What name of this hentai

What name of this hentai
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If it wasn't for the third hokage, I guess my clan would be gone by know. But I'm happy there not because I've fallen in love with this girl , my name is Sasuke Uchiha and I'm a part of the Uchiha clan. Her name is Anabella Uchiha and if the clan really was destroyed Then I would have ever met her.

She a real looker, (Megan Fox with longer black hair, D cup breast, and light Blue eyes). I'm only 16 but I've been having some weird feelings That even I would tell my big brother Itachi.

Think is that my cock get hard whenever I'm around or when I think About her. I'm at her place studying but I feel nervous because her Parents aren't home. "Sorry it took me so long" she smiled coming back into The room. "Oh, don't worry about!" I smiled back.

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I couldn't help but look don't and her breast were almost jumping out of her shirt, I felt myself getting hard and I closed my legs. NOT AGAIN! She sat next to me and I kept my eyes low and im sure I was blushing!

"Sasuke, Your hard again?!" she giggled covering her mouth. "WHAT! AGAIN!" I gasped. I felt like I was about to cry but I didn't really know why, But she wasn't supposed to notice! "Hahaha, yes again Sasuke, your Always hard when your with me!" she smiled brushing my hair behind My ear and I shyly looked at her.

"At first I didn't really like the idea that I turn you on but now… I guess it just means that you find me really attractive! SO it's on Along as you don't get this was around other women, do you?" She asked confusing me. I nodded my head no, she smiled and I felt her sneaky Hand touches my pants where my cock was. "BELLA!" I gasped. She laughed as I pushed her hand away from it, oh why did I go and do that for! I liked how that felt! But I was too nervous, "You're a virgin huh?" she asked.

I looked down and nodded my head, yes, "Good to know Sasuke" she smiled. She kissed me and her soft lips were more than I could handle… My first kiss, her lips were soft and warm and I liked what I was doing… She opened my mouth with her thin wet tongue and French kissed me. I felt embarrass because I had no Idea what to do so I just went with it. She pushed me down on her bed and we lay there kissing. She sat up and her Warm but brushed agents my pants as she did so. She was only where a short Shirt!

IT felt too good, I put my hands on her hips and pushed them down to my pants. I slowly and lightly rubbed my cock up and down and short light moans slipped Out my mouth. She took of her shirt and her cute black lace bra cupped her breast. "I'm a virgin" I muttered and my voice was shaky.


She licked her lips and hell did it look sexy, "not for long" she tease slowly fucking me with clothes on. My cock was real hard, I could feel the pre-cum in my pants! "You won't be a virgin for long" she teased. I blushed as she took her Bra and her beautiful breast state sitting upright. He nipples pink And perky, her breast as big and full as I imaged. "Suck them" she commanded. I blushed and sat up Unwillingly because I wanting to keep rubbing on her, I kissed on softly.

And she let out a light moan, "ooh". My lips were wet from drooling but I couldn't Help it, I had begun to suck on her nipple softly and it tasted nice. Not only did she smell like roses but her tits tasted odd but nice at the same Time.

Anabell moaned as I sucked on her nipple then moved my head to The other. "ooooooh, Sasuke, nip on it!" she begged. I didn't want to hurt her, so I nips her nipple lightly, "UH! Again" she whispered. I sucked and nibbled one her now hard nipple, Till she pushed me back down to the bed, "take everything off now!" she commanded. I blushed, "Now!" she huffed louder. I I had begun to take Off my shirt, Not wanting to go agents her order: I've never seen her like this before! She pulled her thin pink panties down and Over both legs, same with her shirt and I saw my first pussy.

It was shaved clean and a bit small but how should I know what size they are! I got naked and she turned around On all fours so that as I lay down her cunt was right above me. Not only did it smell good but pussy dripped down creamy white skin. She licked the tip of my erect cock, "BELLA!" I gasped looking down. "It's ok Sasuke, I'll make you feel good, better than you ever have" she teased.

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I tried to loosen up as she licked the tip of My cock and I it felt so good! "uuuh" I mumbled. I bit my lip, "your pre-cum taste good" she giggled licking all around it now. I could help it, I pulled her ass down so that I could have it! I forced my long, thick, wet tongue into her little cunt and let it soak in the sweet Pussy juices.

"Uh, oh Sasuke!" she gasped squezzing My cock, my lips kissed her pussy lips and pushed and kept every but Of her juices from getting away from me… It was so good, I wanted to keep my mouth there forever, "ooooooooooooooh Sasuke, suck me dry!" she whined hungrily sucking my head. Oh god! I wasn't sucking her like this because I wanted her to suck me more, But because it was so good! I've never tasted anything so good in my life; it was sweet and tasteful, I love it and it makes me so hot!

"ooooooh, S-Sa-suke!" she moaned now humping my face, I pulled her ass as close to me as I could and buried my face in her pussy, taking In everything as she humped my face. I felt weird, My balls felt like they wanted to fuck every whole she had: I guess I understand What thinking why your dick means.

"S-Sasuke, I'm going to come, im coming baby!" she gasped humping me Like a horny teenage boy: which I think I am. She took her hand and jerked me off hard and I hummed in In cunt because I've never even jerked of before! "Yu-yes Sasuke, tongues fuck me!" she gasped as shoved her mouth down My 8 inched cock.

I could believe it, my balls ached and cock felt really hot And we both let out a loud moan. I felt back as my cock had been Being emptied and I had to swallow a mouth full of cum: it was so good.

I swallowed happily, though I was still panting as Anabell. She turned around still on all fours, cum on the side of Her mouth, she kissed me and I didn't taste bad, good to know!

She sat up and rubbed my cock, "Ah, OW!" I gasped tensing up, "Your soft already?" she asked.

I blushed and nodded my head yes, she huffed. "Sasuke, I need to suck it up, so that we can go all the way" she smiled. I smiled back weakly, "I'm really sore" I muttered hoping that she'd understand.

It was my first time having a girl do that to me after all. She sighed and rolled over next to me, "Sasuke, I'm really horny, but I guess we can wait" she sighed. I felt bad, I sad up and bent down so that I could kiss her still wet clit, Thanking it for giving me so much pleasure. I than licked up and down her pussy lips and she moaned and griped my Head tightly.


Forcing it deeper into her pussy. I parted her lips with two fingers and licked deep inside her. "Oooooh, Sasuke, don't tease me like this!" she huffed.

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I laughed, "I guess I'm not too sore Anabell. Let's go all The way" I smiled looking at her. She smiled had patted my head, "do you Want me to lay back down?" I asked. She smiled and licked her lips, she moved her leg and relaxed it Over my neck.

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"uh uh uh, you finish what you started down there first!" She huffed. I smiled, "Ok master" I teased. I opened her lips a little more and flicked my from her clit down. "uha, Sasuke just tongue fuck me, be a good boy and fuck me with that Tongue" she moaned gripping my hair tighter. I sucked her clit and she moaned louder shoved my head violently In her pussy.

"Hmmm, keep sucking like that, You naughty boy and I'll have to fuck you till your out of cum" she moaned And I got hard again. My eyes felt like they were About to roll back because it was so good!

I took my other two fingers And shoved them up her cunt. "UH! SASUKE, FUCK ME WITH THEM!" she cried humping. I shoved my two fingers in and out of her and she loved and moment of it! "DEEEPER DEEPER SASUKE!" she cried. I saw that She liked it so I sucking and shoving my fingers in and out it she Violently shivered. She shook back and forth as if she were Having a hard attack and her hot pussy shot from in between my fingers.

She threw herself back and then I sucked everything left over, I laid back with her. And hoped this was enough to keep her down, WORNG! She sat up and just on top of me not yet outing IT in her. "Don't be so rough on me Bella, I'm still A little sore" I muttered. She smiled and nodded her head, how much could she take?! She opened her pussy lips and slowly put my 9 inched cock in little by little. "oooooooooooh, please, bella, p-ple-ase!" I moaned As my head shifted left and right over and over again, it felt too good!

Oh god, what do I do? What do I do, I kept moaning and as she got to the last 3 inches in shoved her down but it felt lift I broke something. I didn't really care though, she gasped as I did so and looked like she wanted To cry but she was moaning. So maybe it just felt really good, "Please, please" I kept repeating, "Why d-do you ke-ep saying that?" she asked.

I threw my head back, "DO, IT, ANABELL. FUCK ME, PLEASE, JUST FUCK ME!" I hissed rubbing Up and down her hips. She bent down and bit my lip, "GOD SASUKE, BE A MAN, fuck me and I'll fuck you, just do It!" she hissed looking me in the eyes. "HMMMMMMMMMMM, Just fuck me!" I hissed feeling the thrill of her tight Wet cunt. It felt like she would rip if I did anything ells but I wanted to rip her apart! "Ohh, Sasuke, please be a good boy and fuck me ok?" she mumbled.

I slowly humped, "oooooooooh, oooooh god, that's it Sasuke!" she Cried sitting up and giving me a dirty look Mom would hate to see. I look at her violently and sexually, And went faster. Anabell started humping me back and as we went faster… Out humps met each other and I had begun to fuck her harder as I felt the joy of another climax coming, "Uh, ooooooh, Sasuke Fuck my tiny CUNT!

I could believe that I could be with a girl like this, but I loved it.


"Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke!" she repeated over and over again as we both Came. She fell on top of me, my balls still ached a bit but it was good. I looked down and noticed blood before she fell on me… I'm happy, so she was a virgin too huh, she wild though "I love you" I mumbled not sure what she would say it back. "I love you too Sasuke" she sighed kissing my neck, " You Know that I'm never letting you leave right?" she teased.

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I laughed and she I had a feeling that we'd be Doing this for a long time