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Soiree libertine en direct sur cam d un couple amateur a mater sur mes cams vo libertinage echangist
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Lady Byte sat in her meditation chamber deep in thought. Her blade sat by the door along with her armor.

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She knew that soon another would try to claim her. She sat cross-legged and nude as she thought. Byte was considered one of the most beautiful women in all of the land. Her raven hair was like silk and offset beautifully with her pale skin. Her dark eyes danced when she laughed but grew cold when she fought. She had a full chest and toned body. Her legs were long and lean and many a man had dreamed of feeling them wrapped around him.

As she meditated, the door behind her opened. A petit blond walked in and softly cleared her throat. Byte turns and looks at the girl.


The girl was barely 18 with fair skin and shoulder length blond hair. Her blue eyes spoke of her intelligence. Her petit breasts were only covered by a very thin dress that only barely covered her ass.

She spoke in a soft voice like velvet. "My lady another is here." Byte sighs and stands. She stands at 5'10 and weighed 150lbs. She straps on her leather armor and walks out with her long sword. She blinks her eyes to adjust to the brightness and then looks at her visitor. The man sat on his horse in shiny armor. A broad sword hung from his side and when he spoke his voice was of regal upbringing.

"Lady Byte I have come to claim you as my bride." He acted as if this should be all she needed to go to him. Byte scoffs.


"I will only go with the man who can best me in battle." Her voice rang out strong and true. She draws her sword and waits.

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The knight climbs off his horse and draws his sword. "Foolish wench you will never beat me." He says with a sneer as he swing his sword at her head.

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She crouches under the swing and stabs his chest. Her sword goes right through his armor as if it is paper. He gasps as he falls dead.

His attendants run up and gather his body scared that now they will die. Byte simply walks back into her home. As she walks in to her home the blond smiles. "He wasn't worthy my lady." She says as she helps Byte out of her armor. Her hands dance around Byte's ample bosom.

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Byte shivers with pleasure. "No he wasn't Juniper. Only one ever was." She shakes her head and smiles at Juniper. "Draw me a bath. I wish to wash his stench off." Juniper nods and takes off to draw her bath. Byte sits back and thinks of the one that beat her. Byte had always been a warrior, trained from a very early age to defend herself. Her father was so proud that he passed his blade on to her over his son. He told her on the day he gave her the blade.

"Only the man that can defeat you in battle is worthy of you. Never forget that my child." Byte lived her life by that statement. Every time a man approached her, she challenged him to a fight. No man was ever good enough for her. She earned enough for a home by being a hired sword. Her reputation spread and eventually everyday a new man would come to court her. She defeated them all and began to think that no man was her equal.

Then he came along. "Your bath is ready my lady." Juniper said interrupting her thoughts. Byte smiles and follows her.

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Juniper helps her into the hot water and starts to wash her. Her nimble hands slide all over Byte's ample chest as she lathers her up. Byte leans back and moans at her touch. Juniper smiles and starts to tweak her nipples. She then starts to slide her hand down to Byte's eager sex. She licks Byte's neck while she starts to finger her. Byte moans and grabs the side of the tub. Juniper uses her middle finger to penetrate her while she rubs her clit with the heel of her hand. Byte gets louder and thrashes in the tub.

Suddenly she grabs Juni and pulls her into the water.

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She kisses her deeply and takes off her dress. Byte then starts to nibble on her neck while Juni keeps fingering her.

Byte moans into Juni's soft neck and starts to buck against her fingers as Juni slips a second one in her. "Oh god Juni don't stop I am so close." Byte moans as she opens her legs as far as the little tub will let her. Juni does her best to obey and fingers her rapidly feeling Byte's pussy clamp down on her fingers as she cums.

Byte lets out a scream and then starts to pant as she comes down off her high. Juni smiles at her. Byte stands up on shaky legs and pulls Juni over to the bed. She roughly pushes Juni on the bed and starts to kiss her passionately. Juni submits to her and spreads her legs.

Byte smiles and starts to suck on her small breasts while she rubs her clit lightly. Juni gasps and bites her bottom lip. Byte smiles as she trails kisses down her body. She reaches Juni's glistening pussy and starts to slowly lick her outer lips.

Juni claws at the bed sheets whimpering and moaning. Byte starts to flick her clit with her tongue and smiles as she squirms. As she feels Juni get right on the edge of an orgasm and she stops with a wicked grin. "PLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEE…&hellip.My lady finish me!" Juni begs Byte. Byte smirks and slowly teases Juni's pussy with her fingers. Juni whimpers and starts to thrust them into her as she kisses her.

Byte moves her fingers quickly in and out of her while she listens to her moan. "Cum for me Juni." She says pounding her fingers in hard and deep.

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Juni obeys and cums all over her hand. Byte licks her fingers and slides into bed with her. "Good night lover."