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Hot Desi Teen Meenakshi In The Best Sex Video
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I rushed through traffic on my bike. I was supposed to meet Keating at his house on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan an hour ago. He called me while on a ride and said he just got some new music and it was supposed to be killer.


Plus it was Christmas break so we had nothing else to do. Just a block away, my phone kept on ringing. I'm nearly there.

I locked my bike inside the gate of his brownstone and went to his back yard where I could see him playing guitar in his bedroom. I rapped on the window to get his attention. He smiled and rushed out to open the screen door. "Nice ass man." He grinned at my cycling skin-suit I was still wearing. "Yeah you caught me at a bad time." We laughed a bit and headed to his room.

Inside music was blaring. He must have been trying to play some of the new songs. I sat down on his bed while he picked up his guitar again. "Is your mom here?" "Nah she's out" "Cool." I eyed Keating eying me. The tight bulge of my skin-suit seemed to be an attraction to him but I could have just been fooling myself. I didn't usually flaunt my sexy cycling outfits around friends. "Any chance I could borrow some clothes?" I really hated the skin-suits. "Yeah, sure. I'll grab a pair of jeans from the wash and you can get a shirt out of my closet.

He headed out of the room. I began to look through his collection of t-shirts, finding a slightly faded-red one that looked good. I thought to myself about how much I liked him. I didn't think I was gay, but just wanted to experiment.

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So I unzipped my skin-suit and brought it down to just above my hips, showing a little bit of pubic hair, the slim lower-back just before my ass, and my thin sex-v. I sort of held the shirt in my hands, waiting to slowly throw it on as he came back through the door. A few seconds later he did just that and I made him notice my slim figure as I slid the shirt over my head, flexing my pubic bone outwards. It worked.

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He was definitely eying me up. Now I just had to tease him some more. "Here's some jeans and briefs. You can keep those." He laughed at that and I smiled at him, taking the clothes from his hands.

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At this point, I really wanted to make him blush so I slid my skin-suit off, becoming completely naked below the torso, bending over to untwist them from my feet, exposing my ass and balls to Keating. I couldn't see him but hoped he was getting red. He sat down on the bed with his guitar and started playing, though not as well as before. I edged over to the bed where I had laid the black briefs down, exposing my cock to him. He stopped playing guitar and moved his gaze towards me. I slid on his tight underwear and then sat on the bed next to him, curling up my legs.

"So what band did you get? They sound good." This broke his trance and he went up to his CD-player and pressed the resume button.

"You've probably heard of them. it's the new Coldwar Kids album." He sat back down next to me, his guitar brushing the side of my smooth, exposed legs. I could tell he was getting hot because I was only in briefs. "Dude, have you done pot? I got a little from a guy at school. Maybe we could try it. My mom wont be home all day." "Sure, why not." I didn't really care because this could be my in with him. Keating got up and dug through his backpack for a wrinkled piece of paper. He pulled a match from the top drawer of his desk and lit it.

"Here, take a puff." He held it out to me and I took it, making my cheekbones slim as I puffed on the piece of paper. "That's crazy." After a few drags each, we just sort of laid back against his bed-frame and looked out.

The joint was almost spent when everything right in the world happened to me. Keating rolled over, slightly dazed and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "I want you." His hand slid up to the briefs I was wearing and rolled over my hard cock. Keating started to lick my face and tickle my crotch.

"Take your shirt off." He hadn't even finished the command when already my shirt was being lifted over the shoulders by Keating. Afterwards, he blindly hugged me and laid his head on my chest. His hand was throttling my dick, going below the cotton briefs. I was paralyzed with energy rushing through my body, making me arch my back and moan. "Keating, just do me" I gasped.

His hand against my penis felt so good, so warm. I wanted him inside me.

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Keating began to pull the briefs down until I was entirely naked. He put his mouth over the tip of my cock and rubbed his tongue around the edge of my circumcised tip. Then he began to deep-throat me, taking it all in one massive mouthful, all five inches of barely post-pubesant cock.

For a moment, he left his mouth steady and twirled his tongue up and down my shaft. I was spasming and twitching, all his for the taking. I could hardly move.

Then Keating started to force my cock down his throat, putting all his force into my pleasure. For countless strokes he swallowed away until I began to moan so loud that his gaze was forced upon my sweating, panting face. I came, shooting into the back of his throat my years of pent-up orgasmic cum. Having someone do the pleasuring was definitely better than the jerk-off in the shower or wanking in bed. After I came, Keating kept going until my penis went limp and shriveled up, hardly able to keep the dangling thing steady between strokes.

But he kept licking my smooth crotch and balls, cleanly shaved for cycling. I regained control of my breathing, and propped myself up on his bed. Now it was my turn. I pushed Keating's head back against the bed, removing him from the position above my penis. Then as he lay down, I started to suck on the bulge erupting from his jeans, soaking them with saliva, feeling the beat of his dick in my mouth.

I unzipped the jeans and his clean-cut cock came right out to meet me. My mouth was over it in an instant. Keating's pubic plume rubbed against my nose, blonde like his hair. I swallowed his entire cock again and again.


He was blessed. His cock nearly penetrated the entrance to my throat, which I only assumed was an extreme pleasure because every time the tip of his dick met the smooth, almost rubbery part of my throat, he thrust his pelvic bone outwards and shouted out a loud moan. It wasn't long before his rhythmic pulsing of the hips got so fast that he shot cum right into the upper wall of my mouth. The taste was alright, but the texture horrible. I coughed up dick and cum, splattering all over his jeans.

Keating jumped out of bed, scrambling to save his jeans. He ran out of the room, presumably heading for the wash. I lay on his bed, naked, feeling like a sick pervert.

Tears started to form in my eyes. What have I done. I couldn't feel anything but shame and self-hatred for probably destroying a great friendship and freaking my friend out. But then I felt a hand slide up my back, and then an unclothed hip slide over my back-side, followed by Keating's bare chest and penis rubbing against me. He lowered his lips to my ear, practically kissing it.

"I love you Peter." In that instant, I flipped myself over. Keating got up, standing on his knees. My hands went to his shoulder blades and I leaned against his back until he was down on his hands and knees, naked and exposed in front of me.

I rubbed saliva all over my cock, feeling it grow hard as i massaged the tip and ran my hand up an down the shaft. Keating reached back and tugged on it too, prepping me for the ultimate form of intimacy between a boy and his boy. Primed, I positioned my cock in front of his slim and muscular ass. Then, I thrust forward, only slightly breaking the barrier of his body.

Keating tensed up and nearly screamed out. I started to pull back, preparing another thrust. This time, I made more ground going forward, pushing my cock nearly to its limits. Keating moaned and shouted out in a horrible srcream of pleasure and pain. I had found my rhythm. I started to go in and out, swiftly, steadily.

I kept glancing down, watching my cock slide out of his ass, nearly to the bulb of my dick before going all the way down until I started to wince from the abrupt pressure on my testicles.

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We went away like this for a long time before finally I was going to fast against his back-side that I started to orgasm and went rigid. My cum flew out into his rectum, slithering around my dick and warming my body. Keating started to lie down on his chest and I followed, leaving myself inside of him. I never wanted to leave. As his hips moved backwards, his ass tightened around my stiff cock so I pressed myself further down against his body. I reached around and found his penis and jacked him off, slowly, more just wanting to have his hard dick in my hands to hold.

Keating reached over and pulled the covers over our naked bodies. I planted my face in his soft blonde hair and we let out deep breathes, exhausted from all the pleasure. My eyelids fell heavy and before I knew it, I was asleep.

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