Comendo o rabo dessa cachorra gostosa

Comendo o rabo dessa cachorra gostosa
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I have been a home appraiser for some time now.

My last assignment was a large house on the wealthy side of town. When I called to set the appointment the home owner was rude and hateful. He thought I should reschedule my entire weekend so that he didn't have to miss work. I told him I work Monday threw Friday just like everyone else. "Fine, he shouted, I will have my daughter be here to let you in!" On the day of the appraisal I wore a button up black sued shirt with cargo kakis.

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I figured I should try and look presentable when I drove around in a ritzy subdivision. When I arrived at the house a young lady answered the door. I had to step back and catch my breath. I don't know how old she was but wow.

She had long black hair with soft brown eyes.

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She had soft puffy lips and was lightly tanned with a little frame. She had a little chest but her skin looked so soft. She was wearing a light pink polo shirt that showed her belly button, and a dark pink skirt that went down to about mid thigh. I explained to her that I had to measure the outside of the house and then do a quick interior inspection. "Cool, she said just walk in when you are done." When I finished the exterior I slowly walked into the home and said "knock knock." "I am up here; just do what ever, she yelled from an upstairs bedroom." I had finished everything but her room.

I walked up to the door and gave it a little knock. When she didn't answer I slowly opened the door and peaked in. There she was lying on the bed listing to headphones. I couldn't help but notice that her knees where up and her white silky panties were showing. "Excuse me I said loud enough for her to hear over her headphones.

She quickly jumped up in surprise and gasped sorry, "I forgot you were here." "I am all done, I stated.

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"What do you think", she asked? "About what", I replied? "The value silly." "I never even looked." I opened my file and quickly noticed that they wanted well over the value of the home. She must have been able to tell that it wasn't good from my expression. She looked up with sad eyes and asked in a lower voice, "is it that bad." "Well, I stated it doesn't look good." "Oh no", she whimpered. "You seem like a well off family what's up." "My father is several years behind on his taxes and we are going to loose everything if this deal doesn't go threw.

Is there something you can do to help", she asked? "I could loose my job and my license for fabricating a value that much." "I don't want to move to Iowa with my grandma and leave my house and all my friends. Please I am begging you." I stepped back for a second then smiled. "What, she asked?" "No never mind that is too much to ask." "What anything I don't want to move", she replied. "Well my wife left me two years ago and I don't have time to get out much." "What does that have to do with making value on my dad's house?" "Well I was thinking that if I was going to risk everything to help maybe you could do something for me." "Oh", she said surprised by my offer.

"I am still a virgin" she said bashfully.

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"Well that would just sweeten the pot." "I can't is there anything else." "No I am sorry but good luck I do hope everything works out for your family." As I turned to walk out of her room she grabbed me. "Please be gentle." "Of course", I said as I pulled her close to me. I pushed my lips to hers and gently slid my tongue into her mouth.

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I slid my hand down her back and pulled her skirt up so that I could fell her sweet little ass. I was so hard I could bust. I pushed her back on the bed so that she was sitting right in front of me. She looked up as I undressed in front of her. I pressed the head of my cock up against her soft lips. She stuck her tongue on the head of it and licked just a little. "Put it in your mouth and suck on it." I thought I was going to blow it as her soft lips let my cock enter her mouth.

Although inexperienced and not real good at sucking cock it was terribly exciting knowing that my cock was the first in her mouth. It was nice being in control of such a beautiful girl. I pulled her shirt off and slipped of her bra to expose her little breasts. Then I pushed her back and laid down on her.

I started running my tongue around her hard nipples. She seemed to really be enjoying what I was doing.


I worked my way down to her belly button. She squirmed and giggled when I ran my tongue around her navel. Then I pushed her little skirt up and pulled her panties down. As is started working my tongue around her clit she started to breathe hard and moan. It made me lick even harder the more she got into it. As she pushed my head hard into her pussy she moaned, "Don't stop I really like this." Then I pushed my finger inside of her soft pussy. I could not believe how tight it was.

As I fingered her and licked her clit she started to cum.

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I knew she was ready at this point. "Is it going to hurt", she asked? "Probably a little at first", I replied. I took a condom from my wallet and slipped it on. I was now ready. At first I just rubbed my dick on her little pussy, just letting the head of it push her lips open.

That maid her moan loudly. I pushed my cock into her nice and slow.

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I got it a little past the head when she started to whimper. "Oh my god", she yelled. I knew it was now or never so with a solid stroke I shoved it all the way in. She dug her nails deep into my back and pulled me hard against her chest where she bit down on my shoulder. After she loosened her grip, I started pumping a little bit.


At first she kept a solid dig into my back, she even drew blood; however at this point it felt great. Her soft body pressed up against mine. I ran my cock in an out slowly trying to give her as much pleasure as she was giving me. I wish I could say that this was one of those XXX sex scenes were I went on for hours, but her pussy was so tight and she looked so good under me I came rather quickly.

I didn't pull out right away instead I went soft inside her as I kissed her soft lips. I didn't want it to end. I finally figured I better be getting out of there. I grabbed my clothes and slipped of into the bathroom. I cleaned up and flushed the condom.

As I was getting dressed I realized that I had grabbed her panties with the rest of my stuff. I shouldn't have but I kept them for a souvenir. When I stepped out of the bathroom she was coming out of the guest bathroom, wearing only her skirt. I grabbed her and with one last kiss left her there.

Of course I made value on her home and made it look as good as possible. I have never saw her again not that I expected to.

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It is just one of those awesome things that one takes advantage of when they get the opportunity.