Horny young hunk getting sucked on and spanked hard

Horny young hunk getting sucked on and spanked hard
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(Lisa has been abducted from an alley and has been attacked. Her ordeal continues from Girl Scout-1.) Lisa knelt on the dirty floor. The men stood round her, laughing, smoking, drinking beer. They drew numbers out of a hat to see who was going first. DAMM Grady u first. MF got dat right, fuck dat scout shit, dats fo sho.

Crying and sobbing the little white bitch made an inviting target. I should be home. What will happen to me. Moms coming home. I should be there. How could this happen. It can't be real.


This doesn't happen. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Lisa screamed as she was pulled up by her pony tail.

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They pushed her back around back and forth grabbing her skirt and pulling it off. Lisa was left standing in her tattered clothes and white panties. Lookie at Dat / She was lifted up by her arm pits and Grady pulled off her white panties. Nice ass. Let's see that pussy. A hand grabbed her hair and pushed her head down. Lisa's bent over, ass cheeks were spread and fingers spread her pussy lips. Now dats sweet. Nice and pink. Sweet as can be, ready fo sum Black Dick.

Yu been fucked befo? NoNO Plese don't do this. How bout you Daddy, been fucked y yo old man. No NO. He was killed in Nam, that terrible War.


Too fuckin bad. Now I be yo Dddy. Big black Daddy gonna fuck his little Bitch daughter. No NO Call me Daddy. SLAAAP. Lisa's head snapped back. Say It. Call me your Daddy. SLAAP.

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Crying Daddy. Tell me. Fuck me Daddy. Lisa Crying screamed. FUCK ME DADDY Now dats better. FUCK MY PUSSY HARD SAY IT BITCH FUCK MY PUSSY HARD. Lisa was screaming as they grabbed her and tied her hands behind her back. Hood dat Bitch.

A dark cloth bag was placed over her head and they cut out only a small hole. She was pushed back and forth between each old grizzled black guy. Hands grabbed and probed her Every where. Panic set in as she could not tell where the next attack would come from.

The panicked white girl was pushed back and forth by her black tormenters. A hand smacked her in the head. She could not see it coming. Laughter filled the garage. Lisa sprawled on the ground curled up in terror while the men laughed.

AHHHHHHHHHHH: A bucket of cold water splashed over the nearly naked girl. Dizzzy and disoriented her hands still behind her back were tied to an engine hoist and raised up. Her hands were pulled up over her head behind her and she was bent forward.

Her hood was pulled off and she could see the men standing around her laughing. Grady walked up to her, pulled her hair back and laughed, guess I git to first. Lisa twisted and turned, kicking out.

Lift dat Bitch up sum mo. Lisa was raised until only her toes touched the ground.

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Her shoulders burned as she was cruelly hanging. Grady had a work trouble light in his hand. One of the old stype with a metal cage and a hot 100 watt bulb. He moved the light over her body, along her face, then up against her tits and between her legs. If he let it sit close the heat was intense causing Lisa to cry out.

Next she got a hard slap across her face Now little bitch we can do this the easy way o da hard way. Yu stop that squirming so we cando sum Good puusy fuckin o else. No No No. Lisa was crying but she shook her head. Yes. What else could she do.

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They lowered her just a little. She was still strung up, arms behind her back. Spread them legs Bitch.

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Lisa, the Scout was held up by her arms behind her back, leaning forward, ass out, tits hanging. Naked from the waist down the remnants of her scouting blouse and jacket hung tattered. She was surrounded by a gang of seven oldtimers, grizzled black men from the hood.

Old but still with plenty of cock for the stupid white bitch that stumbled through their alley. The rough coarse black hands worked their way over her soft white ass. Fuck her Grady, fuck the white cunt.

She felt the hard black cock pushing on her. She had been chaste. Lisa had saved herself for the right man. Now she was being raped in an old garage by bunch of grizzled old black men. THIS WOULD BE HER FIRST SEX RAPED IN A GARAGE Dis Bitch be tight, sho nuff. Grady push slowly against the tight Virgin cunt. Lisa was screaming. Please. Please don''t do this. Don't do this to me. Please.


Lisa felt Grady's cock push apart her pussy lips. Gripped in panic there was nothing she could do. If she struggled they would pull her up by her arms. Grady would push in just a little and then fuck her slowly that feeling that tight pussy on his cock.

His friends stood around the tied up bitch laughing and drinking beer. A hand grabbed her by the hair and a stream of piss ran down her face. Gotta piss after all dat beer. Dumb fucking cunt, walkin in our alley. Grady was taking his time leaving the other guys a chance to explore. Hands were all over her sweet firm young breasts.

Rough coarse hands ran up and down her thighs. Her tit meat was pinched and nipples Squeezed, Little Lisa passed out only to be slapped back. Stay with us yu little cunt, don't want you to miss da fun.

Lisa tried to take her mind to a different place. She could see her father holding her tightly when he was ready to leave for overseas.

First Infantry Division, same as his father. She could see his smile, feel his strong arms, the Red One Patch. Lisa was crying and sobbing. SMAAACK Lisa returned to the present as she got another slap to the head. Come on Grady, git to It, we can't wait forever. Grady was in no hurry but finally pushed himself all the way in. Now dats sweet. OH yea feels so warm and tight.

Lisa could feel the big hard dick deep inside her. Grady had never screwed a white women before and know he had this young bitch to do what he wanted Grady started to work that pussy faster. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Lisa started to get a terrible feeling. NOOOO. She could feel it building inside her. No this can't be happening, no like this. She could not stop it. Everything was so sexual, so intense. The pain, the men around her, the big cock inside her.

She succumbed to her natural instincts. The men could ehar her start to moan. The guttural sounds got louder even as she tried to hold back back.

Damn, told ya dat btich is hot. Dem Dagos can't get nuff. Like that Black Meat Sweetie. Listen to her. UHHHHHHAHHHHH. Grady stopped. Tell me what you like. Tell me now. Don't stop. Don't stop Lisa screamed. Lisa could not believe what she was doing.

Grady started to buck like a wild man. Lisa pushed back against him. She yelled for him t fuck her, harder. She was shaking, quivering. The other men were yelling. Grady was fucking her harder and harder. Grady exploded inside her while Lisa screamed, crazed with extreme lust. Fukin unbieievable. Fuck hottest little bitch I ver seen, fo shore.

Grady walked around and bent over and kissed Lisa. YO Sweet thing, Lke that Fuck by YO Daddy? I don't hear you.

Yes Daddy. Do u want to suck yo Daddys big Black Dick. Yes Daddy, Please. Lisa knew she had little choice. Lisa took Grady's cock in her mouth. She licked her own juices and his cum off his dick.

He made her lick his balls and suck up all the cum droplets and slurp the cum off his cock. Little Cum sucking whore. White Slut. Even as she finished with Grady, Bubba got ready for his turn. The men were smiling. She was in for it with Bubba, the Tool Man. To Be Continued