Arab Muslim In Hijab Masturbates On Webcam

Arab Muslim In Hijab Masturbates On Webcam
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Now would probably be a good time to introduce myself. My names Joey.

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I'm about 5'8", dark brown hair and eyes, and I wasn't fit, but i wasnt fat either. I was 15 at the time ths happened. It all started during one summer. School hade just let out and it had been blazing outside all day.

My sister, we'll call her Jasmine for her sakes, had over one of her friends that day. We'll call her Alex. They were both 13 at the time.

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Alex was probably the ABSOLUTE most annoying person i knew. She was about 5'1", blue eyes, brown hair, and had a slightly athletic build. Jasmine and Alex had invaded the basement, my personal sanctuary, the entire afternoon almost. By the time they left it was almost 11 o'clock at night. I took the opportunity to snatch back my area of course, but frirst i had to take my shower and get ready to go to bed.

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That's when all sanity went to hell. I had grown into this habit of walking out of my bathroom and getting dressed in the rec room since i was used to no one ever coming down there, tonight that wasnt the case. As it turned out Alex had left her ipod down there.

After a few moments of me watching tv before i decided to start getting dresses, down came Alex to get her ipod.

I just stood there, absolutely shocked, at the situation I had landed myself in. She seemed just as shocked about me at the situation. Then i snapped back to reality and grabbed for my clothes and just held them over my crotch.

Then she did the last thing i expected her to do. Instead of screaming or running or even slapping me, she walked right up and kissed me. Right now might be the right time to mention I'd only ever been in one relationship and it had ended badly. This was the first kiss I had ever gotten from anyone other than family. So i did the first thing any right minded boy would do, i dropped everything i was holding and tried not to freak out.

At this point she was wearing short-shorts and a tight t-shirt (no bra as i would discover). Then she broke the kiss and said,"I want you in me so bad right now!" I grabbed the back of her head and her tight little ass and pulled her so close to me I'm surprised my dick didn't rip through her shorts, her moaning all the while. I couldnt stand it any longer.


I broke the kiss and damn near ripped her shirt off. I guided her back onto the couch and proceeded to lick and suck her little mounds. Then i started to play my way down her body to the top of her little shorts. I nuzzled at the fabric for a moment, eliciting a strong grunt from alex, before lifting her up just enough to take them off.

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Turns out she wasnt wearing panties either. "My luck's finally changed!" i thought.


I started out just licking around her tight litle virgin pussy before sticking my tongue straight in. She almost jumped off the couch in surprise. It was the most wonderful thing i had ever tasted in my entire life.well aside from a good burger haha.

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Thats when she said it,"OOOOOHHHHHHH! Dont stop! I'm cummmiiiiinnnnnnnngggg!!!!!" She spouted her juices all over my face.

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She sat straight up and started licking them off my face, weird in some peoples books, but i loved every second of it. Then she told me to get on the couch and she'd return the favor. She could only get in a couple inches of my 6 in. cock, but it felt absolutely wonderful. she gagged a bit, but eventually managed to get in 4 inches before i came in her mouth.

She just swallowed and said,"Not the best thing I've ever tasted, but I'm glad i got the chance!" Then she said it, the end-all. "Fuck me!" She sat on her knees above my hard member and slowly lowered herself down. After getting a bit of the head through, she rammed down as hard and fast as she could it seemed. She let out a little yelp of pain, but after a couple minutes she started to go up and down slowly.

It was the most wonderful sensation I'd ever felt. Ever. I started helping lift her up along with her grinding the entire time. By this point she was almost she was almost screaming in ecstacy, in retrospect I still wonder if anyone heard us, cause I was grunting on top of her moans.

Then I did something I never thought I'd do, I started fingering her tight little ass hole.

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She had to kiss me so that the resulting scream didnt wake everyone in the neighberhood up. As i started to feel like i was about to cum, i lifted her off me and layed her down in a sitting-like position with her legs hanging off the couch.

I put her legs up on my shoulders and started going at her as hard and fast as i could, Needless to say, it didnt take me long to blow.

I came first, then she came. After that we just layed there for about five minutes and made out. Then she decided to head back up so that Jasmine wouldn't get curious if she woke up, but not before saying,"I'll see you next time I'm in the neighberhood big boy." After that i got dressed and went to bed, totally exhausted from my little exposition, wondering what we'd do next time.

To be continued.