Queening mature seduces young lesbo

Queening mature seduces young lesbo
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She lay in her bed waiting for his call. She looked at the time. Its 3am. She knew he would be calling soon.


She checked her legs, nice and smooth. She was thinking about how sexy she was. 5 feet 6 inches tall, 185 pounds, nice juicy ass & thighs to go along with it. Yes, she has a bit of belly, but that's thanks to her beautiful 2 year old. Her tits weren't as large as she wanted. I easy 38 B, But she wished they were bigger. She felt her self growing wet thinking about her visitor.

She checked her pussy, nice and neatly shaved bare. He was going to have some fun tonight. Her cell finally rang, It was Billy. A smile spread across her face. She answered. Billy says "Dezzie, Im outside. Come let me in." Dezzie said "ok, Ill be right down." She walked down and answered the door.

No words said. They began kissing deeply. Taking his hand and leading him up the stairs. Once in her bedroom she pushed him on the bed. She slowly began undressing herself. She didn't have much on to begin with. First it was her baby blue and black lace nightey. Just standing in front of him in her black lace thong, she took his shirt off.

She started kissing his neck, nibbling his ear lobes, and biting his throat. She took her time kissing down his chest, stopping at each nipple.

Taking it in her mouth, licking, sucking and nibbling. She continued down, kissing his flat tummy. Once she got to his pants she unbuttoning them and unzipped them. He never wore a belt. Taking his pants off along with his shoes and socks. She returned her attention to his growing cock. Kissing it thru his boxers. She slowly took his boxers off.

She positioned herself in between his legs on her knees. Looking at his beautiful cock.


It was at least 7 inches. Enough to full fill her needs. She licked from the base to the tip quickly, making him gasp. She then did it a second time slowly. Licking all over his shaft, then turning her attention to the head. She slowly put it in her mouth. He gasped again. Twirling her tongue, slowly taking more and more in. she began bobbing her head up and down.

A nice slow pace, she began to speed up as she felt his body start moving with her. His breathing uneven. She used her hand to massage his balls and her other hand to jerk him at the same time.

He Soon growled at her, " take them off." She bobbed down three times before standing before him and taking her thong off.

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He moved to the center of the bed, putting all the pillows under his back and head. He grabbed her arm and pulled her on top of him. She took his cock and put it at the entrance of her sopping wet pussy. Taking inch by inch into her pussy. Soon she was completely impaled on his hard throbbing cock.

She leaned forward kissing him. Bouncing her pussy up and down on his dick. They were both soon out of breathe. She sat up and kept grinding her pussy on his cock. His pelvis bone rubbing against her clit. She knew she wasn't going to last much longer. She moved faster, he grabbed her hips and kept thrusting up trying to get deeper.

Moaning "oh Dezzerrae" Knowing that would set her off. Her rhythm was completely lost as her orgasm took over her body.

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She screamed out "oh BLAZE!" He was in pure heaven. As she rested against him taking a few seconds to breathe.

Soon she was being flipped onto her back. His cock never left her pussy. Billy grabbed her legs and put them in the creases of his elbows. Plowing into her hot tight wet pussy. Never wanting to stop. Feeling him move harder and faster her eyes rolled back and she arched her back. She loved his visits. He loved watching her facial expressions, but he wanted to see that as jiggle.

Telling her to get on her hands and knees. He watched as she got in the position. Taking his time.

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He admired her pussy, wet from her own sex juices. Nice and pink. No hair. She really knew how he liked it.

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He took his hard cock in his right hand and put it in her sopping wet pussy. Knowing he was going to really give it to her, she put her face in the pillows, causing her ass to raise higher, giving him better access. He rammed it into her hole. Thrusting in and out, so hard it banged into her cervix.

She let out a cry of pain and pleasure. Soon there was no pain, she began meeting his thrust. Raising her head and arching her back, she pushed back just as hard as he thrust in. she then raised her upper body putting her left arm around the back of his neck and rubbing her clit with her right hand.

She kissed him with such passion. They weren't 2 anymore, they were now one lost in their lust. She felt the orgasm building in the very center of her pussy, the heat radiating thru her body. He Bit Her Neck Like he was a vampire and that sent her over the edge.

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She bent back over and starting pushing harder against him. He felt her cum, her pussy walls gripping his cock.

He felt the feeling in his balls. And he began thrusting even harder. He felt the cum make its journey. He grabbed her hips and shoved in as far as he could go.

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Sensing he was cumming, when he thrust in the last time she wiggled her hips. Tightening her pussy muscles milking every drop of cum out of his softening cock. They collapsed completely spent and fell asleep naked and sweaty.