Putita me dice que le dan miedo los penes y entonces le dedico un tributo

Putita me dice que le dan miedo los penes y entonces le dedico un tributo
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Lexxi looked in the mirror at her suntanned reflection peeling off her clothes as she made her way to the bathroom door down the hall. She couldn't stop thinking about what she had done.

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She'd been with Lee after all these years, and it had been more than just a quick lay. She knew that, and she was pretty damn sure he did too from his reactions. Lexxi turned the knob in the shower turning on the radio to some music. She stepped into the shower and smiled remembering in detail the things she'd done only that afternoon.

She soaped up her body plugging the drain and turning off the shower head, she lay down in the water and leaned back against the wall smiling as she ran her hand down to her carefully shaven outter lips rubbing them between her thumb and forefinger.

"Oh god, what am I doing?" She said the words to no one but herself but couldn't convince herself to be as shocked as her voice was. Lexxi peeled her outter lips apart rubbing her forefinger across her cute little clit biting her lip as she quickened the pace.

She started to slide a finger into her vagina and was instantly reminded of the size of the man she'd just been with by the pain she felt from the oh-so-gentle touch. She rubbed in circles across her tender clit moaning under her breath, she couldn't help but fantasizing it was Lee who was touching her and she instantly cried his name out as she broke upon an orgasm.

All of 20 minutes later, the phone rang in her apartment as she was laying on her bed just remembering.

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"Hello?" "Hey baby," She smiled at the familiar voice, trying not to blush over what she'd been doing not too long ago. "I wanted to call and make sure you were okay, I know I kinda left you hangin' when I left you at your apartment alone." Lexxi laughed, a low sultry sound that sent shockwaves through him as he looked into the rearveiw mirror of his car, she didn't know he was on his way.

"I'm fine, really. A little sore but I suppose that's something YOU should be proud of." He smiled at her wit, knowing she was no pushover. What was worse is he didn't want her to be, he hadn't felt like this in years for anyone.

Lee felt his groin jump to attention at the thought of what they'd been doing only that afternoon and cursed under his breath. "Excuse me?" Lexxi was laughing, mocking shock at the profanity, "Oh I'll uh call you back darling." Lee pulled into the parking spot that would be his for the night, as he walked into Lexxi's apartment building and up the steps smiling as he reached her apartment.

He was about to knock on the door when he could have sworn he heard noises coming from inside, he felt for the doorknob and realized it was unlocked, so he let himself in. He went wide-eyed at what he saw.

Lexxi was on the couch with Nelle her girlfriend, and they were grinding against each other's faces in a perfect 69. The sounds he heard coming from the beautiful Italian and the cute Puerto Rican made him stiff with anticipation. After standing there for about five minutes Lexxi looking up from her position with her tongue in Nelle's cute little shaven pussy and smiled at her newfound lover.

"Baby, come here." His eyes got wider but he managed a grin as he walked over to where they were laying. Nelle gave Lexxi's clit one last long lick as Lexxi slide her tongue in and out of Nelle's hole one more time; both moaning at the sensation.

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They sat up, pretending composure, before him completely naked and both flawless to his amazement. They made quite the veiw sitting side beside like that fondling each others perfect tits and kissing as they waited for him to react. Lee tried to pull off his shirt but both girls looked at him and smiled at his naivee.


Lexxi pinned him down taking his ear lobe between her teeth as nelle pulled off his pants smiling up at both of them, giving Lexxi's ass a quick squeeze. This brought a moan from Lexxi and the vibration on his ear made him more ready than he thought he could be at such a small gesture. Lexxi was kissing him, he could barely tell he was in a dream for all he was concerned. Nelle slid a finger into Lexxi's sore tight pussy as she licked all over Lee's hard cock, making him grown with pleasure between the two.


Nelled licked the small of Lexxi's back rubbing her damp pussy against Lee's dick smoothley moving to sit on his face, Lee couldn't see anything but he knew what was expected of him as he began licking at the clit before him. He took Nelle's sweet taste by storm as he slid his tongue in and out of her vagina rubbing her clit with his thumb pressing absentmindedly.

He felt her as soon as she climbed onto him, felt her rubbing her clit across the skin of his member as he groaned against Nelle's clit now having switching to fingering her as she grinded down against his face, Lexxi finally sat down on his dick moving up and down vibrating against him?

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No she wasnt, she. he lost his train of thought as he came into his lover while sucking her lover's clit at the feeling of it. She WAS vibrating against him, a dance move.

He groaned and pushed his hips up to her as she squirmed impaling herself on him further leaning over to bite Nelle's nipple gentley as she did so. Nelle ground down against his face hard as she did, and came all over him; he took the taste into his mouth without complaint growling against her sensitive clit as she climbed off him and sat on the couch looking down at the two best fucks she'd ever had.

Lexxi was having the same thoughts as she looked at the man she loved, and the woman she loved to fuck. Lexxi and Nelle said it at almost the same time, "So, Lee.

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Is mar bi?" They smiled seductively at him as he contemplated an answer. He wanted to keep this to himself and he thought he loved Lexxi but damn if he couldn't resist the idea of a foursome with three of the hottest girls he'd ever laid eyes on. "She will be by the time you two are done, I'm sure." Nelle laughed at this and kissed him on his cheek on her way out. "Enjoyed yourself eh?" Lexxi asked as he lay down beside her in her bed, sated. "And you didn't?" She smiled at his question and kissed him gentley as he pulled her into his arms.

"I think we should do it again sometime, but I think you should remember buddy. You're mine"