Sleeping Sister nipple play with jumbo paper clip

Sleeping Sister nipple play with jumbo paper clip
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The perfect paradise cruise had turned into a nightmare. That was all Scott and Amy could think as the African pirates rounded people up. The pleasure yacht had had nearly one hundred people on board, but all were equally helpless now.

The pirates had launched their surprise raid just after dawn, riding the ocean waves on their sleek skiffs. Before anyone could raise an alarm, the armed militiamen were on the ship.

It had happened so fast! Scott tried to think as he clutched his wife protectively. This had been Scott and Amy's 1-year-anniversary pleasure trip, a cruise around the continent of Africa. It was supposed to be the perfect, idyllic adventure -- almost like a second honeymoon. And now only uncertainty gripped him. Terror shone in Amy's pretty blue eyes. Scott wished he could provide some real comfort, but he knew that any words he might say would ring hollow.

The sun rose higher, casting a beautiful ball of fire on the horizon, which Scott and Amy and the other passengers could hardly appreciate given their current crisis. "What are they going to do with us?" Amy whispered. Scott glanced at his beautiful young wife. Amy was blonde, 25 years-old, tall and slender with large, firm breasts and a gorgeous, tanned body.

Her flawless face looked up at him desperately as he put his arm around her waist. "SSSHHH, sweetie. We'll figure a way out of this." He glanced at his wife's diamond ring. Maybe if they bribed the pirates, they would let them go. Hope began to flare like an ember not quite dead in the ashes. Amy's younger sister, Jennifer, had also come along for the ride, hoping to find a young handsome man to hook up with. Jennifer stood a little ways off from them, still in shock. She stood biting her lip, fidgeting constantly.

The sexy young brunette was just 18-years-old, her breasts smaller than Amy's but perfectly sculpted and firm. She was slender too, and shorter than her older sister. Her face was more delicate than Amy's, giving Jennifer an especially innocent look topped with that cute, button-like nose. Scott whispered to Amy. "It looks like they've only taken a portion of us up to the deck. They're keeping the older passengers and the children below." "What do you think it means?" Amy asked.

"I don't know." Scott shuddered, sure he didn't want to find out. Close to 40 people stood on the deck of the yacht now, all young men and women. The women were beautiful and most of the men were fit and handsome.

Scott had to believe that this wasn't sheer coincidence. He counted 15 soldiers on the deck and he knew there were at least 10-15 more below. The leader of the African pirates was a handsome, huge, and muscular Somali with an angular face.

His eyes shone with arrogance and cruelty. It made Scott shiver. All of the pirates wore army fatigues. The only difference was the badge of honors on the pirate leader's breast. The pirate leader strode forward, surveying the milling, terrified passengers. "Hello American tourists. I am General Khari. I wish to welcome you to the coasts of Africa," he shouted. "You have trespassed in our waters and for that you will pay a heavy price!" The big man spread his hands in mock apology.

"If you cooperate fully, who knows, perhaps you may live to tell the tale. If you do not&hellip." He let the sentence hang with deadly promise. "Well, if you do not I will not hesitate to kill you or throw you over the side of this ship." He whispered something to a man beside him. Scott listened carefully and thought he caught the man's name. Imari. The man named Imari seemed to be this pirate General's second-in-command.

He was shorter and stockier than his boss, his face marred by scars on his forehead and chin. He was ugly, but his muscles were impressive and his eyes held a certain charisma. Imari made a gesture to some of the militiamen, who quickly formed a line in front of the frightened tourists.

They aimed their weapons. "Now, you will all obey me. You are my American sex slaves now…nothing more. The sooner you understand this the better. Let us begin. Take off your clothes. Now!" The General's words left all of the young American men and women totally dumbfounded at first. Yet with the prodding of assault rifles and pistols pointed directly at them the captives quickly obeyed, tossing aside everything - shirts, pants, underwear, socks, and shoes.

Soon Amy and Scott stood totally naked, shame painting their cheeks. Poor Jennifer looked so embarrassed, crossing her arms over her exposed breasts.

She walked over to Amy, huddling beside her sister for comfort. "Very good!" the general boomed.

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"Now I have always wanted to be a porn star director, and this will be my debut film," he laughed. Scott was aware of cameras being set up on the deck, and his jaw nearly hit the floor. "Each of you will pick a partner to fuck. I want you all to make a good fuck show for the cameras. Go ahead now. Pair up with someone." Scott couldn't believe this! He shuddered, nodding at Amy, who had tears in her eyes. "It's okay, sweetie.

We'll get through this." The General's man, Imari, came all along the line of tourists and gestured with his pistol. "Come on, hurry up cunts. Find a male partner." He pointed his pistol at Jennifer, who turned ghost-white.

"Have you not picked a cock to fuck yet? Stupid bitch, you want me to shoot you?" He aimed the weapon at Jennifer's exposed sex.

"No please don't hurt her," Amy cried out. Jennifer quickly grabbed the arm of a fit-looking man with sandy hair and dark eyes. He looked like a surfer, and as Jennifer came up to him he quietly introduced himself as Mark.

There was a pause as all of the tourists found a partner except for three girls. There wasn't gender parity. "You three. You can sit over here and watch for now," the General said magnanimously. He then proceeded to give detailed orders for how his little 'porn video' would play out. "Now, all of the men will lie down. The women will suck their cocks and get those cocks nice and hard. Then you sluts will mount your appointed shafts and fuck them like sex-hungry porn stars.

I want you busting your cunts so hard you feel those cock-heads hitting your cervix. I want you to fuck those cocks like your lives depend on it, little cunts. Do you hear me?" Khari roared. There was a pause. "Males, you will not cum inside your partner's sex until I give permission. All right. Begin!" Scott lay on the deck of the ship feeling sick at what was happening to them.

He looked down as Amy knelt between his legs, her fingers grasping his cock, which already had sprung to life. Scott was an Olympic skier who had a very toned body, with strong arms and legs. Yet his own fit body didn't even compare to Amy's beauty. He had always considered himself the luckiest man in the world. Amy was kind and gorgeous. She was his version of perfection, her perfect mind matched by a perfect face, a perfect pair of tits, a perfect ass, and a pussy that squeezed his cock like the ultimate haven.

Now, as he groaned, he tried to forget the awful circumstances.


Scott tried to just focus on Amy's tongue sliding up and down the length of his manhood. She slowly pumped his cock with her hand, helping it to come to life even more.

Her other hand meanwhile gently fondled his testicles in that way that he absolutely loved. She slowly flicked her tongue along the head of his shaft. Pumping her fist harder now, she elongated her husband's cock until it stood out like an obscene, fleshy spear. "Come on, bitch. Hurry up!" Imari growled. The General's second-in-command was even more sadistic than the General. He came up to Amy, pressing the barrel of the gun to her neck.

"Get sucking. I want to see you take that cock all the way down your worthless throat!" Amy complied, groaning as she slipped the rigid length in her mouth. She slowly began pumping her mouth up and down Scott's penis, relishing the silky-steel texture of his rod between her lips. Her hands steadied, palms flattened on his hips as she continued to impale her sweet mouth on his dick.

She felt his cock moistening up with pre-cum as he became more excited. Scott hated himself for the responses his body was betraying him with. He squeezed his eyes shut. 'I'm so sorry sweetie. Oh god…' he groaned inwardly.

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No, he realized that his groan was real and audible. He had let it slip, and now there was no going back as Amy's mouth took him fully in.

Her lips pressed in a tight, flawless seal around his shaft as she slurped loudly, pumping her mouth all the way down until her nose could have sniffed his pubic hair.

She gurgled loudly, her mouth fully impaled for ten long seconds. Then, finally, she came up for air, sputtering as pre-cum drooled from her lips. She wiped away the evidence of his lust before going down on him again. As Amy sucked and cradled his shaft with her expert tongue, Scott groaned louder, his fists clenching.

His sexy young wife sucked harder, slurping even more loudly as her hands caressed his balls. She reached one hand underneath him, gently prodding his anal opening with one finger. She knew he loved it when she did that, and his groaned deepened. "Ooohh Amy," he sighed. "Ohhhh…!" He felt terrible, yet the lust in him surged. It overthrew his reason. Meanwhile he was vaguely aware of other naked couples across the width of the deck in similar positions. Men lay helpless as their captors instructed, while the girls sucked and slurped on their soon-to-be fully elongated cocks.

He risked a glance over at Amy's younger sister, Jennifer. The teenage girl was smothering Mark's cock with firm, little pumps. The sexy brunette wasn't as experienced at this, and it showed. Her uncertain movements were mitigated somewhat by Mark's encouragement. Scott wondered whether Mark had absolutely no shame or whether he was trying to be encouraging so that their captors would be less displeased with them and think they were cooperating fully in the sadistic 'porn video.' "OOoohhh baby.

Yes, you're doing so good. Suck my cock just like that," Mark grunted. He gathered Jen's hair away from her face, helping Jennifer pump her mouth faster and deeper until she gurgled, groaning as his cock hit the back of her throat.

"All right, cunts and man-slaves. It's time to start fucking!" General Khari growled. Amy straddled Scott's cock, her eyes gleaming with arousal as her pussy slowly engulfed his penis. Scott moaned, looking at her exposed sex as their bodies joined. He couldn't believe this was truly happening. His body stiffened, tense as can be.

He stifled another groan, merely grunting as his naked wife began sliding up and down his length. Her hands caressed his chest as she fucked him, her body moving with a perfect rhythm, a ballet of motion each time her snatch bottomed out on his shaft.

She looked down at him with her heavy-lidded gaze as if to say 'It's okay. I know none of this is your fault. Just lie there and let me fuck you. I love you so much.' The beautiful blonde moaned as her body impaled itself again and again and again on her husband's engorged prick. Her breasts jiggled with the force of her impalements, almost mesmerizing. Scott stared at her, at the beautiful woman he loved. His heart nearly broke at the thought that he had no way to protect her -- that these cruel men could do whatever they wanted to her.

Sure enough, his fears were soon realized. Suddenly Imari came over to her, pinching Amy's nipples as he pressed the barrel of his pistol into the smooth skin just above Amy's snatch. "Is that what you lazy American cunts call fucking? Really bust that pussy, bitch! Bust it now or I'll pistol-whip your husband." Fear flared in Amy's eyes to vie with the surging lust.

Her hands gripped his shoulders, her knuckles white as she slammed her quim on his cock so hard again and again, the loud SMACK of their bodies joining now echoing across the deck. Scott looked down, watched as her cunt plunged downward to take in every inch of his straining penis.

His cock felt her cunt muscles squeeze him tightly like a velvet glove.

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Her breasts bounced frantically, shaking for all to see as she fucked him with a desperation she hadn't had before. "That's more like it," Imari grunted. He pinched Amy's right nipple once more, just for the sadistic pleasure of it, before moving on to check on the other couples. Maybe it was this horror-fueled fascination, but Scott couldn't help himself. He glanced over to check on Jennifer. Poor Jen. The teenage girl was gingerly straddling Mark's gigantic 9-inch phallus.

His vein-bulging prick slowly pressed between Jennifer's delicate cunt lips as she lowered herself, biting her lip and moaning.

"UUuhhhh!" she sighed. "Oh god." "I know, baby. I'm stretching you. It's okay. Go as slow as you need to," Mark groaned. He reached up and gently cupped Jennifer's breasts, his hands sliding over her sensitive nipples as she began to grind her hips, plunging her pussy down his manhood. The young couple continued to fuck like that for maybe another sixty seconds. Scott's eyes widened as Jennifer's face grew from a look of discomfort to…to what exactly, at first he didn't recognize it.

Couldn't believe it. Her face had taken on a haze of pleasure. Her cheeks blushed as she moaned, her pussy flying up and down Mark's rigid pole. Her eyes squeezed shut as her mouth fell open in a wordless cry, and Scott was stunned as he realized that Jennifer was having an orgasm! "Oooohhh. Fuck!" Jennifer moaned. Mark's grunts reached new depths as she writhed on his prick. Her nipples had pebbled up into hardened buds as he cupped her luscious tits, and now he grimaced, trying to hold back his own release.

Imari came over with a riding crop clutched in one fist. He smacked it hard against Mark's hands, which were still cupping Jennifer's breasts. Mark cried out and yanked his hands away. "No touching her, stupid man slave!

You just lay there!" He turned his attention to Jennifer as the sexy brunette continued to move up and down Mark's shaft, her cunt making squelchy-wet sounds in the throes of her arousal. "You aren't supposed to be enjoying this so much.

Stupid cunt!" He smacked the riding crop across Jennifer's breasts. One. Two. Three. Four swats. Jennifer squirmed and groaned, her breasts jiggling with each swat. Her pussy lunged faster and harder, hugging Mark's shaft as she cried out. "Please stop hurting me!" Imari ignored her, slamming the crop into her beautiful young breasts, enjoying her squirms and cries as she impaled her teenage pussy on the biggest cock she'd ever known. Jennifer's face morphed into an intriguing mixture of pain and pleasure.

Pain surged each time the cruel crop bit into her supple cones, yet pleasure trailed it as Mark's cock surged between her thighs, ricocheting along the walls of her snug passage in ways that awakened too many sensations. "Please…Uhhhh! I'm fucking him as fast as I can!" she wailed.

Finally Imari relented, withdrawing the crop and grabbing Jen by the nape of the neck. "If you dare cum on that cock again without my permission I'll put a bullet in your pussy. Understand?" Jennifer whimpered. "Y-yes Sir!" Satisfied that he'd disciplined the sex slave for now, the man withdrew and walked over to another young couple. Scott strained to see what Imari would do next. Meanwhile Amy was moaning loudly now, her nipples hardened into pink spikes as her pussy creamed up on his shaft, her juices pungent in the air.

Scott momentarily looked back up at his beautiful wife, her sad yet lust-tinted face sporting a wordless coo as she too went over the edge. Luckily Imari was too busy to notice, too busy to see Amy's lithesome body seize up on her husband's lap, her cunt convulsing wildly as it spewed so much of her sweet nectar.

Scott grunted, automatically gripping his wife's sexy ass cheeks as she moaned quietly, riding out the rest of her climax. Her chest heaved, her breasts bobbing up and down as she felt the last spasm of her pussy clenching around his cock, the last shred of delirious joy as she coated the penis of the man she loved thoroughly in her juices. "Yes, Scott. I love coming on your hard cock. Mmmm!" she sighed, leaning over to whisper in his ear.

She began grunting again, sliding her now well-lubricated snatch up and down, fucking herself, grunting louder as she picked up her pace again. Her sexy ass gyrated madly. Soon she was at it again, at full force, fucking him like a sex-crazed maniac, knowing that to stop might bring unwanted attention from their captors.

Scott didn't know how much longer he could hold himself back. His testicles felt heavy, swimming with his seed. The pent-up need for release would soon drive him insane if he didn't cum soon! But he soon became aware of the consequences of not obeying their captors, and it made his throat tighten.

On the far side of the deck there was a busty redhead with pale skin. Her pretty face was transformed with an enraptured moan as she squealed in the midst of a powerful orgasm.

The man beneath her grunted, his whole body stiffening as he shot his load deep into her dripping pussy. The redhead collapsed in a heap on top of her lover, their sweaty bodies still joined with his cock nestled in her tight, damp heat.

For a moment they formed the picture of two naked lovers, nothing more. And then it turned into a nightmare&hellip. "Did the General say you could stop?" Imari pistol-whipped the man on the ground and then pulled up the redhead by her hair. She cried out. Jism leaked from her well-fucked pussy as Imari began to lead the redhead away. The General's booming voice rang out. "Throw that redhead cunt and her boyfriend over the side!

Let them swim with the sharks for disobeying me!" There it was, a brutal chill wrapping around Scott's heart as he realized how high the stakes really were. This Somali general was a total, sadistic madman.

They had to please him…or…he didn't want to even think about what might happen to them. Scott looked helplessly into Amy's beautiful glacier-blue eyes. 'I'm sorry,' was all he could say with his wordless gaze.

'I'm sorry I can't do anything to save us.' He felt his skin prickle as suddenly a new presence loomed. The General himself. He had stripped out of all of his clothes, standing completely naked with a thick elongated cock that was every bit of 10 inches. It was almost like a short spear rather than a cock. It wasn't just the length but the thickness of it. Amy licked her lips and moaned as the General positioned himself behind her. "I've enjoyed watching you and your man, little blonde cunt.

You've made me very, very horny. I saw you cream up and cum on your husband's cock." He made a tsk-tsk sound. "Now normally I would have Imari punish you, but this time I'll let you off easy with an ass fuck. I've always wanted to feel the inside of an American's girl's tight ass." Amy went rigid, her eyes filling with fear. 'Oh no!' Scott thought. What could he do? His mind raced, trying to think of something. "Please, don't fuck her there. Take the wedding ring. Our gift to you! Just please leave her alone." But the General ignored Scott.

General Khari slowly poured some kind of lubricant into Amy's puckered hole, rubbing it around the rim of her anus. "No, please!" Amy whimpered. She tensed up as she felt a large head prodding at her star-shaped hole. Slowly, bit by bit, she felt that bulbous cock-head invade her sensitive anal opening, pressing past despite her sphincter muscles clenching up. She groaned, feeling the incredible fullness as her ass felt like a baseball bat had been embedded inside of it. With slow, short thrusts, General Khari began pumping his penis into her sexy bottom, growling as he gripped her firmly by the waist.

Scott imagined Amy feeling their dueling cocks simultaneously filling her cunt and ass, the thin wall of tissue keeping his shaft and the horrible rapist's from rubbing together. "Now this is special, yes. Blonde cunt has such a tight ass, and it squeezes my cock so nicely! Now keep fucking your husband. Let's get a brutal rhythm going." Scott saw tears in Amy's eyes as the blonde's breasts wobbled, her pussy pumping up and down his straining penis even as the General raped her ass.

"Let me feel these supple tits, little whore. Ooooohhhh… so soft," the General groaned, his hands cupping and squeezing Amy's poor breasts until she cried out. "Please, it hurts. Be gentle!" she begged. The General seemed to relent, dipping a hand to Amy's crotch and playing with her clit even as she fucked Scott's vein-bulging cock. He couldn't hold it much longer. He was about to explode. His face creased with effort.

He gritted his teeth, holding back the imminent blast of cum that wanted to spew from his rock-hard shaft. "Please Sir," Scott ground out. He couldn't believe he was saying this.

"Please Sir, may I cum in my wife's pussy?" He had to hope that by being submissive, maybe, just maybe the General would show mercy. There were a few heartbeats of absolute terror as he waited for the General's answer. If he came without permission in Amy's snatch would the General have them killed just like that other couple? Fear spiked. His stomach churned. The General laughed, groaning as his cock prodded Amy's sore ass. "Such a well-behaved young man. Very polite. Your husband is quite the catch, isn't he, my little blonde cunt?" The General punctuated his remark by pinching Amy's nipples and thrusting himself to the hilt into her over-extended anus.

Amy felt something tear, groaning as pain stabbed through her. Meanwhile Scott watched as Amy's cunt bottomed out on his shaft, and the pain she experienced made her squirm on his manhood, sending him over the precipice. He grunted. "Oh god!

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Please may I cum Sir?" The General chuckled. "Go ahead, man slave. Spew your pitiful seed in your wife's little cunt." Scott had a bizarre instant to feel grateful to the General as his cock twitched inside his wife's warm, wet slit. He felt his seed erupt, exploding like a bomb as his jism spurted in wave after wave, filling up Amy's young pussy like it never had before. Amy's moan matched his grunts as he rode out his intense climax, his cock spewing so much hot seed up into her cunt that the excess flowed outward, congealing on their joined pubic muffs.

General Khari pulled out of Amy's ass with a sigh, walking around to present his shaft in front of Amy's face. "You may now clean off my shaft, bitch. Consider it an honor." Stifling a look of disgust, Amy smothered the huge, black knob with her mouth.

Her cheeks rippled as she slurped loudly, trying to clean him off as quickly as possible. Scott looked up at this degrading display feeling like a total wretch.

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He could do nothing but watch his wife suck off the same cock that had just raped her virgin ass. Finally, when the General was satisfied, he pulled his manhood out of Amy's mouth. Long strings of cum dangled from Amy's pretty lips, and his cock glistened with an ample coating of the blonde girl's saliva. He turned and shouted to all of the young couples, who were all still fucking desperately. "Now listen up, American sex slaves. Your Master has good news.

You may now cum! Go ahead, man slaves. Cum inside those pussies!" The General strode up and down the line, watching as each couple did as he commanded. Scott sighed as Amy flopped forward, resting her head on his chest. Her tears wetted his pectoral muscles as she shuddered. "I hope the worst is over," she whispered. Scott wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tight. "I hope so too, sweetie. We'll get through this together." Scott tried to blot out the other terrible sounds on the deck of the ship.

He risked a peek over at Jennifer. The teenage girl was writhing on Mark's shaft, her firm breasts aching with lust judging by the pert nipples that stood out, fully erect. Her pussy greedily slurped up the man's shaft as she fucked on his lap.

There was a trace of cum trickling down Mark's shaft just underneath the snug seal of Jennifer's slit. Jennifer had descended into a fog of pleasure. She cooed now, arousal turning her young feminine body into something primal. Scott could hardly believe that THIS was his normally shy sister-in-law. "Oooohh, please fuck me Sir. Cum inside my pussy! Fill me up with your hot, nasty seed! Ohhh yes. Fuck!" Jen squealed. Mark's hands couldn't resist. They reached up to squeeze Jennifer's breasts hard as the moment of ejaculation ripped through him like a thrusting sword.

He felt his cum bubbling up from his heavy testicles, and then the eruption spewed. Cum blasted from the tip of his cock, his entire body wracked with shudders as he spent himself deep inside her teenage fuck-hole. 'OH god,' Scott thought. 'What if Jennifer gets pregnant?' Amy and Scott were ready to have kids, but poor Jennifer&hellip. Of course in the middle of all this, that was a minor problem compared to what might happen… Scott just felt sorrowful knowing that Jennifer's future might never be the same.

'If we survive this at all,' he reminded himself. It seemed like forever until Mark stopped twitching underneath Jennifer, his cock's spasms sending a torrent of seed to despoil her teenage cunt. Jennifer half-sighed, half-groaned when his cock slipped free of her soft folds.

A cream-pie of cum glistened in her exposed sex as she looked down at her messy crotch, finally recovering her senses, realizing the enormity of what had just happened. Jennifer slid off of Mark's lap. Cum trickled down her thighs. She looked over at Amy and Scott and there was this look of total shame. Guilt weighted down her soul. The General was walking up and down the deck now, watching as several more males grunted loudly, their bodies writhing as they came.

Several sexy girls moaned as they felt their pussies filled irreversibly, wondering just like Scott had wondered -- whether this would indeed make them pregnant. There were a few late stragglers, men of less virility who had a little more difficulty spewing their seed on command. But finally each beautiful young woman had their sex sticky and dripping with hot male jism. The young couples huddled together on the deck in the aftermath, uncertain of what this sadistic madman might make them do next.

Slowly the General swaggered back and forth, his naked and muscular bulk sticking out like a sore thumb with his darkened complexion. "Well done, sex slaves. I hope you enjoyed yourselves." He paused, surveying the panting young women and men. "Now you'll be divided into groups. A few very lucky girls and maybe even a few handsome studs will be taken to my personal quarters. The rest will be divided among my men.

They will get a chance to play with you for the remainder of the afternoon. Obey them completely. I've given them complete discretion on discipline…including the ultimate punishment." The General's eyes gleamed sadistically as he finished his little speech. Then he walked over to Jennifer, who cringed back as he approached. "What is your name, little cunt?" "J-Jennifer." "Slave Jennifer," he corrected.

"Y-yes Sir. I am your slave," Jen said meekly. "Is this your boyfriend?" the General asked kindly, as if he wasn't a complete monster raping an entire ship-load of tourists. "No Sir. I just met him." The General rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Did anyone else come with you?" Jennifer hesitated. Finally the truth won out. "I came with my big sister and her husband." Jennifer looked over at Amy and Scott. Scott didn't have a good feeling about this.

The General smiled, a flash of impossibly white teeth. "Very good. You will join me in my quarters." General Khari turned to Amy and Scott. "As will you two." Before Scott or Amy could even protest they were dragged below deck with Jennifer. Soon they were thrust into a luxurious room. This must have been the captain's quarters, judging from the plush carpeting, a gigantic bed bigger than a king-sized mattress, and two wide sofas.

The General whispered something to Imari, who left and returned with two strapping bodyguards. The bigger bodyguard stood by the General. "I'd like you to meet Nuru." And then the General motioned toward the smaller guard.

"And this is my other assistant, Kutendo." His smile returned, but it wasn't reassuring. "Now I have chosen you because I enjoy women AND men. Both are capable of exquisite beauty and I like to own beautiful things." He shrugged. "Grant you, I can be very rough with my toys." He smiled again, that cold, cold smile. "Now you have been chosen to be part of my special harem, so consider yourself fortunate." Harem?

What?! Scott tried to process this. His heart stopped. Amy squeezed his hand gently, her fear flowing through their joined fingers. "W-what? What do you mean?" Scott stammered. But before he knew what was even going on, the two bodyguards had wrestled him over to the bed and strapped him down face-up. He struggled to no avail as they tied his wrists and bound his ankles apart. They did the same to Amy on his right and Jennifer on his left. The bed was so enormous that all three of the naked captives could be tied down spread-eagled with ample room.

"Now, first I like to adorn my objects. To make them even more beautiful," the General murmured. He motioned to Rutendo, who produced a bottle of sterilizing solution and a needle. Nuru brought out three pairs of nipple bars, glinting with a silvery twinkle in the sunlight.

"What…what are you doing!?" Scott sputtered. "I think you'll also look much nicer with nipple rings even though you're a male. And don't worry, slave girls. We have another piercing for each of your sexy little clits!" What followed was pure torture as the two bodyguards, apparently used to this procedure, pierced each of the naked captive's nipples. Tears flowed down Amy's cheeks as Rutendo affixed the bars, adorning her large breasts.

Jennifer writhed and cried out as Nuru finished sliding in the bars into her pink nipples, securing them in place. Scott couldn't believe it as a pair of bars was even inserted into his nipples, making him feel completely degraded. He closed his eyes, yearning for this all to be over. "There, now. You three look so sexy together," the General beamed.

"We can do the clit piercings later, yes ladies?" He chuckled as he approached Jennifer. "Would you like me to take off your restraints, little girl?" Jennifer bit her lip, still in pain. "Yes Sir. Please." He swatted her breasts, making her scream. "You'll call me 'Master.' Never forget!" "OW! Yes Master! I'm sorry, Master!" Jennifer squealed. She moaned as Nuru undid her wrist bindings and ankle ties.

She froze, her lithesome body all too aware of General Khari's looming manhood. It hung like a donkey's shaft, long and thick, as he nestled it between her legs.

He motioned at Rutendo and Nuru. "You two have fun with the other two slaves. Let's have a little rape party." So saying, the General slowly positioned his cock-head at Jen's opening. The slender brunette stifled a moan as she felt his cock-head graze her labia, pushing inside her, penetrating her teenage sex inch by agonizing inch. Her fists clenched as he drove all the way into her sore pussy, his balls slapping against her thighs as he grunted. "OOHHH. Such a nice, tight sheath for my cock.

Your pussy hungers to be shoved full of hard man-meat. I can feel it." He grunted as he began a punishing rhythm, fucking her savagely, his cock plowing into her tight pussy with unyielding force. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. Each time he fucked her, his testicles swung and slapped against her thighs. The cadence of her high-pitched, tortured grunts and his deeper grunts filled the room like a twisted symphony. Meanwhile Amy braced herself. The spread-eagled blonde could do nothing but watch Nuru, the bigger bodyguard, strip out of his clothes and kneel between her sexy thighs.

He rubbed her clit just to enjoy watching her squirm. Then he readied himself, that huge bulbous cock-head poised to rape her sex. He launched his shaft between her legs without mercy, plunging in so deep she felt the penetration as if he was fucking through her womb. Amy's pleas to be gentle went ignored as the constant sound of fucking filled the cabin. Between the two helpless girls, Scott lay there, just as helpless, tormented beyond belief.

He looked to his left, saw his sister-in-law's face contorted with a mixture of pain and budding pleasure as the General's cock slammed between her cunt lips. To his right there was his beautiful, lovely Amy, the love of his life. Her breasts wiggled each time a pulverizing thrust raped her snatch completely, each time Nuru's shaft buried itself to the hilt in the same sticky pussy that still held some of Scott's seed.

"Oooohh fuck! Yes! This blonde's cunt is still very tight. Her husband's smaller prick is no match for a proper shaft. I'll shaft this bitch until she screams," Nuru growled. "Fuck her brains out, my friend," the General grunted.

He leaned down, stealing a passionate kiss from Jennifer, plundering her mouth as she moaned, feeling the cock lancing her intimate depths. Her hardened nipples rubbed against the wiry chest hair of the General raping her, and she suddenly slipped her hands up to grip his shoulders, holding on for dear life as his cock hammered through her delicate cunt.

"Move your ass, Slave. Let me feel your cunt squeezing my shaft in gratitude," the General barked. Jennifer obliged, her flexible, lithesome body gyrating with her captor as he fucked her more thoroughly than she could have ever imagined.

Her breasts ached with desire, her inner cunt muscles rippled with heat. She felt a tricking of her juices flow down General Khari's shaft -- her pussy's cry of gratitude for the massive cock raping her, ravaging not just her fuck-hole but also her soul.

'What's wrong with Jen?' Scott wondered, aghast.


He could see she was getting aroused. He could hear the damp, squelchy-moist sounds of arousal each time the General's cock joined with Jen's wetness. It was appalling. Scott wanted to feel anger toward her for giving in to any semblance of cooperation with her own rape. Yet as Scott looked down at his crotch, saw the rigid spike of flesh sticking out from his body, he knew that he was a hypocrite. 'Oh god. What's wrong with ME?' he thought with despair. His poor wife was moaning loudly now, Nuru's hand gripping her neck hard, half-choking her as his cock pounded deep into her cunt.

"Start squeezing that sexy cunt around my shaft or I'll strangle you. Worthless whore!" Nuru growled. Amy sputtered and tried to comply, wiggling her ass and giving her rapist more pleasure. She tried to tighten up her muscles, pushing her groin down to meet Nuru's brutal thrusts.

Each time he fucked her, she felt a tiny part of her ripped away, lost forever. She closed her eyes and just imagined it was Scott's cock fucking her instead of this brutal rapist. She moaned and cooed, sliding her pussy down to meet Nuru's angry thrusts.

Scott was heartbroken as he looked at his wife's predicament. But he was about to be broken in an entirely different way. The shorter bodyguard, Rutendo, approached him with a vial of lube. He began pouring it into Scott's puckered hole. "What are you doing? Stop!" Scott shouted. He couldn't believe it as Rutendo slowly prodded his cock-head at Scott's anus, thrusting it in until he'd buried it as far as it would go.

Rutendo fucked him, raping his ass as he squirmed and cried out, looking to the ceiling as if someone might magically appear to save him. "NOOO! Take it out!" he screamed, almost like a girl. If Scott had been tormented before, now he was broken.

Tears lined his face as he looked over at Jen and Amy. 'No this can't be happening! Please kill me now, just let this end!' Amy groaned deeply as she felt Nuru stiffen inside her. Jism pooled deep inside her, Nuru's ample cum slowly seeping out of her pussy when the big man finally withdrew to admire his handiwork.


"Now that's what I call a well-fucked cunt," Nuru murmured. Meanwhile Jennifer moaned as she galloped toward orgasm. Her pussy was creaming up feverishly on the General's cock. As his balls jostled back and forth her cunt gripped his shaft greedily, a velvety vice that didn't want to let go each time he speared her deep.

His big hand held her by the throat, grasping her gently enough so that she could barely breathe as he plunged his cock into her slit with enough force to shake the entire bed. "Do you like it, bitch? Hmm? Are you grateful to be a slave in my harem? Tell me and perhaps I'll let your sister and her husband go." The gorgeous brunette licked her lips, arousal coiling through her loins.

She surrendered to it, welcomed it with open arms if it might save those she loved. "Yes Master. Fuck me so hard. Tear out my pussy. I love being shoved full of your magnificent cock. Fuck me please! Fuck me senseless. Make me scream with your cock deep inside me." The General affectionately palmed Jennifer's breasts as she wrapped her legs around his middle.

Both her hands held onto the massive, tree trunk-like arm which still held her by the neck. The General looked over at Scott's tortured face beside him on the bed. "How do you like it? You get to experience a shred of what your wife experiences when you fuck her with your hard shaft.

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It's a new and interesting experience, is it not?" The General's kind tone belied his sadistic words. He looked down at Scott, whose face was so awash in pain, his mind somewhere else in shock as Rutendo continued raping him. "AAaahhh.


Almost there!" the General growled, looking down at Jennifer's lust-enraptured face. "Go ahead, slave bitch. Cum on your Master's cock. CUM for me." Jennifer's tortured eyes flared with desire. Her slender nakedness squirmed beneath his massive form.

She cried out, her breasts jiggling as her pussy spurted, soaking the General's shaft and leaving a dark stain pooling on the sheets.

Jen's legs felt like jelly as the General continued to pulverize her pussy, one brutal fuck after another. At the same time Rutendo erupted in Scott's anus, and the stricken man was hardly aware of it because his mind was already numb from the horror. To the left of Scott another climax approached. "Here I come, little bitch.

Take my seed!" the General roared. He stiffened, neck corded with muscle, his biceps bulging. He squeezed Jennifer's neck as he shot his cum deep toward her womb, his seed scouring her insides as she felt his hot, sticky invasion. Jennifer sagged beneath him like a rag doll, her body exhausted as she felt him fall on top of her, nearly crushing her.

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His semi-flaccid shaft still nestled in her snatch, refusing to leave. She'd never felt so filthy. And now she could barely breathe. "Please Master," she wheezed.

Her heartbeat was out of control, thudding wildly as he slowly drew out of her and stepped back from the bed. Nuru and Rutendo also stepped back from their naked captives, admiring their brutal work.

Two glistening pussies covered with twice the cum of their previous partners made the beautiful brunette and the gorgeous blonde look almost identically tainted. Their bodies lay completely lifeless on the huge bed, their breasts slick with sweat thanks to their captors' embrace. The General leaned over, tracing his finger through the viscous jism in Amy's pussy. She whimpered at his touch. He put it to Jennifer's lips.

"Lick it clean, slave. I want it glistening with nothing but your saliva." Jennifer obeyed, her eyes heavy with exhaustion and numbed from the ordeal. Then the General did the same with Jennifer's cunt, pushing his fingertip through her soft folds until he'd gathered up a dollop of cum. Jennifer shivered at his touch. "Your turn, blonde slut." He fed her the mixture of Jen's cunt cream and his own seed, watching as Amy dutifully slurped it up. The General turned to his bodyguards.

"Untie the blonde but leave the male bound." He looked at his three captives. "You will wait here until I have further need of you." Then the General turned back to his bodyguards. "If you hear so much as a peep, check in on them. Leave the door open too." General Khari rubbed his hands together. "It will soon be dinner, and I have another surprise for all of our American sex slaves." He called in Imari. "Have all of the American cunts and their men assembled on the deck in 45 minutes." After the General had left, the welcome reprieve slowly gave two of the American captives a chance to recover their sanity.

Amy snuggled up to her husband, planting soft kisses along his face. "I'm so sorry, Scott. I'm here for you. Please, don't give up hope." She squeezed his hand, but it was lifeless, listless in her grip. She pressed her nakedness up against him, slipping an arm around his chest. "Close your eyes, baby. Get some sleep." Scott heaved a huge, heavy sigh. He blinked back tears. Jennifer snuggled up to him on the other side, her hand reaching out to take her sister's.

As they clasped hands the two sisters saw tears mirrored on one another's faces. "Well get through this somehow, wont we?" Jen asked. Amy nodded stubbornly, fighting back more tears.

"We will, sweetheart. I promise." But how? That was the million dollar question. All three captives would soon wonder, with mounting dread, what "surprise" the General had in store next for his ship-load of helpless American sex slaves&hellip. ********** END OF PART ONE.

To Be Continued. I hope you enjoyed the story. Remember, this is only a fantasy. Indulge your fantasies, the darker and kinkier the better. ~gaggedKitty