Fetish lez sucks toes big tits lesbian

Fetish lez sucks toes big tits lesbian
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Chronicles of a Paper Boy by Dunchad© This is a tale of what happened to me when I was a paperboy in my neighborhood. It involved delivering the free local newspaper to my road, and the one adjacent. I never used to enjoy this round until one, rather eventful day. Usually I would deliver my papers around the late afternoon, but one Thursday I had an early dentist appointment. So for a change I began delivering at about 1ish.

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So I collected all my papers and began my, what was usually, a very boring journey. From what I could see, there was no difference delivering at this time, then at my normal time. A few weeks ago, I had noticed a large moving van in the road next to mine; I had not paid too much attention to it, as I just continued the service to this house.

So as I was about 3 houses away, I noticed the curtain twitch of this new inhabited home. I was a bit apprehensive now, as I had heard stories of how paperboys had gone missing, but still I walked slowly towards the white double glazed door.

As I went to lift the letterbox, the door swung open. As my gaze was towards the floor, I noticed a pair of very slender, firm pair of legs, as my view moved upwards, I came to a tightly incased crotch in what appeared to be a set of sports shorts. I then quickly looked upward, so as not to seem rude by staring and not looking up to see who was standing in front of me.

I saw a tall blonde woman standing there, and what I found confusing at the time, was that she was staring right back at me.

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She had wonderfully full lips, and such round well-proportioned breasts, yet again incased in a sports top, and that was all she was wearing. It felt like an hour as we both stood there, but it must of been a few seconds. Eventually she said, "Hi there, me and my mate moved in about 2 weeks ago, but we haven't seen you yet, I'm Rachel." Then she held out her hand. I reached out and held it, her fingers caressed the back of my hand, and I pulled back, being shocked by this.

And with that she delayed the hold on my index finger and slid her fingers along mine. She said, "What's your name?" "Mike" I replied, with an obviously weak voice, which she noticed, and I cleared my throat immediately after, this brought a smile on her face.

She said, "Want to come in for a drink?" With that I replied, "Erm, yeah sure, I guess so." As she led the way inside, I noticed her amazingly firm ass, and her cheeks gently bumped up and down as she walked. By now thinking about her gorgeous body, my cock became harder as I followed her closely.

She suddenly stopped in front of the kitchen door, this caused me too bump into her, I felt my cock slap her ass, as I was only wearing a thin pair of nylon shorts. With that she stood still for a second, turned around and gave me a long, and wide grin. "Go sit in the front room, its just in there." So I walked in and sat down nervously, with my hands on my knees. All I could think about was how my knob had so violently pounded her cheeks.

With this my cock became amazingly stiff, so I tried to push it down with my hands, just then I noticed something in the corner of my eyes, she was standing in the doorway watching me frantically ram my penis further between my shorts.


I looked away and stopped immediately. She walked in and handed me a bottle of beer, which I instantly began to drink. She sat next to me, very closely, which made me very apprehensive, but still my meat grew in my shorts. "So I bet you have a Girlfriend?

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You certainly have the looks." I was about 6ft, with blonde hair and did go to a gym regularly, I thought I had a very good body, not an amazing one, but I wasn't ashamed of removing my shirt in public. I laughed and said, "No I don't, sadly." "Awww really, I'm very surprised." Now she was sitting as close as possible, I was looking directly into her deep blue eyes, I could feel her breath on my lips. Then she slipped her hand onto my thigh, "I bet you're not a virgin though??" I was so shocked she said that, I spurted out, "Well actually." That's all I could manage, as suddenly I felt her hand gently rubbing my now rock hard cock, and it was throbbing insanely.

Her lips moved towards mine, I opened my mouth and let her tongue in. She began to suck on my tongue, this drove me wild, and as an instinct I took her round glands into my cupped hands. They felt so soft, but still firm, I began to gently massage her under her tight Lycra top.

She pulled my shirt over my head and began to suck on my erect nipples.

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Then moved down over my stomach, "I love men with 6-pacs." But I couldn't answer as I was taken with the feeling of her lips. With out realizing it she was pulling my shorts down off over my ankles, as I saw my cock spring out to attention. She clamped her lips over my circumcised head, and began frantically to suck it, and slapping it with her tongue.

This drove me wild; I was now writhing in rhythm with her movements. "I'm going to cum" I managed to whisper. "Good" she replied.

Then I went, she pulled her lips away, and I witnessed the white spurts, enter her mouth, her tongue lapping up each bit from my frothy head. I was shooting off for ages, her mouth became full, and she was trying to swallow, keeping up with the flow.

As my hips stopped pumping so did my cum. "Now its your turn." She was sitting legs apart on the floor, calling me with her finger. I knelt down, and only just managed to remove the extra layer of skin that was her panties. She grabbed my head, and held it firmly in her sopping wet pussy it was shaven and so smooth, I saw her juices actually flowing from her lips. I began to lap it up into my mouth, I had never done this before, but the feeling on my tongue was amazing, so sweet, this drove me wild, and I plunged my tongue between her lips.

She let out a cry, and the juices came even faster. I focused my attention on her clit; I knew where it was from various tapes and discussions with friends. I felt it harden under my touch, she screamed, "How did you know?" I didn't answer I just kept sucking. I took her ass in my hands, and violently groped, but I removed one hand, flicked the finger inside her pussy, and rammed the cum lubed finger into her anal passage, this made her let out a wild scream.


She spurted into my mouth; it was now full of her warm, sweet cum. I swallowed as fast as I could to keep up, I couldn't get enough, and I just wanted more. Just then I heard a voice from the doorway, I looked up quickly, her juices still pouring from my mouth, and saw a tall, curvy brunette. "What's going on here?" I was stunned, then Rachel replied, "I was giving the paper boy his tip, its only fair you give your half." I was more shocked then I had ever been in my ENTIRE life.

I had stripped down in about 10 seconds; she threw me on my back, and saddled my face. By now my battered cock became just as hard as before.

This other woman lifted my head to her crotch, I saw her lips swell as I moved towards them, but just before that I felt Rachel land her cunt on my full meat, this was a feeling like I couldn't imagine, I had two slender, sex goddesses on my front, one pounding my cock, the other I was beginning to munch her hot pussy, this was much more different then what I had just experienced.

As I began to lick her insides out, she placed her knees either side of my head, and covered my mouth with her hot hole. Both girls were panting loudly, moaning and moving in rhythm together. I used the tip on my tongue and began to flick the tip of her clit, with each touch her hips slammed against my face, she wasn't as wet as Rachel, but that soon changed, as I began to gently rub her erect, bright red nipples.

With an almighty scream my mouth was drowning in her sweet cum, it tasted different to her friends, but it was equally gorgeous. Just then I felt my balls about to blow, "Stop" I mumbled with my mouth full. "Lets see how you two work out." With that Rachel removed herself from my red, pulsating rod, and lied on her back, Chloe (which I later learned was her name) slid herself along my chest, depositing her cum all over my body, and caught the top of my penis.

She bent down between Rachel's legs and began to finger and lick her already smooth and dripping pussy.

The look on Rachel's face made me go wild; I went to her face and began to fuck her mouth with my tongue. Her groaning made me quicken, so I slid down and covered her nipple with my dripping lips, I sucked insanely, rubbing it with my tongue. As I was doing this I felt Chloe's hand jerking me off, it wasn't long before I had to stop her, because I so wanted to fill her cunt with my cock meat.

I desperately pulled away, and went behind the pair. I leaned over her back, and took her breasts in my hands, and thumped her pussy, she screamed even louder than before, as I fucked her in the same beat as she pumped Rachel's cunt.

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Within a couple of minutes I felt Chloe's pussy muscles clamp down, squeezing hard on me, then I felt her warm fluids run down my cock, she screamed, it was so smooth yet tight in her sex, as she continued to cum all over me, I filled her.

And the mixture of our fluids poured from her lips. I saw her take her hand and scoop this concoction into her mouth, and shared it with Rachel. As Chloe filled Rachel's mouth she let out a cry, and she most of cum in Chloe's mouth, because she continued to cum even harder on my now red raw cock.

After my last cum, I lay back on the floor leaning against the chair, they both looked at me and said "Its so red, we'll soothe it for you" and with that they both began to gently caress me with the tips of their tongues.

We continued this for about half an hour, before I came again. That was all I could take, well for one day. I went back most weeks, for another good seeing to. Each time the girls had more wild and thrilling ideas already prepared for me, and lets just say, sometimes they weren't the only females in the house.