? CJ was one of those guys like me, that loves to see women and especially naked women wearing heels and how it effects their legs and bottom, by making them ever so more shapely and appealing.

Also like me he is stuck in the good old days of garter belts stockings and hi heels. Especially when it comes to girl watching, but for him, he has taken this wonderful leg ass and foot fetish a bit farther, as he loves screwing around with women's feet!

Diane's toe nails have been painted up to where they are a work of inviting art and are, as CJ has though just perfect to pleasurably abuse. He has taken a sharp spiked spur out of a small leather case in his suit pocket and at first starts slowly rolling it along the instep of her foot. This is a most sensitive place and one that my wife has never felt touched in such a sensuous way! No one including me has ever shown any interest or attention to this part of her anatomy and for her is virgin territory.

CJ now slips her other heel off and steps back out of the way for a moment. As Diane flexes and stretches her unencumbered feet and toes. Mr Steel then gets down to business as my wife first feels alcohol on her buttock and then feels the outline of what she thinks are the words, "black cock whore" first being traced and then the ink applied followed by the soft hum of the electric needle as it outlines each letter.

The needle is blunt but give her the sensation. She has never had a real tattoo before and has no idea that what is being done to her is not the real thing. She endures with wet eyes barely whimpering with and occasional mournful shuddering sob of resignation! It does not take long as a stencil has been used and it is quickly and professionally outlined. The fun is not quite over as Both CJ and I have agreed on another little item and that is, she really is going to get a small tattoo!.

It is going to be placed between her pink little sphincter muscle and the lower opening of her slit there is a beautiful white area of very tender virgin flesh about an 1"inch high and 3' inches wide.

This is a place that few has ever touched and it is almost as sensitive as her clit!. His assistant hands Mr Steel a 3" roll of sticky tape and he cuts a piece fastening it on each cheek at the inside of her crack, and then pulls it tight! This opens and bunches her posterior up at the same time. He then rubs the tape quite aggressively against the fleshy inner globesthe results is to open this area even wider and vulgarly exposes the sensitive almost virgin area to be tattooed.

Mr Steel has been setting on a roll around stool as his assistant brings him the rest of his necessary tools and ink. We, CJ and I have decided on dark pink for the real tattoo as this is the perfect color to be used on her white skin, it will be vividly outlined by the same dark purple ink used on her bottom and should stand out wickedly! It will be real and she will be permanently marked as a Black Cock Whore !.The lettering will be 1/4" high and will have CJ's initials above preceding it and cannot be seen by anyone even when she is wearing skimpy underwear or a revealing two piece swim suit.

The only time anyone will be able to see this so slutty and whorish written symbol of her submission, is when she is totally naked and on her knees with her bottom in the air! She of course when in this position and being used by anyone other than me would be a whore, and if that person was black these words could not be more true or accurate The feeling of helplessness and hum of the sharp needle is stimulating as her pussy is almost dripping in anticipation of some sort of attention.

The feeling and sensation is almost like a small aggressive vibrator as if the sensitive nerve ends in this area are being sinfully abused. OMG she, is going to have an orgasm, not being able to hold it and shudders as her fleshy mound and tight little asshole tries to contract, but the tape holds the area being worked on wide and easily apart as she climaxes.

Just as she is starting to cum. Mr Steel moves back out of the way and CJ again steps up and rolls the sharp spiked little wheel across the instep of her right foot. The sensation along with all the others leaves her trembling with another incredible orgasm. OMG the sexual experience and sinful abuse of being tattooed that she has endured along with the loving touch of lust and romance from this adoring black man, who is now starting to love her almost as much as I, leaves her blissfully and totally spent.

Mr steel now finishes up the first of several violations of this most intimate and untouched area of virgin flesh! More pictures are taken close up, very detailed ones that clearly show "BLACK COCK WHORE" but several more are needed to make it official, one with a big black cock down her throat along with the same black cock all the way into her ass and pussy.

They will be uploaded to a permanent world wide registry and data base. That can then be down loaded and burned onto disc,s with pictures of her pretty face slave number along with several full figured nude pictures showing her breasts pussy clit along with her vividly marked ass and will be available to all that have interest in black cock whores!

The smaller pictures of her actual tattoo will not be prominently displayed, but can easily be accessed and those words start with, at the top CJ's initials and then underneath followed by BLACK COCK WHORE. Diane is finally released but is unable to move as CJ tenderly and lovingly rubs her feet slipping her open toed red heels back on, and helps her up. She can hardly stand and still has very mixed feelings in not only her mind, but also her loins.

Mr steel says to CJ here, give her some of this, and bring her back in a week or so to finish the job! The drink he is offering is a mild sedative and also a muscle relaxer. Diane is sore tired and for some reason very thirsty.

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Gulping the liquid in the glass down with out even a thought as to what it is. CJ has settled up with Mr steel and has received her official papers, while his assistant is holding onto Diane steadying her. CJ then puts his arms around her and helps escort her out into the front display area.

His head is next to hers as she leans back on his shoulder, he can smell her hair and the fragrance of her naked body and can also feel her pounding heart along with her measured breathing she feels so wonderful to touch. The old black cabbie has been waiting and has opened the door as the chime rings again, my wife hardly notices as she is even more relaxed. The door of the cab is also opened and CJ has to almost pick her up and set her on the back seat. Several of the night people watch with little concern, as a naked young white woman is being helplessly placed in the back seat of a cab by this black man at 1:30 in the morning and with the black cab driver assisting.

CJ asks the old cabbie to please hold Diane until he can get around to the other side and into the back seat. She has gone from being self conscious and hopelessly embarrassed while naked to now not even being aware of it! The old man has no problem holding her for a moment, as his right hand firmly encircles her left breast holding her, and his other descends into the wet softness between her legs.

She at first gasps slightly and lets out a pleasurable sigh hardly noticing his grip on her soft exposed breast. CJ slips in from the other side next to her.

He then picks her up and places her on his lap. Her arms have no trouble finding there way around his neck, his right arm is under hers and around her bare back.

She is more and more out of it, but her grip around his neck seems to be secure as if he is some sort of protective sentinel. His right arm now has easily slipped down to her waist, and with both of hers around him, has allowed his left hand the freedom to explore her naked body, he starts with her nipples and soft 36 DD breasts.

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The old cab drive turns around enjoying the view and asks where to? CJ says the Edgewater in Oakland. The old man smiles with a knowing smile as the cab drives off. CJ's hand has now gone from her soft breasts downand in between her previously moist and now very wet thighs. Again this most wonderful feeling of her upper inner thigh muscles start to unconsciously squeeze his hand.

He uses his thumb and for finger to kneed her clit as his other three fingers are in her wet little slit, she only winces slightly as he squeezes it a little harder trying to find the point that might awaken her, she is now to the point where it is obvious he can do what ever he wants and there will be no resistance!

The Edgewater is a hotel devoted to swingers and is a great place.

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The hotel is surrounded by a gorgeous courtyard with palm trees, bougainvillea, a greensward, a large swimming pool with a hot tub. It is the place to be naked out of doors; and the perfect place to do sex in public. The hotel rooms have large windows looking out over the courtyard so people can watch or be watched; and in some instances if invited in could easily participate.

The place also has a strip club which makes it even better. CJ has even thought about having her dance and compete there on amateur night that is several days from now.

He has already made reservations for the best and most expensive room, it is the bridal suite! The cab drives up and stops, CJ tells him that he will settle up tomorrow, the old cabbie says not to worry as he has had the best tip that he can ever remember. CJ before getting out, has one more added touch and has planned this night very carefully in his suite pocket, he has a white Bridalveil and matching garter that he carefully places on her head and then he removes her heel and slips the garter up as high on her thigh as possible Right next to her pussy.

They are in front of the main lobby, the cab door is opened and CJ still holding her slides over and carefully gets out trying not to hit her head or legs on the cab, and then carries her through the double doors that automatically open into the lobby and up to the hotel check in counter.

There is a night manager and a reservations clerk on duty, neither seem to be alarmed at all by this immoral and sinful display, of a naked young white woman wearing only a Bridalveil and garter in the arms of a well dressed black man. Continued in Chapter 3