Men sucking and being fisted xxx gay fisting Bottom Boy Aron Loves

Men sucking and being fisted xxx gay fisting Bottom Boy Aron Loves
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My brother and me have always been pretty close, you know, like most brothers. Basically if it where not for the age difference we would be even closer. im Andrew, im 14. im tall, slim body, average build for my age I guess. I have kina like my own version of the haircut that Justin beiber has. I have blue eyes, and some freckles. I have always hade a bit of a liking towards other boys, but I never considered myself being other than str8. I have started puberty, but I don't have much hair other than some pubes.

My bro is 12. his name is Cameron. he has,{ in my opinion}, the same exact haircut as Justin beiber. But yet he pulls it off while looking pretty cool. He has a pretty slim-muscular build for his age, like me. I am not sure what he thinks about his "likings sexually" but im pretty sure he is str8.

I am not sure about puberty for him. I have caught him with boners before, but that's about it.

It was the last day of school, and boy was I happy for school to be over. The teacher gave us all printouts of a youth coloring book to use. She said we could do that for the rest of the day, or talk. Like everyone else, we all got up and found our little group of friends, for me, it was a group of about 4 or 5 boys. I was pretty popular at school. We all found the farthest corner and sat down to talk.

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Like all boys my age we began talking about sports, which then quickly changed to girls, and then to sex. Somehow we ended up talking about gay sex, we where all pretty open to each other. Some admitted to watching gay porn, but not to jacking to it. I just listened. I noticed that all my buds where covering their crotches, either with a book, or a casual hand.

They where covering their erections, and so was I. the school bell rang. That meant we had to get up to stack out chairs. No one got up. We all waited, and stared each other, trying to come up for an excuse as to not to get up.

Mine went down to a semi, which was soft enough to get up. When I did, I couldn't help but notice how cute, good looking, hot and or handsome my friends where. We all said our goodbyes and left. I got on the but, and saved a spot next to me for my bro. when he got on, I looked at him, I thought, wow, this kid looks good. He had red cheeks from p-e, but no sweat. The most perfect face. He went to sit down, and a girl hugged him saying she would miss him.

He then sat down. I slid my hand next to him, propping for a hi 5. which he gave me with a wink. We laughed a little. The bus ride home was kina long. skipping foreword like 2 hrs, we got homewe where home alone,bla bla bla --- I was watching the movie titanic with my bro. The sex scene came on, and my first reaction was to grab the remote and change it like my parents do. But then Cameron yelled out no! leave it! I looked at him for a sec, and nodded. We both stared at the tv as the two people had sex.

I watched porn, so this didn't really give me a boner. I looked at my brother, who had his eyes glued to the screen, his mouth open in awe and I think he was not blinking. I looked at his shorts and sure enough a tent was rising.

I smiled. As soon as the scene was over I shut the tv off. My bro came back to life. he was sitting beside me so I got up and stood in front of him. I asked, did you like that Cameron? With a smile. He said, uugh, well, it was ok. I guess there are betters. I smirked.

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I reached over and softly hit his boner through his basketball shorts. I asked oh yea? It was ok ? just ok? With a wink. He turned bright red. I said its ok dudeits normal. I got one today in school actually. Ho stared at me. Yea, so what I said. Come with me to my room, there is something I want to show you on the computer. But Andrew… he said. I looked over and he was pointing to his boner. I cant get up without it sticking out!

Cameron, you got nothing to hide man. Im your bro. Just get up. I will turn around and walk ahead if it makes you feel any better. I went to my room and opened my facebook, and in another page I opened a porn website.

I think its time he learned what porn is. I took my shirt and shorts off, leaving my boxer briefs on. When Cameron walked in he was startled to see me almost naked, I looked at his shorts and they still had a bit of a bulge. Dude, I want to show you something, but you got to take everything off like I did Cameron.

Andrew, he said, this is gay. Cameron.

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Trust me. I said. Ok ok fine he said. He stripped down to his boxer briefs. Ok I said ready Cameron? Yea he said. I clicked on the porn. He turned bright red, he covered his mouth in amazement.

I just stared at him and smiled. That is porn. I said, I had a boner, but I was on my stomach, so you couldn't tell. He was standing up. He had a huge boner. I grabbed his hand and pulled him onto my bed face down facing my laptop.

Dude. You just saw my boner he said. I said, its cool. See I have one too. I flipped over. I quickly went to flip back over onto my belly when he stopped me, and flipped my back onto my back. I let him. Its allot bigger than mine he said.

I know I said, im about 6 inches. He just stared at my tent. Will mine be that big? He asked ,probably I replied. Let me see how big you are now, and I will tell you for sure. Omg Andrew, this is so gay, but so much fun he said. I answered, its ok. Just relax, and about it being gay, dude, we are brothers. Its cool. He flipped over. I looked at him and his tent, I couldn't help but notice how perfect he was. His perfect face, rosy cheeks.

A little tan, a six-pack in the rough. And boy fuzz on his belly. I immediately loved the curve under his bellybutton the curve which leads to his pubes. I looked back at him, and he was smiling and staring at me. Soo Andrew, what do you say? He asked. We -well… uum, umm. Y - ,y - ,you have a very nice tent. &hellip.

Wait what?!


What the heck did I just say?! I though. We both burst out laughing. What I meant to say was, you have a very nice body. And your tent is big for your age. I think you might even be bigger that me when you're my age. He smiled at me. We looked into each others eyes. Soo, I asked, do you know what jacking is? I asked him.

He answered no&hellip. I said, do you want me to show you? Ok he replied. I got up in front on him. He followed me with his eyes.

I put each hand on each of his feet. I started to slide my hands all the way down to the wait band of his boxers. When I passed next to where his balls where he gasped and arched his back a little. I stopped. I wasn't even touching his balls. Wow. This kid is sensitive I thought. I looked at his face and he had his eyes shut with his mouth open. I smiled. I waited there until he calmed down.

He opened his eyes again and looked at me with those big green eyes. That felt great. He said. I replied, that felt great?! I haven't even touched you! He giggled. I think your really going to enjoy this. I said. I kept moving forward to his waistband and an occasional small gasp could be heard from him.

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I got to his waistband and curled my fingers underneath his waist band and stopped. I looked at him. he was looking up at me, in a crooked type of way. His cheeks where rosy red. He looked so innocent, so perfect, so boy-perfect. I winked at him and asked him. are you ready Cameron ? I asked. He stared at me and said will ya stop teasing me and go on with it Andrew!! I smiled. In one brisk move, I yanked down and off his boxers.

I threw them over my head. I looked at Cameron. I swear, if this boy had any hair, you had to use a magnifying glass to see them. But yet, he managed to have a nice sized cock. His cock stuck straight up and backand laid on his belly, under his belly button, I looked at me in a cocky way. And winked at me, omg, I could have blown my load right there. I walked over and picked up some baby oil I kept hidden under my bedrail. I opened the bottle and squirted his belly and all his dick. I then began to massage his belly, and that perfect curve under his belly button.

Then I grabbed his balls and began to play with them, he began to moan a little. Open your legs a little more I said. Ok Andrew&hellip. He replied. I massaged his balls for a little bit.

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Them I moved up and grabbed his uncut dick. I bet it was about 4 ½ inches. I looked at him and he was looking at his dick with his head lilted to the right, and his mouth open.

I could tell he liked it because his hands where into fists of pleasure. Ok Cameron.

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Jacking is what a &hellip. I did not get to finish. he said abruptly I don't give a damn what jacking is. Just keep on going Andrew, please,… please.

He said smiled. I began to jack him. paying close attention to his head, I got faster, he was moaning and groaning. Then he began saying, oh my, oh gosh. Andrew. ANDREW, STOP! IM GOING TO PEE!!! I said, NO, CAMERON, THAT'S THE BEST PART!!! My hand all of a sudden became a blurr of motion. He began to yell. OOOOOO! AAAAA! OMGOOOOODD!!! UUGH! That's when I know he had orgasmed.

His eyes where shut, and he was still was making quite a fuss. his legs where trembling from the orgasm as he curled himself into a little ball, he kept moaning and shaking.

Then he stopped. He was breathing heavy, I pulled on his led to open him up from this little ball he had curled himself into. He was on his back now. His legs open to almost 180 degrees.

He was breathing heavy. He wad a bead of sweat falling down his forehead. He was red on his cheeks. Cameron? I asked. Andrew. Andrew I love you.


He got up and gave me a hug. It seemed for ever until he let go.


Andrew, I really want to do that again. Please, maybe later after I calm down a little, but, boy, wow. Wow.

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I love you Andrew. I hugged him. I smiled at him. when he was letting go of me I touched the head of his penis, which was very sensitive, again he screamed and shacked a little. But I know, he will always remember his first orgasm.

I got up, and was on my way out when I heard. Andrew&hellip. Not so fast, now its your turn he had the most innocent body and face. I had to oblige, I jumped on the bed and,,,, to be continued, :P