Cute gay boys with ants in the pants fuck outdoors

Cute gay boys with ants in the pants fuck outdoors
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  It was late and I was tired. Spending the day stacking bales of hay and mowing lawns tends to tire a girl, but that's me I'm a ranch girl. I do labor and my parents pay me money under the table. It isn't as bad as you think, but it is certainly not as good as my best friend, Dustin, whose night has just started.

Staying the night at her house is like working a 24 hour shift. You see she goes to a private school, so when she gets home at night she is ready to party and stay up until the sun does the same. Fortunately for me, Dustin had a lot of homework that night which meant I might actually get some sleep. So I took out my contacts and lay down.

She soon came in to say goodnight, but I knew it would be hours before she actually came to bed. I am not a heavy sleeper and Dustin tends to make a lot of noise, but tonight it was fairly quiet and I fell asleep right away with dreams of the beach filling my mind. When I woke up it was black outside, Dustin was sitting next to me, and had her wet fingers on my lips. I slowly looked up and parted my lips to say something, but as soon as I opened my mouth she violently shoved her fingers inside.

She pulled them out almost all the way and shoved them back in again. Each time she did a little bit more of that sweet juice would come off her fingertips, I couldn't breathe for how hard she was throat fucking me, but the sweet aroma was so enticing I couldn't stop her.

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She wiggled her finger around in my mouth and then pulled them out dripping with a mix of cum and saliva. She rubbed her hand all over my face then into my hair where she grabbed a fistful and pulled me close to her.

"Come here you little slut." Dustin whispered. Not wanting to wake anyone I let her lead me down the hallway, out of the house, and into the building next door. I heard the door shut and being locked then faster than lightning she had me in handcuffs. Kicking the back of my knee I stumbled back where she caught me and laid me on my back. Clip-k! I knew that sound anywhere, my body became a board. She opened her blade and ran the smooth side over my exposed neck. "You don't want to get hurt now, do you?" she inquired.

"N… no…" I said quivering and shaking in fear.


"Do not move and I will not cut you, slave" she said as she pushed the blade harder against my skin. Lifting my shirt she cut it off and ran the knife all over my stomach, then in a flash she had me in just my panties.

With one more swift motion I was completely exposed in front of her. I had no control, and was scared. She put the knife on my pussy twisting it gently. "Oh is my little slut scared?" she said mockingly. I jumped at the touch of the hard twist and just a few drops of pee escaped. "You are scared aren't you?" she said sweetly. "Good. I want you to fear me. Do you need to piss?" she asked demandingly. She pulled me up and walked me to the grass. "Ok slut, you may piss." She announced.

Normally I would have fought but I had to go so bad and I was already embarrassed that I spread my legs and let the yellow liquid spew. She held something between my legs as I pissed but I could not tell what it was. As soon as I was done she shoved me face first into the soft mud and placed a round object in my mouth. It tasted nasty and I began to scream.

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"What you don't like the taste of you own piss?" She said as she secured the piss covered ball into my mouth. "Suck on it bitch!" She yelled. I shook my head no and she slapped me across the face. "From now on you do what I say when I say it and you will address me as Mistress.

You are no longer a human, you are a slave." She barked.

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"Dirty little cunt. Who is going to clean you up?" she asked. I was covered in piss and mud. Thorley humiliated I looked up at her with pleading eyes, and whimpered motioning my head toward her. "You want me to clean you?!" she once again inquired. "Come here slut!" She demanded. I stood in front of her and let her put the rope around my feet. Since I didn't have my contacts in I couldn't see clearly, everything was just blobs of color. She tied one foot and then other. After this she attached my cuffs to a cable and simultaneously she ripped me off my feet and left me suspended in the air.

My legs were spread, and my pussy was exposed.

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She spit on me a few times then walked off locking the door behind her. An hour later she was back and it looked like she had a hose in her hand but before I could beg her not to she sprayed the winter cold water all over my bare skin.

I shivered and coughed through the abrupt sprays to the face. Finally it stopped. I was relieved; I heard footsteps and figured she had gone to put the hose up. All the sudden I felt nine whips come over my back at once.

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She hit me again and again until my ass was pink and perfect… just the way she liked it. "Now you look presentable." a cold voice said from behind. "Oh except that pussy." "Let's clean you up slut." She said as she slid one finger into my tight whole.

Soon I felt a cold chill come up my spine as I felt the nozzle on the water hose put up to my pussy.

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I screamed and with all my might fought against my restraints as she pushed the water hose in me as far as it would go. Still screaming I felt the hose come on and begin to fill me.

She had intentionally turned it on very low so I would feel every drop of icy water fill me until I burst. Dustin grabbed my hips and rocked me back and forth on the hose.

It hurt but felt amazing at the same time. All the sudden she shoved something into my ass. I cried out. She continued to rock my hips against the steady flow of the water. By this time my pussy was full, and my body was shaking.

She continued then swiftly struck me on the ass. "Cum for me slave!" She demanded. I pushed with all my might and I guess I came hard because when I woke up she had untied me and dried me off. I was lying on my back and she was straddling my stomach. "So do you want to be my little cum slut, farm girl?"She inquired. "If it means that you can make me do that, I will do whatever you want." I replied.

"Those are dangerous words to say to me." She replied reaching for the candle. She rolled me over and poured the hot wax on my back forming a heart with a D in the middle of it. Then she leaned down and whispered, "If you ever want to see this side again, you will be on my floor with your tits touching the ground and your ass in the air, ready to eat my pussy when I wake up." Then she vanished, the room became completely dark.

I sat up and reached out to feel what was next to me. It was Dustin. I was back in her bed. Not sure if I had had a dream or if I was given a chance at something I never knew existed, I decided I wanted to risk it. I got down on her floor and did exactly as she said.

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It was several hours before Dustin woke up, but when she did the look on her face told me which side I belonged to. <3 D Reply, Reply All or Forward | More    