Extremely horny bitch and big cock punishment Two young sluts Sydney

Extremely horny bitch and big cock punishment Two young sluts  Sydney
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The Breeders Life Chapter 1 My name is Sarah I am twenty one years old, this is my first day at my new job.

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Dunkeld & Son's Law, I was the new secretary for the youngest son, Stephen 28 years old specialising in American society preservation laws. In recent times with war decimating the population of the world, we were only three years removed from what was now being called world war three. 4 billion people dead, many men and women dying in the service in their countries, others dying because of bombings and armed raids.

Our country was down to the 10's of millions and for a big country that was a bit of a problem. Especially now that Texas and California had become independent nations and Alaska was expected to either rejoin the Russian's or become another independent state. Our country was still healing from the mass of damage done to it, but we were not the worst hit, that would be China and Britain as well as Russia.

places where populations were brought down to less than 10% of the size they were before world war three kicked off. What does the preservation act mean, it means that people are expected to repopulate the country, for men spread their seed for women well spread your legs girls.

Homosexuality was illegal and could get you the death penalty if you were caught. A friend of mine in high school was executed a while back for being with another man. If you were a lesbian they could find ways around that and believe me they would. but if your dick went soft at the sight of a pussy then you were fucked. Death by firing squad if you were lucky it was death by lethal injection.

Here I am in a sleek little blue dress form fitting, I am a fit twenty one year old woman, I run I do yoga that sort of thing. The dress is part of the dress code, it was short way to short for my liking and because rules on underwear were very strict for women (Access issues) if you didn't sit just right you revealed a little to much of yourself to people.

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Which in this day and age means well you probably are going to get fucked, pregnancy is common and you are expected to carry children till birth. Rape isn't a thing any more as a woman has no right to make such a claim. If you get fucked you should be grateful for the ride. or so they tell you. I am one of those girls blokes love to be with, all through high school I was the centre of attention. Guys would shove animal nitrates up my nose and I was good to go.

They give you drugs that make it impossible to not be horny most of the time if you are a woman. It starts the moment you leave school or collge, college in my case. When you get a job that is when they give you your first dose.

The drug itself makes you wet and I mean dripping, thus the no underwear, it wears of every twenty four hours and you are on it seven days a week. It also increases your fertility apparently. My mom told me this not to scare me as you might think, but to prepare me. Marriage does not mean you can't have sex with other people not in this world not any more. Marriage simply means that your husband controls who fucks you. My mother had nine pregnancies only three of which were my fathers, the others went to families that wanted children.

"Sarah could you come in here for a second." My boss calls to me, I walk into the room he is dressed in a tailored suit and silk tie. He is on his own for the moment anyway. "I have your first dose here." He tells me, I smile at him. "You know what you have to do." He says. Of course I do, like any woman doesn't. You don't get to say no to taking the pill, not if you want to live a free life anyway.

I take the small blue pill on the desk which has a z stamped on it. No idea why that is necessary I put it in my mouth and swallow with the water that is given to me by my boss he then gives me some files he wants me to store away. I leave the room with a smile on my lips. With in the hour like I said before my cunt is dripping wet and it is all I can do to concentrate on my work, it is a busy day and people are walking past my desk every few minutes.

Some of the women who know it is my first day stop by for a chat and to drop of gifts and flowers and what not. Some of these women are pregnant some of them are not, some of them have collars around their necks some of them do not.

All of them are wearing similar dresses to my self non of them are wearing underwear. None of the women here are older than thirty, all of them are used to their lot in life. "Sarah could you come in here." Stephen calls to me, I stand up and walk across the space between his office and my desk. I knock before entering. On the desk are several toys shall we say as I approach the desk he smiles. "I am pleased to see you are settling in." He says to me.

"Thank you sir." I say to him.


"Please remove your dress." He tells me, I blush at the request but know better than to refuse him. "Here turn around and I will help you." He said to me. I sigh as I turn my back to him now. The zip at the back of the dress comes down with ease and I feel his hands on my shoulders as he removes the straps and the dress falls to the floor. I place my right hand around my breasts as I turn around. I have a medium bust of breasts, neither to small or to large just right.


I don't have any complaints about them anyway. He pushes my hand away from them so he can look at me properly. "Hands behind your back legs apart." He says to me. I comply, so now my body is on view. I shave so I have no hair down their at all. if I did it would be blond like the rest of my hair. I have shaved since I was fourteen and I prefer it to natural. He uses his left hand to play with my nipples making me moan deeply as he does my knees buckle slightly but I manage to stay on my feet.

He smiles liking what he is hearing as well as seeing as it turns out. His other hand finds my cunt and I cry out as he massages my clitoris hips bucking as he does.

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He slaps my cunt making me cry out again for another reason before I feel two of his fingers enter me he is fucking me with his fingers I can feel them probing me. He pulls a bottle of poppers from the desk lid undone just he takes it off completely shoving them under my nose.

I inhale deeply and the moment they hit my system I moan louder than before his fingers thrusting into me finding my g-spot and I am crying out some more. "Good whore." He compliments as he withdraws his fingers from my pussy leaving me to feel strangely empty. He hands me the bottle of poppers and tells me to use them if necessary. Picking up a mighty big plug which he lubes generously before going behind me and I feel him lubing my a-hole a little he places the plug up against it.

Now this buttplug has three sizes, each bulb if you like bigger than the other. I am supposed to feel it and I think that is the point. The first bulb goes in with some resistance but little difficulty. I breath in the poppers as I feel him trying to get the second bulb in and he has to use some more lube to make that happen. I yelp with pain as it goes past my sphincter.

The third bulb which is by far the largest part of the plug is the hardest and I inhale deeply as I can as he starts to work it into me. I scream out as it goes past the widest part of the bulb and then finally the pain is all but gone as the base of the plug sits neatly against my ass. "I do like to see a whore's holes filled with something, that plug will remind you of me every day whore. You are to wear it unless you are going to the bathroom at all times." He says to me.

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I can see his growing hard on in his pants and I notice that there is a second plug on the table but I have no idea why he has another plug on the table. "Now be a good little whore and sit on the desk." He says to me I comply keeping my legs as closed as I can groaning as the plug touchs the table on which I am sat. he pushes my legs apart and looks into my eyes then roughly kisses me on the lips.


"I want this twat looking like this at all times whore." He snarls at me as he undoes the flies on his dress pants. He is wearing some high end underwear which he pulls down to reveal a thick white cock completely shaved it has to be 9" cut with a vein running pretty much down the middle of it.

I know he plans to take me here and now, make me his and mark me as such for all to know. He runs his fingers over the folds of my push making me moan loudly. He slaps my pussy before placing his cock head against my entrance grabs hold of my legs so I can't close them or do anything much about what he plans to do next then pushs into me I cry out from the pain of the intrusion and then the ecstasy, his cock rubbing up against that spot and my head falls back eyes rolling into the back of my head and now I start to scream for a different reason.

Every one will know what was happening in here now, his fucking me brought out the screamer in me and oh man could he fuck. He never missed the spot and I started to meet his thrusts happy to comply with his demands.

my body was heating up my pussy was beginning to throb and I could feel his cock beginning to throb his balls contracting telling me he was close.

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"I am going to breed you whore." He snarls at me I grab his ass pulling him on to me harder than he had been doing before my legs tightening around his body. If he wanted a ride he was going to get one. I loved sex, this thing thought that he was going to own me and make me do stuff I wouldn't want to do anyway he was sadly mistaken. I screamed out his name as I came. I squirted all over his suit I am sure, he calls me his whore as his balls release his semen into me and he comes hard.

I bet he hasn't come that hard in a while. Before he withdrawls he grabs a smaller plug from the table and once his cock is fully out of me it has been replaced by the other plug.

"Wouldn't want that little present to escape now would we." He says slapping my pussy one more pushing the plug deeper into me for just a moment. "Get your dress on bitch." He commands me. I slip the blue dress back on which he then zips back up. "We will see how you do with those plugs, maybe we can get you something bigger." He tells me.

"I need these typed up." He says to me handing me several documents. I leave the room, people are watching me and smiling or whispering to their co workers.

I walk to my seat and sit, uncomfortable crossing my legs I leave them open. I think that was the point of the plugs. People could see if they bothered to look that is, that I was plugged.