Busty shemale and bald guy anal fucking on the couch

Busty shemale and bald guy anal fucking on the couch
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WIFES Class Reunion My wife's 20 year class reunion was coming up and I really didn't want to go. I had lucked out the previous year, and didn't have to go to her 10 year reunion because I had a work engagement I couldn't get out of. My wife Andie is an attractive 38 year old Italian girl with a round ass and large firm tits. She has big soft lips and long brown hair. She looks better than most 30 something's. She is from a small town and the reunion was being held at a mid size ranch that one of her fellow students inherited.

We drove out to the ranch and there were about 50 plus people there already, with a few more showing up as the night went on. Being from a small town most of her classmates were white, but there was four black guys, two Samoans/Tongans, and about ten Mexicans/Hispanics, four of them male. Quite a diverse group for a class of less than one hundred. It was a typical outdoor summer party with a BBQ and campfire going, they had a DJ and a makeshift dance floor as well.

People were scattered around the large backyard area, and some were hanging out by the barn. Around 9:30 some guys approached me and asked me to join them for a beer run, I saw Andie and asked her if she would mind, and she gave me the go ahead.

So me and four other guys jumped in crew cab and headed to town. We got to town and realized most of the stores were closed, so we headed down the highway to the nearest town that had a gas station/liquor store in it.

When we got back to the party 45 minutes later, it seemed a lot of people had dispersed to different parts of the ranch, although there were still quite a few dancing.

The guys I made the beer run with headed to the dance floor and hooked up with their wives. Andie was no where to be seen, so I started wandering around the perimeter of the property. I finally wandered into the large barn, but it was fairly dark. I heard some faint voices coming from the loft area. I climbed a ladder, when I got to the loft floor I could see a large open area down at the other end that was lit with a single bare bulb.

I was a good fifty yards away from them, and my end was fairly dark. My wife was sitting on a hay bale, her top was slightly unbuttoned, and I could see her cleavage from where I was. There were two black guys sitting across from her on a wood bench. One was tall and athletic and well built, the other was short and extremely fat. I stayed on the ladder and just kept my head up enough to se and hear what they were doing. The guys were telling her how hot she still looked, and that they should take a trip down memory lane.

She seemed concerned that I might show up, but they assured her I was in town on a fruitless beer run. After a couple more minutes of small talk the one athletic guy got off the bench and sat down next to Andie and started rubbing her back. They continued with their compliments and small talk until the athlete turned her face towards him and started kissing her.

She wantonly responded like a bitch in heat and within less than a minute he had his hand inside her shirt playing with her boob.

He pulled his hand out and finished unbuttoning her shirt, then unsnapped her bra with one hand, the bra release was in the front and her large tits immediately spilled out into the cool night air for his friend to see. Her nipples looked like bullets, and she was already groaning as he started to pull and twist her nipples.

His fat friend jumped up and sat on her other side and took over playing with her tits. The athletic guy put his hand between her legs and was rubbing her pussy on the outside of her jeans. This was progressing so quickly, I decided it I was going to put the brakes on it, I should do it soon! Instead, I was frozen to the ladder, like a deer in headlights, hanging on with one hand while I grabbed my own dick with the other. I had to see how far she would go, but I also knew it would be impossible to stop.

The athletic guy undid her jeans and she wiggled her ass to help pull them off. He practically ripped her panties off, and I knew she would be getting fucked very soon. She was such a slutty sight, sitting on a bale of hay with her shirt open, her bra barely hanging on, her big white tits were being mauled by two black guys ,and she was totally nude from the waist down.

As I watched this scene, I was rubbing myselfand I came in my pants! The main guy turned her sideways, and pushed her down on her back, so her head was almost hanging off the end of the bale. He took off his shirt and put it under her back, then he quickly pulled down his pants and a large, hard, black cock sprang up. Even from my distance I could tell it was huge!

He grabbed it and stroked it a couple of times and then unceremoniously, pushed it right into Andie! She let out a gasp that I had never heard. His cock was only halfway in on the first pump, but soon he proceeded to piston his cock in and out like it was the last pussy on earth.

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His friend started to undress and a large fat limp cock popped out below his big gut. He played with her tits, and told her that she was going to get the fucking of a lifetime, while the athletic guy continued to fuck her with a fury. After about ten minutes of pounding my wife's pussy, athletic guy pulled out and quickly shoved his cock in Andie's mouth.

He pumped it and it looked like he was shooting his cum down her throat. I could see she was gagging on his cock as she used her hands to try and push him back. He pulled it out of her mouth and spewed cum on her face. Athletic guy told his friend to "go ahead and give it to her good". The fat guy had been stroking his cock while athletic guy came on her face. I could hear Andie protest, she didn't want to be fucked by the fat guy, but the fat guy climbed between her legs and shoved his thick cock in her anyway.


As fat guy was happily pounding away, I saw some more guys coming up from the other end. Athletic guy was telling them to come on up and check it out. Apparently there was a set of stairs on that end of the loft. While Andie was getting slammed by the fat black guy, she turned her head to see another black guy, the two Samoans and three of the Mexicans, she started to complain, and told athletic guy to "get these guys out of here".

Athletic guy laughed and said that she was the unofficial entertainment for the reunion.

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The new guys also told her that no one had seen her husband for the last hour, and that maybe he was off getting laid! The guys all high fived each other as they stripped down to their shorts to wait for their turn on my wife. Andie continued to put up a fight and a lot of resistance, as fat guy was fucking her.

One of the Mexican guys came over with some heavy rope, and they tied her hands together and ran the rope under the hay bale. She was now helpless. The fat guy pumped her some more and then abruptly pulled out and jacked his cock off above her face. The guys laughed and made crude remarks, calling her a cum loving slut.

Andie tried to turn her face away as the fat guy shot his cum on her face. After the fat guy had quit fucking her, two guys grabbed her legs and held them apart, because she was starting to try and kick and squirm her way off the bale. A couple of guys had their cell phones out and were obviously videoing what was going on. The largest Samoan was next, actually, both Samoans were huge guys.

But the bigger of the two, pulled his shorts down and everyone let out a "Oh My God"! Even from my end of the barn it looked like he had the cock of a horse! It was so long, and so thick, and so dark, I wasn't even sure it could be real! He lifted it up with his one hand and waved it around like it was a giant summer sausage. It was the biggest cock I've ever seen, anywhere.

Even in porno's! As he climbed up on the bale, Andie got just a glimpse of the massive dark log, and frantically started jerking her body and screaming.

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Athletic guy quickly stuck a rag in her mouth, and the guys held her tight as Samoan guy pushed his head into her opening. She screamed through her mouth rag as the guys lifted her legs up higher and pulled them farther apart. Samoan man pushed his cock all the way in, and the guys all let out a cheer.

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I could only imagine what it looked like up close, with her pussy being impaled on that horse cock. He fucked her furiously for about ten or fifteen minutes, although it seemed like forever. He finally pulled out and went up to her face, pulled the rag out of her mouth and started slapping her face with his giant wet cock. He demanded that she lick it and kiss it, and tell him how much she loves it. She was blabbering something as he continued to rub his cock across her face, but I couldn't understand from my distance.

It looked like she finally relented and was opening her mouth and trying to fit his massive cockhead in her mouth. He called her a good fucking whore, and told her to beg for his cum! She licked his giant shaft while mumbling something, which I assume was what he wanted. As he stroked his cock and she licked it, one of the Mexicans had already started to fuck her, and it looked like she was going to get fucked by everyone there.

Finally, Samoan mans cock started shooting cum, and even from where I was it looked like someone was squirting a bucket of milk on her face.


The guys were in awe as he stroked his cock and coated her face with his slime. He shot cum for well over a minute, her face was drenched in cum! The Mexican fucking her was calling her names in Spanish, which I could only imagine.

She told me she never did date any Mexicans in High School, so maybe this was their revenge.

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After the first Mexican pulled out and shot his load on her tits, ( I guess her face was too messy for him) the next one climbed on and humped away. As the second Mexican was just getting ready to cum, a older lady came up from the stairs and said "What the hell is going on here?" Everyone looked at her like it was no big deal, until she told everyone to get out of the barn before she called the Sheriff.

The guys all grabbed their clothes and got dressed in record time and high tailed it down the stairs. My wife picked herself up, wiped the cum off her face and put her clothes back on. Ten minutes later I ran into her down by the bar. I asked where she had been, and she said she was out in the barn with Sandi, because Sandi wanted to show her, her new show horse.

I thought, yeah you kinda saw a horse all right.