Romantic babe cant live without casual sex session in the late afternoon

Romantic babe cant live without casual sex session in the late afternoon
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WHEN I BECAME A WOMAN CHAP. 10 THE NEW BOSS IN TOWN The next night, Daddy came home and Mommy and Cassie showed him how much they loved each other.

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Cassie was in charge. The 'go-ahead' to rule them meant she could be The New Boss. It was her absolute desire to do everything she could imagine, since Mommy and Daddy and her teachers had taught her to be imaginative and she had even learned in school how to be creative. That's what school is for, right to learn to think and be creative and go for it. And what thirteen-year-old girl with an A bra didn't have a wild imagination?


Cassie dreamt and imagined and hoped and planned for more exciting sex with Mommy and Daddy and she knew, she absolutely knew, that she could make it true. When everyone woke up, Cassie was the Boss and everything she wanted was going to happen. At six o'clock a.m., Cassie entered her parents' bedroom dressed in pajamas and climbed on the bed. She bounced at their feet, rocking the bed, waking her parents. "What?" said Mommy, muzzy with sleep. "Hey," said Daddy with his cute crooked grin.

Cassie sat at the edge of the bed and grinned back. "Both of you are my slaves now, my slaves today, and that means for sex, too, okay?" Immediately, Janice realized the game. Janice thought, oh my god this is gonna be fun. I want my daughter to make me do whatever the hell she wants! Mommy smiled and said, "Tell me what you want me to do." Daddy said, "Baby, you're the house whore.

Mommy and I will do whatever you want us to do. Just order us, we'll be good little slaves today. Should I fuck Mommy now while you watch?" Cassie didn't really think it would be this easy…but oh my god it was! Mommy said do whatever you want. Now it was up to her, the Boss. In her thirteen-year-old mind, she felt drenched with power. It was time to use it. Cassie ordered, "Take off those covers.

Strip off your clothes!" They did, and already Mommy's nipples were hard and Daddy's dick was extended just like she thought it would be. I love it when his dick is hard like this. "I want you to make love to each other, and I want to see everything you do." Daddy started as ordered, and Mommy opened her legs, relaxed, and quickly got into the groping and kissing in front of their daughter. Cassie watched Daddy's prick as Mommy stroked it and licked itas he climbed on Mommy and slid it inside, thrusting, and made all three happy.

Cassie said, "Daddy, give me your cock." He pulled out, turned to his daughter lying nearby and gave it to his thirteen-year-old Boss. Cassie sucked the head, eyes looking up at him with all her love. She pulled out "Mommy, you and Daddy taste so good!" Cassie climbed onto Mommy, pressing her young pussy into Mommy's mouth while her own mouth went tightly on Janice's wet cunt.

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Sucking hard, Cassie pushed her tongue into Mommy. "Fuck me, Daddy," she said.


And he pushed inside her, pushed hard, and in minutes while she sucked her Mommy's pussy, her Daddy miraculously flooded her snug little cunt with everything he had. Cassie felt the blast inside her groin and OH OH OH, she said, FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME HARD! And he did… Cassie was astonished that her Daddy was able to come so quickly.

As she recovered, she moved her hips lower to Mommy. "Suck Daddy's come, be my bitch, Janice," she said. And Daddy watched as his wife did indeed suck his semen out of his daughter. Cassie felt the power -- Mommy sucking her cunt after Daddy fucked her.


Now, she knew no bounds. Everything she ever wanted from Mommy and Daddy was hers for the taking. She grew even bolder "Daddy, lay down, I want you to kiss my ass." He did as she ordered.

Now her parents would do anything she said. She bent over her father. Her lips took in his semi-hard cock as her ass went directly to his mouth and pushed down hard. Fuck my butt, she thought to herself. Fuck my asshole with your tongue!

Daddy did indeed do that as she pressed up and down on him, forcing her ass onto his tongue. It was moments before her pushing drove her to a hardcharging orgasm and she screamed OH DADDY again and again as her body spasmed and she blessedly came. Daddy and Mommy held their daughter and told her how happy they were with her commands.

Daddy's hand spread itself on her pussy, while Mommy's mouth massaged Cassie's tits. Cassie laid back, comforted in the warm care of Mommy and Daddy. She thought, My sex slaves!

What else can we do? I'm so happy right now. Cassie rose, looked at Mommy.

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She looked at Daddy. She said with firmness, "Both of you are my sex slaves now. I fucked both of you, and both of you have fucked me. Say you'll be my sex slaves." Janice immediately said yes, and her husband nodded. "Yes, baby, whatever you wish, both of us will," he said. Cassie had never imagined such control before.

She knew now that her thirteen-year-old body, her sex, her tits and cunt and ass and lips, even her smile, were weapons, and she determined to use all of that to every advantage she could think of. "My pussy, my tits, my ass, will now be a premium for you," she said, remembering the economics class she had last year.

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"If you want to fuck me, or suck my cunt, give me something. I will be more than glad to do anything you want me to do if you will trade me something I want. And I want money." Daddy and Mommy were shocked at their daughters' wish.

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She wants MONEY ???? In short order, it became settled that for every time Cassie joined her Mommy or Daddy in bed, she would receive one hundred dollars. Cassie was now a hundred-dollar-whore.

…and she didn't mind that one bit! Daddy thought, My daughter, the whore who is gonna get rich real soon. The next day, Daddy ate breakfast and said to Cassie, "Okay, so if you want to be a hundred-dollar-whore, here is my hundred dollars for today and then you have to do what I want you to do." Cassie said OK.

Daddy counted out ten $10 bills and she stuffed them in her jeans and smiled broadly.

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Daddy said, "Go upstairs and shower, and then go in my bedroom and lay down naked." Cassie was pleased with this, especially since she had just gotten ten times what her two-week allowance was. She went upstairs, showered, went to her parents' bedroom and laid naked on their bed, waiting. Fifteen minutes later, Cassie was getting tired of waiting.

She wondered what was up. Puzzled. Then Daddy came in, followed by Mommy. Cassie suddenly remembered that yesterday was the day she was the Boss, not today. But, she thought to herself, I'm gonna get a hundred bucks every time they want to fuck me. Cassie didn't really need the money, or even especially wanted the money since she was happy to get fucked by Mommy or Daddy whenever they wanted, it was so fun.

But… she just wanted to see what she could get out of it. Maybe I went a little bit too far…but I know we all had a good time.

& be continued&hellip.