Mom and son on toilette

Mom and son on toilette
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Star Fleet command contacted the USS Enterprise. The message said that they had learned of a new planet that was rich in a very rare and important mineral called blendenium and the Enterprise was to proceed to the planet and make contact with the native people and arrange to buy or trade for the blendenium. "Do anything you have to obtain this material. It is very important to a new process that is just being developed that will be a major improvement in our space travel capabilities." The planet was named Rigeria IV.

It was about twice the size of Earth with a breathable atmosphere and just a little stronger gravity than Earth. The co-ordinates were given and plotted in. Capt. James T Kirk sat in the captain's chair, pointed at the viewing screen and said, "Warp six.

Engage." Not much was yet known about Rigeria IV or its inhabitants so the captain asked Star fleet Command for instructions. Again Kirk was told, "Do anything that you have to do to obtain this material. It is very important to a new process that the scientists are developing." The Enterprise arrived in orbit around Rigeria IV and made contact with the Bronson.

On the viewing screen from orbit, the captain and the deck officers looked at the planet and the city that was the capitol. Rigeria IV was about half land and half water. A scan showed that all the water on the planet was fresh and drinkable. Unlike many planets, they did not have any problem with drinkable water for their people so desalinization technology would not be a good trade item. The land was heavily forested except where it had been cleared by the Bronson for their cities or farming so lumber would not be either.

Few people still used any lumber for anything. Many of the trees rose to well over 100 feet. The city was large and modern, even by Earth standards, with tall buildings of what looked like glass and chrome.

There were many parks and small lakes. It was a very attractive place. The Bronson had space ships but were not yet able to go outside of their home system. Captain Kirk spoke with the emissary and got co-ordinates for beaming down. He was to meet alone with Jarrison who was the planetary king. Kirk dressed in his formal uniform and prepared to meet the king.

Although it was unusual, Kirk was going alone. Everything was looking safe so far. The shuttle landed about one mile outside the city. There were several armed men on the ship just in case they were needed. Capt. Kirk beamed to the palace. He appeared in a room with the emissary and two armed soldiers. The emissary appeared put out. "Where is your female?

Whenever a man meets with 'His Lord Jarrison' for the first time he must bring a female for sexual exchange. Kirk explained that it was not "our custom" and that he did not know of this Bronson custom. He was told that the king would be very offended if the custom was not observed. He also pointed out that no woman was allowed to wear any clothing while she was in the palace.

Kirk paused for a minute and then opened a communication line to the ship. He spoke to Lt. Uhura and told her what was expected of her. Uhura was the communications officer and a beautiful black African-American human.

Uhura acknowledged the situation and went to the cabin that she shared with Capt. Kirk. She stripped out of her uniform and put it neatly away. Naked, she walked to the transporter. Along the way, she received many appreciative looks from the crew. Her form fit the idealized idea of the perfect human female perfectly. Although she was primarily the captain's woman, she had several sexual experiences with other men as well as a few women and males of other species.

She knew that James would not have any problem sharing her with Jarrison, especially as it was well known to all of Start Fleet that he enjoyed having sexual linkings with about any female in the universe that could anatomically couple with humans.

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He would have had hundreds of notches on his headboard if that was how he chose to keep count. Uhura beamed down and joined James in the emissary's greeting room. The captain looked at her and smiled. "You're out of uniform Lieutenant." "Yes Sir", she smiled back. The captain and Uhura were ushered into the main hall to meet 'His Lord Jarrison'.

Trumpet like instruments blared and Jarrison walked in. He was short, about 5'4" and thickly built. His royal clothing was in bright chartreuse with maroon trim and a black cape.

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"Welcome to Rigeria IV. We are honored by your company. Your female is very unusual but I am pleased with her. Uhura stood about three feet behind her captain. She was in the "at ease" stance with her hands behind her back, her legs spread and her large firm black breasts pointing straight forward.

Her thoughts were that Jarrison was not what she would consider to be the best choice for a bed mate but she would make the best out of the situation. "May I introduce you to my female? It will be an honor for such an important representative as yourself to be sexually coupled with my oldest daughter, Dwanell." He clapped his hands and Dwanell entered the room. As was custom, she was naked.

She was the same height as her father. From her face to her crotch, she had no hair. The rest of her body was covered with a very thick covering of hair. It was almost like fur. She had four very small breasts but her nipples must have each been two inches long and they hung down her chest. Bronson females only gave birth once in their lives but often had four offspring that one time.

The color of her exposed skin was a mottled mixture of light brown and grey green. It reminded Kirk of desert camo on Earth. Her measurements were probably 32-28-30. Kirk's first thought was if she would do a good job sucking his cock.

She wasn't unattractive and she had a pleasant smile. With a nod from Jarrison, Dwanell rushed up to Kirk and gave him a big hug. Her head rested against his chest.

Kirk nodded to Uhura and she rushed up to Jarrison where he was seated in his throne and gave him a big hug. His face pressed against her large, firm tits. Jarrison took Uhura's hand so Kirk took Dwanell's. Follow me, Jarrison said. He led them to a large room with two large beds. Kirk and Uhura looked around. Kirk spotted six cameras placed around the room.

"Are we going to be taped?" "No, the night will be broadcast live to all of my people around the planet so they may enjoy and share my pleasure. If either man is unable to perform till the sun comes up, he will be considered the lesser man in any negotiations that we may enter into." On Rigeria IV it was ten Earth hours between sunset and sunrise.

Kirk knew that he had his work cut out for him. "The females may now undress us", said the king. Once everyone was naked, they climbed up on their respective beds which were three feet above the floor. They were soft and form fitting. Kirk moved up and put his cock in front of Dwanell's face while Jarrison climbed between Uhura's legs. Dwanell looked at James with a questioning face as did Jarrison. Captain Kirk stopped to explain that it was a human mating custom for the female to take the male's appendage in her mouth and suck on it while he moved it in and out of her mouth.

This was how the mating usually started. Dwanell looked at her father. "That sounds very interesting. We shall give it a try." Jarrison moved so his cock was by Uhura's face.

Uhura looked at Jarrison's equipment. His cock was about the same nine inches as Kirk's but it had an enlargement about two inches from the bottom that brought memories of the knot of an Earth dog except that it was covered with hard bumps that reminded her of warts.

His testicles must have been inside because she did not see any. Uhura slipped her lips over his member and slid her mouth down to his knot. Dwanell watched and then opened her mouth. James leaned forward and his prick slipped into her mouth. Uhura bobbed up and down on Jarrison's shaft and Dwanell copied what she saw. Dwanell immediately took every bit of the captain's cock into her throat. She was a fast learner.

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She did not have any gag reflex. Jarrison had a broad smile on his face. "This is a very pleasant way to start coupling." He looked at the cameras, "I decree that everyone should start their coupling in this manner." Kirk kept face fucking the king's daughter for almost five minutes before unloading a torrent of cum into her mouth without warning her. Dwanell never spilled a drop. Kirk pulled out and Dwannel smiled, "That has a very pleasant flavor.

I am happy that you have shown us this new addition to our pleasures." She looked at the cameras and like her father had done, she suggested that everyone start with putting the penis in the woman's mouth.

They turned and watched Jarrison and Uhura. It took Uhura almost twenty minutes of concentrated cock sucking before she brought the king to an orgasm. When he came he really came. He must have poured out close to a half cup of almost scalding hot, water thin jizz into Uhura"s mouth.

Jarrison must have really enjoyed it as he tensed up and screamed out his pleasure as he came. He tried to force his cock knot into her mouth but she could not open wide enough to get it in. Uhura could not swallow fast enough and much of his cum ran out of her mouth and all over her face and down onto her chest.

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Uhura had never tasted cum that tasted like that. It reminded her of an Earth drink that she had tasted one time called coffee. She had not liked the taste of coffee. Finally he finished and fell back onto the bed but his cock did not go soft. Jarrison looked at his daughter and Kirk, "Why are you two not coupling? It is cheating to wait so long. Do not do that again or you will lose." Kirk had regained his erection.

He positioned himself between the king's daughter's legs and touched his cock to her vaginal opening. As soon as he made contact, her pussy snapped open so big that Kirk could have put himself in it without touching the sides.

He thought that this was going to be a terrible fuck. He pushed his cock onto the gaping hole and wondered how he would be able to do anything in her. As soon as he was all the way in, her hole rapidly closed tightly around his shaft.

Now he understood that Bronson females must react that way so that the male could get the enlarged part of his penis in the female and then she would clamp tightly shut behind it. She clamped down very tight on his prick. It was so tight that Kirk remembered a reference that was hundreds of years old but still used. Most people did not even remember where it had come from.

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It was that she was as tight as "the glove at the O.J. Simpson trial". Dwanell was disappointed that Kirk did not have the enlargement that made the female feel so good as it stretched and rubbed on her inside walls as the male stroked in and out of her cunt.

She did not complain. It was still pleasant but she did not expect to have an orgasm from Kirk's cock. They both found it enjoyable when James sucked on Dwanell's long nipples, another thing that Bronson males did not do. Kirk was surprised but found it nice when he found out that Bronson females could produce milk at any time, not just when they were with child. He found her milk very tasty and she found his sucking of her nipples exciting to the rest of her body.

On the other side of the room, Jarrison touched his prick to Uhura's opening and could not figure out why it did not open for him. She told him that he would have to push to get inside her. When he did, her hole stretched enough to get his prick into her fuck hole but not to get the knot in.

Jarrison pounded away with all his might, trying his best to get his knot in her cunt. He knew that it would feel so much better for both of them to have his enlargement rubbing the inside of her fuck tunnel.

After several minutes of pounding, Uhura's opening started to yield and at last his knot popped in.

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Tears ran down Uhura's face from the pain of his thick knot stretching her wider than she had ever been stretched. She was afraid that he would rip her open and damage her cunt forever, but her passage yielded to the aggression and soon the pain ended and the pleasure started.

The bumps on his knot rubbed her insides in a way that quickly brought her to an almost unending orgasm. She thrashed around and screamed out in almost irrational pleasure. "Oh shit.

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Fuck me with that giant knob. Oh fuck yes. It feels soooo good. Fuck me. Don't stop. Fuckkkkk!" Jarrison pounded her for half an hour. Uhura had four hard orgasms while crying out for more and she passed out twice. While all this was happening, Kirk got it up for one more round. Finally the king reached his climax and again produced the same large load of hot cum that had fired into Uhura's mouth earlier. He filled her womb and her cunt and still there was more than she could hold.

Thin watery cum poured out onto the bed. After the king had competed releasing himself fully into Uhura, he told her to get off the bed.

Servants rushed in and changed the bedding. Then they got back on and she saw that he was still hard. She swallowed hard and got ready for him to continue to have his way with her.

Dwanell decided that she liked Kirks cock in her mouth better than his attempts at satisfying her by coupling, so she asked if they could do it again that way.

So their final time was oral.

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After the captain had shot six cunt loads and two oral loads into the king's daughter, he was done. He couldn't do any more and it was still two hours till sun-up. Dwanell lay there somewhat bored but pleased that she could help her father negotiate with the humans from Star Fleet.

Kirk had failed to bring her to even one orgasm and his cum loads were so small and not nearly as hot and tasty as Bronson males. Jarrison was still going strong. Uhura was just lying there under the king, unable to react to the hard fucking the Bronson king was still giving her.

He was still pounding her pussy when the sun first started to emerge above the horizon.


That was the point when he shot one last huge load of spunk into Uhura. The king declared himself the winner. Everyone got up, the men dressed and they were led to breakfast. Uhura could hardly walk and when she sat at the eating table she had to place a rag between her legs to soak up all the cum that was still running out of her sore cunt. It turned out that it was a good thing that the captain could not keep up with Jarrison in the fucking contest.

It would have been a big insult if Kirk had won or even kept up with Jarrison.


It would have made the negotiations much more difficult. As it was, things went quite smoothly and after several hours if talks, it was agreed that Star Fleet would get all the blendenium they needed for a five year period in exchange for technology that would allow then to allow the Bronson space fleet to go beyond their planetary system for the first time. Everyone beamed back to the landing craft and returned to the Enterprise.

That night in bed, Kirk and Uhura were both happy to put their normal bedtime fuck off for a day while they let their bodies recuperate from the negotiations with the Bronson on Regeria IV. 1013