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Hello everyone! I'm Lance. I'm a 21 year old guy, 6ft tall & have a muscular physique. Since I enjoy reading some of the stories here, I thought I would share my own experience about my first time.


I was 16 at the time, and so was Scarlet, my girlie at the time. We were such a hot couple! She was the hottest chick in college and as soon as I first laid my eyes on her, I started to go fishing for her immedialtely the same way a fisherman pursues a big lucrative catch. She was an extrovert, a bit conservative but would be at ease even in the company of her male friends. She is dark skinned, about 5ft 4in in height, with the body of a goddess!!

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When I say goddess, I mean a BOMB!! 36D all natural titties, and a size 36 hip with that perfect womanly curve around the waist. She was a chick to die for. When I initially approached her, she was very welcoming and we hit it off as friends immediately.

After a few weeks, we were at ease talking about any subject.

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Slowly, we started to lean towards the subject of relationships and the fact that I was looking out for a girl. She initially helped me search & assist me to find single girls but the more we spoke, the more we got closer & got to know each other.Then out of pure randomness I casually asked her if she wanted to give it a go as I knew she was single at the time.

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She was hesistant intially, but after convincing her, she agreed. I was overjoyed, I knew it was mission accomplished! Knowing me, it was only a matter of time before I got into her pants. Like I said before, she is a bit conservative, so initially I was allowed to only feel her boobs. She told me her clothes would not come off. Then after a few months of trial & error and turning her on & making her horny, I devised a plan.

We were in Bombay and she was going to join college in Pune. After about a month or so of living in pune, I told her I would come there to visit her and spend a night with her and so, told her to book a room in a hotel.

7 That thought drove her crazy since (I found out later, she was dying to have sex) and she jumped at the idea. I still remember, it was thursday when I told her to book a room for saturday night. We both couldn't sleep on friday night. We were both dying to see each other since it had been more than a 6weeks since we last seen & kissed each other.

Finally, the day came. I took an early morning bus to pune and was there in a 3 hours. It was 8am. She came to pick me up at the bus stop and we took an auto straight to the hotel. She was wearing a green tee and blue jeans, both of which I couldn't wait to tear apart as soon as I could and she knew this.

She was giving me really horny looks in the auto and even intentionally resting her hand on my inner thighs and flicking the already growing bulge in my pants. After checking in to the room, after the room boy had shown us the room and left, I reached up to lock the room door. Scarlet, was standing right behind me and I hardly locked it and she spun me around and threw her luscious lips at me, and we indulged in a deep, long passionate kiss.

It lasted for a good 5 mins! Next, she ripped my tee off me and pushed me on the bed. I had never seen her this dominating & commanding before so the way she was acting now turned me on like crazy!, she jumped on top of me & locked lips again slurping & licking each other's faces till we had to catch our breath. I had yet to see this horny devil nude so I was dying to take off her clothes and see her in her full naked glory.

I made my move. I turned her over, lifted her green tee, and saw cleavage which would even give an impotent old man an instant hard-on. I got so turned on by what I saw that I kept staring at them, she got a little nervous at this attention and so she asked if I liked them? The reply to that question was this - I made her sit upright on the bed, kissed the centre of the cleavage, kissed her on the lips, and while kissing her, I undid her bra hook from behind, as I undid the last hook, her full 36D breasts spang out of their prison and bounced down in a free-fall which till today I will never forget.

By now I was VERY turned on as for the first time I seen my girle's breasts in their glorious naked form. I cupped them both in my palms, they felt even softer than I felt them with her clothes on.

I could see that as I kneaded them both together she just closed her eyes and was smiling with pleasure, which in turn made her nipples erect.

I must mention this, she has big dark brown chocolate colored nipples; but her boobs are so huge that it dwarfs those big chocolate nipples. I lowered my mouth and swallowed her right nipple and she let out this very sexy moan, I knew was loving this, so I started sucking on it hard and squeezing & kneading the breast itself, as if guiding all the milk towards her chocolate nozzle.

It felt amazing and I cuoold feel my erection through my jeans. I did the same with her left breast & nipple. I could see that was enjoying every second of this foreplay. Almost instinctively, I unzipped her jeans and slid them down to reveal her entire chocolate body. This is when I realized that she re-defined curvalicious!!

Those curves were the most perfect curves I had seen on any woman till date. The thighs curved so gracefully from her hips to her big round butt at the back to her pussy in the front. I left her panties on for the moment. Needless to say, they were soaking wet. I made her lie down flat on the bed and we kissed again, then, without removing my lips off her, I continued the kiss from her lips, down to her chin, onto her neck, between her massive titties, which had now fallen to the sides of her chest due gravity with the choc nipples pointing straight up, continued the kiss to her navel, then onto her waist & then slowly creeped down to her mound of flesh just above her pussy & panties.

I kept teasing that mound & kissing and gently biting it as if completely ignoring her hot dripping wet slit a few centremeters away. After a few seconds of doing this I could see she was waiting for the moment when I would turn my attention to her pussy, but I kept ignoring it.

The teasing got too much for her, in 1 swift motion, she took her right hand, caught my face by the hair & shoved it right onto her panties and commanded, 'Eat my pussy, NOW!!!' I did not have a choice, nor was I complaining. I happily obliged.

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I teased her inner thighs by running my wet tongue along the outer edge of her panties. After doing that a couple of times, much to her sexual relief, I rolled down her panties (which were soaked at the front) and flung them out. The sight which greeted me, I will never forget. Scarlet's hairy virgin pussy was SOAKING WET with her own ketchup. Now that the panties were off, it was flowing down her vulva, onto her butthole, her arse-crack and then onto the bedsheet.

It was like seeing a human river, delicious goodness flowing out every second. The entire room now smelled of her juices. Through her pubic hair I could see her pink clit had come out of its hood and was fully erect. Her entire pussy was glistening!

It was almost 2mins since I had her panties off. She now got fed up waiting and lifted her legs in the missionary position, so that her feet rested on my head and then using the force of her legs, shoved my entire face into her hot pussy!!

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I was on cloud 9 sucking, licking & biting my girlfriend's dripping wet slit. As my mouth touched her pussy, she gasped, moaned and then shivered. I knew the foreplay was driving her crazy and she would have an orgasm any second, so without wasting any time I stuck my tongue out on her erect pink clit and using my hands, pushed back the skin which covered her clit.

Now her entire centimeter long clit was jutting out, pleading to be molested. I started to flick it up & down with my tongue, as I did this her breathing got heavier, she started gasping for air as if she was choking, then after a few seconds she started to have the first of her glorious orgasms that day.

She screamed, lifted her hips and closed her legs with enough force that she nearly crushed my face. I was at the entrance of her pussy all along, trying to gulp down all the ketchup which she had just flushed out. As the waves of her orgasm swept through her body, she just kept shuddering & shivering and finally just collapsed back on the bed.

I have never seen her similng with so much satisfaction ever before. I went upto her & kissed her. She thanked me for giving her the best orgasm she has ever experienced.

Then she climbed on top of me and started to strip me naked. My 5in cock which was erect while I was eating her pussy had now gone back to sleep. She was kissing every part of my body as she removed my clothes bit by bit. First my tee, she flung that away, kissed me, and went on to bite my nipples and play with my chest hair.

Since she was sitting over my dick, she could feel it rising. This turned her on and she hurriedly undid my belt, unzipped my trousers and took them off.

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Now through my undies, she could clearly see my dick throbbing and waiting to evade captivity. She stared deeply into my eyes, and as if innocently, ran her hand from my chest down to my waist and stopped there asking me, 'Should I stop?' I gave her a look of disbelief and she gave me a horny smile and slipped her hand inside and gripped my shaft.

Feeling her hand on my tool, got me even harder. Though I'm only 5in in length, I'm thick in girth, the shaft is a little more than an inch think while the head is wider. She was getting curious since she never seen my cock before, so she pulled down my undies & threw them in a corner.

Then she just stared at my dick. She was a little reluctant at first but after a little coaxing, she sat in between my legs and started stroking my tool. I helped her peel down the foreskin and then she started wanking me. I was feeling so much pleasure that I just closed my eyes & enjoyed it. Seeing my dick getting harder with every motion turned her on a lot, because I felt her warm moist mouth over my dickhead and then her tongue twirling with her saliva dripping down my shaft.

This was her first blowjob but she learnt amazingly fast and now was sucking me off like a pro.

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She was jerking the shaft with her hand & sucking the tip with her mouth, this was driving me crazy!! She could tell from my breathing & uneasyness that I was about to come. I barely managed to whisper I'm cumming when I saw her stop sucking, and start to vigourously jerk off my cock pointing directly at her heaving tits.

She was jerking me so hard, that I could not hold back any longer and with one gasp, let my body spasms take over.

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I came like a cannon. I opened my eyes to see her. She had aimed my cock at her breasts but the force of the ejaculation sent my first long streak of semen right from her left forehead, across her left eye, her nose, to the right sight of her mouth and ended on her right cheek. The second streak of semen flew into her right eye and she almost winced. The third streak shot onto her left breast and the remaining short spurts of my hot baby juice flew into her hair.

She couldn't open her eyes to look at me because she was plastered with my cum. With closed eyes, she managed to say, 'I hate you, look what a mess you made!' I just laughed at her and told her to rub all my semen into her breasts, which she did and her nipples got hard & erect again. Semen is a good aphrodisiac for women. She then went and washed her face and returned to see my flaccid cock which made her very upset. She said, 'How can he ignore such a hot & sexy woman?' and then proceded to start jerking me once again.

After a while she put my cock between her large rack and started to tittyfuck me. I lay flat on the bed, she was between myleaned forward, with my dick disappeared into her cleavage while she used her hands to move her tits over my cock. Seeing that naughty look in her eyes and my cock getting fucked by my girlie's tits got me hard in no time.


Prior to this meeting she had always said that she wants to remain a virgin till she gets married. But now, pure lust had taken over and the look in her eyes said it all. And I was right. She commanded once again, 'I wanna get fucked right now! Bang my brains out baby!

I'm all yours, do whatever you want to me!' Hearing her say this for the first time turned me on like crazy, I got up from the bed, made her lie on her back, put a pillow beneath her butt, her butt which I will talk about later, and raised her legs to place myself in a missionary position. I knew she was a virgin, so I told her to bear the slight pain initially. I placed my head at the entrance of her love hole, which my now was slippery as ever and pushed in gently, she winced.

I held on to her, and pushed again, a little harder this time, she screamed as my head disappeared in her warmth. She pleaded with me to stop as its hurting her, now I pushed in with all my force and her hot pussy swallowed my entire dick and she screamed with pain and tears rolled down her cheeks. I held in there for a few moments, and then started to gently thrust her.

Her screams of pain each time subsided into yelps of pleasure and after a few seconds she was participating too, moving her hips forward to match my thrusts. Her eyes were closed but I could see the pleasure on her face. I kept hammering her tight hole mercilessly and felt her cum as she all of a sudden held on to me tightly, buckled her hips in the air and shivered. Her pussy was in a world of its own as I could feel it spasm.

It kept contracting and expanding over my dick almost hurting me. She told me to stop but I continued pounding her helpless pussy like there was no tomorrow. After a few minutes, I got her to get on all fours and thrust her arse out. When she did that, I nearly came right then! Her butt had folded into this magnificent shape, It was such a good view!

Her massive brown butt, her butthole gaping open, her pussy lips sandwiched between her thighs and I could see her staring at me with another one of her horny smiles through the valley of her hanging melons. This view of her butt was driving me crazy. I grabbed her arse, and with one single thrust, shoved my cock into her. She moaned. I then went on to ram her from behind for a long time till she said she wants to take control & ride me.

She made me lie down, swallowed my throbbing cock and sucked on it for a bit. Then, just before climbing on top of me, she looked at my dick & spoke to him, 'Mister, be prepared for the ride of your life' and with that climbed over me and guided my dick into her slippery pussy.

I helped her sit on me and once my entire length was inside her, she started jumping on my cock, the view of her humongous melons jumping & jiggling all over the place was a massive turn on for me and I knew I was going to cum again, very soon.

Seeing me staring at her tits got her even more excited, she took my hands and placed them on her rack told me to hold them in 1 place. I obeyed.

But it was if no use. Only the nipples which I was holding stayed in one place, the remaing bit of the breasts were flopping all over the place. She was riding me for quite some time now and could see that she was going to cum because her face started to wince again and she was moaning.

And right enough, she gasped, 'I'm cumming' and just froze over my dick and fell forward onto my chest. This was too much for me to handle and I was on the verge of cumming too. She climbed off my still erect cock, and lay flat on the bed.

I then climbed over her stomach & placed my dick in between her breasts and started to fuck her titties while she held them together with her hands. Then, with her free fingers, she started squeezing & scratching my ball sack and looked deep into my eyes and kept saying, 'Cum for me baby, I want your cum all over my boobs' She said it a few times till I couldn't control myself any longer.

With one final thrust between her boobs, I orgasmed. The force of my ejaculation once again, shot my semen through her breasts which she was holding tight together, onto her neck & then onto her chin nearly dripping into her mouth.

The remaining spurts of semen formed a puddle in her cleavage and was flowing down her stomach. I just laughed again at her about the mess I just made on her, to which she said I'll teach your cock a good lesson tonight. It was 11am. We both were thoroughly exhausted, too tired to even have a shower. So we just lay there in each other's arms and drifted off to blissful sleep.

We woke up in the evening and went out. Later that night, we slept at 4am. I'll let your imagination do the thinking as to what might have happened. Hope you enjoyed reading about my first time.

This is a true story. We both lost our virginity that day. Though we aren't a couple any more, we are friends with benefits and satisfy each other with wild crazy hot sex everytime we can get a room to ourselves. To the girl, you know exactly who it is. I love your body. It drives me crazy, even 5yrs later today. Can't wait till our next meeting in B.