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Clip sex hotgirl Ha Nội Nguyễn Khanh Linh
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Dawn's Birthday Party Today was a special day for Dawn as she was now 16. There was a pool party this afternoon and she had a date for the evening. Tom, her father had planned the whole thing as he wanted it to be a special time for his girl.

Tom had special feelings about her right or wrong he had some sexual feeling for her. He got erections often when he saw her at the pool in her skimpy bikini. Her ass was a sight to behold and hold is what he wanted to do. She had such nicely shaped tits and when the cold water made her nipples hard and protruding from the bikini tops he would get and instant erection. He thought about her often when he masturbated or even when he was fucking her mother.

Diane, her 15 year old sister had also helped and was enjoying it as the two of them got along great. In fact the two sisters shared a lot.

Dawn had shown Diane how to kiss and how to masturbate and had shared what she knew about men. They had shared their thoughts about their father as well. It was noon and the party would be starting soon. Ann, their mother was finishing up in the kitchen and the girls were on the patio in their bikinis. Dawn had a new red and white stripped one that covered her nicely, still much of her tight ass was visible. Diane had on a more modest two piece that cover more of her but then there was more to cover as Diane had large breasts and a slightly bigger butt.

Still the suit had pulled into her butt crack and the ass cheeks were very visible. Tom was setting up things around the pool. He walked over to Diane as she bent over and pulled the suit out of her crack. His fingers had reached in and just slip along the crack on each side to pull the material out.

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"There you go sweetie that has to feel better with the material out of your crack." The family was very open. "Oh thank you, it does feel better, is the front okay or do you want to fix that too." "Now Now don't tease daddy" and he walked away. She had loved the feel of his fingers on her ass and she had wanted more.

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Ann had seen the action and smiled; she was a voyeur at heart and liked to watch the sexual activity of other regardless of who they were. Dawn had also seen the touch and was a little jealous as she wished it had been her, but her bikini was in her crack and it was suppose to be. She thought maybe if I had a suit like Diane's he would fix mine. Tom was wearing a pair of short/swimming trunks and even though they were baggy they still showed his erection. Man I got some hot daughters and the ass on Diane is so nice I just want to hold it and squeeze it, kiss it and oh well better get the chairs set up.

The guest arrived, most were 15 to 17 year olds but a couple 18s. Everyone was in swimsuits and some were very skimpy. There were a couple of mothers as well that came with the 15 year old girls and they were in one piece suits but there are some one piece that well can give a man an erection. Tom was busy serving and looking. Boy was there a lot to look at. Even thought there were many hot girls and women to look at his eyes came back to Dawn. She had gotten a lot of wonderful things and the party was a great success.

She looks at her dad and got a real warm feeling and then just ran over to him, jumped at him and kissed him hard on the lips.


Her feet were off the ground with her arms tight around his neck. He did nothing for a moment as his arms were out wide holding a glass and a beer bottle. He did not struggle.

She parted her lips and slipped her tongue into his mouth and gave a little meow of a moan. He did nothing but bend back, which made her body press against him more, and when he felt the tongue he responded at first but then stopped.

He closed his mouth. She broke the kiss: "Oh daddy thank you for the most wonderful birthday a daughter ever had, I love you so much" she moved in close to his ear and whispered "you will never know how much I love you." With that she was down, sliding off his chest.

Oh man what was that the kiss was a surprise and the feel of her against me was too much. Tom had an erection that was pushing his shorts out. Oh man I hope nobody notices that better get in the pool now you idiot. Tom put down the bottle and glass and jumped into the pool. Ann had seen the display and thought; mmm this is going to be interesting I just might put off that trip. Ann, an advertizing executive, had a business trip and she had to leave now.


She wanted to see what was going to happen tonight. Diane saw the kiss and was jealous and horney as well. She felt her pussy get wet, tingly, and itchy and wanted to rub it in the worst way. I know she thought get in the pool. She followed her dad into the pool. Tom came up and swam to the other end and back and then saw Diane. Diane had walked into the pool and gotten to where she was up to her shoulder and at that point she put her hand inside her bottoms and fingered her sensitive pussy.

She gave a quiet hum as her finger rubbed the smooth lips. Her pussy had been shaved only a couple of weeks ago by her sister and she had kept it smooth since. She turned and there was her dad. Oh now what he caught me. "Hi dear, you have to be careful you know, the water is clear and they can see you with your hand rubbing yourself." Dam I wish it was me rubbing that cute pussy, shit I am never going to lose this hard on.

"Oh daddy I am sorry but I just well I just had to do it and I am sorry I won't do it again I promise" and she pulled her hand out and then reached over and put her arms around his neck and kissed him just like Dawn did. This has to stop and he pulled her hands from around his neck, "Stop that little girl, people are looking".

"I just wanted to kiss you like Dawn did, what's wrong with that?" "It is not proper for you to kiss me like that, especially out here in front of everyone" "Oh so I can do it in private, mmmm, that will be fun" "Now stop that little girl of I will spank you" "Really, spank me" and she moved away and got out of the pool. Now few notice the kiss or interaction between them but those that did smiled and understood.

The community here is very different; they are more open and understanding of things. Ann had decided to maybe cancel the trip after seeing Diane in the pool. That little girl has gotten herself all excited and does not know what to do.

She then walked over to Diane, handed her a towel and said "follow me into the house". Once inside she turned and said "look daughter I understand a lot and am very tolerant so if you need to masturbate please go to your room or at least the bathroom there and do it but not in public or in the pool." Diane nodded and turned and went to the bath room.

"Oh and if you need help let me know I can show you some things" Diane was a little surprised by her mother offer of help but thought it better to rub her own pussy. In the restroom she quickly pulled down the bottoms and rubbed her pussy and clit until she had a small but satisfying orgasm.

Tom had continued to swim until the erection had gone down but then a couple of the other girls and the two mothers had entered the pool. One of the mothers was a member of the swingers group that Ann and Tom belonged to so she just moved over and grabbed Tom's cock and started to play with it.

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"Hey Marie stop that the kids will see you" "So you want to let that big hardon go to waste do you?" "I would like nothing more than to fuck you here and now but I got a pool party full of teenagers watching" "Ya and I bet you would like to fuck every one of those little girls including your own daughters." "Oh shit Marie, stop it, I am not interested in fucking my daughters" You lie Tom you lie and yes you would like to fuck every female here, what a way to die.

He looks around at all the nearly naked bodies and his cock pulses still in Marie hand. "Hey let go, I don't want to shoot a wad in the pool" and with that she lets go. "But you will shoot that wad into me latter right?" "We will see but right now I have things to do" and he gets out of the pool and head to the house. When he gets to the restroom he hears the sounds of his daughter moaning softly and opens the door.

"Oh sorry dear but I heard moaning and I thought someone was in trouble." "Oh daddy, I am sorry please" and she reaches down to pull up her bottom. "I am sorry and I will let you be to finish" closes the door behind him. Oh god what a sweet pussy and she shaved it. I need to do something fast. He is looking for someone to fuck now. He finds Ann and grabs her "I am so hot and horney I need to fuck you now babe" "Hey easy we have a patio full of people, we can't just rush off and fuck somewhere.

One of us has to stick around so why don't you go talk to Marie. I saw you and her in the pool and she seems hot too." Ann and Marie had swapped husbands at the last swingers' party so it was no big deal to her.

"Are you sure?' "Yes" "Okay you're the greatest" and he kiss her and head back to the pool. He walks up to Marie and takes her hand telling her he has to talk to her in private. They go back into the house where he takes her to the office and strips her bottom off and bends her over the desk.

He then proceeds to ram his cock into her as hard and as fast as he can. Dawn saw her father leave with Marie and followed. Dawn knew that her parents were very open about sex and that there were some strange maybe interesting things going on that she did not fully understand. She had explored the house and had found many ways to spy on her parents. She had seen them having sex many times and loved the way her father fuck her mother and wanted him to fuck her like that too.

She saw them go into the office and she went around into a connecting bathroom. She found the door unlocked and opened it a crack. Then she saw her father fucking Marie with an energy she wanted used on her. She thought; oh you beautiful man I want that cock in my pussy too.

She put her hand on her pussy and rubbed fast and then found the little button of a clit and pushed and the pinched and rubbed with a frenzy. She reached up and pinched a nipple and squeezed her little tit. She moaned softly and bucked her hips and wiggled as she had an orgasm watching her father fuck the neighbor lady from behind.

She loves to see that big bald cock sliding in and out. She saw him arch is back and moan and the heard her moan as he pulled on her tits and pinched her nipples and rammed in deep and hard.

He bucked and moaned as he pumped a load of cum into her wet hairy pussy. She liked to see the cum oozing out of that well used cunt. Oh daddy do me do me. They were done and heading to the bath, she had to get out quick and she closed the door with a little bit of noise. He heard something but oh well better get back to the party "well Marie did that satisfy you as much as it did me?" "Hell no you stud you, I want more, no wham bam thank you mam for me, and I will see you later for a repeat" He smiled thinking this is going to be one hell of a week.

Dawn was all hot and bothered now and she wanted her father in the worst way. The party was breaking up as the couples were going to go dancing. They all went home to change for the night. Dawn had a date and went to her room to change.

Ann had her bags packed and was just driving away. Diane was in Dawns room watching her sister get dressed. She got a little turned on when Dawn was naked and she wondered if Dawn would have sex with David tonight. "Will you let him fuck you tonight?" "Hey watch the language little girl and I might let him MAKE LOVE to me." Yes but I would rather it was daddy making love to me.

She dressed for the night with light brown suede mini skirt and dark green silk blouse. Under it she wore a white lace pushup bra and white lace boy cut panties. She was wearing for the first time thigh high nylons with a pattern and 4 "spike heels. She walked up to her father and reaches up and kissed him to leave. She was taken by surprise as his arms went around her waist and pulls her closer and the kiss deepened and he pushed his tongue into her mouth seeking her tongue. The tongues meet and the passion took over.

She move in to him and then straddled his leg and slid down. He broke the kiss and looked at her with a hunger that would not go away soon. "Okay you go and have a good time and take care, love you and happy birthday." He was home alone and working in his office when he heard the door open and then slam shut.

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Footsteps stamped down the hall and turned into his office. "Hi honey, is everything all right?" She stood there looking a little ruffed up. Her blouse was buttoned wrong and the back was out. One stocking was twisted and there appeared to be a run. Her hair was a mess.

"No it is not, the bastard was crude, rude and well I have had it. All he wanted to do was get in my pants." He got up and went over to her and took her in his arms. "Well some boys are like that and you just have to hope they will grow up." "But I wanted him tonight and he was just was so crude I wanted him to be more like you when you make love to mom." "What?

Have you been spying on mom and me?" "Oh daddy, I have seen you make love to mom and a couple of other women here. I have been watching you for over a year." This was a real shock to Tom. He had thought that the house was empty when he was fucking someone. "What are you saying dear?" He can smell beer on her now. So you had a few. "I happened to see you and mom one time and I watched you and well I just wanted you to do to me what you did to her.

Then I figured out a way to watch you more often as I just faked going to friends and I hid in the house. Daddy you fuck so nicely and mom seems to really enjoy it and so did Marie," "What you saw me with Marie?" "Sure and it looked good to me" she smiles and moves in tighter to him. She looks up and smiles. Her hands reach up around his neck and the back of his head then pulls him to her.

Their lips meet softly at first but then a fire builds and her tongue seeks his. The kiss develops into a frenzy of licking and biting and sucking. Tom has decided to do whatever she wants and is going to show her that sex can be very enjoyable; he just prays that nobody ever finds out. His hands have move up and down her back and one hand is cupping a butt cheek and then squeezing with increasing pressure.

She bucks her hip to his leg and slides up and down rubbing her pubic mound on his thigh. His other hand has moves up her back and as the blouse was out of the skirt he is touching bare skin and his hand feel like it touched a fire. She gives a little start as the skin is touched. There is electricity between them. His hands are moving fast all over the bare skin of her back and he touches the bra.

He and she are quivering with excitement and anticipation. His kiss moves to her ear and then down her neck and down to the base of the neck just above the cleavage. His hands have moved to the front and they unbutton the blouse. As the blouse parts he stares at the beautiful breast held in a very sexy bra.

She is not waiting and she unhooks the bra exposing her tits with very hard erect nipples. He bends and kisses and then sucks a nipple in hard and deep. She grabs his head and pulls it to her and a loud moan escapes her lips. "O daddy that feels so good, oh yes I love you more please more." Her hips buck up to him and she humps his leg.

He kisses her breasts and sucks the nipples on both then kisses her lips. "Oh baby you are so sweet and lovely and tender and you taste so good. I am going to make you so happy." His arms pick her up and he carries her to the bedroom.

Setting her down he continues to kiss her breasts and lips and ear and neck. All this while he unbuttons the skirt and pulls the zipper. It falls to the floor and she steps out.

There she stands in heels, stockings and panties and he cannot resist. He picks her up and puts her on the bed and covers her with wet kisses.

Rolling to his side he strokes her naked body with his finger tips while kissing her. She squirms and wiggles and pleads for more. He lets his tongue run from a nipple down, kissing her belly and with a hand he pushes on her pubic mound and pulls the panties down. Now he is kissing the pubic area as he finishes removing the panties.

His lips meet her moist hot lips and she moans loudly and begs for him to hurry and fuck her. He is not going to hurry as he wants her to be begging even more.

His tongue rapidly licks her lips and then works the slit and moves up to her clit. His tongue stabs at her clit and her hips buck up and she moans and begs. "Oh daddy please fuck me now please fuck me ohhhhhhh please" she is so hot and demanding. His cock is so hard and he can no longer wait. His lips move up her body as he moves over her. His knees work to spread her legs and he is in position. Slowly he lowers himself and he feels the head touch her lips. She bucks up trying to impale herself on his cock but he holds her back and very slowly the head enters her pussy the head parting the lips.

She quivers and bucks and screams and moans but he is slowly entering her and inch at a time and then back and in and out each time deeper and deeper until he has all 8" in her. She is so tight and the muscles seem to close even tight now. She feels so good and so tight. He pushes hard and hits the cervix and she scream with some pain it seems.

He pulls back and strokes slow and not so deep. He covers her with kisses and caresses. He is on his elbows so as to no put his full weight on her or ram his big cock to deep. He continues to pump in and out. On his elbows he can still caress her breast and squeeze a nipple while his mouth sucks on the other. His kisses her lips and ear and neck. His strokes are now long slow and deep. Her hands are raking his back and she is moaning and babbling. All of a sudden her legs go up and wrap around his butt and she bucks up and moans so deep.

She can no believe how good it feels to have his cock so deep into her and his kisses and touches. She is so hot and then the thrill runs through her.

She is lost to the feeling and wants more and there is "oh my god yes yes ah" she screams and convulses as she has an orgasm. The sensation lasts but not long enough. He can tell she has had an orgasm and he continues to pump. The orgasm made her pussy tighten on his cock so much he thought he might not be able to pull out. He continued to pump, slow and steady. She relaxed as the sensation passed and he reached down and lifted her legs still in stocking and heels up.

He rose up and moved her legs up to his shoulders. He never missed a stroke and the new angle excited her more. He moved a hand down and rubbed her pussy and found her clit. Now he was massaging her clit with pressure on the pubic mound as he increased the speed of his strokes and the depth.

She moaned and reached for him and could not contain herself. She was reaching that point of ecstasy again when everything seemed to go blank and there were just sensations.

Her breathing was fast shallow and hard and her mind went blank. She bucked up and moaned and the then screamed "I want you daddy I want all of it oh yes now more yes". She was having another orgasm and this time her tight muscles gripped his cock so hard he could not stop it and he came with a rush I had not had in a long time. The cum shot from him like a high pressure hose. She felt the hot cum blasting into her tightening pussy. She had never felt anything like this.

The pulsing of his cock inside her caused her to shiver with thrills. Her body vibrated with pleasure. She wanted it to never end. He could feel it filling her tight cunt and the thought; oh god this is the greatest fuck, she is my little whore, oh you cute little slut you.

The cum was oozing out and back along his softening cock. He continued to fuck her with passion but he had given his all this time and soon he was limp and slid out of her pussy. He lay down beside her and she snuggled into his body.

"Oh daddy I love you so much" and she kissed him sweetly and stroked his face and let her hand trail down his body and then caress his limp cock. "I love this really nice cock of yours and it makes me feel so good. I never realized how good it could feel." "Well baby I am glad you enjoyed it because it was very good for me too. You have such a nice body and such a sweet pussy and such nice breasts, well I don't think I will ever get enough of it." "Oh daddy you can have all you want whenever you want.

And with that they just snuggled into each other and dozed off. There was a bang as a car door closed loudly. Tom rose with a start, oh god Diane is home.

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"Dawn wake up, come on your sister is home you have to get to your room now move" and he pushed her to get up and out. "Oh daddy take it easy, she would not care, she wants you too you know". She thought; oh she will be jealous though when I tell her about this. I got him first. She picks up her cloths and walks back to her room on the other side of the house.


She got all the clothes but a pair of black panties. Diane was heading down the hall and thought she saw Dawn's door closing. She is home early I wonder what happened. There is a light on in her bathroom. The conversation between the sisters is a hot one.