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Naughty wench bawdy cleft spread
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So before I actually write the story, I am going to slightly back track to last chapter which is officially the lowest rating story I have ever written. Thing is, I needed to add some conflict to the story, after awhile it gets boring writing happy loving sex stories, I needed something to try and keep me interested in my own story.

(Personally, I also hate reading those stories.) So if you hated last chapter, it was really just for conflict.

But I'm guessing if you hated last chapter, you aren't reading this. So. Whatever. Thanks for your input though!

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* * * * * I look over at Keenan and swallow, stepping away from Rob. My mind was clear now, what I was doing was wrong. I shouldn't have done that with Rob, but it was too late now. "Keenan." I walk over to him and he backs off. "I'm sorry." "Did you tell him the same shit you told me?" He growls and I shut my eyes, shaking my head. "God, I never should have trusted you." Rob looks at him. "Look-" "Don't talk to me.

Seriously." He glares at him. I stay quiet, knowing nothing I can say. He looks back at me as I open my eyes. "I thought we had something." "We did." I tell him. "We still do. I was just.Confused." I say. "I'm so sorry for hurting you.

I love you Keenan." "And I'm just supposed to forgive you for making out with him?" I mutters and I shake my head. "No. I wouldn't forgive me." I say and sigh hard. "Just calm down." "Calm down? I came here to get some water and I see the girl I thought I loved making out with some other guy." He sighs. "Thought you loved? You just met her." Rob walks over to him. "Rob stop." I tell him and he rolls his eyes. "I'm sick of him acting like he's so great. He probably saw what everyone sees in you." He says and Keenan looks at him.

"And what's that Rob?" He asks and pushes me slightly to the side. I just stand there helplessly, watching. "Some desperate girl." He shrugs. "Desperate for god knows what. Attention, rebellion. God knows what." I blink a few times. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Rob, who was so nice minutes ago, said he loved me, saying that it meant nothing. That I meant nothing.

I turned away, feeling horrible. Keenan steps forward and punches Rob in the face, Rob falling to the ground. He glares at him. "Don't talk about her like that." He says and then pushes him to the side. "Go back to camp. I'll deal with you there." He growls as Rob runs off. I look at Keenan, trying to hold back tears. I turn to leave and he touches my arm. "I meant what I said before." He sighs. "Doesn't matter anymore. See you around." He says.

I sigh. "I meant it too. I was just so confused. Things don't usually work like that, so perfectly. I thought something was wrong." He shakes his head. "Nope. All that was wrong really, was you and Rob getting together." He chuckles softly. "Funny how self fulfilling prophecies work, right?" I watch as he leaves, walking back in the same direction as Rob.

I go back to my camp, go into my tent and cry softly into my pillow. Knowing I lost one of the best things that I ever had. * * * * * * For the last of the two days I faked having the flu so they would just leave me alone. I didn't tell Kristy what happened, just said that Keenan and I broke up. It wasn't a total lie, she could probably find out what happened from Peter anyways.

The last day of camp we had four hours to pack up. All the girls were in the eating area, Kristy and I were down taking down our tent. "Are you okay?" She asks me and I look up at smile weakly. "Yeah. I'm fine." I say and start to fold up everything. "I got nothing I didn't deserve." She nods, not wanting to talk about it any more I figured.

We worked for a few minutes in silence before I heard something. "Eliza." I look up to the edge of the forest where Keenan stood. He still stirred up all the same emotions as he used to in me. Looking at him made my heart skip a beat, filled my mind of just thoughts of him. I walk over to him, swallowing. "Hey." I say as he pulls me into the forest with him.

No one could see us. "What are you doing here?" "Coming to see you." He says and sighs.

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"I don't want to give up on you." "Trust me, you should." I say and he shakes his head. "No, I shouldn't. You are so important to me, I mean, you are the first girl I've ever loved, ever had sex with.

I can't give up on you because of one mistake." He tells me. "I don't deserve you." I tell him and he shrugs. "Well that's my choice, isn't it?" He smiles lightly. "If you don't want to be with me, then fine.

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Just say that. But don't say that you're not good enough. Because I'm saying you are." I look at him and nod, smiling lightly. "I really want to be with you Keenan." He leans in and kisses me, picking me up in his arms. After a bit he breaks the kiss. "How long do you have before they'll notice you're gone?" He asks quietly. I think. "I don't know, twenty minutes maybe? They're not paying attention to Kristy and I anyw-" He silences me with another kiss as he carries me further into the bushes, laying me down.

"Good." He says and then kisses me deeply. He really did deserve better than me, I was horrible to him. But it wasn't my place to say. If he wanted to be with me then I wasn't going to argue. I was going to be with him. He kisses me as we both undress. I sit up and look at him, taking his cock in my hand, leaning down and taking his head into my mouth. He moans and starts to harden in my mouth as I stroke his shaft, taking most of him in my mouth, going as far as I can before I start to gag.

As I do this he rubs my pussy, playing with my clit. He just teases me though, making me wet but not making me climax. After a minute he looks at me. "I love you Eliza. So much." He says as I smile and lean back, spreading my legs.

He positions himself at my entrance and easily slides in, getting his full length in me. He took it slow, rhythmically pumping in and out of me. I looked up at him and kisses him, wrapping my legs around his waist.

I pulled him in deeper to me as he sped up slightly. I began to kiss his neck as he went, both of us moaning, growing sweaty. "Go harder." I moan to him and he nods.

He began to plunge into my harder and faster then before. My tight pussy that seemed to fit him perfectly drew him in, clamping down on his cock. He was inside of me, filling me up. He made me feel complete as he fucked me.

I realized that being with Rob felt wrong, Keenan just felt right. "I'm going to finish." I moan and he nods, increasing his speed. He leaned down and began to kiss my neck, biting me lightly. The mixture of pain and pleasure sent me over the edge.

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I started to shake as my pussy exploded with cum. My juices coated his large member as he continued to fuck me, his cock throbbing. I knew he was close to finishing. "Come on Keenan. Cum in my pussy." I tell him as he releases. Shots of thick cum shot into me as we both orgasmed. He continued to fuck me through his orgasm, wanting every bit of his seed inside of me.

He finally slows down and I smile at him. "I love you so much Keenan." I tell him as we start to get dressed. He smiles. "I love you too." He says and kisses me. "Now you should go back to camp before you get caught." * * * * * After the week was over, I saw Keenan a lot more.

We kept dating, and having the best sex we would ever had. Even though it wasn't really the same if we weren't on the forest floor where anyone could walk in at any time. But the sex was still amazing. Actually, it was a miracle I never got pregnant from the times we did it camping.


I was still surprised he accepted my apology, stayed with me. I would have thought being with Rob would have made him leave and never come back. But I guess that was just what it was.

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Blind, stupid love. * * * * * * * * * AUTHOR NOTE: That's the end of the story, couldn't come up with a great way to end it, but there! I think it turned out well, but I guess you guys decide it. So thanks if you read the whole story, I will be starting a new one up real soon.


So thanks again!