Three slutty babes turn a house party into an orgy

Three slutty babes turn a house party into an orgy
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I would love to have you in there with me, standing just in front of me, my back to the water, its spray gently crashing over my back and dripping down my chest and abs.

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I grab you tightly around the waist, and pull you in tight with me. Feeling the warmth of the water finally hit your sexy body, and the warmth of my cock, pressing between your legs, just touching the outside of your most beautiful pussy.

We hold each other close for what seems like an eternity. Just feeling the water, feeling the warmth, feeling the friction building between our legs. My cock has slid now perfectly between your legs, and your slit is now gliding over top. You feel how amazing my cock is beneath your pussy, you start to rock back and forth, moving up it's length.

You can feel me flex my cock, almost trying to push inside of you. You grind your clit hard against the top of my cock just as I lean into kiss you.


I grab you by the back of the head and spin you into the shower stream, The water falls down our bodies, everything so wet and steamy. Your hands reach around my back and grab my ass, as you pull yourself even closer to me. We kiss hard, your tongue fighting mine, a passion that can't be controlled. I push you back for a second to take a breath, and you look me right in the eyes with those beautiful seductive eyes.

Just looking like you want to devour me. "Fuck Me" you whisper into my ear. I take charge and grab my hand around your waist, and spin you again, so your back is against the shower wall. I kiss you hard and put both hands under your tight perfect ass, and lift you up, as you put your legs around me, my arms still under your legs so I still have control of your weight.

I hold you high, my cock straight up, pointing directly where you want it. You look down at me, into my eyes, your hair wet and flowing under the water, your pussy, just as wet from anticipation, and start to wimper, almost begging for it.

You can feel me lowering you, bringing you down inch by inch. just feeling the tip of my hardness press gently on your slit, finding its place where it belongs. Gently teasing you, until, mmm there it is, the perfect spot where you can feel the tip of my long hard cock, start to enter the tightness of your wet little pussy. Then without warning I drop you slightly, impaling you onto my cock, taking about half in one go.

"OHHHHH FUCCCKKK" you moan, as I lift you again, just keeping my tip inside, slowly just fucking you with my head. "FUCK ME" you scream, as I continue to tease you with my slow shallow strokes.

&hellip. Sliding my cock in and out, my short gentle strokes start to get faster, continuing to tease you with just the head of my massive swollen cock. Your pussy is just tingling as you feel my just slide inside, wanting so so much more.

My arms lift you again, and you almost let out a small cry as my cock fully comes out of your waiting hole "Why did you stooooopppp" You barely get out as I drop you again, this time, all the way, your tight pussy surrounding my entire length, sliding down all nine inches in one quick thrust.

You can feel me deep inside you, feeling my cock throb as it pushes deeper into you.

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I finally let my arms go from under your legs, and allow you to fully wrap your legs around my hips. Your arms go around my neck, and you lean in to kiss me.

Our lips meet again like it was the very first time, so passionate, so lustful. The kiss turns me on so much more than I already am, and I start to increase my strokes, pumping into your tight pussy harder and faster. You scream for me to give it to you, and I wasn't about to complain. I grab my hands under your ass, and start to lift you up again. you give me a look, like, you're about to kill me if I stop, but in a screaming moan of satisfaction, realize that I was just lifting you, so I could drop you back down again, using your and perfect ass as handles, I lift you up and down on my cock.

Every inch now pounding deep inside your magnificently tight pussy. My legs are starting to tire, as my fucking becomes more intense.

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The water, still cascading down across our naked bodies, makes it hard for me to keep holding you. I tell you to hold on, and quickly lift you off my cock, and get you back on your feet. But before I could do anything else, you were already moving back in, hand grabbing my cock and slowly jacking me off as you get down on your knees. The water is coming down off my chest, over my rock hard abs, and down along my cock, you put your tongue out and lick a droplet of water of the tip of my cock, just before taking my cock head into your mouth.

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"MMMM" I groan, as I feel how perfectly you work my cock. Gently massaging my balls, and lower, you keep trying to take more and more of my cock into your throat.

You suck my cock with such passion, such want. like its the only thing in your world. Looking up at me with Bambi eyes, so innocent, yet so fucking sexy.

You can feel my cock start to throb, and my balls tighten and you know I'm about to cum. You open your mouth and stick your tongue out, placing the tip right on it. and start to jack me off like mad. Licking the tip, sliding my foreskin up and down, "OH FUCK" I moan again.

I know it's about time, and as much as you want to please me, take me, show me how much you love my cock by sucking me dry. But I don't give you that pleasure yet. No. Not yet. First I must make you cum. So I reach down with my hand and grab you hard by your wet hair, and pull you up almost violently away from my cock. I pull you up, and spin you around and push you face first against the shower wall, my one hand goes down and starts to massage your clit, and my other hand cups your tit, pulling your perfect nipples.

I push my body into yours, and line my cock back up at your perfect pussy. Entering you from behind, you can feel how deep my cock can really go.


You scream in pleasure as I keep pushing into you deeper and deeper. The water crashing down over your back, inbetween our bodies, slapping around as my hips bang into your ass.


I spin you off the wall, your face away from the water, and push you over at the hips, so you're now basically holding your ankles as I keep fucking you from behind. One hand still on your clit, and my other hand slowly now starting to tease your tight little asshole.

Gently so gently I rub my finger around and around, causing you to squirm and tighten your pussy around my cock. God it feels good.

Can you feel my cock throb inside you. How full it makes you feel. I can feel your pussy squeeze me, wanting to suck the cum out of my balls.

I start to fuck you faster and faster, that familiar feeling in my balls starting to rise again, my hand rubbing your clit faster and faster, my other as gently as ever still toying your tight little ass. Your body begins to shake, your pussy begins to tighten around my cock even more. You can feel my cock throb, you can feel my start to push harder, feel me filling you up. We both cum at the same time, you screaming in such pleasure. Feeling me shoot deep inside you, still fucking harder and harder, the pressure on your clit intensifies, and you feel just the tip of my finger enter your ass, sending you into the most crazy orgasm of your life, your pussy clamps down hard on my cock.

You want more, almost sucking the cum clean out of my cock, you start pushing back onto me, trying to get as much cock into you, just enjoying the massive orgasm your body is having.

Your body pushes back, the water crashes down, pussy so tight, my hand still on your clit, finger in your ass, you push back and back until you finally stop shaking.

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I can't tell if its the water from the shower, or if I was just flooded by your pussy juice, but regardless, it was clearly the best fuck we've both had in a while .