Big old milf taking big dick by some

Big old milf taking big dick by some
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Chapter 11 I Found Love From that day in late September when we watched each other beat off I felt a mutual love develop between us. When we entered through the kitchen, I asked her if she wanted a snack. "I'm so horny, all I can think of is getting off. After will be snack time," she said as she led the way to the living room couch. "Can you get me a towel, so I don't spot up your couch." "We can do it on my bed," I volunteered.

"No, your bed is for another time." I wondered what she meant by that, but I got a bath towel for her and a hand towel for me. She spread the bath towel out on one end of the couch.

"You getting naked?" I asked. "You want me to, don't you?" "I would love to see you naked." "Never been naked in front of a boy," she said. "You have never beat off while watching a boy beat off, but only take off what you feel comfortable with taking off," I said. I proceeded to remove everything, including my socks. My dick was standing tall and hard. Facing away from me, she removed her skirt. She had a pair of black leotards on, which she started to slide down.

She looked over her shoulder at me. Her deep blue eyes grew big as she turned to face me. "Wow, your dick is as big, maybe bigger than my dad's." "You're the first one to ever compare my dick to her dad." She giggled and slid her leotards off. She again turned her back to me to slide her white panties off.

I don't think she realized that when she bent over, she flashed her pussy at me. The sight of her pussy filled me with a thrill. She turned with both hands covering her pussy. "I don't know if I can do this," She said as her dark blue eyes focused on my dick. Thinking of how she had compared me to her father I asked, "Are you afraid I will compare you to my mother?" She giggled again and said, "I'm sure she has blond hair where I have blond hair." "Can't tell unless you take your hands away so I can see." She moved her hands to the hem of her sweater and lifted it up over her head.

Her bush of curly blond hair was slightly darker than mother's but shorter. She draped the sweater over the back of the couch next to her other clothes. She was now in only her white bra. She sat carefully on the towel. I asked, "You taking off the bra?" "Nope, I want to say, if I ever have to, 'I didn't get naked.'" "Oh okay." I sat on the couch and spread the hand towel over the couch beside me.

I turned, resting my back on the arm of the couch and raised a foot up to the back of the couch with my other foot on the floor. "Get in this position," I suggested. "You want it all," she said as she moved to put a foot on the back of the couch.

Not being able to reach the back of the couch she placed her foot on the back of the seat with her knee bent. "This okay?" she asked. I nodded because as it was, her small stature meant she was stretched wide. As her pink pussy winked open, I could see the swollen, redder inner lips appear to smile at me. I thought, I will never stop marveling at the beauty of a pussy. With my mouth watering at the thought of its potential tastiness, I had to swallow.

"Well one of these days I am going to look closely at that sweet pussy, just before I lick it." I licked my hand and began gently stroking my dick. "You think so," she said as she made sure the towel was still in place. She dipped fingers of her right hand into her pussy and moved those fingers up to her sensitive bud and began strumming it while she moved her left hand behind her up raised thigh to enter her puss from there. She began immediately rapidly stroking with both hands.

All the while her sparkling deep blue eyes were fixed on my dick. She smiled and asked, "You're doing it awful slow, aren't you?" I could hear a jiggle in her voice from the movements of her hands. "Don't want to finish too soon. If I went that fast, I would finish in less than five minutes and then have nothing to do except watch you." "Watching me isn't enough?" "Yes, if that was all I had to do, but why not get double the enjoyment." "Mmm.," she moaned, indicating to me she was already experiencing her first orgasm, but not slowing her finger movements.

"St.still tr.trying to ge.get it all," she stammered through her own pleasure. "Isn't pleasure why we are doing this?" I asked. "Yes.YES!" She shouted the second yes. She stopped as if she had instantly frozen in place.


"Oh sorry, I should not be so noisy," she said. "Be as noisy as you feel like, there is only me to hear you and I enjoy noisy." She resumed her rapid stroking. In a short time, she called out, "Oh John! It is! nice.oh nice.oh," She must have lost her train of thought as a strong orgasm hit her hard. I looked to her eyes as that orgasm caused her eyes to dilate. The sparkle in her eyes held my attention as they dilated to the point of being all black pupils.

I imagined that she was seeing a nearly blinding flash of light. Her eyes rolled up for a short time as she tensed. When she relaxed they rolled back down with constricted pupils. They now appeared to be all dark blue irises with only a pin point of a pupil.

At this point she likely saw only darkness or drastic dimming of the light. As she further relaxed her eyes returned to normal. Their attention was again on my dick. "Was that good?" I asked. "That was good," she said with the biggest smile her face could produce. "Damn fucking good!" she shouted. Still smiling, staring at my dick she asked, "You ever going to finish?" Feeling the first surge already starting I said, "Cumming!" The first surge hit the edge of the towel.


A fraction of an inch further, there would have been a spot on mother's precious couch. The succeeding surges all landed safely on the towel. Andrea had moved to a kneeling position, closer to me.

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She was clapping and giggling like a little school girl, overjoyed at what she had witnessed. She asked, "It won't gross you out if I taste it?" She dipped a finger in a glob of semen on the towel. She looked at it closely waiting for my answer. "No. I know some girls like the taste, and it is a good eye wash and make-up remover." She put the finger in her mouth and asked, "Eye wash?" "Yes, I've been told it soothes tired eyes," I explained. "Really, it has less taste than I expected." She dipped up a larger glob and licked it from her fingers.

She focused her sparkling blue eyes on mine and smiled that big smile of hers. She asked, "Want to do it again?" I explained it would likely take me a half hour before I could do it again.

That would push us dangerously close to five o' clock. "We'd better dress and have a snack. I wouldn't want to not be able to finish." She began dressing by putting on her white panties. While doing so she said, "You know, you sound responsible. I have always tried to be responsible. One of these days I am going to take a risk. I think it would be thrilling to be a little irresponsible. Not do something really bad but just a little bad." I had my under shorts and t-shirt on when I said, "I know, but not today," I pulled on my socks adding, "I don't want to listen to my mom complain about having to wait five minutes for me and threatening to not let me use the car.

I can't wait to graduate, get a job, and buy a car." I now was fully dressed except for my shoes. As she pulled up and smoothed her leotards she asked, "You plan to keep living with your mom?" "Hell no!" I said as I watched her slip into her skirt.

She slipped her sweater over her head before she said, "Oh hell, me neither. I feel so controlled. I can't swear. I can't stay up after nine. I can't dress like I want.

I can't eat what I want. It seems like everything is can't, can't, can't." Always seeming to want to one-up the conversation, I almost told her how mother always forced me to sleep with her during the winter just to save a couple of bucks on the heating bill. I decided to not mention it.

It was not something I should reveal to a girlfriend. I decided to keep quiet about that until the day I could tell mother I was not doing it any more. Fully dressed we headed to the kitchen. I realized Andrea had been talking and I was not listening when she said, "John, you've been quiet. Is something wrong?" "No. No. I was just thinking of our next time," I said to cover my laps of concentration.

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As I prepared peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I determined to hear every word she said. "Next time?

When will that be?" "I was thinking.tomorrow. There is no use delaying." "Nope, can't. Tomorrow is my sister's thirteenth birthday. I have to be home right after school," she informed me.

As I filled two glasses with orange juice, I asked, "How is the next day?" "I'll be horny as hell by then," she said around a bite of sandwich.

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"It's a date then. We come here and do what?" "Give me three choices." "Three choices: a.) We eat each other, b.) We play with each other, or c.) We repeat what we did today." "Let me think about it. That will make me, us even hornier. Tell you just before." "I'm horny enough now, but we have to get you home." We each finished our snacks and headed to the car. The conversation during the ride to her house was about school. When I picked up mother, she was in a funk.

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Something unpleasant was on her mind. I did not want to ask her what was wrong, but since I was sure it would affect me, I asked, "Did something bad happen?" She sobbed, "Oh Johnny." It took her a little time to continue, "Instead of cutting back my hours in November like he has done before, my boss said he is.sob.laying me off on the 15th of October." The first thought entering my mind was, sleeping with her starting now, but out of nowhere I said, "That gives you more than enough time to find a better job." She was silent the rest of the way home.

When I followed her into the kitchen, she suddenly turned to me saying, "You're right Johnny. I'll take off day after tomorrow, find a better job, and go back and tell that fucker to go to hell." No, I said to myself, I have plans. I said to mother, "That sounds like a plan." Andrea was disappointed when I told her, and we made plans for a Saturday drive to Oak Ridge Park.

As it turned out, mother spent her day going from one office to another finding no one in need of a receptionist. "A day wasted," she said. On Saturday, I was up at my usual time and before I could tell mother I was taking the car, she told me she was going to look for work. I walked to Andrea's house, arriving there when it had been planned that we would set out for Oak Ridge Park.

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Andrea was watching for me. When she saw me walking, she came to meet me asking, "Where's your car?" I told her and without hesitation she said, "Come in and meet my parents." Before entering the front door, she said, "They've been wanting to meet the love of my life." This threw me off balance, since it was the first time she had used the word love to describe me.

Her brother Sheridan and sister Susan were in the living room. Sheridan could not have cared less about meeting me, but Susan came running to look me over. Her first words to me were, "Aren't you too big for Andy?" Andrea tried to shush her and apologize to me.

I said, "That's okay." Turning to Susan, I said, "I'm not as big as the guy she had her eye on before me." "Oh Andy, you said he was you first boyfriend." "He is my first boyfriend," Andrea insisted. "Yes I am," I affirmed, adding, "She only had an eye on the football player until she found out he was interested in someone else." "Well you're still too big for Andy." "Sues, think of Aunt Sally and Uncle Charley." "Yes, guess you're right.

But seems there should be a little guy out there for you," she said as she returned to the TV program she had been watching when we came in.


Andrea took my hand to lead me to the kitchen where her parents were sitting beside each other at the breakfast bar. They were quietly discussing something.

They did not appear to notice our entrance. To get their attention Andrea said, "Mom, dad, I'd like to introduce you to my boyfriend." "Andrea! That's no way to introduce people!" her mother said.

"Just trying to get your attention," explained Andrea. "That's no way to talk to your mother or get our attention," her father said. "I'm sorry." She paused looking from one parent to the other as if to get an answer from each.

She tried the introduction again, "Mr. and Mrs. Logan, this is my boyfriend John Smith.

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John, these are my parents Robert Logan and Mary Logan." They turned their attention to me, asking me about my family, telling me about Andrea's brothers and sisters, where Mr. Logan worked, and why he had been transferred here. Then Mr. Logan said, "You do understand that Andrea is likely to pass on her small size to one or more of her daughters?" "Yes sir, Andrea explained that, and we are a long way from any concern about children.

We do have four years of college and the rest of high school to go." He had started to interrupt me at the end of my first sentence but stopped to let me finish my second. It was apparent that my statements impressed him because he smiled when he said, "I'm pleased to hear you have thought this out." To pile it on, I said, "Let me assure you sir, I will do nothing that will jeopardize either of our futures." "Well son, you impress me with that, but our experience with our older children is that youthful passion will trumps good intentions." He turned to Andrea and said, "As of now, your mother and I approve of your boyfriend John.

Just remember, one laps can destroy your future." It was obvious that I had impressed, not only Mr. Logan but Mrs. Logan as well. She was leaning in a loving way into her husband and smilingly looking at me with sparkling dark blue eyes.

Those eyes looked exactly like Andrea's when she had admired my dick. I felt a surge of blood rush to my dick at the thought. Not now I thought. Andrea broke the momentary silence by saying, "Thank you daddy 'n mommy. Since John was unable to use his mother's car, can I use one of ours?" Being a protective father Mr.

Logan asked, "John, if I may ask, why is it you cannot use it today?" "Mother is using it to find a better job." At this point it seemed only natural for me to put my arm around Andrea, so we were in the same posture as her parents. Mr.

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Logan then asked where mother worked. I told him and he asked me to tell her to stop by his office when she could, "I may have a job for her and yes young lady, you may use the car. And, John, don't you even think of driving it because she is insured and you're not." She wanted to go to my house which we did.

While eating a snack we decided to go to Oak Ridge Park as we had previously planned since I had no idea when my mother would be home. On the way to Oak Ridge, Andrea told me how impressed she was with my earlier conversation with her parents.

"And, you know, to look at my mom, it looked like she was getting horny looking at you." "You don't mean she was thinking of fucking me?" I asked as I reached across the large console between the passenger and driver's seats and rested my hand on her thigh just above the hem of her short skirt. "No, but I saw that bulge in your slacks when you saw that look in her eyes. You got horny at that moment, just like I did.

Bet dad's screwing her brains out right now." As I slid my hand down and up under her shirt, I thought that will be so nice when we get there, for one of us to say, "Let's fuck," and we do it.

"What did you say?" she asked. "Did I say that out loud?" "Let me tell you now, exactly when I will let you fuck me for the first time. Next June 18th birthday. Till then we will work at getting our rocks off in every way short of fucking." I slid my hand to the smooth skin of her inner thigh and said, "Let me get this straight. For the next eight, almost nine months we will be helping each other cum as often as possible and on your 18th birthday you are planning to fuck my brains out?" "That's my plan and you better stop if you want me to stay on the road." I did not pretend to not know what she was talking about.

"We could stop somewhere and play." "You stop now, and we can play at Oak Ridge." I pulled her skirt back down and rested my hand on my own thigh. "So, at Oak Ridge we will play with each other." "Yes, but.the first time separately. I'll give you a hand job till you cum then you will do me until.well until I say." She turned the car into the park. We found some event in progress with the lower parking lot almost completely full to capacity.

We found the upper parking lot about half full with some cars at both ends. She parked the car in the vacant middle. We were well away from other cars yet, in less than a minute someone could stroll from the nearest car to our car. "I don't know how safe this is," I warned. "You are turning down a hand job." "No, but I think we should go some other place," I suggested. "I'm ready for that risk. It makes me so hot, thinking about getting caught." "I know but think how you'd feel if someone walked up and looked in just as I shot a load in your face." "A

Someone I know.hotter," she said. "Oh boy. We will have to move to the back seat." She kept talking all the while we made the move and settled in, "It has made me so hot, thinking about wrapping my hand around your dick. Pumping it till it shoots. Taking it in.I don't wherever I feel like at the time. Okay, let's see that dick." I lowered my slacks and shorts as she continued to speak. "You watch to make sure no one sneaks up on us. Oh! Look at him! It is so big and hard. Oh, he's warm.

Skins loose and soft but its hard inside. I never imagined it would feel like this. That.that's so nice." "Just a minute," I said as I held her hand still, continuing, "You have to use some spit to make him slick." Once her hand was slipping properly up and down my dick I added, "You can squeeze a little tighter." With both of her tiny hands working in unison she said, "I see what you mean. Slicker and tighter is better. You keep watching and tell me if anyone walks this way and when you're ready to shoot warn me.

Okay?" "Okay." Almost before I could speak that single word she was again talking. "You know I don't know if, when I let you fuck me, if you will be able to get this big dick of yours into my tiny pussy." She was doing a good job while her thoughts rolled out. I pull out a handkerchief and spread it over a knee. "For clean up," I stated. As she continued to talk, I surveyed the parking lot from left to right and back again.

As she continued to tell me how she intended to make me cum day after day in as any different places as she can, I began to feel the beginnings in my balls that indicated I was close. I announced, "It won't be long now." She bent down and placed a kiss on the head of my dick. Suddenly a motorcycle, ridden by a helmeted rider, came roaring across the parking lot.

I said, "Stay down." I placed my hands on the back of her head to keep her down. As the motorcycle roared past us to the other end of the lot, I felt her lips envelope my dick just as the first shot of cum rose up my column to lodge in her mouth. The second shot followed the first. I removed my hands and she rose enough to take the next three strong shots in the face.

The remaining weakening shots dribbled about as she sat up. The motorcyclist turned it off, removed his helmet, and headed off into the park. She was smiling as she swallowed. "What was that?" she asked as she looked around, although I doubted if she could see much through her cum filled eyes.

I told her about the motorcycle. "You have to lick it off my face," she said. I leaned in and licked her face and eyes clean. Holding as much of my cum in my mouth as I could, I kissed her on the lips. I pushed the cum from my mouth into hers. We continued to kiss until she pulled back and said, "Look at this mess." I looked down to see her hands still wrapped around my limp dick. Her hands and the area around were covered in cum. "Guess I'll have to lick it clean," she said before bending down once again.

''After licking the area clean, she sat up saying, "Wow, that was good and look at you begging for more." She gave my hardening dick a few strokes saying, "Sweet Dicky, you'll have to wait while pussy gets her turn." She pulled away from me and removed her white panties.

Leaning back against the door she raised her plead skirt. She raised a foot up on the seat. There, exposed to me was her beautiful pussy, open and begging for attention. I tucked the unused handkerchief under her, noting that there was already a small wet spot on the seat. "Is it okay if I start out licking you?" "Do anything you want, as long as you don't break my cherry." I dove right in but because of our position, I could barely reach her sweet juicy pussy lips.

I scooted her forward, nearly laying her on her back on the seat. She was literally flowing with sweet, slightly salty pussy juice.

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I thought, it would be so nice to live in this pussy. If only I could crawl in naked and feel the warmth on my body. If I became thirsty or hungry, I could lick the walls for my food and water. I moved up to her clit and she immediately began murmuring and moaning. Soon I was sure I was taking her into one orgasm after another. They may have been only mini orgasm; never the less, she was enjoying it. Every few minutes I would lick the length of her pussy to collect her flowing juices.

I inserted first one and then two fingers into her pussy. Even though she was so small, her pussy opening appeared the same size as the other pussies I had experienced. I was sure that come her birthday there would be no problem with size. I removed my fingers and once again lapped up her excess juice. I was sure the flimsy handkerchief would not prevent the seat from having a large wet spot. She began to call out her pleasure when I reinserted my fingers and strumming my tongue across her clit.

She gradually became more animated. She began to repeat, "So good, so fucking good. So good, so fucking good." Over and over getting slightly louder each time. She put her hands on the back of my head, holding me in place. "Fuck!" she shouted. Tap, tap, tap. I looked up. There was someone tapping on the window. I pulled Andrea's skirt down and rolled the window down an inch or so.

A man standing there said, "Listen sonny, this is no place to be doing that. I want you to pull your pants up and drive away before I have to call the sheriff." "Yes sir," I called to him, rolled up the window, and told Andrea to stay where she was.

I pulled up my pants, zipped, and buckled. I stepped out on the passenger side rear door and walked around the front of the car to the driver's door. Still standing where he could look in the car, I could see the man was in a park ranger's uniform. I squeezed in behind the wheel.

I had to figure out how to get the seat in a position so I could drive. It took me a little time and the ranger did not move. I drove down the hill and out of the park. "Better let me drive," Andrea said. Right then there was a turn out.

I stopped the car and in only moments Andrea was behind the wheel adjusting the seat while I settled in the passenger seat. "I'm sorry that happened," I said. "That's okay, it was quite exciting. He didn't call the sheriff. He isn't going to report us, turn us in, or tell our parents. You got me to my light place and when he tapped on the window I went straight to my dark place and right back.

Oh, how exciting. my heart is still racing. We will have to do that again and again. "You want to get caught again." "No, you are going to eat me again. And we will do it in a safer place but getting caught was exciting." "When are we doing it again?" "Now, tomorrow, the next day, every day forever." She paused and I realized I was extremely horny.

She again spoke, "Not every day of course. When I'm having my period, I suppose I will have to do without. But who knows, maybe you would like the taste of blood." Thinking about a blood-soaked pussy, I lost my hornyness.

"Can you think of a place right now where you could eat me again right now?" she asked. I thought of a place. She sucked me off and I ate her out again that day and many days thereafter, but let us, dear reader, take a break for now so we each may get our rocks off. We will save the rest of this for the next chapter in my life. And have no fear, the next chapter is written already.