Husband bent his wife and fucked from behind by the sea

Husband bent his wife and fucked from behind by the sea
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Mommy's true passion- part four When I saw the doc's hand lowering to the map I had to fight two feelings in my breast.

On the one hand I hoped that everything would be alright. On the other I was frighten. Would I really be able to do what I had seen on those pages? How strange was this fetish? Was I really willing to scarify that much just for sexual satisfaction? If I wasn't able to do what I had told wouldn't mum be terribly disappointed? Now that we had gone that far, now that we had told each other which secret wishes and desires we had, now that mum after over 17 years finally was in hope to have a fulfilled sex life again, now that our lives had changed in only a few days that dramatically, now that there was no way back, would I really be able to what I said I would like to do?

I had tasted a couple of fingers on that nasty dinner toilet, that's for sure, but wasn't it many just some feeling of being overwhelmed by that absurd situation it had doubtless been? I thought all this in a couple of splits of seconds as I watched the doc opening the blue map of destiny in some kind of super slow motion.

I saw her manicured fingernails close and anglicized every hardly recognizable move she made. The map's top was opened and there was nothing I could do against it. I was powerless on anything that would happen in the next few moments. I watched mom. Her face didn't show what was thinking that moment. I hoped she had the same doubts and thoughts I had. Should she really scarify motherly values for bare sexual pleasure? Was mom ready and willing in the deep of her heart to do what she loved and what I had told her I would like to do, too?

How serious was this all? Then I thought the situation couldn't be more absurd. I and my widow mother, who I just had fucked, were in fact waiting for a shit specialist to tell us the results of an analysis from my mother's shit and its aim was to clarify if it was possible for me to eat this just tested object.

Could anyone imagine a more absurd situation? I don't think so. The map opened slowly. I studied the movement of the doc's face. No crinkles or mouthy movement told anything about the result. She was a professional. Then finally I saw her mouth open I little. I watched mum again. She took my hand.

She pressed it. She smiled at me with a new kind of smile, the smile of a mother who is exited to hear if her only son can get sick from tasting her fecal. It was kind of hot I thought. And then as if the world had stopped turning and a small troupe of mind blowing specialists had cleaned my mind I know it.

All the doubts that had burned my brain almost to ashes just seconds earlier were destroyed. I know it all and I felt as if I had known it ever since. I was a nasty boy. I was totally willing and able to do whatever my sexy mummy would ask me to do. I would feel pleasure doing every nameless job me mom and I could imagine.

I was born to love I was made to serve ad I knew I would be great doing this. "Congratulations" I heard the doc say and was ripped from my thoughts. She had said "congratulations". That meant there were no taboos for our forbidden love from now.

I looked in mom's eyes. She was all shining and I swear I never saw her happier in years as in that situation. The doc explained a couple of medically details but I wasn't listening. On my inner I pictured all the scenes I had seen in the net. I copied mine and mom's bodies in there and felt myself being touched by an unknown feeling of happiness.

Yes I'm prevent, yes mom is, too and hell yes I'm going to eat my own moms shit and gurgle it down with a tasty draft of her pee! As we left the praxis of the doc we decided not to drive back home for tonight but to take a hotel room. So we drove down 5th until me found the plaza. We checked in and asked for a room with sight on the whole city downtown.

Luckily we got the room we had asked for and went upstairs. The maid opened the luxury room and mum and I had to force ourselves to not start kissing in front of her. Mom gave her a gigantic tip. "Mum I'm so happy" I said. "So am I my love" she replied. "Now, what are we going to do tonight, mommy?" "Mm, let's go out for dinner tonight.

I'll reserve a table, where do you want to eat, honey" "What's about this nice steakhouse in the C.P.?" "That's a great idea, but I think then we need other cloth…" "You're right mom, let's o to some boutique." "Ok, baby but first you have to do something for mommy" "Sure I'd do anything for you mom" She opened a bag that lay on the bed and that I hadn't realized yet.

She took out a bowl of polished blue steel. "I asked the doc to send the rest of my crap here for the case that the result was positive. This bowl is thermo so the temperature keeps constant. And now guess what kind of surprise I have for you my love…" I was a little socked but the luckiest guy on earth, too.

Mum walked over to me and opened the top of the bowl. Immediately the odor of soft, warm shit filled the air. I inhaled it I as if it was ambrosia. I had known this odor my whole life but now it had became erotic and exiting to me. Mum moved it under my nose like a god wine is moved by the sommelier.


She stacked her long finger in the soft brownness and laid it on my lower lip. I felt the warm crap on my lip. I felt the taste crawling in my mouth like a worm. Then I opened my lips and mum put her tasty, shit covered finger inside. "Now eat mummy's shit my little boy." The soft bulk fell from her nail to my tongue. My taste receptors felt as if they were exploding. Now I won't stress the thesis that shit really tastes good. But the knowledge who's it is and the feeling you get eating it is unbelievable sexy to me.

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So I moved the piece a little around in my mouth as mom pulled her finger out and watched my face the first time as I ate her fecal. She smiled at me and I could see her pride. "It always takes a while till you get used to the flavor" she said with a motherly voice. She stroke over my hair as she saw my throat doing the swallowing move. Then she put another piece from the bowl on her finger and put it in my mouth.

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This time the flavor wasn't a shock at all. I tried to enjoy it. I pictured how mom did it.

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I went back to the sexy situation at the praxis and imagined how mom had forced this brown food from her asshole. My trousers tightened. Mum looked down my body. "Oh. Honey you are learning fast to enjoy it…" She opened my zipper and my boner popped out.

Her fingers wrapped around the shaft. "Now be a good boy and empty the bowl for mummy and she will make her boy cum again." I nodded my head. Mum went down on her knees. I already sat on some chair close to the window. My hand opened the mini bar nearby and I found a spoon. Mum started shaking my penis and lowered with her full, red lips to the top. I watched her. "Don't watch me, baby you have a job to do." I put the silver spoon in the bowl and heaped a little load of brown mess on it.

Another time I watched mum down between my legs. Not that I hesitated. Mum gave me a semi grim look back as if to remember me on what my task was.

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Finally the spoon found its way to my mouth. And finally mum stared giving me a blowjob. The ambivalent feeling of getting a blowjob by your own mother while you eat her shit with a spoon from a bowl exited me even more. And after a couple of spoons had found its way to m y mouth I got used to the situation. "Yeah, that's a good boy. Eat all mummy's shityou like the flavor, don't you" mummy said between two licks. Hearing my mom talk like that turned me on from the first time.

I loved when she called me "boy" and spoke about herself in the person. I enjoyed the closeness to the window, too. Obviously I was not only an incest and shit lover but also an exhibitionist. I know the windows were made from mirror- glass and the people couldn't see us even if weren't on the 39th floor, but I liked the idea of being exposed to others, to strangers being used like that and in that respect being used like that by my own mother.

Meanwhile my bits became bigger. The bigger my pleasure grew the bigger grew my appetite on mom's ass crap. I was under the illusion that I already enjoyed the taste. A little bell in my head rang and I knew that this was like the dog of Pawlow but I didn't care.

This time pleasure was the most important to me. A few loads later I felt my cock getting ready to shoot a load. The bowl was almost empty, too so the timing couldn't have been better. As mum knew I was ready she took the bowl from my hand.


"Now we will make a nice mixture my love". Mum gave me the final cock head kiss and my load exploded in the bowl which she held under my penis. Then she grabbed the spoon and mixed the white and the brown all to one light brownish paste. "Let's share the rest baby". She fed me and her with the last few spoons and enjoyed it obviously like hell.

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As I showered for the third time this day I thought about that I just had eaten my first whole load of my mum's shit and that it certainly wouldn't be the last one. After mum had checked her makeup we got dressed in the already used cloth and made our way off to the elevator.

As we left the lobby to look for some nice boutique on the 5th or maybe on Park Avenue I wrapped my arm around mum and the knowledge that she wasn't wearing anything but this hot business outfit knocked in the back of my head the bell and I looked forward to the shopping tour.

End of part four. Please let me know how you liked it.