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Monica got up and made some coffee before starting the laundry. She had a couple of big loads to do so it would take the better part of the morning. She thought about asking her stepdaughter Kara to help her but she was still asleep so why wake her.

She was studying for her midterms at the college so she was probably up late studying.

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Once Monica finished her coffee and got one load of laundry and took it out to the garage. She put it in the washer and started it going.

She thought about going up and changing but what for? No one was going to see her and besides, she had a top on and she was wearing her cotton bikini panties. She didn't have anything to hide really. Monica is still young at 35 and she keeps herself in shape. She has nice full breasts and long sexy legs.

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As she waited for the wash, she thought about how long it has been since she's had sex. Too damn long as far as she is concerned. Her husband used to not be able to get enough of her, now it seems as though she's lucky if she gets laid once a week and then it's nothing special.

When her husband isn't on the road on a business trip, he's out playing golf with his buddies. Even when they do have sex it's not that great. He gets himself off and then rolls over and goes to sleep, not seeming to care if Monica has cum yet. Monica either has to get herself off or she goes without. It's gotten to the point where she gets up and goes into the guest bedroom and uses a dildo on herself just so she can cum.

As she was thinking Monica leaned against the washer when it went to the rinse cycle. It started humming and vibrating making Monica think. The washer was old and it had all kinds of gyrations although she had never paid that much attention to it until now. It was like a giant vibrator. As she watched the washer shaking and vibrating she couldn't help wondering what that would feel like against her pussy.

She watched as the machine started vibrating from side to side, humming and making noise. She put her hand on it feeling the vibrations coming from the washer. She smiled as she felt the thing sending strong vibrations through her fingers, wondering what that would feel like against her pussy.

On a whim, she decided why not give it a try, what did she have to lose? Monica walked back into the kitchen and looked to make sure her stepdaughter Kara wasn't up and around. Thinking it was safe, Monica went back out to the garage and stopped the rinse cycle. Then she turned the knob back to rinse starting the process all over again. This time though she was pressing her crotch into the corner of the washer to get the full effect.

It buzzed and then started the rinse cycle all over again. At first, it wasn't that much, then as it went on Monica started feeling the vibrations against her pussy. She gasped as the vibrations became stronger. She moved to try and find just the right spot for maximum effect.

Monica smiled when she found just the right stop as the washer began vibrating even harder as she continued through the rinse cycle. Damn it feel amazing, the machine vibrating against her pussy, the sensations coursing through her pussy. Monica was becoming hotter and hotter not to mention wetter as well. The washer started vibrating even stronger, even moving from side to side as it continued through the rinse cycle. It was an incredible sensation as the corner of the machine began running her pussy and clit as Monica closed her eyes and started cooing and moaning.

She had both hands on the side of the washer, holding on for dear life as she ground her pussy against the washer in rhythm with its movement. She took her hands away quickly and pulled her panties down, so she could press her bare pussy against the washer.

Her eyes were closed as she gasped and squealed, erotic sensations like she'd never experienced before coursed through her body. It was better than any vibrator or dildo she had in her dresser drawer and it was much more intense. Monica was lost in her masturbation ecstasy and didn't even notice that her stepdaughter Kara had opened the door to the garage looking for her.

When Kara saw her stepmom, grinding her pussy into the washer she didn't know what to think. She was aghast at what she saw, yet it turned her on to see her stepmother masturbating. Kara was becoming aroused just watching her stepmom. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was tingling as she watched.

Kara reached down and cupped her pussy in her hand, squeezing it as she watched. Kara is into women anyway, so watching her stepmom masturbating is as much of a turn on as anything. She hadn't shared her sexuality with her stepmom for fear that she would be disgusted with but seeing her masturbating like this, Kara couldn't turn away.

She slipped her hand down the front of her panties and started moving her hand up and down, her middle finger sliding between her already wet pussy lips.

The more aroused Monica became, the more aroused Kara became. She soon had her finger deep in her pussy followed by a second as she watched her stepmom. Suddenly Monica gasped and started cumming, pressing her pussy hard against the washer. When she finished she looked up seeing Kara standing there.

"Kara, how long have you been watching me?" "I'm sorry Monica, I came out here looking for you. When I saw you and saw what you were doing I couldn't help but watch. It was such a turn on I couldn't look away.

I'm so sorry, please don't hate me!" "I don't hate you, Hon, I'm the one that feels like I should be ashamed. It's just that I'm so damn horny that I couldn't help myself.

Your father is either gone on business all the time or if he's not doing that, he's out playing golf with his buddies." "I'm so sorry that he's not here for you mom.I don't blame you at all for taking care of yourself. I have to say that's really an ingenious toy you've come up with.

I wouldn't mind trying it out myself." "Yes, well I notice you have a pretty good start on things. Still, I don't want to, well you know, I don't think this is something a stepmother and a stepdaughter should be doing together." "Why not, it's obvious that we both enjoy masturbation, why not enjoy it together? I don't see anything wrong with it, it's not like we're hurting anyone and I think it would be fun for us to connect in that way." "Kara, shame on you, you naughty girl, that's really sort of perverted don't you think?" "No, not really.

I mean, you and I get along so well, we care for one another so why not take it to the next level. I mean I can't force you to do it but you're so beautiful and you have such a beautiful body, I don't see what's so bad about it." Monica looked at her stepdaughter, her hand still down the front of her panties, her fingers moving as she was still masturbating even though she wasn't trying to be too obvious.

As she looked at Kara, she had to admit she is a beautiful young woman. Her breasts were full like hers and her nipples were obviously hard as they pushed against the fabric of her thin top. Monica sighed saying, "Let me think about this.

Let's go eat breakfast and we can talk. I still have another load to do after I put this load in the dryer." Once Monica started the dryer they went in and Monica made her and Kara breakfast. Once they finished eating they sat drinking their coffee. Kara could see Monica was not talking about what had just occurred and asked her, "So, are we going to talk like you said or are we just going to sit here and say nothing?" "It's a difficult topic to talk about Kara, it's not something mothers and daughters talk about.

I have to wrap my head around this you know?" "Look, Dad isn't giving you what you want right? That means he more interested in work than in you and that sucks, plus he cares more about going out and having fun with his buddies than being with you.


It's the same old story with him. He's unattentive sexually and he doesn't care if you get off or not.am I right?" "Yes, but how do you know all this Kara?" "Because it's the same thing he did to my biological mother.

I grew up watching him do the same thing to her as he's doing to you. I thought he might be different with you since you are so beautiful but obviously not. He's a jerk, he only cares about himself. He's a typical man, they only care about getting themselves off and to hell with the wife or girlfriend." "Goodness, I take it your mom told you about your father and his lack of attention?" "She had to have someone to talk to.

She was not what you would call a social person, she kept to herself, that was her personality. She was really pretty shy." "I see, I take it then you know all about your father. I notice you seem to have a problem with men in general. I was wondering why you don't date, is that because you're not into boys?" "I tried dating, really I did. It's just that guys only want one thing and they get mad when you don't give it up.

Not to mention that they are rough and gross. You'll probably find out soon enough, I'm surprised he hasn't told you. I prefer girls, I just feel more comfortable with them. So, now you can find me disgusting as he does." "Kara, you aren't disgusting, not at all. I don't care what your sexual preference is. Just so you know, when I was in college I had a female lover my senior year. I'm bisexual, so we are pretty much alike. I married your father because I love him and because I love a nice hard cock but if he's not going to give me what I want then I have to.well you know." "Really, I had no idea that you were bisexual.

That is so cool, now at least I have someone I can talk with. I'm not too experienced with women you know. It's not like I can advertise something like that, which makes it hard to meet someone. I wish I had someone to teach me things you know?" "Uh huh, well it's time I got get the stuff out of the dryer.

I know I don't have to say this but please don't breathe a word to your father that I told you I was bi.he would have a fit I'm sure, not to mention he'd probably want me to have a threesome or something.

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Now, you want to help me, Kara?" "Yes, and I won't mention a thing to Dad. Now as for helping you, I will if you masturbate with me when we're done." "I don't know Hon, I'm still having trouble with the idea of you and I doing that." "Come on, it's just you and me, no one is going to know.

I'm certainly not going to tell anyone.please?" "I understand what you're saying Kara but this is something I have to think about, I'm not comfortable with doing something like that with my stepdaughter. I just can't say sure, let's go do this. I have to think about this alright?" "Oh, alright, as long as you promise to keep an open mind.

It's just not about masturbating together, it's about you being bisexual and my struggling with my sexuality." "I totally understand Kara, just give me some time to wrap my brain around this. Now I've got to finish my laundry and get some other things done. I love you and we will talk about this later." Monica had to admit, the idea of masturbating with her stepdaughter is not only a turn on but she wants to help her with her sexual identity issues as well.

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That night when Monica's husband came home he seemed in a good mood. She had made a nice dinner and hoped that he would be open to having sex. Thinking about masturbating with Kara had really made her horny.

Later when they went to bed, Monica initiated sex as usual and as usual, her husband Tom made love to her. Like always he had his orgasm and then rolled over and went to sleep leaving Monica to fend for herself as usual. She went into the guest bedroom where she kept her dildo and proceeded to get herself off.

This time though, she thought about her masturbation session that morning and finding Kara watching her, masturbating herself. The more she thought about it, the more aroused she became. She thought about how Kara had her hand down her panties, fingering her pussy as she watched her masturbate. It didn't help that Kara was such a beautiful young woman and had a passion for other women adding to Monica's arousal.

She couldn't help trying to imagine what Kara looked like naked as she worked the dildo deep inside her pussy. Soon she was cumming harder than she had in a long time, just thinking about Kara watching her and masturbating. The more she thought about it, the more Monica was starting to weaken and lean toward doing something with her stepdaughter. Still, she couldn't bring herself to do it, at least not yet.

The next evening it was the same scenario, her husband getting off and Monica having to take care of herself to get off. Once again her thoughts turned to Kara and the idea of masturbating with her.

The straw that finally broke the camels back so to speak was when her husband Tom asked her if all she thought about was sex when she tried to initiate sex for the third night in a row. Monica was furious telling her husband that just once she'd like him to wait until she had an orgasm rather than just turn over and go to sleep after he had his orgasm. He looked at her and laughed, "You really are oversexed, you should see a doctor or something about that. I don't know what your problem is, everything seems good to me." "You aren't the one that's not getting off you selfish bastard.

Is that all you think about is yourself and to hell with me?" "Oh geez Monica, don't be so melodramatic. Just go to sleep and get over it." As far as Monica was concerned that was it.

She was through trying to make their marriage happy when her husband won't even try to help her achieve orgasm. She knew right then and there that if she was going to get off it was probably going to be with her stepdaughter Kara.

A couple of days later, Tom told Monica that he would be gone for a couple of weeks on a business trip. She had to smile, this was her opportunity to see if Kara still wanted to masturbate with her. He would be leaving in the morning which meant that would be the perfect time to do some laundry.

She waited until she had the opportunity to talk to Monica while her husband was packing. She found Kara in her room studying. She walked over telling her, "Your father just told me he's leaving in the morning on a business trip. He leaves at 6 am. I'm going to do a couple of loads of laundry if you want to join me for some wash day fun.if you know what I mean?" Kara's eyes lit up, "Of course, but what changed your mind?" "Same old shit in the bedroom.

Your father gets off and I get nothing. He even laughed at me when I confronted him about it telling me I was oversexed and should see a doctor. I'm done with that shit, I'm going to fin my fun with someone else, mainly you if you're still interested that is?" "You know I am, I'll set my alarm for 6 am." "No, that's too soon, wait until he's gone.

I'll wake you when the time is right, I won't start without you. See you in the morning Hon, sweet dreams." Monica went to bed looking over at her husband who was already asleep and snoring. She knew that she wasn't going to be able to sleep as long as he was snoring. She got up and went into the guest bedroom and tried going to sleep. As hard as she tired it was hard for her to fall asleep. She kept thinking about Kara along with her catching her masturbating that morning and if she should actually do something like that with her stepdaughter.

As hard as she tried to talk herself out of doing anything like that, Monica could do it. Instead, she found herself becoming aroused as she lay there thinking about it. She began caressing her breasts and strumming her sensitive nipples as she lay there, becoming more and more aroused as she pleasured herself.

Her pussy was starting to tingle and she rolled her nipples between her fingers and pinched them, all of which made her even more aroused. Soon she had her hand between her legs, squeezing her pussy as she worked her middle finger between her wet folds. Soon she had two fingers buried deep in her pussy, working them around as she pleasured herself to a strong orgasm. She knew after cumming she was going to go through with it.

When she woke up the next morning, Monica showed and then slipped on a pair of thin cotton panties and a loose top. She made sure her husband was gone before going down to start some coffee and put the first load of laundry in the washer. Once that was done she went up to her stepdaughter's room and woke her.

She told Kara if she was still interested she was going to make breakfast and then she was going to do the laundry. Kara smiled at her as she got up as Monica went down to start breakfast. Kara came down into the kitchen just as Monica was finishing the scrambled eggs. She was wearing a thin pair of cotton panties like Monica and a thin top. They two of them sat down and ate breakfast and sipped their coffee not really talking about what they were about to do.

Monica got up and gathered the dishes and put them in the sink. She looked at Kara asking her, "Well, are you sure you still want to do this?" "Sure if you do.you still want to right?' "I tried to talk myself out of it last night but I couldn't do it. Not to mention when I went to get into bed, your father was snoring so loud I had to sleep in another room." "You should have come in and gotten into bed with me Monica, that would have been fun." "Yes, well maybe next time.

Now let's get that laundry started, it isn't going to do itself." Monica's heart was racing as the two of them went out into the garage. She looked at Kara who was standing there smiling at her. She was such a beautiful young woman that Monica couldn't help feeling anxious about what was to take place. She was actually becoming aroused. She reached over and started the washer going. As if started filling with water so told Kara, "It works the best when it goes into the rinse cycle so it will take a little time to get there." "I'm alright with that.thank you for being so understanding.

I know you didn't have to do this with me, in fact, I'm really surprised you gave in. Most people would have freaked out at me asking them to do something so outrageous as masturbating with them. It really means a lot to me that you would do this." "Thank you, Sweetie, I appreciate your sharing that with me. I'm surprised at myself, I never would have thought I'd do this either. Yet your father is so uncaring not to mention that I am tired of the most boring sex life imaginable. I need to do something to spice things up.

Now it's getting close to the rinse cycle. When it starts just press your pussy against the edge of the washer and let it do the rest. If you're not sure, watch me and do what I do." "Alright, but wouldn't it be more effective if you took your panties off? I would think that would be an even better sensation feeling it against your bare pussy and clit." "Hmmm, I hadn't thought about it but it makes sense.

I guess it won't hurt to give it a try. Let's do this before I change my mind or chicken out." Monica took a deep breath and pulled her panties off giving them a toss. Kara followed next, taking her panties off as well. No sooner had the taken their panties off then the washer started the rinse cycle. Monica looked over at Kara seeing she had removed her top as well. Her nipples were already hard making her look even sexier.

Monica took her top off as well and said to Kara, "Okay, Hon now's the time to enjoy the fun." As the washer started humming and vibrating Monica pressed her pussy against the edge of the washer. Kara was right, it was even a better sensation against her bare pussy. As the vibrations increased, so did the erotic sensations shooting through her pussy.

She looked over at Kara who was grinding her pussy against the washer. She was totally into the sensations surging through her young body as she started twisting her nipples between her fingers.

Watching Kara was making Monica all the more aroused as she began twisting her nipples as she ground her pussy against the washer. The more it vibrated, the stronger the sensations that surging through each woman's pussy.

Kara was gasping and squealing as she started cumming already. Seeing her stepdaughter having an orgasm, Monica started cumming as well. Monica was cumming hard as she looked over at Kara seeing she was doing something she hadn't thought of. Kara had turned around and was bending over, her hands spreading her ass cheeks apart as she backed up against the edge of the washer.

She was gasping as the washer was vibrating against her asshole while she brought her right hand around and started fingering her pussy.

Monica turned around and did the same thing, spreading her ass cheeks and backing up against the washer. The sensation of feeling the vibrations against her asshole was incredible. The two women were lost in their masturbation bliss, each experiencing complete and total lust as the worked toward orgasm.

Monica was the first to turn and raise herself up onto the washer, her pussy pressing down on the edge so she could get the full effect of the vibrations of the washer. Kara looked over at her stepmother, deciding to follow her lead. She too raised herself enough so that the edge of the washer was vibrating against her pussy. Eventually, the washer started to slow, the vibrations slowing with it. Kara slid off, stuffing her fingers into her pussy working them deep inside as she began working them frantically into her pussy.

She then began rubbing her clit with her free hand as Monica watched. She smiled at her stepdaughter's total abandon, seemingly not to care of anyone was watching. Monica had never felt such freedom herself, maybe it was time she did.

She copied Kara, sliding two fingers deep in her pussy while rubbing her clit furiously with her free hand. Kara was the first to grasp and squeal, cumming over and over again as she looked over seeing her stepmother doing the same thing as her. A few seconds later, Monica was the one squealing and gasping as she was overcome with a strong orgasm coursing through her body.

When she finished Kara came over and raised her stepmother's hand, placing it under her nose as she took in her feminine aroma. Monica was taken aback at her stepdaughter's obvious lust, and yet it turned her on as well. Then Kara shocked her stepmom again when she placed the fingers that she had just had in her pussy into her mouth. Again it excited Monica having her stepdaughter sucking her fingers, yet it freaked her out a little too.

Kara removed her stepmother's finger from her mouth and moved in placing her arms around her. It was obvious that Kara was going to kiss her. Monica toyed with the idea for a second or two as their breasts touched. Still, she couldn't bring herself to do it, instead, she turned her head so that Kara's lips touched her cheek and not her lips. Kara stepped back, a puzzled look on her face. Monica smiled saying, "Little steps Hon, little steps.

This is still a little awkward for me, you being my stepdaughter and all. I just need to get used to the idea is all." "I thought you were past your inhibitions but if you're not ready that's alright I suppose. I was hoping we could go further but I can wait I guess." "I appreciate your patience Kara, I really do, it's just going to take me to time to get used to the idea. You have to admit, we did masturbate together this morning.right?" "Yes, and it was fantastic.

I've never felt anything so good in all my life. Who knew doing the laundry could be so fucking hot. I hope we can do this again the next time you decided to do laundry." "Of course, as long as your father isn't here I have no problem with it. Even I don't do it when your father is around. Now let's put this load in the dryer and go inside." "Alright, I have to go to class this morning and then I have to go to work afterward.

I'll be home for dinner around 5 or so." Monica spent the day working around the house and then running errands. She didn't have time to even think about what she and Kara had done earlier that morning.

When she finally got done and had a minute to herself, Monica sat down with a cup of coffee and thought about the morning. She had to admit to herself that she had really enjoyed it, especially when she watched Kara masturbating.

She realized that she was turned on by her stepdaughter's body as well as by the way she was so open. It didn't seem to phase her that she was masturbating right in front of her, if only she had the nerve to do that. Still, there was no reason why she couldn't be like Kara, free and open with her sexual desires.

She was starting to see things in a different like. Kara was her stepdaughter that much is true, but it's not like she's her biological daughter. Just thinking about it was making her aroused as she pulled up her skirt and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. She closed her eyes and began thinking about Kara and what a beautiful young woman she is. She had nice firm breasts and very suckable nipples.

Not only that, Kara has long sexy legs and a perfect ass. As she continued rubbing her pussy as didn't hear the door as Kara came home from work early.

Kara walked into the living room and found her stepmother sitting on the couch, her legs up and spread wide, while she was rubbing her pussy through her panties.

Kara could feel her pussy starting to tingle as she looked at her stepmother sitting there pleasuring herself. Taking a chance Kara stipped off her clothes and then walked over to where her stepmother was sitting. Kara sat down on the floor right in front of her and placed her hands on Monica's inner thighs.

Monica gasped at Kara's touch until she saw she was naked. She smiled as Kara lowered her head and started kissing her inner thighs. She wanted to resist but the lust she was feeling kept her from saying anything. Instead, she surrendered and let Kara do what she wanted. Kara continued kissing Monica's inner thighs while reaching up and pulling her stepmother's panties down over her hips and then off her feet.

Kara smiled as she looked at he stepmom's beautiful pussy. She liked how her stepmother kept her bush full and yet it was neatly trimmed around the edges and she also noticed her labia was bare. Her lips looked so thick and swollen as well as her clit standing tall. She ran her fingers over Monica's wet pussy, causing her to moan as she looked down at Kara and smiled.

Kara pushed Monica's skirt up higher as she started kissing her inner thighs again while Monica cooed softly. Kara decided to go for it before her stepmom changed her mind, pulling her to the edge of the couch. She began moving her thumb over her stepmom's wet lips while sticking her tongue between her ass cheeks and flicking her tongue over her ass. Monica squealed out loud placing her hands on Kara's head, not to push her away but to pulled her closer.

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Monica was beside herself with lust as Kara penetrated her asshole, driving her tongue in as deep as she could. Monica raised her hands and practically ripped her blouse open, followed by her bra. She grabbed her tits and began tugging at her nipples as Kara moved from tonguing her asshole to running her tongue up the length of her pussy.

Monica was shuddering and shivering as Kara worked her tongue between her wet lips, moving up and down her creamy slit. It had been so long since she had felt anything so erotic. Not since college had she been so fucking hot when her roommate was licking her pussy.

That was the only other time she had ever been with a woman. Her thoughts were interrupted when Kara slid her fingers into her pussy as well as taking her clit into her mouth. Monica was beside herself as Kara sucked her clit and fingered her pussy, working her fingers deep inside her. Suddenly Monica started cumming, her entire body quaking from a powerful orgasm.

Before she could even stop cumming, Kara was pulling her blouse off, tossing it aside followed by pulling her skirt off as well. Monica turned, bringing her feet up so she was laying down on the couch as Kara moved on top of her, kissing her as she started caressing her breasts. After kissing her Kara made her way down her stepmom's neck to her breasts.

There she began sucking her nipples while sliding her pussy up and down Monica's thigh. She was using her stepmom as a sex toy as she continued sliding her pussy up and down her thigh. Kara continued squeezing Monica's breasts and sucking her nipples as Monica moaned and told her how good it felt.

Kara continued humping her stepmom's thigh, running her pussy along her thigh. It wasn't long before Kara started cumming. Now it was Monica's turn to take advantage of her stepdaughter.

Trading places, Monica moved on top of her stepdaughter looking down at her. She never imagined she would ever feel such lust for her stepdaughter but then again, she needed someone to love and to love her back. That seemed to be Kara since her husband wasn't interested in doing the job. Still feeling a little shy about the whole thing, Monica lowered her head and placed her lips to Kara's.

Her lips were so soft and so sweet as Kara returned her kiss, slipping her tongue between Monica's lips as their kiss grew more passionate. As they kissed, their kiss grew more and more passionate, their tongue exploring each others mouth. Monica broke their kissing as she made her way down to Kara's breasts. It has been so long since she had touched another woman's breasts, the last time being in college.

Somehow it felt so normal like it was meant to be as she ran her fingers over her breasts and nipples. Hearing Kara's reaction to her touch with soft moans and gasps of approval Monica smiled.

She lowered her head and began moving her tongue over Kara's aureoles, teasing them as Kara cooed softly. She began flicking her nipples with her tongue, alternating between flicking them and then taking them into her mouth where she ran her tongue over her nipples. Kara responded with more coos and squeals of passion as Monica forgot it was her stepdaughter she was pleasuring as she continued sucking her nipples.

At this point, Monica was as aroused as her stepdaughter was, moving her hand down between Kara's legs and finding her pussy awash with her juices.

She began squeezing her pussy, making small circular motions as Kara became more and more aroused, begging Monica to make her cum. Monica slipped her middle finger between Kara's wet lips, moving it up and down as Kara squirmed on the couch, begging for more as Monica eased her middle finger into her stepdaughter's pussy.


She soon added a second finger into Kara's pussy working them both deep inside Kara's pussy as she searched for inner depths. Kara was beside herself with passion as she undulated her hips up and down.

Finally, Monica moved down, removing her fingers from Kara's pussy and sticking them into her mouth so her stepdaughter could see. Kara smiled as Monica sucked her juice covered fingers. Once she had done that, she lowered her head and took in Kara's erotic aroma. She then lowered her head and began running her tongue along Kara's swollen pussy lips, causing her to squeal even louder.

It had been so long since she had tasted another woman she had forgotten how good it tasted. She began moving her tongue over Kara's pussy, licking her wet lips and then sucking them into her mouth as she worked her tongue between Kara's pussy lips.

That caused Kara to squeal and thrust her hips upward, driving her pussy into Monica's face. Monica was like a woman possessed at this point, sucking and licking Kara's pussy, and taking her clit into her mouth.

Monica began sucking Kara's swollen clit while sliding as many fingers into her pussy as she could, taking Kara closer and closer to orgasm. Before long Kara started cumming, her body shaking and quivering as multiple orgasms washed over her. When she finally finished cumming the two women kissed and caressed one another as they lay on the sofa.

As they kissed, Kara asked her stepmom, "I hope you're alright with doing this, I know I am. You are such a wonderful lover, I've never been with anyone like you." "Thank you, Sweetie, I have to admit, I loved every second of it and I'm not sorry at all.

One thing though, I thought you said you had no experience making love to another woman?" "Yes, that's true. I have some magazines and I read about a woman making love, what they do and how they do it. I would lay there masturbating and imagining what I would do when I finally got to be with another woman sexually." "Well, I have to say, you certainly learned from whatever it was you were reading. Now, I just want to keep things in perspective.

I know this is fun for you and it is for me too, we just have to remember that it is only temporary such as when your father is away on business or until you find a lover of your own. In the meantime, I'm happy to help you all I can, although you seem to have a good idea of what to do to pleasure a woman." "Thank you for saying that, and yes, I know it is Monica but there's no reason why we can't enjoy one another when he's not here.

I won't fall in love with you or something silly like that. I think it's just something special we can share when he's not around. Making love to you will give me confidence for when I do find someone I want to be with." "Exactly, now let's get dressed, I have things to do today." Over the next couple of days, Monica kept busy and Kara was busy with school. They had time when they could have gotten together for more fun but Monica was still trying to resolve things in her mind and Kara was busy with school.

By the time either of them thought about sex, Kara's father was home from his business trip. He was his usual self, thinking only of himself and not of anyone else. Monica found when she went to bed with him he was his usual unattentive self. Even though he had been gone on business and away from Monica he seemed indifferent toward sex.

It was as if he didn't care. As Monica lay there thinking while her husband snored, she began to wonder if maybe he was cheating on her all this time, rather than just not being interested in sex?

She had never considered the possibility although it could be possible. It would certainly explain a lot of things. Then she realized that it really didn't matter to her one way or the other. It didn't matter to her because thanks to Kara she now had another outlet for her sexual frustrations. All she had to do was make time with her stepdaughter and she would have all the sex she needed. She smiled because she felt such freedom, not having to depend on her husband for sex.

Even when Kara eventually moved out or found someone else, Monica knew that she had another outlet for her sexual gratification. If not with Kara she could find a lover of her own. A couple of days later he was gone again on another trip, this time for a week maybe more, he would let her know. Monica told him that was fine, she would be there when he got home.


After he left Kara was up and ready to leave herself. "You have more tests today Kara?" "Yes, I won't be home until around 5." "Alright, your father is gone on another business trip, so it's just you and me for dinner." Once Kara left, Monica did some cleaning and then at around 10 am she went shopping.

She spent the better part of the day at the mall, shopping and people watching. She was especially watching the women as they walked around the mall. Monica found herself making eye contact with women as they walked by her. Some seemed to be looking right through her while others made eye contact and smiled.

Most of it was just a friendly smile but then there were a couple of women that genuinely seemed interested in meeting her. Although nothing really happened it showed her that meeting another woman was not nearly as difficult as she had thought. All she really had to do was read their body language. She finally left for him getting back around two that afternoon. Kara arrived home as she said, around 5 in the afternoon. Monica greeted her hugging her asking, "So, how was your day Kara?'' "Boring, just some tests and stuff like that.

My brain is fried, all I want to do is sit down and chill." "Alright, I'll have dinner ready in a few minutes then we can relax if you want." Kara went to her room and changed into some shorts and a t-shirt while Monica finished dinner. After they ate Monica suggested they go into the living room to relax. As they sat on the couch talking Monica asked Kara if she was feeling alright. She told her stepmom she was fine, just tired from a long day.

She complained that she had a stiff neck from looking down and test questions. Monica told her to come to her and turn around. Once Kara had her back to her stepmom, Monica started massaging her shoulders. Kara cooed and moaned softly telling Monica had good it felt. She continued massing her neck and shoulders when she moved her hands around, cupping her stepdaughter's breast in her hands. Kara moaned as Monica started gently squeezing her breasts.

She paused long enough to pull Kara's t-shirt up and over her head giving it a toss. Kara was wearing a bra as Monica started caressing her bare breasts. She kissed Kara on her shoulder as she began strumming her stepdaughter's nipples with her fingers.

Kara gasped and scooted back into Kara as Monica began rolling Kara's nipples between her thumb and forefingers. The more she teased her nipples the more around Kara became. Then Monica moved her hand down Kara's stomach, sliding her hand into Kara's shorts finding she wasn't wearing any panties. "Mmm, such a naughty young woman, you're not wearing any panties.

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Were you expecting me to play with your pussy?" "I was hoping so, it's been a while. I didn't want to say anything because he was home. Plus, I knew you still had some things to think over and all that." "Yes, well, I'm done thinking. The way I see it is if your father doesn't want to fuck me, then I don't care anymore. I have you and someday when you're gone out on your own, or have found someone else, I'm going to do the same thing. I'm going to go out and find a lover of my own, someone who will make love to me the way I want to be made love to." "That is so cool, is it going to be another man or a woman or both?" "Oh, a woman for sure.

I'm done with men for now. Now, let's have some fun, shall we Kara?" "Mmm, yes, I want to have some fun for sure." Monica started caressing Kara's pussy, sliding her finger up and down her wet slit, teasing her as Kara moaned. Soon her pussy was wet as Monica eased her finger into her stepdaughter's pussy. She followed with another finger, working them both deep inside Kara's pussy.

Kara in the meantime pulled her shorts off giving her stepmom more room. Before long Kara was gasping and squealing. Monica got up and quickly got out of her clothes as Kara pulled her panties off. Monica looked at her stepdaughter's pussy as Kara brought her knees up, pulling her panties off. She told her to hold that pose, her knees up in her chest, her legs together.

She loved seeing her pussy, squished between her legs. Monica knelt down and began running her tongue up and down Kara's pussy, working her way down to Kara's asshole and back up again. Monica was driving her crazy with lust as she licked Kara's pussy and ass.

Kara maneuvered around so she was on her knees, resting on her forearms. Monica began running her tongue between Kara's ass cheeks, teasing her asshole each time she moved her tongue over it. Kara would squeal and beg her to tongue fuck her ass. Monica wasted no time penetrating her stepdaughter's ass, working her tongue in and out of her asshole.

She took Kara to the edge before the Kara laid on the couch, her leg on top of the could as Monica moved in. She began licking Kara's pussy, lapping up her juices as they flowed down onto her tongue. Kara was beside herself with lust as Monica took her clit into her mouth and began sucking it. Before long Kara was cumming over and over again. Afterward, the two of them went and got in bed making love until they both fell asleep. From that day forward Monica and her stepdaughter, Kara made love constantly.

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Kara eventually found a girl that she fell in love with. She and her lover moved out of the house and into their own place. As for Monica, she too found a woman, a beautiful blonde that had her own business. The two became lovers and before long Monica was divorced and living with her lover. Both she and Kara found true love and both are happier than ever.