Tochter die Spaß mit mollig reife Lesben

Tochter  die Spaß mit mollig reife Lesben
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Eversince her boobs started to appear which happened to be 2 yrs.

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ago,I was longing for her body.Her name is Maleeha,16 yrs.old and Neice of my wife.For the last 2 yrs. or so,whenever I went to sleep with my wife,I could not arouse myself to penetrate her vagina.But when I thought of Maleeha,I got full erection in an instant and got full satisfaction of copulation.Then one day God bestowed an oppurtunity on me which I grasped and fucked lovely darling Maleeha for three days with her full cooperation.She was also longing for the first taste of forbidden fruit as she had been reading porn magazines for sometime,supplied by her best friend Parveen,curtsy her cousin.

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As it hapenned that all of my and her family members had to go to some wedding for three days and she could not go because of her mid-term exams.I have to stay with her at her house as I was in high fever.When they all gone,soon it was night.I took my medicine and went to her parents bedroom to sleep.It was too hot so I was clad in an half trouser only.Soon my fever was gone and I fell in deep sleep.I was seeing a nude beauty resembling Maleeha calling my name.I reached near her and she embraced my nude body showering kisses on my lips.My stout member was between her moist thighs.I hugged her more strongly and lifting her in my arms,took her to a lavishly decorated bedroom.Laying her on her back,I surveyed the whole scene.I couldnot control myself and throwing my body on her lovely body,started kissing,licking and sucking each and every part of her beautiful body.My throbing cock was anxious to enter her shaven cunt,so was my whole body.I placed myself between her legs,put them on my shoulders and was ready to enter her inviting pussy when I heard a meek voice,"Uncle,uncle !"I opened my eyes and saw lovely Maleeha clad in a see-through nightee looking even more beautiful and sexy.Due to erection of my cock,my trouser was like a tent at my crotch.I tried to cover it with my hands but it was too late.All of the lights in the room were on and her eyes were focused on my lap.Looking a bit shy,she coughed a little and said,"Please uncle!let me sleep with u.I cannot sleep in my room due to some unknown fear.Please,please.I wont disturb u.I'll take very little place in the far corner of the bed,please uncle!"Who could refuse such a wonderful request.My eyes were popping out at the sight of her half concealed lovely breasts and thighs.I said"ok,ok,come on but first dim the lights."Turning off all the lights except night bulb,she came into my bed,infact her parents bed,laid in the farther corner on her back.My cock was still very erect.I put my hand inside the trouser and started,massaging,masterbating it.Suddenly Maleeha's tender voice entered my ears,"Uncle !

Can I do it for u?".I could not believe my ears.My heart was thumping heavily in my chest.She was now lying but facing me.I asked her what did she say.She told me that she had said if she could massage my cock."I have never seen a cock.I never thought that it looks so handsome and wonderful.I have always longed to put my hands on such a lovely thing.I have read that it gives immense pleasure and satisfaction to us girls entering our pussies.Is it so?"What could I say.I was speechless with emotion,sensing my dreams coming true with sudden blessing of God.I took off my trouser with trembling hands.My cock,in fact my whole body was open for her inspection.She crept near me and took hold of my pulsating cock with her both hands.Her eyes were popping out of their sockets.Squeezing it between her hands,precum already appearing on it,she cried in joy,"Oh my God,what a wonderful handsome thing is it!Its so strong,long and healthy yet so attractive.I cant believe my eyes.Thank u,thank u my so lovely uncle!How can I tell u my feelings,I love u,love u,love u",started squeezing and masterbating with self-taught up an down motions of her hands.She gave me a long lovely kiss on my lips.I put my arms around her back and hugged her,telling,"My darling!Isn't it unfair that I am naked and u are still hiding ur lovely body in ur clothes.Give ur uncle full view of ur heavenly beauty.My whole body is waiting for ur naked beauty."She said,"ok my love!But u have to take off my clothes urself.

U know,I am a eastern virgin girl,I'll die with shyness."I somehow or other,took off her nightee with trembling lustfull fingers.She immediately put her hands on her face to cover it.I was astonished to remember that she was not showing any shyness to see and get hold of my penis,her first ever penis alittle while ago.But it was not the ocassion to waste my time on this thought.Her somewhat small twin-hills with pert erect crimson nipples were inviting my attention.I placed my hands on her breasts,pressed and nibbed the nipples feeling shudders of ecstatic pleasure running through her whole body.I placed my lips on them and kissed,licked and sucked them drinking her virgin juices.Then my lips travelled along her ribs,belly-button,small waist,mond of venus and into her pussy-slit.I aroused her so much so that she was writhing with sheer ecstatic sexual pleasure crying,"Oh,ah.oh my goodness.I cant bear anymore.Please do something,something strange is happening inside my body,please please!"I myself could not wait any longer.Cum was bubbling in my balls to shower such a tight lovely cunt.The very thought of her first filling was too much for me.I draged her body and with her connivance,placed her in such a way that her upper portion was on the bed with buttocks on the edge and feet on the floor.Standing between her parted legs,placed her feet on my shoulders.I had to place two cushions to bring her pelvis at the level of my erect phallus.I asked Maleeha to part her pussy lips with her fingers,placed my bulbous head of cock inside and gave a little push.The moist lips of her cunt were more than ready to receive her first guest.My foreplay has done its wonder.Her cunt juices had made her so slippery that bulbous head of my cock intruded without any hinderance which I was fearing due to tightness of her cunt.But then it stuck due to her hymen.Kissing each of her teats,I said to her,"Now my darling!ur cherry is obstructing my cock and must be popped.During ur cherry-popping,u will have to bear some pain,very little pain,for our love sake.Afterwards it will all be pleasure and pleasure only,u understand" at the same time,I gave a sudden push.A cry escaped her lips and my cock was fully inside her cunt.I placed my lips on her tender lips and started in and out motions of my cock inside her cunt,very slowly and then steadily gearing up in speed and length.Maleeha was hugging me in sheer sexual pleasure repeating,"Oh,ah,ahhh.wonderful,what a pleasure.please give me more,oh my goodness.ah,"loudly showering kisses on my chest.I was feeling cum inside my cock starting to erupt,showering her maiden womb with my cum.We both were very still and feeling the joyness of togetherness with the burning and inter- mingling of our love-juices.After a while,the sensation of love-making subsided and we laid side by side on the bed.How wonderful and some-what odd that it was the same bed and same room where Maleehas parents made their first love-making.They had done it after marriage whereas their daughter had made it without marriage on the same bed and same room.But what matters was that we were both very very happy.Though i was 50 yrs.

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old at that time and she was only 16,we had fun like two teenagers thinking nothing except love,love and only love.We spent those 3 days doing nothing except fucking and eating.Luckily her exams. were postponed for a week,she got that information by phone ,during her first love-making with me,always her favourite "DARLING" uncle.

We remained lovers for some more years.We did our love-making whenever we got any oppurtunity,sometimes at her or my home and sometime at her friend Parveen's home.She introduced me as her 'Man friend' and even encouraged and helped us in making good and intimate relations which is a dfferent story.

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