Clips free twinks asian Josh tells us a little bit about himself

Clips free twinks asian Josh tells us a little bit about himself
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Traci's Abduction and Rape 5 Traci and her daughter spent a very uncomfortable night in bondage after being abducted from their home. Their abductor slept a little late after a very late night taking and using his victims.

He abducted them from their home late Saturday night. He fucked Traci's throat and pussy and fucked Tammy's virgin ass before leaving them in very uncomfortable bondage with a vibrator on each of their cunts to retire to his comfortable bed in the main house. The girls spent a sleepless night until the vibrators ran down and shut off.

Finally falling into exhausted sleep they had only been asleep for two or three hours when they heard the barn door open. He walked in yelling very loud. Good morning ladies. Did you sleep well. Both women jolted awake bodies hurting from being bound with their legs spread and held straight up by the spreader bar tied to a ring on the end of chain hanging from the ceiling. Their arms hurt from being tied stretched to the top of their beds.

Their bulging tits hurt from the tight rope tied around their bodies squeezing their tits. Traci's pussy and clit is raw and sore from the crotch rope tied tight dissecting her cunt lips and the vibrator that buzzed on her cunt for hours. They both yelled Ouch when they jolted awake from his loud good morning ladies and their sore muscles came to life with pain. He walked over to Tammy first and slapped her hard on the ass cheeks. She screamed and jerked her ass up from the sudden pain.

She felt his weight on the bed as he released her legs from the ring holding her spread legs up. Letting them drop to the bed causing the muscles in her legs and back to flair with pain.

She moaned very hard until her muscles came back to normal. He pulled a chain which is pad locked to a ring in the floor from under the bed and padlocked it to the collar around her neck. She felt relief when he untied her hands from the head board of the bed and released her ankles from the spreader bar. He said you can sit up on the edge of bed. Tammy slowly raised up with her sore muscles not wanting to work properly.

She finally was able to swing her legs over the side of the bed and place her feet on the floor. Telling her captor she needed to pee and ask will you please take me go to the restroom. She is still blindfolded but could hear him pulling something from under the bed setting it between her ankles.

You can use the bucket in front of you he said. She felt for the bucket with her feet before sliding over the edge of the bed to squat on the bucket and released her bladder into the bucket. She blushed dark red from face to tits with the embarrassment of him watching her pee in the bucket.

As she finished she ask. May I please stand sir.

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Yes you can stand and move around as I release your mother. She stood and stretched as best as her sore muscles would allow but when she tried to take a step the collar pulled tight on her neck almost making her lose her balance. She stepped back to maintain her balance. She reached up to her neck to feel the chain and collar restricting her movements.

She could hear her mother moan in obvious pain as he released her legs from the ring and untied her wrist. He put a collar on Traci like the one on Tammy and attached a chain with a padlock to the collar and pad locked the other end of the chain to a ring on the post her wrist had been tied to.

Traci ask sir may I go to the bathroom. He told her to stand and placed a bucket between her legs telling her she could use the bucket. She blushed but she needed to pee so bad she found the bucket with her feet and squatted on it to empty her bladder. The urine rushed into the bucket for a full minute or so. She stood and tried to move and stretch as he watched her.

The chain restricted her movement to a couple of steps. Both their hands were still tied in front of their body. He walked away from them telling them to leave the blindfolds in place.

After a few minutes passed they heard him approaching and both women tensed up with the fear of what he was about to do to them. He heard both of them whimpering and noted that they were shaking from fear of the unknown.

They listened intently as they could hear him moving something across the floor near where they stood. He walked away and got something from the other side of the large room near the door.

Tammy almost jumped out her skin and squealed when she felt his hands at her throat but she did not move. She felt the pad lock release on the chain at her collar. Taking her by the hands he led her toward her mother turned her back to him and told her to sit. She moved back feeling some kind of chair at the backs of her legs. She was shaking all over wondering what kind of sadistic thing he is about to do to her.

Don't move he said as he moved to Traci. He did the same to her and Traci felt Tammy's skin as she obeyed his command to sit.

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It sounded like he sat in a chair facing them. Traci open your mouth he said. She reluctantly opened her mouth wide expecting his cock to be rammed down her throat. She moaned with surprise when he forked a piece of hot biscuit covered with sausage gravy into her mouth. She took it and chewed slowly. Tammy heard her moan then chewing. Traci said thank you sir. Tammy open your mouth. She reluctantly opened her mouth and received the food from the fork.

She was very hungry since she had skipped dinner the night before. She actually smiled and said thank you sir. He fed them the biscuits, gravy, eggs and let them drink a glass of orange juice. He saw that they were more relaxed by the time he had finished feeding them. He said Traci stay. Tammy stand. She stood as he untied her wrist pulling them behind her back and retied them behind her. He tied rope around her arms just above her elbows pulling it tight forcing her arms together almost touching making her sore shoulders hurt.

She moaned and said sir that hurts as she felt the burning pain in her sore shoulders. He chuckled cruelly saying good I don't want you to get to comfortable. He led her to a mat on the floor and said on your knees bitch. She grunted when she dropped to her knees with a thud almost losing her balance.

She felt the sharp pain in her scalp as her grabbed a hand full of her hair to support her. She yelped from the sudden pain but maintained her position. He used her hair to lower her face down on the mat.

Spread you legs wide open. She slowly did as he said. She felt the leather cuffs as he put them on her ankles then connected them to a spreader bar. Tammy stay he said as he went back to bring Traci to the mat. He removed the rope from her wrist and replaced them with leather cuffs. On your knees slut he commanded. She dropped to her knees with a painful thud sending a shock of pain through her sore muscles.

Lay on your belly hands above your head my black beauty he ordered. Leaning forward touching the mat with her bound hands she slid them forward until she lay flat on the mat mashing her bulging sore tits under her body.

She groaned from the pain in her tits. She ask sir would you please untie my breast they hurt so bad. He laughed and said patience slut you will forget the pain in your tits shortly as he made her spread her legs binding each ankle with leather cuffs attached to a wide spreader bar. Traci felt a chain being attached to the chain between her wrist cuffs. Then the slack pull out toward the ceiling. She thought he is going to hang me by my arms to work his sadistic magic on my poor helpless body.

She groaned and shook with the anticipation of what he might do to her. He moved to Tammy and connect a chain to the center of the spreader bar holding her legs obscenely wide. He smiled when he noticed the swollen pussy lips glistening with her love juice. He ran a finger up and down her gaping pussy playing special attention to her protruding clit.

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Her ass cheeks squeezed together as she moaned from the shock of pleasure rushing through her pussy at the touch on her throbbing clit. She had been on the edge of an orgasm most of the night from the vibrator and wished he would finger fuck her making her cum. He laughed and said my little black bitch is very horny this morning. She raised her hips trying to entice him to force her to cum for him.

He pulled his finger away from her cunt making her moan with disappointment wanting him not to stop his manipulations of her cunt. Suddenly she screamed from surprise and pain in her ass cheeks as he spanked her hard. She screamed and flopped on the mat until her ass was beet red and throbbing with a burning pain. He enjoyed her pain and the way she flopped on her stomach so much he felt his cock get rock hard in his shorts.

She lay on the mat sobbing as he stood up and removed all his clothes letting his hard cock stand out from his loins. He moved away from her and pressed a button setting a wench in motion. Tammy felt the chain attached to her spreader bar tighten then slowly lifted her ankles up and back over her back.

She screamed as the backward lifting of her legs felt like it was going to break her back until she was lifted high enough that her tits and face slid across the mat then lifted into the air. She moaned in pain as her sore leg muscles supported her weight suspended upside down in the air. Her body swung back and forth finally coming to a stop.

She hung stationary as he said beautiful cunt meat hanging in the air. He moved to the second wench kicking it in gear and Traci felt her wrist rising up and back over her head causing pain in her sore shoulders. She tried to shuffle her knees forward as her arms were being lifted higher. Finally she was lifted high enough that her knees and feet slid up under her and she stood taking some of the weight off her arms and shoulders. Her relief was short lift as he continued to lift her until her feet spread wide by the spreader bar left the mat putting all her weight on her wrist, arms and shoulders.

She started to cry from the pain. Please sir let me down. It hurts so bad I can't take it. He laughed cruelly and said get use to hit slut.

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She hung from her wrist crying tears flooding down her cheeks onto her bulging sore tits as he moved away to a table with all his toys.

He selected a flogger and a cane from the table walked back to the two suspended women. Standing in front of Traci he said. You being the mother you get to choose first. Left hand or right. She whimpered not wanting to choose. Getting impatient he said choose or I will choose for you. She quickly said left hand.

He chuckled and her heart skipped a beat thinking she chose wrong. Moving to the upside down suspended Tammy. He said choose Tammy. After hearing him chuckle at Traci's choice she quickly said right hand.

He grinned and said very painful choice bitch. She cringed and tears ran from her eyes dreading the the pain he was going to inflict on her body. She had chosen the hand holding the cane. She heard the flogger hit the floor just before the swish of the cane and the smack on her ass cheeks sending searing pain though her ass.

She screamed loud enough for the neighbors five miles away to hear if it weren't for the barn they were in. He laughed hard as she screamed and flopped in her suspension like a fish on a hook.

She just stopped flopping when the second stroke landed across her ass cheeks close to the first welt. Again she screamed long and hard as she flopped about in the air. She was crying so hard now her tears formed a puddle on the floor below her head.

Three more swats and she passed out from the pain. He stood close to her running his fingers through her pussy lips as her juices flowed from her cunt. When she came to the pleasure of his fingers deep in her cunt with a vibrator on her clit and the burning pain in her ass cheeks had her body shaking with a rapidly growing orgasm deep inside her stomach and pussy.

He kept finger fucking her with the vibrator on her clit until she screamed with an explosion of an orgasm that made her body jerk and her stomach muscles contracting pulling her head and shoulder up toward he pussy and she squirted female cum into her own face.

Her scream and body convulsions lasted for at least a minute. She slipped into sub space. He left her hanging limp as he moved to Traci. She tensed waiting for the pain coming her way as she heard him approaching. He stood still quietly waiting for her to relax. As soon as she began to relax he landed the first blow of the flogger directly across her sore swollen tits and nipples.

She screamed and pulled her legs up to her waist from the intense pain in her tits. He landed four more hard strokes to her tits, stomach and thighs before she stopped flopping in her suspension and hung limp with tears running down her body.

He dropped the flogger and pushed the vibrator between her pussy lips up to her swollen throbbing clit as her juices dripped to the floor. She started moaning with pleasure pushing her clit hard into the vibrator.

The hard orgasm pushed hard toward the peak as she continued to gasp and moan in ecstasy. Without warning he shoved two finger deep in her cunt curling the fingers as he fucked her pressing hard on her G-spot. The vibrator on her clit and his fingers attacking her G-spot pushed her over the edge.

She screamed as every muscle in her body contracted sending a hard stream of cum shooting from her cunt over his arm and shoulder. He moved back and watched as she moaned and danced on the end of the suspension chain with a big smile on his face. His cock was so hard it was painful. Traci settled back to near normal breathing hard.

He pinched her hard sore nipples between his thumbs and fingers pulling them out from her tits sending searing pain through her nipples, tits and pussy. She screamed from the pain and shot more cum from her pussy creating a pool on the floor under her hanging body. I have a very painful hard on bitch. She smiled. I want some ass and since I busted Tammy's ass cherry last night I am going to tear you ass hole up now.

She said fuck my ass hard sir if it pleases you. He lowered her to her feet and moved behind her. Bend over and give that ass bitch. She leaned forward and pushed her hips back to him. Using his finger he got pussy juice from her cunt and lubed her ass hole then rammed his eight inch hard cock balls deep in her ass.

She was forced forward and screamed from the pain in her ass. He laughed and rammed in and out of her ass until her screams of pain turned to moans of pleasure. Please fuck my ass hard sir she said as she rode his cock with her ass milking it as much as she could. She felt another orgasm approaching when he slammed as deep in her ass as he could shooting a large load of cum deep in her bowels.

The hard fucking and the hot cum shooting into her ass pushed her over the edge and she screamed as her body shook hard with her own orgasm. More cum shot from her cunt onto the mat in front of her. He pulled out of her ass and her knees gave way causing her to hang by her wrist and arms.

Pain shot through her arms and shoulder forcing another orgasm in her pussy. She moaned almost passing out. This sent her into sub space. Her eyes glazed over and she hung limply in her bonds. Tammy hung upside down by her ankles moaning and dripping cum from listening to her mother's abuse. He moved to the table and chose another instrument of pain. She heard him approaching her hanging torso and smiled craving his attention.

Suddenly her body jumped from the pain shooting through he left tit up her body all the way to her toes. It felt like every muscle in he body cramped up from the shock of the cattle prod he hit her tit with.

She opened her mouth wide to scream in pain but nothing came out. Her body spasmed long after he took the cattle prod off her tit. He smiled and watched until her body relaxed and hit her with another shock to her ass cheek.

The pain was so bad she blacked out. Bitch you are no fucking fun passing out all the time. He said. He lowered her body to the floor turning her on her back with her ass off the mat resting on her head and shoulders. She regained consciousness with his hard cock ramming deep in her lifeless pussy. Her pussy came to life gripping his cock and rocking to meet his thrust. She grunted with each hard inward stroke of his cock. Her tight pussy milking his cock made his balls tighten and cum raced up through his shaft shooting a surprising big load deep in her cunt forcing her to cum so hard she squirted down the front of her body into her mouth and face.

He pulled out of her pussy with a semi hard cock and moved to Traci after lowering her arms until her face was level with his cock. He pulled her head up by the hair making her open her mouth wide to scream then shoved his cock deep in her throat. Clean it good slut. She sucked and licked his cock cleaning his and Tammy's cum off his cock. He pulled out of her mouth as his cock went limp. She hung her head in a daze. He picked up the cattle prod and grinned an evil grin as he zapped her left tit with the prod sending painful shock waves through her entire body.

Her head flew up and back and she leaped into the air pull her feat off the mat with her arms pulling on the ceiling chain. He laughed as he watched her body jerk in the air. He released Tammy from the suspension chain He turned her onto her stomach and untied her arms.

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She flexed her arms stretching the sore muscles to get feeling back in her limbs. Tammy unless you want another shot from the cattle prod you will stay and do not remove the blindfold. Yes sir Tammy replied.

Relax and rest for a while you will need it for the next game. He told her. He released Traci from the ceiling chain telling her to lie on her stomach on the mat. He untied her wrist. You can stretch and relax for a while. He brought each of them a large glass of ice water and a sandwich. He waited for them to finish the water and sandwich.

Break time over ladies on your knees, head on the mat and hands back under by your ankles and stay he commanded. Both women had been kneeling sitting back between the spreader bars as they ate. On command they leaned forward placing their heads on the mat.

He used rope to tie their wrist to their lower legs forcing them to stay on their knees, head down with ass and pussy up and totally accessible for his pleasure. He knelt between the two and ran his fingers on their pussies stimulating each of their clits until they pushed into his fingers. Their moans and actions alerted him of their pending orgasms. He pushed two fingers in each of their pussies. While finger fucking them he manipulated each of their clits with his thumbs.

Traci gasp and moaned with an orgasm taking control of her mind and body. Tammy's orgasm followed right behind when she heard Traci orgasm.

Traci gushed cum from her cunt onto the floor. Tammy's orgasm was very strong making her squirt cum two feet behind her onto the mat. He pulled his fingers from the cunts and walked out of the barn. Traci and Tammy slumped on the mat breathing hard. He had been gone about fifteen minutes and the girls were relaxed on the mat with juices coating their cunts.

As he approached he told them. Ladies I have two of my best friends with me and they are very horny. I expect you to be very nice to them but be gentle as they are both virgins. Traci spoke. Sir sex with minors his illegal. He chuckled saying so is kidnap and rape. At that point Tammy felt a long rough tongue licking her pussy lips. She jerked and squealed as the unknown tongue hit her clit sending a shock of pleasure through her cunt.

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Oooh so good. Keep doing that make me cum with your beautiful long tongue said Tammy. The tongue slipped deep in her fuck hole lapping the inside.


She felt the juices flow as the tongue cleaned up every drop. She was on the verge of a colossal orgasm. He informed her that Todd is using his magical tongue on you. Feels good doesn't bitch. Oh yes feels great. While Todd works on Tammy Jake is doing the same to Traci. She is moaning and encouraging Jake to make her cum. Suddenly they heard him command up and felt a furry body on their backs and legs wrap around their waist. DOG!

Screamed Traci at the same time Tammy screamed. DON'T LET A DAMN DOG FUCK ME. Just as she said that Todd hit his mark and rammed his long thick hard cock deep in cunt and fucked her hard and deep faster than she had ever been fucked.

Her screams became moans and pleas for Todd to fuck her hard when she felt the hot rod sliding in and out of her. She had an indescribable orgasm rendering her breathless. Her orgasm renewed and intensified when Todd's knot was forced in her pussy hole and swelled to the size of a man's fist on her G-spot. Then she felt him stop fucking and his cock got bigger releasing a torrent of hot dog cum in her womb.

Meanwhile Traci is getting the same treatment from Jake except she was not as lucking as Tammy. Jake had missed her pussy and claimed her ass hole instead. The pain in her ass as his large cock ripped through her ass without regard for her feelings. At first she screamed begging. Please stop him. It hurts too bad for me to take. Get him out of my ass.Pleeease. He felt sorry for her and was about to try to get Jake off her when he forced his knot past the entrance to her ass hole. Traci screamed louder as his knot swelled in her ass.

Suddenly her screams stop and she yelled. Yes lover fuck my ass hard. Dump your damn doggy cum in me. Fill me with your cum. She was squirting cum on the mat in a long hard stream like she was pissing.

Both Todd and Jake tried to pull out of their bitches. Both bitches screamed. NO.HURT,,,,PAIN.STOP.WAIT.PLEEEASE !!!!! Finally Jake shrunk and pulled out with a loud pop and his and her cum gushed out of her gaping ass. A few minutes later Todd pulled out of Tammy releasing a huge amount of cum from her gaping pussy. Both women let out a loud moan and slumped on the mat trying to recover from the most fantastic fuck of either of their lives.

He called the dogs from the barn and closed the door keeping them out. He untied both women. Stand up bitches he ordered. They stood with out moving from the mat hands to their sides legs spread shoulder width with cum leaking from each of them. Taking each by an arm he led them to a spot over a drain and attached a chain hanging from the ceiling to each of their collars. Time to piss bitches. Each of them moving their feet in search of a bucket.

He chuckled. Bitches there is no buckets. Spread your legs and piss down the drain below you. They spread their legs to piss and screamed when he turn the cold water hose on them.

Piss gushed from each of them as he washed it down the drain. He sprayed the cold water up and down the front of them. He focused the hard spray on Traci's pussy making her close her legs to avoid the hard cold spray on her clit. Water spray or cattle prod slut. Your choice.

She quickly spread her legs. Use your hands open that dirty dog fucking cunt slut. He ordered. She did as told and he sprayed her clit until she moaned and her knees buckled with a forced orgasm.

He moved to focused the water on Tammy making her scream with the shock of the cold hard spray hitting her. After he finished forcing her to squirt cum with a hard orgasm he shut the water off. Turn around with hands behind your back he ordered. Traci obeyed immediately but Tammy did not. He punched her right tit hard with his fist knocking the breath out of her. She screamed and went down in pain. She did not have the strength to stand and hung by the neck gasping for air clawing at the collar on her neck.

Her eyes bulged and her tongue stuck out as she fell unconscious. He stepped behind her lifting her up. He held her pressed against him. She started gasping for air and regained consciousness. She coughed and finally regained her strength and stood on her own.

Pinching her nipples hard he said Bitch next time I will let you die. He felt her body twitch and moved his hand to her cunt to find that it was leaking a flow of cum.

She moaned and pushed her cunt into his hand. He grabbed her cunt lips in his hand and squeezed as hard as he could. She screamed, and her knees buckled as a flood of cum gushed from her cunt soaking his hand. He kept her from hanging herself by holding her up with a grip on her pussy and tit. He held her up until she started to breath again.

Sir.Thank You she said. Bitch you are kinkier than I am. You're not just a pain slut. You are a true masochist. I might have to marry you he said with a sadistic laugh. Maybe I should keep you as my very own sex slave. Would you like that?

She was silent for a minute as if she were actually thinking about it then said I do not know Sir. He removed the ropes around their tits and they moaned with the pain as the blood refilled their tits. He tied their wrist behind their backs and marched them to the van. Sliding the side door open Get in the van and lie face down. They obeyed and he tied their ankles together then to the wrist in a tight hogtie.

Traci ask. Sir do you have to hogtie us? He pushed a large red ball gag in her mouth and next to her ear he whispered. I don't have to but I like it and chuckled. As he tied Tammy in a tight hogtie.

Tammy ask Sir why do you have to hogtie us. He laughed and told her. I hogtie you because I think a woman is most beautiful when strictly hogtied and pushed a black ball gag in her mouth. He drove into the alley behind Traci's house parked at the back gate. He untied the girls hogtie and ankles. He helped them out of the van naked, blindfolded, ball gagged and wrist tied behind them.

He walked them through the back gate moved them shoulder to shoulder. Slapping both on the ass very hard making them grunt. He turned to leave saying see you ladies next time.

Thanks for all the fun. You made me very happy. They heard him laughing as he drove away.


Traci worked around back to back with Tammy and after some time untied her wrist. Once they were free they walked their sore exhausted satisfied bodies into the house and flopped down on the den couch. They sat in silence for several minutes. Tammy looked at her mom and ask. Should we call the police? Traci smiled and looked into her eyes.

Tell them what? That we were kidnapped, raped and returned home uninjured by a man we never got a look at, transported in a van we never saw and taken to a place unknown and unseen by either of us. Truthfully, Baby, I have never been as sexually satisfied as I am right now and I enjoyed everything he did to me.

Even forcing me to fuck a dog that made me cum harder and longer than any time in my life. I heard him ask if you would like for him to keep you as his own sex slave. I thought at the time if she does not want to I will be your sex slave. Tammy told her mother. Now that you put it that way. I have to say I have never been treated so rough during sex and abused like he did to me.

I totally got off on everything he did. I even had an orgasm when I thought he was going to let me hang to death. It was so wrong and scary yet so exhilarating.

When he tried to hurt my pussy afterwards I almost passed out from the extreme orgasm he forced on me. When he ask me if I would like it if he kept me for his own sex slave my heart almost stopped with happiness and wanted to say yes so bad.

I just don't know for sure that I want to give up college, friends and family to be a man's sex slave. Mom. He kept calling us his black beauties. Is he black or white. Baby I don't know for sure since I have actually never seen him but I think he is white. Mom could you ever submit to a white man? Traci smiled and said I think I already have. Mom, do you think he will come for us again before I leave for college. Traci with raised eye brow. Do you hope he does.

Tammy blushed. I think so since I am getting wet thinking about it. Me too baby. I think after four times I am hooked on this man. Traci slid off the couch, lay on the floor, spread her legs, stretched her arms up to Tammy and said I will make you cum if you do the same for me. Tammy straddled her mom's head lowered her wet pussy onto Traci's mouth as she giggled and dove into her mom's cunt with an eager tongue. Two black beauties in a 69 started cumming hard with in a few minutes. Exhausted Tammy rolled off Traci spun around, put her arm across Traci's tits and started kissing and licking her own cum from Traci's face.

Traci licked and kissed her cum from Tammy's face. They snuggled together on the floor for almost an hour chatting about their exciting weekend. Traci giggle and said, If we keep this up we will both be horny again. Let's take a shower and go to bed. Good idea, Mom. As they entered Traci's room to take a shower her cell phone rang. Looking at it to find a text from an unknown number. She opened the text. Hello pain slut. When does Tammy the masochist go back to school?

Does she want to go for round two? Reply .GREEN for yes and RED. for no. Traci had a smile on her face as see read the text. Mom, what is it putting a smile on your face. Baby it is a message from our kidnapper/rapist. He wants to know if you want to go for round two and when you go back to school. Mom, tell him yes and three weeks. Traci typed a reply quickly. GREEN AND THREE WEEKS. Sir are you Black or White. Her phone dinged with another text.

You will see the next time I rape you. Traci laughed and told Tammy he said I will see if is black or white the next time he rapes me. Traci and Tammy squealed and hugged each other with the excitement of the next abduction and rape. Rape? Is it rape if the victim is willing and helping?

So rape me I will help you!