Hardcore gay sex movietures using toys for anal sex The fellows are

Hardcore gay sex movietures using toys for anal sex The fellows are
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I awoke in the morning with the sun shinning in my face. I smiled as I thought of the great time I had last night! I couldn't believe that I had actually fucked both Gary and Jeff, not once but over and over! As I thought about them I looked over at Gary lying next to me and smiled as I noticed he had a hardon. Hmm I like the look of his cock and I couldn't take my eyes off it.


I scooted down the bed to get a better look at it. It was interesting looking at it up close. It was so big and hard. This was actually the first time that I had looked at a hard cock so close and it was really cool. I reached out my hand and gently took ahold of it.

Mmmm I liked the feel of it and I began slowly stroking it. Gary didn't waken but gently moved his hips a bit. I smiled bigger as I could tell he was enjoying what I was doing even in his sleep.


I had always wondered why girls liked to suck a guys dick and as I continued gaze at his cock I became more curious about how a cock would feel in my mouth. I wondered if he would wake up if I put my lips on it. I slowly bent towards his cock and surprised myself by kissing it! I quickly looked up to make sure Gary was still sleeping. Hmm I thought, I wonder what would it feel like to take it into my mouth?

I kept looking at it, trying to make up my mind.

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It was kind of large. I knew I could get it into my mouth, but how far? Would it taste bad? As I laid staring at it I also realized that I didn't know anyone that hadn't given a blowjob!

Curiosity got the better of me and I gently placed my lips back onto his cock and slowly put the head of it into my mouth.

My tongue went around the tip, and I smiled, hmmmm not so bad. I didn't really know what to do, but instinctively started going up and down just a little bit getting used to the idea of having it in my mouth. I almost laughed as I felt a tingle begin deep down in my pussy.

Gary started slowly moving his hips as he seemed to enjoy what I was doing. Actually, I was enjoying this new experience too! Emboldened by myself I put more of his cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue around gathering up some saliva in my mouth to make it easier to go up and down. The smoothness of this hard cock in my mouth felt amazing as I continued to stroke him with my hand and glide my mouth up and down.

Gary was mow moving his hips more, as if he was fucking my mouth! Then it dawned on me that that is exactly what he was doing! He was fucking my mouth! I almost laughed at this realization and then continued to move my mouth up and down his shaft enjoying the full feeling I was getting as well as the tingling in my pussy. I was proud of myself as I was doing this on my own and knowing that Gary was enjoying it, even though he didn't realize that he wasn't dreaming!

I wondered how much of his cock I could get into my mouth. I inched my way down his shaft liking the full girth of his cock little by little, and as I did his rocking motion became more and more!

He was now fucking my mouth for sure and I could feel him begin to enter my throat! I then felt his cock swell even more in my mouth. As I continued to bob up and down on him I realized that he was going to cum!

Hmmmm do I swallow? I had heard other girls talk about swallowing, some like it and some don't. All of a sudden Gary jerked hard into my mouth shoving his cock deep into my throat! I started to gag as a jet of cum shot down my throat! When I unconsciously started to jerk my head away from him he grabbed my head, pulled me down on him again and shot another load down my throat!

Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck he yelled as he emptied himself into me! I was gagging and my mouth was full of his cum and I couldn't get my breath! I pulled away from him trying to catch my breath. I had cum dripping out of my mouth as I choked to get air and looked up at him.

He stared down at me gasping, Oh god that felt good! You sucked my cock!! That felt incredible! Jeff jerked awake at Gary's yelling, looked at us, and then broke out laughing as he witnessed the look I had on my face with cum dripping off it.

Oh yeah, she gave you a blow job! I know my face was red as I smiled at them as they both were laughing. I felt a bit weird as I was still catching my breath and I had cum dripping from my chin. I took my hand and wiped my face and said, Well, I've wondered what it would be like to give a blow job, that's another first for me!

That was soooo cooool! Gary exclaimed. I thought I was having a dream. It was feeling soo good, and then when I started to cum I woke up and realized that it was you giving me a blowjob! It felt incredible. You gave me your first blowjob! I sat between them as we were all laughing.

Gary leaned over and gave me a big kiss. When I leaned back Jeff leaned over and gave me a kiss. He looked at me with lust in his eyes and stroking his cock wanting what Gary got. I looked down at his big hardon, smiled, and said, I guess so, I sort of like it! I leaned down, took his cock in my hand and started stroking him marveling again at how hard yet how smooth a cock feels.

I felt empowered knowing that I had made him hard, and that he wanted me.they both liked me and that they wanted me! Jeff quickly took my breasts in his big hands and pulled me towards his cock. Gary encouraged me by pushing my ass towards Jeff. I smiled as I lowered my mouth to the tip of his cock.

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I kissed the head, smiled and then placed my lips around his throbbing cock. I grasped his cock with one hand, started stroking it, and then went down on him.

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His cock felt great in my mouth and I was enjoying going down on him as he massaged my tits. All of a sudden I felt Gary's hands on my hips as he pulled me towards him and I could feel his hardon against my ass. Oh god, I'm going to get fucked I thought as I continued to suck Jeff's cock. No sooner did this thought enter my mind when I felt Gary's fingers poke into my hot pussy.

Oh yes, I thought, fuck me! Oh yeah, you're ready for this!


He exclaimed His cock began to enter my hot and juicy pussy. Hmmmmmm I moaned loudly on Jeff's cock as Gary sank his cock deep within me.

It felt amazing having his cock inside me once again. I couldn't believe how it felt to have a cock in my pussy and one in my mouth! Jeff had his hands on my head and Gary had his hands on my hips as they both fucked me! I loved the feel of Jeff's cock in my mouth as I really got into sucking it ! I put as much in my mouth as I could. I liked the feeling of his big cock in my mouth. My lips clamped on his cock a I slid up and down.

As much as I was enjoying Jeff's cock in my mouth I loved the feel of Gary driving his big cock into my pussy! It was amazing.

I was soo fucking horny! Jeff moaned as he enjoyed pushing my head down lower and lower on his cock, Oh Yeah, suck my cock! Take it all! he moaned over and over.

Gary started pounding my pussy harder and then he reached around and grabbed each of my tits. I found myself lost in the pure lust of enjoying their cocks! The tingle in my pussy was growing with each thrust as I sank lower and lower on Jeff's cock wanting every inch he had in me!

I reached back to my clit and began rubbing furiously trying to reach that itch as they pounded their cocks into me. All at once my body exploded with the most intense release I had ever experienced! I bucked and moaned wanting their cum inside me, and then they both exploded! Gary yelled as his cum shot rope after sticky rope deep inside me,his hot sperm felt amazing and then I felt Jeff's cock swell.

Knowing that he was ready I locked my lips around his stiff cock and was rewarded with jet after jet of his cum. I was prepared for this and swallowed quickly. My pussy spasmed with another orgasm and clinched around Gary's cock. I whimpered as I continued to milk each drop of their cum, savoring the taste and feel of both of them.

I had never experienced such a sexual release and my body quivered and shook!

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Oh fuck you are soo good! Jeff moaned as he looked down at me, his cock still in my mouth as I continued to milk it of all its cum. I smiled up at him as I let his cock slip from my hungry mouth.Mmmm that was nice, I moaned and I held his cock up and kissed it. I guess I like to suck cock! Oh fuck yeah, You're good at it too! He laughed. Gary collapsed over my back totally exhausted as his cock made a sucking sound as it slid out of my full pussy. God you are so fucking hot!

He moaned! Lying between them I wondered to myself, Will they think me a slut now? Will Gary still want to be my boyfriend?

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Just a month ago Gary took my virginity and now I've had two and liked it! No, I loved it! I even liked sucking their cocks! Having one in my mouth and one in my pussy at the same time was amazing! I smiled at them as they both ran their hands over my sweat covered body and decided to worry about that later!