Miho ichiki gets stimulated with a big toy cock

Miho ichiki gets stimulated with a big toy cock
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Jess was my best friend. I'd known her since school and we were always the inseperable ones. I'd never thought of her as anything more than a friend, but there was no denying she was gorgeous. 5'8, slim, long black hair and the most mesmerising bright blue eyes. I on the other hand am 5'9, slim, with long pink hair and green eyes. Like myself, she always wore mainly black makeup and piercings so yeah, if you havent already guessed we were both part of the gothic scene. It was a saturday afternoon and we were both in my house getting ready for a big party that night.


Jess was extra excited because Josh, the guy she likes was going to be there, and we'd heard rumours that tonight was going to be the night he'd make a move.

I was in the bedroom trying on my new underwear which Jess had picked out for me earlier that day, whilst she was in the shower. I heard her shout my name, so I walked across the hall to the shower room and open the door. I thought this was probably the perfect time to show her my underwear and see what she thinks.

I poked my head around the door, 'Jess. did you just shout me? whats up?', 'yeah I did sorry' she replied. She was covering herself with the shower curtain and peeking around past it, however the curtain was sticking to her naked wet body and I could see her nipples pushing against it.

It was really strange because shes grown up so much in the past few years, and she looked so good and I'd never thought of a girl in that way before, nevermind Jess in that way of all people.

She was always just my best friend who I go shopping and hang out with. Anyway, choked up from the sight of it, I managed to stutter 'oh no erm.

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its ok don't worry. Anyway what do you think of my new underwear?' By this time I'd completely forgotten she'd asked me to go in for something, and just wanted to get out as quick as possible.

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I couldn't stay there for too long or she'd notice me staring at her. 'Wow i like it - makes your boobs look great! you'll have 'em gagging in that.

now turn around, let me see the back' she replied. I twirled around like a ballerina, still in awe at how awesome she looked. 'Yeah that definitely looks good on you.


I'm so glad you chose a thong and not those ghastly shorts - now you can see your perfect ass.' she giggled as she said it. Another typical Jess joke I thought to myself as I turned around and laughed, catching another glimpse of her body.

'Hmmm anyways. can I ask you something? Its a bit errr. personal?' She asked me, suddently looking quite uncomfortable.

I hesitated for a second. I don't know why but I was actually worried about what she might ask. 'Yeah ofcourse.

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you can ask me anything' I eventually replied. 'Well, I've never shaved my "you know where" before and I don't know what looks best, can you have a look for me?' I couldn't believe what she'd asked me, I was in complete shock but instantly said yes. I couldn't tell you whether that was because it was a friend thing to do or because I just wanted to be closer to her, but whatever the case believe me I don't regret it haha She pulled the curtain away to reveal herself to me, however the shower had became so hot that the room had steamed up quite significantly and I could no longer see her properly from where I was standing.

I slowly edged myself closer through the steamy room towards the shower. It was very humid, and my body was all slippy and wet just from standing at the door. I closed the door behind me and was eventually standing right next to her. My heart was beating so fast, I was nervous because I'd never seen another naked girl before in real life, and I didn't really know what to expect, silly I know.

Our eyes locked together, and with a little laugh I said to her 'Lets take a look then'.

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I crouched down onto my knees so that I could get a proper look. She had shaven it into a little strip and it looked great.

I lifted my head up so I could see her face to speak to her, and believe me that is one sight I will never forget. I could see the water dripping down her body, sliding over her pert breasts, firm stomache and then down her legs. My whole body felt like jelly and I didnt want to move but I knew I had to. 'That looks alright, why aren't you sure about it?' By this time the shower was reaching me as well, and all my underwear was getting wet, but I didn't care.

'I want to shave it all off completely, I read that you get better sensations if you do that. do you think I should?' 'Yeah yeah, just go for it' I replied. She sat down on the chair behind her, legs spread wide open ready to shave.

I was still crouching down and I had the perfect view of everything. I didn't know whether I should stand up and leave or stay, but she didn't seem bothered by my presence so I stayed crouching down directly infront of her.

She began to slowly massage shaving gel into her public region allowing it to lather up. I watched as the bubbles trickled down her firm thighs. Fixated on the trickling bubbles I got a fright when she yelped in pain. she had accidently cut herself whilst shaving. I laughed and without a second thought, took the razor from her hand and moved myself in closer.

I used the razor to slowly and carefully shave away the remaining line of pubic hair to reveal a soft and smooth patch of skin. I took the shower head and directed it at her to remove all the hair and bubbles. Once all the bubbles had been washed away, she released a little moan and I realised that the shower was on the highest setting and was pulsating onto her.

I watched as her swollen soft pussy was drenched in water, and felt strangely warm from watching the water dribble off her onto my body. By this time, my underwear was completely drenched.

My nipples had hardened and were clearly visible through the bra and were gently pushing against Jess's inner thighs.

I looked up at her face to see what her reaction was. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip and playing with her lip piercing. As I was about to look away she opened her eyes and looked up to the ceiling in sheer delight.

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I smiled as I looked back down, I knew she was enjoying it and so I kept it right where it was. I used the shower head and slowly rubbed her pussy with it, with the water gushing out all over her. I then used my fingers and slowly inserted my index and middle finger inside her. She was so wet they slipt in easily, and I felt her warmness all around me.

I then began to push my fingers in and out, and directed the stream of water onto her clitoris.


Her moaning became more vigoris as the feelings became more intense. I took my fingers out and pushed the shower head against her. All of a sudden she started moaning loudly as the feelings became too much.

I watched as the juices dribbled out of her pussy and couldn't hold on any longer. I pushed my tongue against her and began to lap up all her juices, they tasted so sweet I never imagined it would taste like that. My tongue carressed inside her pussy lips, up and down in a slow motion just lightly pushing against her clitoris. I reached up and put the shower head back on the wall and we were once again being drenched. She reached her hands round my body, removed my bra and flung it to the other side of the room.

My nipples were so hard by this time and the feel of her gently touching my breasts felt so good. I pushed my tongue harder against her pussy, she was always a big fan of my tongue piercing and I think today was no exception.

As I pushed my tongue inside to penetrate her, the metal bar in my tongue rubbed along her insides and she squeeled with joy. I then moved up and placed my lips around her soft and swollen clitoris and began gently sucking on it. I twiddled my tongue in a fast sweeping motion over her clit until she began screaming with pleasure as she orgasmed for the second time.

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Her juices this time were swept up by the shower and subsequently dripped all over my breasts and body. She pushed me off and onto the floor where I lay down, we then both began laughing at the sheer madness which had just ensued.

She crawled over on all 4s on top of me, and began to slowly lick my nipples. Her lips locked firmly around my nipple sucking and licking gently and her other hand trailed slowly down my belly until she reached my soaking wet thong. Her hand slipped inside and I felt her warm fingers gently caressing my cleanly shaven and soft wet pussy.

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I lay there on the bathroom floor in absolute bliss.