Naughty bitches have fun at the beach brunette amateur

Naughty bitches have fun at the beach brunette amateur
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I'm Adam Carson; I'm a 22 year old photographer and have a nice business shooting school yearbooks, graduation photos and those can be awesome let me tell you because some of those girls don't mind at all changing in front of you, oh god, well ok, then the occasional wedding so it's fun doing what I love.


Well one day my Aunt Vicky came to my little studio I have set up behind my house in a converted garage that I never used so it was perfect, secluded and large so I set up the old developing room in the back corner, it hardly gets used anymore with digital and all but some still want it that way and when I do special shots like forests and stuff for new backgrounds I use it then but so she came to my home and asked for a Valentine's present for her husband my Uncle she wanted me to take some well sort of risqué shots of her in different outfit and lingerie and I agreed telling her it was ok, I've done those before and have never had anyone complain about me being nothing but professional with them so she smiles reluctantly and says ok, when can we do this, the quicker the better for her so she won't chicken out and I said well how about the day after tomorrow I have a shoot scheduled and if they cancel I'll call you then.

She agrees that is great and then she says how much is this going to cost me? Now this woman was born with great cooking skills and I laughed saying oh wow, I'm thinking quite a bit, maybe two, no three home cooked meals will do it fine.

She looks at me and starts laughing admitting that when I said two, no three she thought hundreds instead of meals and she agrees to that halfheartedly. Now Aunt Vicky is younger than my mother with no children yet she always says but it's getting late for her to have some now mom says but anyways she's toned, tanned and damn good looking woman and all the family shots I've taken she is the most photographic in the bunch and that's saying a lot in my business.

She insisted on digital and she wanted the SD card when we were done so no copies were going to be made and I smiled saying why would I do that? She says with a little giggle you're young and horny is why.

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I laughed saying but my girlfriend would cut my cock off if I had something like that around here. She laughs saying good for her then so ok, see you the day after tomorrow and be ready to be shocked on some of those honey.

I smiled saying I doubt that Auntie I've seen it all in this business. She says we'll see now won't we young man. She swipes her hand across my face softly as she leaves me and I'm rock hard now wanting some pussy something bad but my lady won't be here for another five hours yet so I went and jerked off a load to release all she worked up in me.

So I had my tomorrow shoot, it was a family shooting and then a class picture for the Honors society at the high school. When morning came I went out to the studio, turning on a few lights and opening some curtains to let the natural light into there. It was about 10ish when Aunt Vicky came in with a same satchel, a carrier for long dresses and such and says ok I'm here, where can I put this to change at?

I showed her to the dressing room and she looks around saying wow this is nice, good job designing this room. I said well my lady was the main inspiration in here, seeing what all she had and what it took so I copied that room to here.


She giggles saying well not only talented but smart too with another giggle saying ok give me some time to change and put on some makeup ok? I said ok what are we doing formal or what so I know what backgrounds to pull? She says dining maybe or sate something like that. I said ok got it, I'll have it ready when you are. She says at least ten minutes ok? I laughed saying ok, thirty minutes and she flips me off saying smart ass. It was 18 minutes total and she comes out in a black formal gown, very low cut in the front and back with no bra on of course showing lots of tits and ass crack.

We took ten shots there and she was happy with them all, then semi casual with a tennis racket and then swim suits shots and damn was that ever skimpy barely covering her nipples let alone her brown circles around them and it sliced her pussy lips wide apart with the bottoms and I got hard seeing her spreading her legs for some of the shots. We shot some outside with a pair of shorts and a skimpy top that her tits were almost falling out of her top and she made sure I shot downwards into her top too for him and I'm guessing her too.

We shot some pool shots with her just in the water with her suit on and then one with the top untied but her holding it on her tits only letting the top fall off her of sorts but not showing anything. When she came out she says damn I wish we had one of these. I said well you're more than welcome to come and use this one, my lady and I swim here all the time. She giggles saying and I bet nude too huh? I said of course is there any other way. She giggles saying when you're alone nope but with say Jack and I?

I said and you're point is? She giggles saying you play the bad boy but I'd be willing to bet you'd be suited up if we told you we were coming over to swim with you and your lady. I said accepted. She snaps her head back to me saying what, what are you, what do you mean accepted. I said I accept your wager, what is it by the way? She looks at me strangely saying I was just using a figure of speech Adam I wasn't planning on betting you anything.

I said oh I see so you're positive we'd be dressed if you and Uncle Jack came over and we knew it? She says exactly. I said ok I'll take that wager and if we are naked then you two join us naked too. She looks at me saying you're serious aren't you? I said damn straight, I've always wanted to see you and mom naked so this way you're with your husband and I'm with my lady so no harm there on anyone's part right?

She looks at me saying well I doubt Jack would do it firstly but I'm not certain I could knowing you're my nephew and all. I said I'm not asking to have sex with you silly woman, all I'm saying is swim nude with us is all, not risk of me trying anything believe you me there, she'd yank it off me if I did that, she's very jealous. She smirks saying I'd have to talk that one over with Jack to say yes or no there. I said fine let me know ok, so now, what's the next set?

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She looks at me with a blank stare and I said Aunt Vicky, next shoot, what is it? She shakes her head saying oh sorry, umm what about lingerie, so bedroom setting, bed, things like that. I said for those we need to go into the house on the ground floor, I have the old sitting room set up for that one, no room for it out here. She says no problem I'll get what I need and met you in the kitchen and you can show me where to go. I said I'll wait, I have all I need minus this as I held up the camera in there.

She smiled going into the changing room and grabbing her long bag and case and says ok let's go then shall we?


I waved her on and I followed her swaying ass into the house and biting my lip not to grab it and taking her to bed. When we got into the house I showed her where to change and she went in and I'm not sure what happened then, either she thought she closed the door all the way or it didn't close properly, well I'm just not sure and she started taking off her bathing suit and I started shooting her thru the crack of the door, lucky for me I had it on a stand and pointed that way but it turned the auto shoot on and it took one every three seconds which afforded me lots of nude frames of her body and as I looked later after she left lots of tit shots and some pussy ones too with a few ass bent over ones.

When she came out the first time she was in a normal teddy, standard type not showing anything and I took like six in that one and her next one was a baby blue skimpier and sheerer for sure letting me see her aureoles and nipples plainly but she seemed not to care at all. I shot several of those for her and then she lowered the straps allowing the tops of her tits to be further exposed and then letting it fall off her tits exposing them fully to me as I said ok turn, be seductive and let me know when you think you've got enough shots.

There was about thirty of those and she says ok, let's take a break and as I came up off the camera she let the teddy stay off her tits saying ok now for the last set ok? I said ok by me what now? She blushed saying well this one I don't think you'll mind shooting but I'm having troubles going thru with it for my end at least.

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I looked curious at her. She says this next set is totally nude, I'm talking nothing on and spreading my legs, doggy position, the standard xxx rated shots you see in the girly magazines and then if I can do it, well I'll tell you that one later. I said ok so you want something to help you relax, I have all sorts of liquors if you want some?

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She smiled saying oh hell yeah, what about a white wine and don't be shy with it. I laughed saying I'll bring the bottle and you can have all you want ok?

She says that will do just nicely thank you honey. I said it's not my first time doing these shots Aunt Vicky.

She giggles saying please, just Vicky ok, I've never liked that word "AUNT" as she raised her hands making the quotation marks. I said ok Vicky I'll be right back, I can change cameras then too for close ups if you want those? She says oh heavens yes I do. I smiled saying excellent then. When I came back she was looking at the pictures on the monitor screen and she says wow you are good, these are hot. I smiled saying thank you. I handed her the glass of wine and she took a long hard drink saying wow that's not bad at all and she took another long drink as I smiled saying ok, let's do this puppy shall we and she giggles saying let's.

She slips out of her teddy fully, tossing it to the side and laying on the bed she says ok, some regular shots this way as she lays fully extended like she was sleeping somewhat and I snapped off several. Then she says ok and she spreads her one leg off the other one exposing her pussy somewhat but not fully and I got close with those and she loved that. Then she laid on her back, spreading her legs as wide as they went straight and then up like she was going to be fucked and I shot about ten of those looking at her wide open pussy, her tits and her facial expressions too getting the heat of her looks as they were.

She got up on her hands and knees and I shot some sides, rears, and semi rear catching her hanging tits, her bare pussy lips and asshole puckering nicely for me. There was about forty shots all told and she loved each of them saying wow, you really captured the real me in these Adam. I said well that's what I'm here for. She says so you said you've taken some of these before how so? As she sat on the bed sipping her wine I told her I was hired to do a wedding and the reception and when it was over the bride and groom approached me asking if I'd shoot their honeymoon too all of it.

Vicky says no fucking way, really? I held up one finger and went to the cabinet putting in a card and bringing it up there on the 32" screen was the bride and groom nude fucking, her sucking him hard and off, him going down on her all of it and one even of him slamming her asshole and her smiling as he did. She says god damn buddy how did you handle all that sex going on and you not able to do her? I said I jerked off so many times my cock was sore for a couple of days. She giggled saying no doubt there mister I think my pussy would have been sore fingering it so much.

I said same thing. I said ok what now sexy? She giggles saying oh that' so sweet of you to say. I said well I've gotten to see half of my fantasy at least. She giggles saying well you never know the other half might come around after she sees these pictures at least. I raised an eye brow as she smiles saying oh yeah, it was your mother's idea to do this but I'm taking it a bit further than she opted for at least.

I laughed saying now that I believe knowing her as I do. We laughed as Vicky says ok here's the deal, I want a couple of shots of me laying on the bed spread wide open as I've already done allowing you to see me fully and all but this time I want some cum coming out of me, sort of oozing out of my freshly fucked pussy. I said well when is Jack getting here for that one?

She broke into a laugh saying oh god you are dense honey, I want you to fuck me silly and then take the pictures of your cum coming out of me silly boy.

My mouth fell open, I started to sweat hard and my mouth got dry as she says here, sip this and I downed the glass of wine and I don't really like wine. I said umm are you sure about this Vicky, I mean that's a huge step for some pictures, what will Jack think seeing some cum oozing out of you like that, how will you explain it to him She says well these are not for him actually, these are for you and me to have only, maybe if he ever pisses me off bad enough like not fucking me for a long time because of work I'll show them to him just to see what he says but he'll not see them.

I said then let's start filling that pussy shall we? She giggles saying it's about time you're on board then right? I said as I took off my shirt and then my pants oh hell yes. We climbed onto the bed, she was giggling seeing my 7" super hard and as I said to her, I can cum maybe five times want them all in your pussy?

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She giggles saying oh god I'd love that but I'm not sure I could hold all that? I laughed saying let's see if you can then and she giggles saying I'm game fuck me mister and don't worry about me getting pregnant ok? I said well it hadn't crossed my mind since you said you wanted cum oozing out or you and all.

She says good point now fuck me damn it and fuck me as hard as you can; I love it sort of rough. I said ok then and I rammed it so hard into her pussy she yelps out saying holy fucking shit yes, damn it fuck me hard.

I slam fucked her twice making my hips as sore as hers. I turned her over and holding her tits in my hands as I fucked her she squealed out in pain but nearly squirting all over us both while I fucked her pussy. The fourth load was the best I thought. I laid her on her side and facing her I slammed her pussy while biting her nipples hard and she came over and over again while I did.

That last load as I pulled out to change positions she was flowing then so I said hold on and I took like twenty pictures of her oozing my cum like she wanted and her scooping it out of her pussy and licking her fingers with them covered in it I said god damn it and after I was done I flipped her over and fucked her as she laid flat on the bed and ramming her harder than the first few times too. When I pulled out I spread her legs and I'm thinking she was thinking that I was going to shoot some more but I took my semi hard shaft and pushed it up her asshole making her scream out oh fucking hell.

I got super hard again and fucked her even though I didn't have any cum left it was the gaping asshole shot I wanted and she got up on her knees somewhat showing me her asshole and dripping pussy because that was the money shot as we say in the business as far as I'm concerned. I rolled her over once more, spread her legs and took another twenty shots really up close too, I could see her pussy lips closing and opening as she breathed and her tits heaving up and down too.

She was smiling and cooing saying she's wanted to be fucked like that for as long as she could remember but Jack is always afraid of hurting her and she kept telling him she'd say if it was too much but he wouldn't do it to her. So we've worked out a schedule that when she wants a good hard fucking she calls me and we set up a day to just fuck all day long and taking lots and lots of pictures, it seems she loves seeing herself nude and oozing too.

We never have went swimming the four of us even though Karrie my lady says she'd be ok with it, it seems Jack is the stickler about it so it's Vicky and I that go swimming and she's talked mom into doing a shoot soon but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

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