Zorrita caliente se deja grabar mientras canta y se toca

Zorrita caliente se deja grabar mientras canta y se toca
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So my first day was already off to a flying start; I peeked through the door at a pregnant student giving another student a blowjob, got stripped and fucked by that student whilst another student did the same to the pregnant student. And I had somehow actually enjoyed it all.

This must be a new twist to the Chapman Curse, I might have finally turned a corner. Chad and Kenny had already left the room for lunch, Carly and I were behind on account of us having a lot more to tuck away.

''So how's your first day?'' she asked as she pulled up her jogging pants. As I fumbled through my bag for my spare tights I tossed her a quick smile; ''Well usually on my first day I'm not given an orgasm.'' I told her. She smiled as she affixed her bra. I found the tights in my bag and began rolling them up my legs, I had decided to not put my thong back on as I didn't want the dried bodily fluid irritating me, and also that while I had brought a spare change of clothes, I didn't bring clean underwear.

''I think you're the first new tutor that didn't run out of here yelling for the police.'' she said reaching for her top. ''How many have there been?'' I asked. ''A couple, to be honest the other tutors haven't been here that long. They don't really last long.'' she told me. ''So why keep the place open?'' I asked affixing my own bra.

She shrugged her shoulders and picked up her bag, ''I guess these guys gotta be somewhere.'' she replied. I asked her to zip me up before checking my make up, the tears brought to my eyes as a result of the cock shoved to the back of my throat was fixable.


A few minutes later and we were walking down the corridor and parting ways, she headed for the cafeteria and I the teachers lounge. When I pushed open the door the smell of cigarette smoke hit my nostrils, it was soon followed by crap coffee and the faint smell of alcohol. Mister Walters was laid out on one of the couches with a cigarette sticking out of his mouth.

Making a cup of coffee was a woman I hadn't met yet, she had a curvy figure and long blonde hair tied back in a pony tail. She turned to see who had walked in and smiled at me, ''Hey, you must be the newbie Nicole, I'm Kacey.'' she said. ''Hey, hows your morning been?'' I asked. ''Don't fucking ask.'' Mister Walters mumbled, she glanced over at him and smiled, ''Aren't you supposed to be selling stories of joy in the workplace to our newbie?'' she asked him.

''Why? It's lunch time and she's still here. She knows now not to buy anything I sell.'' he replied. ''That's true,'' she agreed, ''And you had Chad's class this morning right?'' she asked handing me a cup of coffee, ''He's a handful.'' I took the cup and smiled, I felt as though I was among friends and that Kacey knew exactly what had happened this morning.

''Well, he's certainly a mouthful.'' I replied. Her eyes popped wide open as she started laughing. I looked her up and down and after the morning I had had, I couldn't help but judge everything about someone who would choose to stick around in a place like this. She was wearing something similar to me, she knew that she didn't have to go over the top with neck-lines because she would always have something that any man would crave and she also new that she would get it.

She wore a black mini skirt and white blouse.

It was tight to her skin and showed off every curve she had. I figured she was wearing black tights, but when she sat down on the couch opposite Walters her skirt rode up a little and revealed that she was wearing stockings.

''So tell me about this place.'' I said sitting in the armchair. She crossed her legs and took a sip of coffee, ''Well, you got the head over there. There's me and you, and there's Keaton. He's the other tutor. Then you got Carl the maintenance guy, who is also the janitor. And then cafeteria staff. Fifteen students, all lost causes, dead ends and with over the top hormones.'' ''Fourteen.'' Walters corrected her, ''There are fourteen now, Kendal got arrested on Friday.'' he said.

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Kacey looked a little upset about it, ''He was actually a fairly decent kid.'' she lamented. She took a breath and continued, ''So that's pretty much it then, most of the time they don't turn up.

When they do, it's potluck as to who you get. Today you got Chad, and normally he doesn't show up on Mondays.'' she said. ''Well he seemed like he had a good morning.'' I said sipping on the coffee, it tasted as crappy as it smelled.

''So how many females come here? Carly's the only one I got right?'' I asked. She thought for a minute, ''Yeah, but when she's goes on maternity she'll probably be replaced. Like Kendal, god rest his soul, he'll now be replaced.'' ''Kendal was one of yours?'' ''No, Keatons.

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I'm surprised he isn't here actually, he's usually first in line at the cafeteria.'' she said. ''I gotta go take a shit.'' Walters said climbing to his feet, he stumbled across the room and vanished out the door. It was when he left that Kacey leaned forward, almost on the edge of the couch, ''So let me guess, Kenny fucked Carly while Chad fucked you, right?'' she asked with a smile on her face.

''How did you know?'' I asked a little surprised. ''Because Kenny doesn't touch anyone unless it's Carly. He's hooked on her. I wonder what would happen if he ever found out about her soon to be born baby.'' she said. ''It's not his, it's her partners right?'' I asked, I was sure she had a fiance outside of this place. Even if she was probably as hooked on Kenny as he was her. ''No,'' Kacey replied smiling, ''It's Walters'.'' she told me, my jaw dropped open and I almost dropped the cup of coffee.

''Seriously?'' I asked. ''Yeah, it's why he's been drinking. He's terrified of someone find out.'' she explained. ''So how did you find out?'' I asked. ''I heard him and her arguing. I mean you gotta understand how this place works, most of the time the male tutors are fucking the female students, and the male students are fucking.

well, pretty much everyone, to be honest.'' ''It's strange,'' I began, ''I had this thing where I would always have a disaster on my first day of work. My Mom and I called it the Chapman curse, every job I've ever had all began with a shit first day.'' She leaned back into the couch and crossed her legs again, I had brief glimpse of what was under her skirt. Almost like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, I saw no underwear.

Just a brief glimpse of her vagina. ''And today?'' she asked. I leaned back into the armchair and crossed my legs, and in return giving her a brief glimpse of what was under my dress, revealing to her the truth about the morning, even though I wore tights she could see that I was sharing her lack of underwear.

''I'm not sure how long I'll be here, but at the moment it seems as though I'm getting to know the ropes pretty well.'' I told her smiling. ''You're going to do fine here.'' she told me. After holding our noses and finishing the coffee Kacey decided to go and see what was left in the cafeteria, two minutes after walking out of the room the door opened and a guy walked in with a shirt that was rolled to his sleeves and a loose fitted tie.

He was talking to a guy that followed him in, he must have been almost seven foot tall. He was a young looking black guy that had to duck as he entered the room.

''Come on man, you can't keep it.'' said the black giant. The guy in the neck tie didn't seem bothered by him, ''You wanna do illegal shit, do it on your own time. When you're here you leave it out there, there are no females here that want you as their pimp. All you're going to do is get is suspended. Which won't look good to your probation officer.'' he told him.

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''What good will suspending me be when the feds bust in here and shut this place down?'' he replied. ''Don't you get tired of making the same bulshit threats?'' he asked, he then turned around and saw me sitting in the armchair listening to every word. ''Oh,'' he said, ''Hi there, I'm Keaton. You must be Miss Chapman.'' he said extending his hand, I shook it and nodded my head, ''Yeah, it's nice to meet you.'' I said glancing at the giant he was arguing with.

He noticed the glance and raised his eyebrows; ''This is Anton, he likes to think he's a pimp. Don't give him your number or let him anywhere near your phone.'' I laughed a little as Anton look dissapointed. ''Hello Anton.'' I said, he looked me up and down and smiled at me, making his way over to where I was sitting and sat on the arm of the chair.

''Was'sup, Miss.'' he said in a deeper voice than he had just a few moments before. Keaton rolled his eyes and withdrew a phone from his pocket, he tossed it at Anton who caught it.

Keaton picked up a jacket that was hanging over the back of a chair, ''Don't give me a reason Anton, you're down to your last.'' Keanton's own phone then began ringing, ''Aw shit,'' were the words that came out of his mouth when he saw who was calling.

''Anton, five minutes and then in class. Don't make me come and look for you.'' he said as he stormed out of the room. I suddenly felt an uneasy feeling sweep over me, I was now alone with this giant and he seemed to be getting friendly. ''I heard you was cute, I didn't know you was banging though.'' he said running a finger along my cheek. I got to my feet and went over to the coffee machine, he then got up and followed me over. I poured another cup and was about to take a mouthful when his hands clamped around my waist.

''I see you like your coffee strong and black.'' he said into my ear, I began feeling a rush as he gently thrust his hips forward, his pelvis bumped against my lower back. His hands came up to my arms and ran along my skin, they stopped on my shoulders before sweeping down to my breasts. His head appeared next to mine and his tongue rolled out of his mouth and along my cheek.

His hands came back up and to my shoulders, turning me to face him and then forcing me down to my knees. I waited in silent anticipation, trying to hide my excitement as he began unbuttoning his trousers. He pulled himself free and I couldn't hold back the gasp, I wanted to measure it and the only thing I could compare it to was a Subway sandwich. His cock wasn't exactly a footlong, but it must have been close. ''Eight and a half inches of black meat,'' he told me, ''feeding time.'' he mumbled as he lifted it up and slapped me in the face with it.

My mouth opened slightly, but only slightly. He lifted it again and let it drop, causing it to drop onto my cheek. I looked up at him with my brown eyes, resisting as much as I could but he didn't care. He pushed his cock against my mouth and began forcing it in.

I wasn't sure how much I took, I knew though that wasn't anywhere near the base. It struck the back of my throat and before I had the chance to gag he pulled it out and rammed it back in again.

He continued to thrust in and out of my mouth for a few moments, grabbing a fistful of my hair and holding me in place. The back of my head struck the cupboard door I was up against repeatedly, as his long and thick man-hood slowly fucked my mouth. Drool and saliva oozed out of my mouth and onto my chest, slipping between my cleavage as he continued to pump as much of his cock down my throat as he could.

''I'ma let you in on a little secret,'' he told me, ''I'm the reason you was hired. The last one couldn't handle me.'' He pulled himself out of my mouth and pulled me to my feet, he guided me over to the couch and bent me over the arm.


I fell face first onto the cushion with my ass up in the air, he pushed my dress up around my waist and took a long look at my ass. I felt his hand smack against my cheek, the sting echoed throughout my body and I could almost feel the hand print he'd have left radiating heat.

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He ripped my tights apart and got himself a better look, now complete with a perfect view of my bald swollen vagina. I felt his tongue move up and down my slit, he licked my ass hole as he grabbed me by the hips and forced me to back up against his face.

Whether it was his saliva or my juices I felt myself dripping, he stopped licking me out and suddenly shoved a thumb into my ass. I began bucking and trying to scramble away from him, ''No, not there,'' I gasped, but he was already knuckle deep into my anus. I felt his helmet prod at my pussy, I wasn't prepared for his girth as it pushed it's way inside of me, stretching my vagina and labia.

''Oh my fucking god, wait, please,'' I begged, but it was useless. He kept pushing until he hit my cervix. He took his tumb out of my ass and proceeded to hold my hips while he fucked me from behind.

My legs came up off the ground as he drove me into the couch, with each thrust my face slid along the cushion. He quickened his pace and I somehow advocated it, I heard the repeateded squelching noises due to my pussy streaming with fluids. My cries of both pain and pleasure were muffled by the cushion I was pinned to, his hand smacked my ass again and the sting wasn't as bad this time, I knew that I was going to have welt marks and I didn't care.

My shoes had fallen off of my feet as my legs sprang around behind us, I could feel him pushing himself further into me each time he smashed into me.

He pulled himself free and took a second to no doubt admire my gaping hole, he then flipped me over and began pulling my dress up over my head, without even waiting for me to unhook my bra he ripped it from my chest.

It was my favourite underwear set, may it rest in peace. He pulled me to my feet and hoisted me up, my legs hooked around his hips while he took a mouthful of my breast. His long cock soon found my pussy again and now he was bouncing me off of him. I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck as he clasped his hands around my ass, guiding me up and down.

I didn't know how loud I was moaning, or screaming even, I just knew that noises were coming out of my mouth and I had no control of them. He carried me over to the table and dropped me onto it, holding onto my feet he spread my legs wide open and then began pulling my ripped tights off of my legs. I was completely nude now, as if my tights had made any difference, he stretched out my tights and wrapped them around my neck.

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This was new, I thought to myself. He pulled it tight and I felt the squeeze as the hulking black giant stood over me, he took his cock in his hand and guided it back into me. He held me by the ankles as he fucked me, he could see everything. My reddening face and bouncing breasts. My formerly tight vagina taking almost eight inches of him, I thought Chad had been too much but Anton was a different beast.

I had been on the verge of an orgasm from the momet he first stretched me out, but now as my legs were held wide open on this table I could feel the bubble about to burst.

''Bitch I'm guna shoot all up you,'' he said as his rhythm steadied. I held the tights that were wrapped around my neck and his hand, I dropped flat against the table as I climaxed. It felt as though I had exploded, I began to see stars and fireworks pop up before my eyes, but that could have been due to lack of oxygen.

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He pulled out of me and my legs dropped, hanging off of the table as he shot his load up my body. I felt a bolt hit my chin and the rest of his warm man-milk came at me like party streamers across my chest and stomach.

My thirty-six B breasts were all but gone with me laid across the table, my nipples sticking up like two little tic-tacs. ''Damn, you is something.'' he said as he fumbled with his trousers, a moment later I heard the shutter sound on his camera phone before he walked across the room and left.

I couldn't believe it, that's how it worked here? You fuck the shit out of someone and then just leave? Or in Anton's case, fuck the life out of someone, take pictures and then leave. The door opened again and I had no energy to lift my head up to see who it was, but I didn't have to.

Kacey appeared next to me and ran a finger along my stomach, she scooped up a little of Anton''s cum and licked it clean. ''Lunch time's over sweetie,'' she told me smiling. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, my legs were having some kind of spasm as they hung off of the table. She brought her head down and took one of my nipples in her mouth, it tingled a little and felt good. ''God you are a sight,'' she told me.

''Well, thanks.'' I replied sarcastically.

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She chuckled and with her middle finger, began circling my clitoris, I tried to move to stop her but I couldn't. ''I'm a little too sensitive,'' I told her, but she just leaned in and kissed me before going back to my nipple. Her circling became a little more vigorous, my stomach tensed as she massaged my clitoris. Her finger slipped a little lower and right into me, I gasped as it curled up to the roof of my vagina.

''That's not fair, I can't move.'' I told her, she shrugged her shoulders and licked my nipple, ''I'm sure youll get me back sometime soon.'' she told me.

Another finger of hers slipped into me, she was now thrusting them in and out while using her thumb to massage my clit. Her teeth clamped down on my nipple and her free hand came up to grab the tights that were still around my neck. My panting got heavier, I knew that now that I had cum I was going to cum a lot faster the second time around.

We didn't have long to wait, my panting turned to a cry of ecstasy as I climaxed for the third time today. It was a new record for me. She smiled and planted a kiss on my lips, and just like Anton before her she left me alone. Before heading out of the door though she turned back to me, ''You're late for class, by the way.'' she said and like that, she was gone. I had to use every fibre of myself to drag myself off of the table, I found my balance as the feeling slowly returned to my legs.

I carefully crossed the room and reached into my bag, I used make-up removing wet-wipes to clan myself off. I collected my clothes and shoved them into my bad and pulled out the spare clothes I had packed. Black yoga pants and a vest.

My bra was completely fucked and couldn't be put back on, so I was now without a bra wearing a vest, and to think that I had walked into this place this morning looking so nice. I put my shoes back on and realised how stupid I looked in heels and yoga pants, I then began wrapping my har up into a bun and set off leaving the lounge.

I made my way down the corridor and back into my class room, ''Miss! I was begining to think you had quit already.'' Chad was sitting in the same spot he was earlier looking at something on his phone, he was joined by Dean who had suddenly decided to show up. ''Where's Carly and Kenny?'' I asked. ''Went home, either that or they're still fucking somewhere.'' he replied, he showed Dean something on his phone and they both began sniggering. ''What so funny?'' I asked as I dropped my bag and kicked it under my desk.

Chad looked up and shook his head, ''Nothing miss. How was lunch?'' he asked. ''Fine,'' I replied quickly without putting much thought to it. And then it suddenly dawned on me. ''Just fine?'' Dean asked looking down at Chad's phone. Oh, fuck. I thought myself. ''Yes, why?'' I asked, regretting it immediately. Chad signalled me over and I approached, he turned his phone around so that I could see. It was a picture of me, naked and sprawled on the table in the teachers lounge covered in cum.

''I see you met Anton.'' Dean said smiling. ''Give me that,'' I said trying to grab the phone, but Chad was too quick and it was quickly out of reach. ''Who has he sent it to?'' I asked. ''Relax,'' Chad replied, ''Only to me and Doug.'' ''Who is Doug?'' I demanded. I couldn't believe that a picture like that of me even existed, let alone is being passed around.

''Doug is the student leader of Miss Tanners class.'' he told me, Kacey was Miss Tanner. ''So what're you saying?'' I asked. ''In each class theres one leader, obviously I'm this classes Alpha, Anton is in Mister Michaels class and Doug is in Miss Tanners.

Occasionally we share pictures of conquests, conquests like you. The pictures go no further so don't panic, I'm not about to put it on Facebook.'' he said laughing. ''I wish you'd send it to me, I'd whack one right out to that tonight.'' Dean told him. ''Whack one out right now dude,'' Chad told him, ''She won't care.'' he said flicking through his phone.

But Dean shook his head, ''No material man, I used up the internet data on my phone. Nothing to get some wood over.'' Chad then looked at me, ''Miss, warm him up will you?'' he said. ''No chance.'' I told him, ''It's lesson time.'' I said walking to the front of the class. Chad looked at me with a fever in his eyes, Dean stuck his hand down the front of his pants and seemed to just hold his penis. ''Where's your bra miss?'' Chad asked. His attention to detail was almost startling, but mentioning it and bringing it to the attention of Dean caused what was no doubt the desired reaction.

I had to turn my back to them as my nippls grew hard, ''It broke.'' I shot back as I picked up a dry wipe marker. I remembered that Mister Walters had suggested the afternoon lesson be Sex Education, but it seemed as though they had enough of that already, so I scribbled 'Art' on the board and went over to the supply cupboard. A few moments later and I returned with paper and pencils and put them down in front of both Dean and Chad.

''What're we drawing?'' Dean asked. ''Whatever you want to, use your imagination.'' I instructed. ''I once read that art is your emotions flowing in a river of imagination, so be expressive.'' I was shocked at first that they had actually picked up the pencils and began drawing, I had maybe half hour of blissful ignorance before I noticed that Chad kept looking at his phone before drawing.

I started to wonder what he has up to when he looked up at me and smiled. I had my laptop on th desk and turned on the reverse camera, I took a picture of the pair of them and sent it over the teachers email network that had been set up here, I sent it to Kacey with the caption 'Art Class'. It wasn't long before I had a reply from her that was s hort and simple shocked face. It was then that I decided to gain a little bit of leverage should things here go south, so I switched on the video recorder and began recording them both.

''Finished,'' Chad called. I got to my feet and made my way over to the desk, he span the paper round for me to see. He had sketched out a picture of me, one that he had no doubt found on social media, from a aprty I had gone to last year. But instead of wearing the black dress, he had drawn me naked. And instead of a wine glass in my hand, he had drawn in an erect penis. ''It's.'' I began, ''I'ts certainly a good likeness.'' I admitted.

Dean then slid his drawing over to me, it was a little more basic. He had drawn a stick woman with long hair bent over, standing behind her was a stick man, and in front of her was another man.

He then pulled back the drawing and began writing. There was an arrow now coming from each stick figure, it appeared that I was the one in the middle of the men. And the two men were written as himself and Chad. ''You drew me in a spit-roast.'' I concluded. He nodded his head eagerly as I hung mine. My eyes were drawn back to Chad's drawing, which really was a good likeness of me. ''I'd have to give the 'A' to Chad I'm afraid,'' I said. I then went around behind them and ushered them to separate.

Dean moved over a chair and I sat down inbetween them both. It didn't take Chad long to lean back in his chair and pull out his growing erection, ''What do you think Miss, think you can draw a likeness of me?'' he asked.

Dean then reached behind me and rested his arm across the back of my chair, slipping his hand down the front of his jogging bottoms and pulling himself free. He wasn't as big as Chad, but then when I thought about it, Chad wasn't as big as Anton. Chad took my right hand and placedit on his penis, Dean then did the same to my left hand. I was inbetween the pair of them and slowly beginning to jerk them off at the same time.

I glanced up at my laptop sitting on the desk recording every moment. I was going to have a nice bath tonight and watch it back, as Dean reached over and cupped one of my loose breasts I thought about how much fun it could be working here.