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An Alien intervention Copyright 2015 This book is entirely fiction. Any names, dates, or places are completely coincidental. No part of this book may be reproduced in any way or form without the written consent of the author.

  1. An unplanned alien meeting. It all started when I was seventeen. I was the five foot six inch non-descript, plain looking, weakling, nerd. I was constantly the butt of everyone's jokes and bullying. I remember standing outside behind my home on the edge of town one early summer evening watching the stars. As I stood staring upwards I suddenly saw a star start to move. It was zig-zaging across the sky and seemed to be getting closer to me. For some strange reason I wasn't fearful, just curious.

What would be moving across the sky like that? I knew it couldn't be a star because stars don't move like that. I stood there mesmerized until a brilliant blue light suddenly dropped and was floating about ten feet above the ground and twenty feet in front of me. It was probably forty feet across and twenty five feet high. Oh wow I thought, a flying saucer, I'm seeing a flying saucer!

Then I heard or felt the voice in my head. "Do not be afraid, we are not here to harm you. We are here to help you, you have been chosen." "Who wants to help me, chosen for what, who are you, where are you from, you aint the devil trying to trick me are you?" I was starting to get more than a little worried by now with all the strangeness going on. The light in front of me, the strange voice/thoughts in my head, all this weirdness was beginning to scare me.

I was ready to turn and run the other direction when suddenly I couldn't move. It was as if I was glued to the ground.

"Relax; no we are not trying to trick you. We are Nurocks from another galaxy that you earth people have not even discovered yet. We have chosen you because you can mentally hear us and we can mentally hear you. We have come to help you. You are being mentally abused and injured by others of your kind. Now relax we are going to bring you into our home and make you so your people will no longer be able to mistreat and abuse you." Suddenly I was standing in a pure white, completely barren room with several tall alien entities standing around me.

They all looked like normal adults except some of them would sometimes open a third eye that was located in the center of their forehead. They all had long silver colored hair and were wearing what looked like skin tight coveralls that were dark blue. Their arms were long. Their hands hung right next to their knees. "Come, (one of them thought to me and pointed with its human looking hand,) come to this room over here.

We will make some needed adjustments so you are no longer fearful of others. We will make you so you can be strong if you want or bigger if you want. We will make your brain work better so you are much smarter." Time was standing still and my heart was trying to jump out of my chest as they took me into another room and laid me back on a table looking devise and then everything went black for what seemed like just a few seconds.

As I began to see, feel, and hear again I realized I was waking up as if I had fallen asleep. I later figured out that I had been in there over three hours.

"What happened, where am I? I groaned" Then it all came flooding back to me where I was at. "Good you are waking again (I felt someone say,) Come; try to set up for us. We think you will do much better now." I managed to set up with the help of two alien entities As I sat there I managed to collect my thoughts and stop weaving back and forth like a drunk.

"What did you do to me, why do I feel so different?" "We rearranged your body chemistry and changed some of the connections and electrical pathways in your brain and body.

Let us show you what you can do now." They took me to another area and demonstrated to me how I could lift a hundred pounds as if it was a feather just by thinking I was strong. They showed me how I could make various parts of my body bigger or smaller. They showed me how I could hit a thick board and easily break it. They gave me a high school text book and showed me how I could read it and instantly understand it.

Then came an even bigger shock, they explained how I could read and hear the thoughts of others, and how I could make others change their minds or think differently. How if I had to, I could make someone fearful or do something they wouldn't normally do as long as it didn't endanger their lives.

They explained that I would have to practice those things with earth people because it wouldn't work with their minds, only earthlings minds could be affected that way. "We will take you back and leave you where you were when we arrived.

No one will notice you were gone and everything will be just as it was before. We will be watching you and see how you are doing though," one of them told me. Suddenly I was standing back where I was before this weird "dream" took place.

I watched the light move away from me and suddenly streak up into the sky in the blink of an eye to again look like a star. I stood rooted to the spot dumfounded and wondering if this was real or if it was only a dream. "Try it" I herd in my head and then I saw a large rock begin to glow at the edge of the yard.

I had fought and sweated for three long days getting that rock dug out of the middle of the yard and rolled over to where it was. I went over and then doing as they had shown me I easily picked the boulder up and carried it across the yard and tossed it into the field behind the house. Damn, this could be all right, I might be able to do something now besides run and hide from all those high school ass holes I thought to myself. I only had about three weeks of school left but I could definitely use all the help I could get dealing with the bullies.

  2. Getting the upper hand on some bullies. The next day I could hardly wait to get to school for once. There were several bullies that I was going to take care of, both male and female. As I stepped onto the school grounds it didn't take long before the enemy appeared in front of me. A boy almost half again bigger than I was stepped in front of me blocking my way.

Ten feet away two girls were laughing pointing and watching. "Where you think you're going nerd? I think you need to go the long way around." I paused a second and read his mind then I mentally told him that he should be careful and he should be afraid of me.

Loudly I spoke up, "I'm going in this way today Bill. You might want to--- phew you smell like you just shit your pants." As I spoke I mentally made him lose control of his bowls. His face turned a bright red then white. Oh fuck he stuttered and took off running. I looked at the giggling girls and made them start to pee their pants. They shrieked and headed for the bathroom. Today is going to be fun I thought to myself as I went in and found my seat in my first period class.

During the day as I sat in my different classes I worked on reading people's minds and listening to the teacher. Most of the boys were thinking of being anywhere but in class and preferably with a certain girl. The girls were thinking of which of the boys they thought was hot looking and how they could dress to tease them. Suddenly I noticed out of the corner of my eye that one of the girls named Susie was watching me.

Susie was a shy but pretty auburn haired girl my age. She was like me, shy and somewhat of a nerd. She had slender shapely legs, pretty dimples, and a very nice looking pair of tits.

She was five foot four inches tall and probably weighed 120 lbs. soaking wet. She didn't dress to show off her body she seemed to try to hide it behind bulky, drab, non-descript, clothing. All her dresses and skirts were worn to almost cover her knees. All of the other girls wore their hem line at least three inches above the knee or more.

Even by just looking across the room at her I started to get an uprising. I gently eased into her mind, what I read shocked me. She was thinking of how she wanted to get to know me but was afraid of what the other girls would say if they found out.

She would even go to bed with me if I'd only ask her. She wanted me bad. I gently stroked Susie's body mentally and felt her start to squirm and become aroused. She wanted to let me get into her pants. She slowly spread her legs, and then lifted the hem of her dress half way up her thighs at my mental suggestion. Again I mentally touched her body and told her she wanted to meet me outside after the final bell. The school day was finally over and I had pretty much figured out who was my enemy and who would like to be my friend.

Some were afraid of being laughed at if they were caught talking to me. It had taken a lot of time but I went through a lot of minds and had changed a lot of attitudes. I paused just inside the doors and scanned Susie's mind again. She was scared, nervous, and hot, she wanted to be with me in the worst way. Her hormones were running wild and she was almost dripping wet between her legs as she ran different scenarios' through her head.

I saw her quiver and grind her legs together as I stepped out the door. "Hi Susie what's happening? Care to walk for a while?" I cheerfully ask as I walked up and stroked her upper thighs with my mind again. She whimpered as we started to walk towards an area I knew well. There was an old closed, boarded up, and empty store with a tiny apartment that we could duck into and not be seen.

As we walked we talked about school and what was going on. She followed alongside me like she already knew where we were going and why. I knew that no one else was aware of this place and I was the only one that had a key. We turned down an alley then ducked around a corner and in behind a big brick building.

I pulled the key from my pocket and quickly unlocked and opened a door. "How did you know about this place, why do you have a key?" she whispered. "Are you sure no one knows about this?" "They better not know about it, my folks own it and no one has a key but my family.

Dad knows I like to come here to be alone once in a while. He gave me the key and told me to check on the place from time to time. Normally I just go in the front door but I figured it would be better if we came in the back way today." As we were talking and I was showing her around I would mentally touch her breasts or pussy.

Cripes she was hot! We stepped into a clean and a sort of tidy little apartment that I used as a hide away from the world. As I closed the door I put my arms around her, began to kiss her, and then mentally nudged her to take her top off.

"Go ahead you'll enjoy it," I mentally shoved her again as she hesitated. Silently she flipped her blouse off over her head and shrugged out of her bra tossing the garments onto a chair. "Ohhhh nice, very nice" I whispered in awe as I reached for her perky melon sized tits. She emitted a whimper and a groan as my fingers seized her hardening and erect nipples. As I rolled her nipples between my fingers they hardened more and stood out from her dark puffy engorged areola.

As I fondled her wonderful smooth soft silky tits I shoved her mentally to drop her skirt and panties. As I pushed my way into her mind it was slamming around and roaring with feelings, desires, and wanting me to fuck her, it was almost unbearable to be in there. It was like being caught in the middle of a raging fire storm of lust. "Oh fuck! Feel me, touch me, fuck me, and make me come" she cried out as her legs began to quiver and give out. I lifted her up and carried her into the tiny bedroom and sat her on the bed.

She flopped back and I was instantly on top of her with my body grinding against hers. We hurriedly struggled to remove my clothes so we would both be completely naked. I gently lowered myself down on top of her and ground my manhood against her lust inflamed pussy as we lay and kissed for what seemed like forever.

Slowly I licked and nibbled from her ear to her throat then down around her left breast. Slowly and teasingly I ran my tongue around her deep dark areola several times before suddenly sucking her nipple into my mouth. Oh shit she jerked and cried out as I began to suck, tongue, and pull her nipple away from her chest with my lips.

As I worked at her left breast with my mouth I was busy massaging her right breast with my hand and I was in her mind to see what she liked and disliked and what excited her most. Slowly as I stroked her cunt with my dick I kept working down to where the head was just above her entrance. She was going crazy, moaning, grunting, whimpering, tossing her head from side to side, grasping the sheets and thrusting her pussy mound up to my dick.

"In me, please put it in me, I want to feel it inside me. Oh god, go slow I'm a virgin. Please don't hurt me" she was whimpering, moaning, begging, and squirming around under me.

Ever so slowly I worked my way down from her pale creamy breasts to her smooth quivering, twitching stomach kissing, licking and teasing her silky soft and tender skin with my tongue. Slowly and softly I slid my tongue across her clean shaven pubic area and then down across her equally clean shaven outer lips. I started to lick her entire slit from back to front and roll her clit with my tongue. She was going ballistic by this time. Each time I would touch her clit she would gasp and slam her hips up into my face.

I moved up and began to kiss her mouth, neck and tits as I aligned my cock with her entrance. I had purposely kept my cock small and short so as not to scare her.

Slowly I started to ease my cock inside her as she lay quivering underneath me. "Oh shit, stop, go slow, fuck me, hurry put it all the way in." Her thoughts were still thrashing around like the ocean in a hurricane. Slowly I entered her until I encountered her barrier. I looked into her beautiful hazel colored eyes and mentally quashed most of the pain as I suddenly thrust into her as deep as I could go. She grunted and gave a moan as I broke through and slammed into her pussy.

Oh crap, that wasn't as bad as I expected she whispered as I held her close and not moving. We lay still for a couple of minutes before she started to move and squirm under me. "I think I'm ready now, it doesn't hurt that much anymore. Oh crap I can feel you up inside me. That feels kind of weird but good at the same time.

Just go slow at first," she whispered hoarsely. Slowly I began an in and out motion with my short 6 inch cock that was a bit bigger around than a quarter. As I worked in and out I began making longer strokes and began to grow my cock as well. Slowly I lengthened myself just enough to where I would bump her cervix and make her groan with each bump. Then I began to make it bigger around.

With the enlargements she was soon bouncing, moaning, grunting, and groaning. "Let me know if it's too big" I grunted as I was thrusting in and out. I don't know if she realized I was getting bigger around and longer or that I could control the size of it. I didn't want to freak her out by adjusting the size to fast.

I wanted to save that little surprise for later. Right now I was going to let her get used to me at about seven inches long and as big around as a silver dollar. We were both grunting moaning and sweating. Our breathing was raspy and gasping as I sawed in and out of her engorged, grasping, tight pussy. Suddenly I couldn't hold back any longer.

I felt the fire start deep in my gut and spread out and up through my dick. "Oh fuck I'm coming I groaned as I slammed into her and flooded her insides with my cum.

As the second shot hit her cervix she screamed, stiffened up, and started convulsing with an orgasm of her own. Slowly I let myself become soft and shrink. As I felt myself slip out of her little love hole I rolled off to the side of her onto the bed. We both groaned and lay there catching our breath. "Oh fuck I've never felt anything like that. It felt like you kept getting bigger and bigger" she whispered.

"Want to know a little secret? I did, and I could have gotten bigger and longer if I wanted to but I didn't want to hurt you or scare you." By now I was in her mind calming her and helping her accept what all I was telling her.

"What would your mom say if she knew what we just did?" I asked her to change the subject for a minute. "I don't think she'd be mad or anything. I get the feeling she knows it will happen and when it does she just hopes my first time will be with someone that's not going to hurt me.

She put me on the pill over two years ago and had "the talk" with me then. She said she knew it would happen some day and she didn't want me to end up pregnant. What do you mean you could've gotten bigger and longer if you wanted to?" She suddenly realized what I had said moments earlier.

"Ok you got me, let he explain and please listen to everything I have to say and don't freak out on me. I know you believe in flying saucers just like I do only you haven't ever seen one up close.

I saw one up close yesterday and was taken inside it. Yes they're kind, friendly and mean us no harm. They did something to me so I can get into someone's mind and make them do what I want them to do. But I only do that if I need to. I can be really strong. I can make myself bigger and taller, or smaller.

I can make my arms or legs bigger or smaller. I can make my ahhh, "equipment" bigger or smaller, longer or shorter. You know Bill; he's been a bully for the last six years. This morning he was going to make me go the long way around to get into the school. I made him scared of me and made him crap his pants. Ella and Karen were standing there laughing at me so I made them pee their pants.

By now Susie was looking at me with her eyes huge. "Did you make me come here and have sex with you? Do you know everything I'm thinking? Can you do those things to me?" She sounded like she was going to panic. Relax Susie, no I didn't make you do this. I looked at just enough of your mind to know you weren't like the others. You liked me but you were afraid of what everyone else would say if you started to hang around with me and talk to me. I just helped you get over being afraid because I like you.

No, I promise I won't make you do anything you don't want to. That wouldn't be fair to either one of us. I want you to like me because you want to like me not because I want you to like me." Susie snuggled up tight beside me, "just how big and long can you make your "equipment" if I might ask. You felt pretty big to me a little bit ago." "I don't know I haven't tried it to see. You want to try it out and see what I can do?

Shall we stick it back in and see how big it'll get?" By now I was touching her and sliding my fingers over her naked body again. She would shudder and moan from time to time. Suddenly she threw her left leg over me as she sat up. She reached down and took my semi hard cock and lined it up with her hole. She gasped as she sat down taking me inside her again. "Oh fuck that feels unbelievable" she moaned as my cock slid up inside her.

I concentrated and kept it small around but let it get longer. "Tell me when to stop" I whispered. As I grew longer I felt her shudder and jerk.

I felt it come up tight against her cervix. I then began to increase the diameter and she was squirming and gasping again. Oh, oh, stop, no more, almost too big" she groaned through gritted teeth. I let it shrink a tiny bit and she began to lift her hips and slam back down again. My god this girl was a sex maniac in disguise, she was going completely berserk riding my dick, slamming herself up and down then rolling her hips from side to side.

It felt like I had my dick stuck in a garden hose she was so tight. I couldn't hold back any longer, I felt it begin in my balls and come boiling up and out. She screamed as I douched her insides with what felt like a gallon of hot cum. She fell forward on top of me with a high pitched squeal, she was shaking and convulsing as she lay on top of me gasping for breath and trying to breathe.

Her hips would give a jerk and thrust from time to time as she was shaking and shuddering. "Oh shit, I've never ever felt anything like that. Oh crap take it out it's to big now, it hurts" she was finally able to moan. I made myself slowly shrink and deflate. As it slipped out of her, her hips gave a jerk and our combined juices ran out of her and down across both of us. Susie rolled off to my side and lay on the bed still having mini orgasms from time to time.

"Oh crap, if I tell mom about this and how good it feels I bet she'll want me to share. Dad left us when I was two years old and I don't think mom's been with anyone since. She's only thirty eight now, I don't know what she does but I hear her moaning sometimes at night in her bedroom after she goes to bed.

"Are you sure you'd want to tell her? She might want to kill me and ground you forever. Worse yet she might come looking for me with the cops or a baseball bat. I don't want to go to jail and I sure don't want her beating the crap out of me with a baseball bat." (I was sure I could prevent those problems but I didn't want to have to.) "Don't worry the worst that could happen, would be the sharing. I'm not sure I want to share you with anyone right now" Susie sighed as she cuddled her naked body next to mine.

"I suppose we should get going though. Mom will be wondering where I am." Susie and I finally crawled off the bed cleaned each other up and found our clothing where we had thrown it when we got naked.

We had just taken each other's virginity and had some great mind blowing sex. Now it was time to leave our hide-a-way and face the real world again.   3. Susie learns more about me. "Please don't tell anyone about this place and don't tell anyone, even your mom, about my abilities," I begged her as we stepped out the door we had stepped through an hour before. "We don't want to have to explain why we're back here and I don't want to have to explain my abilities to anyone else.

I would be the freak of the school if I tried to explain it. The guys with the big butterfly net and the funny looking little white coat would be looking for me." "Don't worry, I'm not telling anyone about this. I want to keep that gorgeous "equipment" for myself. If I have to, I might tell mom what happened but I'll keep some of the details to myself. This is too good to be true." We both snuck around the corner and out onto the sidewalk.

"Walk with me for a little ways," she asked? "Sometimes three or four girls wait and tease me when I get almost home. I hate the teasing and name calling." "I know what you mean I get so embarrassed when they start in on me.

Sometimes I want to hit them with a club. Before now they would have taken it away from me and beat me with it. If we run into them be sure to keep a straight face and don't bust out laughing.

I'll take care of them for you." We walked slowly in the direction of her house. Suddenly two blocks from her place she stopped. "Oh crap there they are all four of them. They seem to manage to give me shit two or three times a week. I'm so sick of them I could scream. First they'll start with their smart assed remarks then one of them will try to knock my books out of my hands then the pushing and shoving will start." "Not today it won't just relax and stay calm.

I'll take care of them. Just don't be surprised at what happens," I said as I gently and hesitantly slipped my arm around Susie's waist. As we walked toward them I was busy looking into their minds, I wanted to have some idea what they had planned.

I wanted to have some idea what I was dealing with and how far they were willing to go with their childish game. Everyone stopped when we were within ten feet of each other. The boldest one Karen, started in, "Hey Suzie coozie, what ya doin out here on our sidewalk? Who's the dork with ya? Ya screwed him yet? Bet you have, you been screwing everything in town haven't you, ya little whore. Ya touch my boyfriend and I'll cut your tits off and stuff them up you're stretched out cunt you little bitch." Suddenly she let out a shriek and whirled around to look behind her then squealed again and whirled back to face us.

For some reason her companions found this hilarious and began to laugh hysterically. "Who grabbed my ass," she demanded in an angry, outraged voice. By now her face was starting to turn red from anger or embarrassment or both. "Which one of you slapped my ass," she demanded glaring at Susie and me. "We're too far away from you to do anything like that.

Ask your friends there, if they can quit laughing at you long enough to answer. Besides we don't go around grabbing and hitting people, that's not nice." All the time I was talking to her I was mentally making her feel more embarrassed and foolish.

Then for an after effect I made her feel a hand slide up under her skirt and start to rub her pussy. I wouldn't let her move I made her stand there and spread her legs apart. Her eyes got huge as the non-existent hand continued to rub and fondle her pussy through her panties I aroused her more and more. As her hysterical friends stood there laughing at her she shuddered with a massive orgasm and dropped to her knees as she grabbed her crotch. "Oh fuck, what's happening, I think I just had an orgasm" she moaned loudly.

"Shit it feels like someone has their hand in my pants finger fucking me. Oh fuck, my clit, I'm gonna come again!" She began to pant and jerk her hips with one hand in her crotch and her other hand grabbing and mauling her tits. "Ooooh fuck I'm coming again," she whimpered as another even bigger orgasm slammed into her.

As Karen was kneeling quivering jerking and recovering from her latest orgasm I placed the thought into the mind of all four of the bullies that they would never do anything or say anything degrading to either Susie or me again, they would be too afraid to.

"Let's go Susie I don't think these four want to play anymore. I think they've learned their lesson." I put my arm around Susie's waist and escorted her past the four bullies standing there with their mouth hanging open and their eyes wide in astonishment and fear.

We strolled down the sidewalk towards her house as if nothing had happened. Finally Susie couldn't take it anymore, she burst out. "What did you do, did you do that, and how did you do it? Oh crap I don't ever want you mad at me that was freaky. I would've died of embarrassment if that had happened to me. I do have to admit though that it made me really hot, and horny watching Karen have those orgasms. I wonder if she enjoyed them." "Remember I told you I could get into other people's heads if I needed to?

I also made them really want to never ever mess with us in any way ever again. I also told them that they didn't want to tell anyone about what happened because if they did no one would believe them and they would be the laughing stock of the school. How about I give you just a little one since were almost to your house. Just enough to remember me, not enough to make you fall down like Karen did." I made her feel my hand slowly and delicately sliding up the inside of her thigh to her pussy.

"Don't you dare," she squealed and jumped forward. "I want the real thing not just you in my mind. I want to feel you get big after you slide up inside me. I want to feel you sliding in and out of my pussy with that big, long, hard dick making me go crazy like you did before. Oh crap I wish mom wasn't home I'd drag you inside and rape you." By now we were at her doorstep. I gave her a quick peck on the lips and said good bye.

I knew I'd be seeing a lot of that girl in the near future. I was already planning our next little bedroom romp. As I walked back down the street I met four very worried "former" bullies.

I took a quick peek in their mind as they came hurrying up to me. They were all four scared of me as they stopped a couple of feet away in front of me.

"Oh my god, you saw what happened back there didn't you? Please, please, please don't tell anyone what you and Susie saw. Please promise us neither of you will ever breathe a word. We'll be the laughing stock of the whole school. I don't know what happened but I do know I don't want anyone to find out about it either.

I'm so embarrassed I just want to crawl under the sidewalk." All four of them were almost in tears begging me to keep quiet about what happened to them.

I was still a bit awkward around girls but I put up a brave front this time. I wasn't going to let them know that I was shaking in my shoes.

This time I was the one in command. "Hey girls what's happening? You four look like you just saw a ghost. How's it feel to be on the other end of the stick for once? Now you know how Susie and I feel when you're pushing us around and making fun of us.

Karen how would you like it if someone called you a whore? Tell you what, if you promise to never bully anyone again and treat everyone like you want to be treated I'll think about it. Susie will have to make up her own mind though, I can't speak for her. You have to be super nice to her when you ask her or all bets are off with me. Just remember what it's like when you start to make fun of somebody." They slowly calmed down enough to understand what I was telling them. Each of the four of them tearfully promised to leave Susie and me alone.

I reminded them one more time what I would do if they went back on their promise just before I started down the street and headed for home. As I walked my cell phone started to ring. "Hello, oh hi Susie, guess who I just saw, ya and they were all scared shitless. I told them I wouldn't say anything just yet, but they would have to be nice to you and ask you to keep quiet.

I wouldn't talk for you. Nope I told them they would never tease us or anyone else again. They come to see you yet? They're probably afraid your mom will rip them a new one for giving you crap all the time. Oh shit what all did you tell her, what did she say, is she pissed at me, please tell me she isn't looking to kill me! Susie quit laughing this isn't funny my life is on the line here. Oh phewww I thought you meant about you and me earlier. Are you sure? I'm too young to die at the hands of an enraged mother because I took advantage of her virgin daughter.

Susieee, noooo you'll get both of us killed. Ok just don't let them force you to agree to anything. Go answer the door and make them squirm a little and remind them what it's like to be shoved around all the time.

Call me when they leave, ok bye." I continued on my way home trying to think of a way to thank my strange benefactors for their help. I was beginning to see a difference in how my life was going to be. I was beginning to have a self-confidence I didn't know existed. I didn't want to "get even" with the bullies I just wanted them to treat Susie and me like they treated everyone else.

I didn't want to abuse my new powers I just wanted to be a normal person, free of the embarrassment and being picked on.   4. My turn to learn. That night I told mom what happened and why. I was surprised when she didn't seem the least bit worried about it. I didn't go into detail about what Susie and I did or exactly what I did to the bullies.

"I was wondering when it would happen. Your father and I have been in contact with them for many years. They're great beings, and have ways of doing things that will astound you.

You are just seeing the very edge of what they can do. In fact your father and I have been giving some serious thought to moving back out to their galaxy. We were just waiting to see if they were going to contact you. We've been out there and it's a beautiful world a lot like here but without all the pollution, crime diseases, and hatred. We'll wait until dad gets back from his trip and we'll see what he says." "MOM, I just found someone I can be friends with and now you want to leave?

That's not fair! I've put up with the bullies and ass holes all through school and now I have a girlfriend and you want to leave town what are you thinking?" I asked almost in tears.

"Maybe her folks would want to go along. We could always invite them you know." "Susie's dad left them years ago so it's just Susie and her mom now. Maybe you can meet her and talk her into going if we do. Do I dare say anything to Susie about it? She'd go but I'm not sure what her mom would think or say." "Don't say anything to her yet, I want to talk to your dad first and see what he says besides I want him here to explain everything to you first." I was at school early the next morning anxiously waiting for Susie to show up.

I soon got the feeling that the word was out to "not" mess with me. There was none of the normal name calling, being bumped into, being tripped or laughter and giggles with a pointed finger. Even Bill and Karen's asshole boyfriend Eddie passed by without saying or doing anything mean. A few minutes later Susie appeared walking down the street. I hurried in her direction. "Hi pretty lady how you doing this morning, how'd it go last night, what did your mom have to say?" "Hey stud what's happening today?" She stopped and gave me a gentle tug around and behind some bushes.

"Let's skip today and go hang out at your store. I don't feel like setting in school all day, I want to go hang out with you and fuck some more. Besides today is Friday and a short day anyway. Come on let's go to your place!" She was impatiently tugging on my sleeve.

We hurried down several different alleys and up to the back door of my private hideaway. This girl was hotter than a firecracker she sure didn't need any help from me. She was already close to having an orgasm when we stepped into the apartment. She was breathing hard and grinding her nylon covered thighs together. "Oh damn, the more I see you and think about what you can do the hotter I get.

I'm ready now let's get that thing out here and put it where it belongs. First though I want to play with it for a while," She said as she began throwing her clothes off then reaching for my belt and zipper as she knelt in front of me dressed only in her nylons and panties. "Oh cripes girl, slow down you're going a hundred miles an hour," I said as I reached into her mind and cooled her boiling hormones down to a slow simmer. She slowed down and began to remove my shoes, pants, and socks.

She moaned and shivered as my semi erect cock popped out into view in front of her face. She hesitantly reached out and took it in her hand. She looked it over from every angle then reached out and softly kissed the head making me groan, and my cock jerk. Slowly she began to rub her hand up and down the length of it.

I reached down and put my hands on the sides of her head slowly moving her face closer towards my throbbing cock. Damn I wasn't sure if I could keep from blowing my load but I wanted to feel her mouth around my meat. Cautiously she kissed the head again then touched it with her tongue. I groaned and moved my cock forward towards her mouth. "Take it; take it in your mouth. Take it and suck it like a lollipop," I gasped. It seemed like an eternity before her mouth opened and she slid my cock head into her mouth and began to slide her tongue around it then along the underside as she allowed more of me in her mouth.

I was careful to keep the size down to something she could handle. I didn't want to choke her. I wanted her very first blowjob experience to be something she would remember, not something that would frighten her. She began to slowly bob her head the full length of my cock and I could feel her mind ask for more. I allowed myself to get longer and bigger around until I felt her think it was big enough. The first time I felt it hit the back of her throat she started to gag but she fought the reaction off.

Soon I was lengthening myself more and felt it slide deep into her throat. "Oh fuck I'm going to shoot, I'm going to cum I can't hold it any longer I don't care what you do just don't stop." Suddenly my balls contracted and sent a huge load of my baby batter screaming up and out the end of my dick.

Just as I thrust my hips forward she slammed her face into my groin forcing my cock down her throat. Oh fuck, all I could do is stand there and quiver, my knees were shaking and my whole body felt like it had high voltage running through it, I couldn't breathe and my eyes were screwed shut. For a minute I thought I was going to pass out then I felt her pull back and gasp for breath.

She had just deep throated me, swallowed every drop of my seed, and loved it. I couldn't stand up any more, my knees buckled and I slumped to the floor beside her. "Shit, where did you learn to do that? Let's go into the bedroom, I want to return that favor." I whispered as I threw my arms around her almost naked body and held her close. It took a few minutes before we could both stand up and stagger to the bedroom and flop on the bed.

We finished taking our clothes off and lay there cuddling together whispering and touching each other. "Did you like that, did I do it right? Mom showed me how to do it last night. I told you she wouldn't care if we had sex, she was happy when I told her about us. I got pretty into it when I described what we did but I didn't tell her about your "special" equipment. I told you she'd want to share. She told me when I got enough to let her know.

She wants to try something besides her toys. She must have been really horny afterwards. She was moaning and making all sorts of weird noises for two hours after she went to bed." "And what do you think about it? I'm not sure I'm ready for something like that yet. I still have a lot to learn.

What I have learned I like, but I still have another thing or two I want to try. That blow job was over the top, but how would you like to have me do that to you?" By now I was tracing imaginary lines over Susie's body from her throat to her thighs.

I gently and slowly traced my fingertips around her neck and across her throat. I used my fingers like feathers touching her throat, her tits, her belly, and down to her boiling slippery pussy. Each time I would run my fingers over her outer lips from front to back I would gently rub her asshole and then bring my fingers back through her slit and rub her clit.

As I fingered her asshole she would gasp, moan, and jerk her hips. When I reached her clit she would yelp and grab my hand slamming it against her. "Oh fuck put it in me, please put it in me," she sobbed as she thrust her hips up and slammed her hands down on the bed grabbing handfuls of the sheet and twisting.

Quickly I knelt between her legs and attacked her drooling wet pussy with my mouth. I sucked her entire area in my mouth and began licking and stabbing my now elongated tongue deep inside her. Slowly I let all of her escape my mouth except her clit which I sucked into my mouth and slapped from side to side with my again normal size tongue. "Ahhh fuck I'm Cuming!" she moaned as she locked her long slender shapely legs around my head, lifted her hips and back off the bed and started to shake and convulse.

Then she flopped limply on the bed, she had passed out. I lay there holding her body close to mine for a couple of minutes before she blinked her eyes and gave a mighty groan. She would still twitch and jerk from time to time with still happening mini orgasms.

She snuggled into me and worked on getting her breathing back to normal and trying to figure out what had just happened. "Oh fuck, what happened, what did you do to me? I've never felt anything like that in my life. Oh shit (her body jerked) I'm still having orgasms, I'm still coming I can't stop. Oh crap what did you do, I can't stop jerking," she demanded weakly. "Just relax and enjoy it. You're still having mini orgasms, you passed out on me.

Are you alright," I asked. Slowly she came back down to earth and lay on the bed like a limp rag doll. She mumbled something and groaned as she tried to wiggle even closer to me. We lay and rested for twenty minutes before she finally began to touch me and reach for my iron hard cock.

As she slowly and tenderly fondled my manhood I slowly let it lengthen and grow to around fourteen inches and get bigger around than her wrist. We were kissing and nibbling on each other as she stroked my huge member. "That will never ever fit in me," she groaned. "All I want right now is to feel you up inside me. I don't need a light pole in me just your big cock. After you get it in you can make it bigger like you did yesterday." I made it shrink back down to a normal size then rolled over between her legs.

I rubbed the head of it around on the opening of her slobbering pussy. Good god this girl was wet enough to cause a flood. Supporting my upper body with my arms I slowly, with her help, got my cock lined up and eased it into her tight twat as deep as I could go. I gave her a minute then started to enlarge and lengthen it again. As her walls began to stretch she moaned and whimpered.

"Stop, big enough for now. Just fuck me slow I need to get used to something like that" she groaned. "Damn girl you're tight, I love how tight and small you are. Damn I'm almost ready to blow!" Susie was moaning whimpering, grunting, and crying out how good it felt as she tossed her head from side to side and trying to pull the sheets off the bed. I couldn't hold back any more I had to thrust hard and fast. With each thrust in I would hit her cervix and she would yelp.

By now I was fucking like a mad man slamming in and sliding back out so I could slam into her jerking, twitching, contracting vagina. Then I felt it start deep inside me and the boiling cum raced up and out the end of my cock as I slammed into her and filled her insides with my hot cream.

"Oh fuck" I groaned as she screamed in ecstasy. We both collapsed on the bed totally drained and fell asleep. We woke three hours later in a spooning position with my cock sticking straight out and between her legs nestled against her wet cummey pussy. I enlarged it to about three times its normal size and began to slowly move it back and forth.

She groaned and wiggled her taught teenage ass tight against me. "Ohhhh, I'm sore, don't you ever wear out? Damn I can't get enough of you close to me but I can't take it any more right now. I still think mom was right when she told me I should be sharing that thing with her." Suddenly I got an idea. "Roll over on your back I want to try something." As she rolled onto her back I shrunk myself to the size of a pencil and about six inches long.

I gently wiped some of our juices from around her still oozing pussy and coated her asshole good. "Eek what do you think you're doing, you're too big for there. You want to split me in half or something." I reached into her mind and calmed her fears as I stroked her little rosebud. "Just relax" I said as I positioned my tiny cock against her asshole. "Relax it like you were going to take a shit." I caught some more lubrication from her pussey and covered my cock with it then I began a gentle pressure inward.

She gasped and squeaked as the head popped in and I gently began to slide all six inches into her bowels. I paused for a few seconds deeply embedded in her ass then began a slow in and out rhythm while slowly enlarging myself.

Soon she was whimpering and moaning. "Good, oh god it feels so good don't stop it feels good. Oh, oh, oh, make it bigger oh god it feels good." She was moaning with each stroke I made. Very slowly I began to make myself bigger around and longer as I slid in and out of her. Her breathing became short and rasping as she moaned for more. I felt myself getting close when she suddenly stiffened up and shrieked, "Commingggg!

Oh shit, I'm comming again help me, don't stop, oh shit I'm Commingggg!" She cried out in passion again as I blasted her bowels with my cream. "Oh damn you that felt so good I didn't want it to end. I've got to tell mom about you. She'll come looking for you but not to get revenge. She'll want some of what we've been sharing. I know she will." "Only if you're there right beside us to watch, I want you there with us.

You're hot enough, good grief what will your mom be like? And what would you do if you got overly excited? Would you be playing with me or with your mom or both? If we do, you have to be there and be just as naked as your mom and me.

You can play with any part of your mom I'm not playing with or you can let your mom eat your pussy while I eat hers and fuck her. Anything goes as long as it doesn't hurt someone. I'm not into pain and I'm sure you two aren't either.

Your mom will have to ask though. I won't lay a hand on her otherwise. If you two start it I won't back out I'll do my best to keep up with you. I haven't even met your mom yet, what's she look like?" Susie and I spent most of the day either on the bed talking, fucking or wandering around the store naked.

All the windows had been covered with paper so no one could see in, we had free run of the entire building. We even swept some of the floors and cleaned up the tiny apartment. I wasn't a very good housekeeper so things were kind of scattered and thrown around the apartment. By early afternoon we were hungry and thinking of leaving when Susie's cell phone rang.   5. I meet Susie's mom and kick a bully's ass. "Hello, oh hi mom, ya sorry but I talked him into ditching school today.

No we're over at his hideout. No mom not all day just most of it. We did some house cleaning this afternoon. He's a terrible housekeeper. We were just talking about going somewhere and finding something to eat. We're both starved. Ya I mentioned it. He says only if I'm right there with you. No I don't think his parents get home until late.

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His dad's out of town on business until next week some time. Okay, we'll be there in a few minutes." "Mom says for us to come over to my place she'll fix us something to eat. Let's get going I'm starved and I'm sore enough I definitely don't want to do anything more right now. Besides I want you to meet my mom." Susie and I left our hiding place and slipped down the alley to the street.

Just as we were about to step around the corner onto the street I grabbed Susie and pulled her back. Let me go first, I think there's someone that wants to cause trouble I whispered.

Sure enough my inclination was right. There was Eddie, Karen's boyfriend. He was a huge boy with muscles that were bulging from lifting weights and playing football. Nobody in their right mind messed with Eddie if they wanted to live.

He had a dangerous temper, loved to fight, and had put more than one person in the hospital with his big gnarly fists. Instantly I made myself fifty times stronger than I normally was. "Well well, look what I found. You're the little pussy that's got my girlfriend all wound up. Now I'm gonna wind you and your little whore up, stomp a mud hole in your ass then I'll walk it dry." "Eddie, you don't want to do that, somebody might get hurt," I calmly replied.

"Somebody will get hurt alright and that somebody is going to be you and your little snatch friend." Eddie suddenly swung his huge fist at me. How I did it I don't know but instantly I knocked his arm aside and hit him hard in the stomach. He stood like a statue for a few seconds with his eyes bugging out then he struggled to take a breath.

As he slowly forced himself to inhale some of the air that he had expelled when I hit him, he grabbed his midsection and sank to his knees moaning. As he went down I slapped his face hard four times before his knees hit the sidewalk.

He was on his knees with his head almost touching the cement, holding his stomach and trying not to vomit. "Eddie, you don't want to try to do this. You'll also apologize to Susie for calling her a whore.

That wasn't cool," I told him again. "Fuck you; you bastard, I'll break every bone in your body. I aint apologizing to that cunt for anything she aint worth it," he groaned. He had started to straighten up and suddenly he reached for me. I grabbed his hand and twisted it over backwards, hard.

There was a "snap" as an arm bone broke. He screamed as I kicked him right in the teeth, shattered his lower jaw, and scattered his front teeth all over the sidewalk. I hated to get this angry but he had been a bully and an ass hole to everyone for the last several years and it was time he learned his lesson.

By now I could tell he was in too much pain to worry about me so I turned and walked away with my arm around my girlfriend as he lay writhing on the ground in pain. "I'm sorry you had to watch that babe.

Now maybe he'll grow up and leave people alone he's been a bully since fourth grade. Pain is the only thing he understands, I hope he got the idea this time. When I looked at his mind all I saw was hatred and darkness. There wasn't a speck of respect for anyone or anything in there." We hurried down the street, up the steps, and into Susie's house.

As we stepped inside I was already trying to read her mother.


I still wasn't sure if this was real or if I was going to have to run for my life. The house was neat and clean. There were very few furnishings to see as we walked through. A small table and two chairs sat in the kitchen. There were two easy chairs and a battered up old couch along one wall in the living room.

A small TV sat on the other wall on top of a couple of plastic milk crates. "Mom, I'm home" Susie called out as we stepped into the living room. "Hi kids, what's happening? Susie you've been holding out on me if this is the guy you been telling me about. A light haired woman with a figure that any movie star would envy came hurrying from another room.

"Mom this is Don the guy I been telling you about, Don this is my mom Rose. He's great just don't make him mad. Remember that kid Eddie I told you about? Well this guy just left him lying on the sidewalk with a broken arm and all his front teeth knocked out down by that old store I was telling you about yesterday. Eddie was going to pound on him. Eddie took one swing and don hit him so hard I don't think he could breathe for a few seconds.

Then Eddie threatened us again and tried to grab him. Don grabbed his arm and broke it, I heard the bone snap. Then Don kicked him right in the mouth. I never even saw him move the first time he hit him. I'll bet he never picks on us again, he'll be too afraid to." "Oh dear he didn't hurt either one of you did he? Isn't he the one that's been a problem for everyone for the last five years or so?

He has a quite a reputation for fighting I've been told." "Ya mom that's the kid, he never laid a hand on either one of us. He swung his fist at Don and the next thing I know he was on his knees on the sidewalk trying to breathe.

"What's for lunch, you said you would fix us something." By now I had been in Rose's head enough to know that she wasn't mad at me for stealing her daughters virginity she was jealous. She had been alone for so long that she wanted something besides one of her toys between her legs.

She was just as horny as her daughter. She was already trying to think of a way to get me in bed with her after what Susie had told her. Susie hadn't told her about my abilities but she had mentioned that I was huge when I was completely hard. Rose was thinking about how huge and what it would feel like.

She was already dripping wet and horny. Rose fixed us some hot dogs and a bowl of macaroni and cheese for lunch. After we ate and she cleaned up the kitchen. She finally couldn't stand it anymore. She turned a bit red in the face and stuttered a little.

  6. A new experience for me. "Ok you two time to talk. I know what you've been doing hiding in that old closed up store. Mind you it probably isn't right but I'm willing to overlook it.

Don, Susie tells me you are quite well endowed is that true? If it is why don't you two just do things like that here at home? Besides I might even want to watch you and maybe join in," she stuttered. "Heaven knows it's been a long time since I've seen a male without clothes on. Susie's dad left fifteen years ago when she was two years old and I haven't been with a guy since then. There are times I'm so damn horny I think I'm going to explode." I had already read her mind and knew what was coming but it still made me turn red in the face.

I had changed a lot since the first time Susie and I were together but I still managed to get embarrassed at times. Again I reached into her mind and read her thoughts.

Her mind was thrashing around like the ocean in a hurricane. Damn it boy take your clothes off I want to see it. Oh crap he's just a teenager I could get in deep shit doing this.

I don't care, if he's as big as Susie says I want that thing in me, I want him between my legs. Oh crap I hope he'll do me with his tongue. There's something about that boy, I wonder if he's one of them.

Oh crap I hope so if he is he can make it any size he wants. Oh shit I want to grab that cock and start sucking on it. Her mind was going a hundred miles an hour. "Rose have you ever seen a flying saucer?" I suddenly asked. She stopped and looked at me. Yes why do you ask? I've seen several of them over the years. Wait a minute are you saying that you're one of them? Please don't tell me you're an alien." No I'm not an alien but I've seen them and talked to them.

They gave me some abilities that have helped me out a lot. That's how I managed to beat the crap out of Eddie. I can be as strong as I want to, as big or small as I want to and I can adjust the size of various body parts if you know what I mean." "Oh my god you are one of them, you're a cretated human. I knew one other person that was that way once. He finally got tired of all the shit going down on this earth and moved to some other galaxy with them.

I'd give my right tit to be able to do that with Susie." "That's weird my mom was saying something about doing that someday. She said her and dad would have to talk about it when he gets back from his trip.

I told her yesterday about me and the flying saucer people. She said that she and dad had been contactees for years. Maybe you should talk to them and see if we could all move together. I already told her that I wasn't going anywhere now that I had a girlfriend." "I will, tomorrow. But now back to what we were talking about.

Since you're cretated I know you can read minds if you want to. I'm also sure you have been reading mine and know how I feel. I want you in that bedroom with both of us naked. I know what you can do with that thing and I want you doing it to me!" "I'll agree but only if Susie can be there also and be just as naked as you and me.

After all it's her and me most of the time and I want her to be there too. I don't know if I can keep up with both of you but I'm willing to try." "Oh my god, Susie is that something you want to be part of? Is that something you want to do? Oh shit I've never thought about something like this.

I'm not real sure I want my baby girl seeing something like that. I don't know if I could handle it." As she was sputtering her doubts and objections I was in her mind. She was saying one thing and thinking something totally opposite.

She was thinking that with her daughter there she would be so aroused that it would be nothing but one long orgasm. She had always thought about someone watching her have sex or having two different people on her at one time. The thought had her so close to coming that she couldn't stand it. By now Rose was standing between Barb and me. Where I got the courage I'll never know but I reached over and slid my hand up the back of her leg with my fingers caressing the inside of her leg.

She let out a shriek and fell forward onto the table. As she fell forward she spread her legs apart. Gently I slid my fingers up and back down several times. Each time I went up I got closer to her soppy wet pussy. Each time I went up she would shudder and cry out as she tried her best to hump my hand. Finally I ran my hand all the way to the top and slowly slid my fingers across her panty covered pussy and ass hole.

As I touched her ass hole she howled out; "Yes; yes anything just fuck me, and fuck me now, please I beg you, please I need it now!" She was sobbing and begging as Susie and I helped her to stand and stagger into her bedroom.

Susie helped her mother take off her clothes and I quickly slipped out of my jeans and shirt. As Susie finished getting her mom undressed and onto the bed I began to strip her.

In a matter of a few seconds we were all three naked. I had enlarged myself to about ten inches long and six inches across. "Oh shit," Susie breathed when she saw it. I winked at her and stepped up beside her mom. Rose was already nearing an orgasm so I calmed her mind just a little. "Oh fuck yes" she whined as she wrapped her hand around my manhood and jerked her knees up towards the ceiling.

"Put it in me now please put it in me." I gently slipped around and in between her legs. As I moved I whispered to Susie; "You start doing her tits. I'll see what I can do with her down here." Susie dove down onto her mother's tits and began to lick, slurp, slobber, fondle, and suck. Rose was moaning and shuddering. She would grab the bed sheets and roll her head from side to side.

As I slowly licked down across her outer lips and down to her ass hole she raised her hips and back off the bed and slammed her thighs tight against my head. That woman was producing enough wetness to soak her, me, and the bed as I continued to lick and suck on her clit.

Finally when I thought she couldn't handle it any more I slowly raised and repositioned myself so I could enter her.

"Susie, help me get it in," I whispered. She quickly abandoned her mom's tits and slipped around to guide me into her mom's boiling, slippery, hot cunt. Rose held her breath as Susie lined me up and parted her lips with the head of my dick. "OH fuck yes" she howled as she felt my dick try to enter her. "Oh stop its too big," she groaned as I tried to push my pole in her tunnel.

I shrunk it down to about half its former diameter and pushed forward again. She moaned as the crown popped in past her outer lips. I slowly forced my way in as Susie wiggled it around and parted her mother's pussy lips to make it easier for me.

This woman was so tight I would have sworn in court that she was still a virgin. I could feel every bump and ripple of flesh as I slowly slid into her. By now she was beyond saying anything all she could do was moan and whimper and attempt to draw another breath as she squirmed under the onslaught of my dick as it stretched her opening.

It seemed to take forever to get into where I was jammed up tight against her cervix. She moaned and grunted as I began to slowly saw in and out of her hot, wet, channel. Reaching around I tugged on Susie's arm indicating I wanted her in front of me. As she moved back around in front of me I whispered in her ear; "set down so your mom can eat your pussy." Susie instantly threw her leg over her mother and slowly settled her hips down to where her mom couldn't ignore her dripping wet snatch.

Susie was going out of her mind by now she was so hot. I began to make myself bigger as I slowly sawed in and out. I was paying close attention to both their thoughts as we were all three connected to each other on the bed.

Susie was going nuts as her mom licked, sucked, and fingered her slit and I mauled her tits. Rose was almost ready to explode as she felt my huge member inside her. Then I slowly began to enlarge just the head of my dick more as I slid back and forth.

"Oh fuck no more, it's big enough, I'm almost there I'm going to come," I heard her groan. I quickly lifted Susie up from her mom's face and rammed three fingers up inside her right in front of her mom's eyes. Suddenly Rose stiffened up and let out a long low howling moan.

"Oh fuck I'm comming she howled as she shook, shuddered, and convulsed under me. That did it I shot load after load into her as soon as I slammed the head of my monstrous cock hard against her cervix and held it there. I was in the middle of my orgasm when Susie screeched, grabbed me close and started to shake and jerk her hips. "Oh fuck, me to" she groaned through gritted teeth. By now Rose had passed out and it was all I could do to lay her daughter down onto the bed beside her.

I let my cock shrink down to a normal size and slowly ooze out of Rose's battered pussy. Susie lay there moaning from time to time and trying to get her breath. Rose started to come back to reality and lay there convulsing every few seconds. "Oh fuck she finally got out I've never been fucked like that before, ever. Oh shit what did you do to me? It felt like you had your fist up in there slamming around. Oh damn I don't want to move, I can't move," she groaned as a particularly strong after shock grabbed her again and she quivered through it curled up in a fetal position.

We all three cuddled up and fell asleep for the next hour.   7. Some answers at long last. I finally managed to drag myself home at seven o'clock that evening. I was shocked as I walked in the door.


I was greeted by my dad who was standing in the middle of the kitchen. He had come home five days early. "Hey son how are you doing? What's this I hear you have a girlfriend?

Anyone I know or should know?" "Hey dad, you're just the person I want to talk to. How was your trip? How come you're home early? What's happening"? Then I got very serious.

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"Dad I need to talk to you man to man. I want to know what all you know about ET'S, other galaxies, aliens, space, space travel, cretateion, and what mom was talking about, saying something about us moving somewhere out to another galaxy.

Dad I'm not leaving here without Susie and her mother. Her mother knows about me and what I can do. She knew someone else one time that was cretated. He left earth and went somewhere to get away from the earth bull crap, he couldn't stand it anymore. She wouldn't say as much but I think that person was Susie's dad." Dad was frozen to the spot where he was standing.

His eyes were wide and he was a bit pale. Finally he began to move and speak as he pulled out a chair and motioned for me to take a seat across the table from him. "Son I wondered when this would all come out in the open. Who is this person you're talking about, what's her name?" I told him their names and where they lived.

"You sound pretty firm about this girl son does she know what you can do? How does her mom know about being cretated?" I proceeded to tell him briefly about the last couple of weeks without going into the finer details. I told him about the aliens, about meeting Susie, about Susie and me using the old store, about stomping Eddie, and about my afternoon with Susie and her mother.

I had already figured he was going to go through the roof when I was telling him about Susie and our afternoon. "Son, it sounds like you got a good dose of cretateion from the Nurocks.

It also sounds like you have a nice collection of females started already, I'm jealous. I wasn't aware of those two but I am aware of about half a dozen other families in this area that are either time or space travelers.

I need to meet with your girl's tomorrow morning. Your mother and I were hoping that you might get to know a girl your age called Karen. I don't think she is aware of what her birthright is yet but she is the offspring of Karahea of Tau. Her grandparents are from the Thuorm galaxy. You need to be really picky about whom you pair with since once you pair it could be for thousands of years.

If we were to go to where we want to go and you take your girls along you will be a highly respected individual. Anyone with more than two females is considered nobility. If you could get Karen to go with you and the other two, you would probably be given a large estate to live on complete with lots of maids and servants. You would want for nothing, everything would be provided to you.

Especially since one of your girls is an older woman. There will be those that are more than a little jealous. Your mother and I have an estate there. Yes there are four other females in my life besides your mother. She knows all about each and every one of them and she's perfectly fine with it.

They're all waiting for us to come home. Good grief what a party that will be!" "Karen? Yuck dad, she's a big bully and her boyfriend is the one I had to stomp on today. She would have to change a whole lot for me or Susie to even want her on the same planet with us. Besides I'm not sure how Susie would handle me having another girlfriend. Her mother is one thing but another girl might not be very welcome. Would they all have to be cretated like me?" "I'll talk to Karen's parents tomorrow and see what's going on with her.

She was a really nice person at one time, I wonder if her boyfriend did something to make her that way. If you get a chance slip into her mind and see what's going on. You might even be able to help her get her head straightened out. I'll be willing to bet it's the guy she's running around with." Dad and I spent the next two hours, with him explaining what was going on. The more he explained the more I understood and the more he talked the more I realized I already knew about it without his explanations.

It was as if I already knew but the knowledge had been suppressed and now it was all coming to the surface again.   8. An awakening in more ways than one. Dad left early the next morning to go see my girls and Karen and her folks. I was on pins and needles until noon when suddenly my, phone rang, it was Susie! "Hey sweetie what's happening? What you up to today? Is your mom alright this morning? What did you think of yesterday?" Susie finally managed to get a word in when I stopped to take a breath.

Her words were tumbling over each other she was so excited. "Don, you snake in the grass! You're rotten but I still love you anyway. Your dad just left here a few minutes ago. OMFG I can't believe what all he told us. How much of this did you know?

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Mom is out of her mind with excitement, she wants to go today, and she can hardly wait. Your dad said there are certain things that have to be done before that happens.

We figured out that mom had been cretated years ago but it has to happen to me yet before we can go. He also told me about that bitch Karen. He said he was on his way over to her place to find out what was going on with her. What do you think about her? I don't mind sharing but she's caused us enough grief over the last four years that she'll have to come up with some really good excuses. It's not that I hate her, I just hate the way she treats us.

Your dad says that it's probably because of Eddy. By the way did you hear he's in the hospital? Apparently you did some serious damage when you slugged him in the gut yesterday. His folks were thinking about maybe pressing charges but when they talked to the police they changed their mind. I guess a cop saw the whole thing. His mouth is wired shut and he has to eat everything through a straw. Your dad says we can possibly be gone by the end of next month at the earliest.

Oh crap can you come over I can't wait to see you and neither can mom. I think she's as much in love as I am. Besides I think she wants to get us three in bed again, not that I'll complain any that was the wildest and most erotic thing I've ever done.

Hurry up and get your ass over here!" I was already headed out the door and down the street as she was talking. "Damn girl, you're wound up like an eight day clock. I'd almost bet you'll both be bare assed naked by the time I get there. Just don't get too carried away. No coming allowed until after I get there I want to be able to see it and lick up the juices." Susie just gave a sexy groan into the phone before she hung up.

I was right. I rang the doorbell, a curtain moved a little and someone hollered for me to come in. I walked in and there was Susie standing in front of me naked. I was instantly hard as a rock and it was pointing straight at her.

Her mom came around the corner and she was dressed just like her daughter. OMG that woman was gorgeous. Her 36D tits stood straight out. Her nipples were the size of my thumb and almost half an inch long sticking out from her deep dark aureoles that were puckered up with anticipation. She had a slender waist that flared out into hips that should have been on a twenty year old.

She was completely shaven between her legs and her pussy lips were flaring out proudly as if saying "Hey I'm here, come play with me." Her nostrils were flared and her eyes were big.

"Don, come on in! Your dad just left a few minutes ago. Oh crap was that ever a shock. He just confirmed everything and helped me remember everything I knew. Oh damn, we're all from the same place. Susie might have been born here on earth just like you but you're both still considered to be from the Tau galaxy because of your parents.

I can't wait to get home again. As you can see Susie and I aren't wearing clothes. That's normal on Tau where I'm from. We're like this most of the time when no one's here but the two of us." The three of us talked for a while like long lost friends when suddenly Susie's phone rang. "Hello, Who, Ya it's me what do you want" Susie was beginning to sound very annoyed and angry. "Ok I'll listen but that don't mean I'll believe a word you say.

Why should I after all the shit you give me all the time. Remember a couple of weeks ago when the teacher told you to leave me alone or you'd be in the office for a month?" Susie stood and listened intently for several minutes while Rose and I sat and talked quietly. Finally we heard her ask; you got guts enough to come over here and tell my mom and Don the same thing? He is? Ok he can bring you over," Susie said before disconnecting the call. "You guys aren't going to believe this but that was Karen.

She wants to come over here and get on her knees and apologize for the way she's been treating Don and me. Don your dad's going to bring her over. Crap mom that means we have to get dressed. I don't know what your dad told her but she was crying most of the time she was talking to me. Susie and her mom scampered to get their clothes on before dad and Karen showed up.

Just as Rose came out dressed in gym shorts and a loose cotton T shirt the doorbell rang. She went to the door and let Karen and my dad in. "Come in and have a seat.

Karl would you like a coffee?" Just then Susie walked into the living room and stood beside me. We both stared at Karen wondering just what she was up to.

I peeked into her mind and found someone that was scared to death and cowering like a small child. I then connected to Susie and gave her the thought that Karen was scared and wanted us to listen to what she had to say and believe her. Rose interrupted by bringing a pot of coffee and five cups. She poured a cup for dad then asked Karen. "No thank you" Karen whispered as Rose filled a cup for Susie, herself and me. Dad spoke up; "Ok I don't want to hurry anyone but I believe Karen is here to try to make amends for some trouble she has been causing.

Don and Susie all I ask is that you hear her out and then decide for yourselves. She now knows as much as the rest of you about what's happening. Ok Karen you tell them what you told me."   9. A bully does an about face.

There was a long pregnant pause before Karen stood and crept over to Susie and me. Her head was hanging and she was shaking like a leaf as tears trickled down her cheeks.

Suddenly she dropped to her knees in front of us and looked up with tears streaming down her cheeks. "Please forgive me for being such a wicked, rotten, selfish, two faced bitch. I don't know why I did it. I've never felt good about it; actually I hate myself for it.

Dad says it's probably because of the influence Eddie had on me. Just so you know I'm done with him. Thank you Don for doing what you did to him so I could wake up and see what he really is. He was mean and cruel to me and to everyone else. I don't know what I saw in him to begin with. He hated himself and he hated life. I know I've made your lives miserable and hurt your feelings so many times you'll probably never want to speak to me again.

Please forgive me and give me a chance now that I know about Eddie and what he is." Karen was looking up at us with tears streaming down her face and begging us with her eyes. Slowly she looked down to the floor and began to sob like someone that had just lost a loved one to death.

I looked at Susie and she looked at me. Almost in unison we reached down and took her by her arms and lifted her to her feet. We both held her close for several minutes as she cried and sobbed brokenly. Both dad and Rose gave us two big thumbs up then dad grabbed his coffee cup and motioned for Rose to follow him out of the room. Susie and I guided Karen to the couch and sat her down between us.

She cried and trembled for several minutes before she began to calm down and regain control of her emotions. As we both held her close she began to relax. "Oh god why doesn't one of you say something," she quavered "Do you hate me that much?" Susie spoke first, "no Karen we don't hate you, we hate the way you acted but we don't hate you.

No one hates you as a person. I think you could be really cool if you tried. No one likes a bitter, hateful, sour, mean, bad attitude especially when it's directed at them. If you stop and think about it, would you like someone treating you that way?" That brought on another outburst of tears.

"Oh god I hate myself," she moaned through her tears. "Don't hate yourself Karen, you can hate how you acted but don't hate yourself.

We don't hate you so don't hate yourself," I quietly told her as I gave her a gentle squeeze. Dad left shortly after that. Susie and I stayed with Karen for another hour before she finally got herself together and stopped crying. She wanted to go home and get herself cleaned up a little. She was claiming to be a mess.

"You may be a mess but you're a very pretty mess" Susie spoke up. I just about lost it and Karen did to. As she had calmed down I was busy in her mind shamelessly looking at her thoughts and desires.

I saw lots of things that made me wonder and some things that almost made me hard. She was still a virgin, she wanted to fuck, she didn't mind getting personal with another girl, and she was horny most of the time. Her only experience was with her own hands and the orgasms I had given her the other day.

The guy she had been with had never even offered to try anything with her. He told her he couldn't stand touching another person. As she went into the bathroom I quickly whispered to Susie what we should do as we led her to the door when she left. Susie got a huge smile and giggled as I whispered to her. "Ok what are you two up to," Rose asked? "Nothing mom, not a thing, just don't be surprised and pop your cork out when Karen leaves." As we all three escorted Karen to the door Susie put her arms around her and hugged her.

Susie whispered something in Karen's ear as she slowly and gently slid her hands down and around on Karen's ass. Then she brought her hands up along Karen's sides and stroked the sides of her tits. As Susie stepped back I quickly took Karen into my arms and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek then held her close. As I held her I put my hands on her ass and pulled her close so she could feel the hardness in the front of my jeans.

Karen gave a moan and made tiny humping movements on my hidden cock. "You come back whenever you want Rose said as she caught on to what was happening and gave Karen a shoulder hug and stroked Karen's boobs with her fingers. We'll be looking forward to seeing you again. After the door was closed Susie spoke up. "Oh I hope she does come back I think she's hot." "She's hot alright she almost came when you felt her up.

She did have a little orgasm when she felt my cock and Rose you almost had her convinced to stay and play for a while with your expert fingers. That girl wants more than just a little feeling up, she wants the whole thing and I'll bet you two will be the first ones to give it to her," I snickered. "Oh babe you got to be here and help. I know she'll love what you can do.

I know mom and I do. You wait, when you get that thing in her and start to make it bigger she'll shit." "Not if I have it stuck in her ass, she won't I chuckled." By now all three of us were getting more than just a little excited so we headed to the bedroom.

Rose and Susie undressed me then undressed each other. They were both hot and ready for some serious fucking. Rose bailed onto the bed and threw her feet towards the ceiling. "Oh fuck, put it in my ass I want it in my ass!

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Just take it easy it's been a long time" I put the girls side by side and finger fucked one while I ate the other one out. They were both moaning and tossing their heads from side to side.

Susie was mauling her mother's nipples and tits. All Rose could do was moan and grunt as I ran my elongated and enlarged tongue up in her pussy and punished her clit. Susie cried out for more and bigger as I slid my fingers into her tunnel. Then I went to eating Susie and fingering Rose. As she loosened up and relaxed I stuck a third finger then a fourth finger in her. She was crying out and demanding more. "Oh fuck me, put your hand in me.

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I want your whole hand inside me" she howled out. I let Susie relax and her head was instantly down watching me work to put my entire hand up inside her mother. Her mom was huffing and groaning as I kept twisting my hand and shoving it forward then I would back off a little as Rose cried out in pain.

Slowly her vaginal muscles loosened up and I worked in farther Rose gave a screech and a groan as my hand popped up into her insides. She was a wild woman moaning, crying out and begging for more, tossing and twisting on the bed while trying to breathe. "OH fuck me, please fuck me! Susie help me I'm going to come I can't stand it I'm gonna come help me I'm gonna come.

Susie suddenly began to rub her mother's clit vigorously. I had been not only sliding my hand back and forth but also wiggling my fingers and rubbing her G spot. Suddenly she arched her back and moaned. As I felt her pussy start to contract I slowly slid my hand all the way out almost like she was giving birth.

As I slid my hand back and out I rubbed my fingers firmly across her G spot one last time. She just held herself there and shook. Her eyes were screwed tight shut until my hand oozed out of her then her eyes snapped wide open.

When my hand slipped all the way out of her she grunted and squirted a clear liquid not one little squirt, but three big heavy streams then she passed out. She just lay there jerking, twitching and trying to breathe. Finally she started to moan and try to move. "Ooooh what happened, where am I," she groaned. Slowly she came back to earth and realized what was happening.

"Oh shit you two just wait until I can move I'll get even with both of you," she whined still out of breath. Suddenly Susie flipped me over on my back, straddled me, and drove my hard dick into her pussy with a groan. As I felt myself hit her cervix she screamed, threw her head back and started to shake and come. As she sat there shaking and coming I roughly rubbed her clit and she screamed again as she came a second time then slumped off to my side.

"Oh shit wait until we get Karen in here. Just the thought of it makes me want to come again," she groaned. "That can be fixed to" I said as I dove onto her pussey and began to lick her lips then her clit feverishly. Minutes later Susie was in the middle of another orgasm, moaning twisting, jerking, humping, and trying to pull the sheets off the bed. Two weeks to the day after I had slapped Eddie around and broken several bones for him He was out of the hospital and finally managed to come looking for me.

His jaws were still wired shut and his mouth was still swollen so it was hard to understand what he was saying. "What the fuck did you hit me with? I thought I was going to die for a while. The doc said you broke some blood vessels in my guts. Damn you if I wasn't in this cast I'd tear you apart. Karen won't even come near me now she won't even talk to me. What the hell did you two do to her?" "Eddie, first of all we didn't do anything to Karen.

She's a big girl and can make up her own mind who she wants to see and not see. She came to Susie and me not the other way around. I think she finally figured out what an abusive, dominating, ass hole, you are and she doesn't want any more of your shit. As far as what I hit you with, I hit you with my bare hands. Oh ya I also stuck my foot in your mouth. If you wouldn't have reached for me that last time you would've been a lot better off.

I hope you don't have any thoughts of a rematch. Next time I'll see just how much damage I can do. Don't go near Susie either if you do I'll put you in the hospital for at least a month." As I was talking I was prodding around in his mind. When I said the words at least a month I saw raw fear go through his mind.

When I saw that I intensified it to the point he began to feel the pain all over again. He decided he didn't want to try me again and he didn't want to try anything with either Susie or Karen. He wanted a way out of the conversation and away from me. He dropped his head and silently backed away from me turned, and shuffled down the street like a little whipped puppy with his tail between his legs.   10. Getting ready to move on. By now Susie and Karen were close friends and Karen's family was looking forward to moving with us.

My dad had been working with Karen's folks and getting them ready to go with us. To disappear and move to another galaxy took a lot of planning. They had to sell their house, decide what if anything they wanted to take with them, and cut any ties they had with friends and businesses. As far as this earth was concerned they would just vanish into thin air. Susie and Karen were still waiting for a visit from the Nurocks so they could go. Karen's folks were not from the Tau galaxy but they could travel there at any time.

Three weeks after Karen had come to us and apologized to Susie and me the three of us were standing outside my house one evening. Just like the first time I saw a light moving and zigzagging across the sky.

I started to warn the girls but then I decided they would only be scarred and try to run. All of a sudden the same brilliant blue light was hovering in front of us. Gently I put an arm around each girl. "Don't be scared it's your turn now. Trust them and let them do whatever they want to do," I whispered to them. Suddenly we were standing in a white room. Just like it had happened to me the first time.

"Welcome again Don of Tau. How is a thing happening for you? I am watching and you seem to be doing much lately. I see your meeting with the bully a time back. You did well; you did just enough to take care of him. We was happy that you did not do more to him.

You do get his attention tho," the tall blond haired alien spoke to me in a strange stilted way of speaking.

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"Thanks, I didn't want to hurt him to bad I just wanted him to leave Susie and me alone. When I looked into his mind all I saw was black, anger, and rage. So I did what I thought I needed to do to get my point across. I have two girls here with me that wish to travel to a better galaxy with my parents and me. My dad says you need to do something with them before they can travel with us.

Susie and Karen and Susie's mother Rose have indicated they would like to stable with me when we get there." The alien stared at me for a second with his third eye wide open. "Oh my stable master already, you are twin to your paternal parent.

He has five stable mates you are aware? My, my I must commune with the others. Where do you wish to stable when you get there. Do you know now? How kinds of a home do you wanted? What number of offspring do you wish?" "We haven't gotten as far as all that yet. Dad mentioned that we could stay with them for a short while until our home is ready. Karen's folks will probably stay with dad or us until they get their own home.

I don't know just what galaxy they are from but Karen was born on earth just as Susie and I were. The two girls had been escorted away when we first went aboard the alien ship.

The alien being and I talked for some time before the girls returned. Both girls looked dazed and confused but their eyes brightened up and a weak smile appeared when they saw me. They both hurried over and silently cuddled up next to me. "We must hyper transit and left, we have others to see this darkness. Be safe Don of Tau and welcome home." Suddenly Susie, Karen and I were standing in my back yard again and watching the light streak up into the night sky. "Oh my god, did they just do what I think they did," whispered Karen.

Both girls were still trembling partly from fear and partly from excitement. "Oh damn let's get home" Susie spoke up. "I'm wanting out of here and I wanna tell mom what just happened. This means that we can go to our real home now. Mom will be out of her gourd with excitement. Don I'm sure glad you and Karen are staying at my place tonight. This is going to be wild!

We hurried down the street and across town to Susie's house and rushed in the door. At Roses insistence I had been staying at her place a lot lately. As we stepped inside Rose looked up. Instantly she could tell by the look on our faces what had happened. Rose was instantly jumping for joy and dancing around the three of us. "They came, they finally came didn't they?" She shrieked and threw her arms around us.

By now it was common practice for anyone and everyone to be nude in Rose's house. It had taken Karen a few times to get used to the bare skin but she got to see me naked and that always helped her to accept the fact. Susie and I quickly stripped down and Rose helped Karen strip. Karen had not been in bed with us yet but we were hoping for that this time.   11. Suddenly two mates become three. Rose had made arrangements with Karen's parents and my parents for us to stay at her place whenever we wanted to.

I knew that my parents knew what was going on and I was guessing Karen's folks knew also. It seemed that those from another galaxy were a lot less puritan and uptight about the body and what it should be used for. The earth people were the only ones that were so uptight about sex. Rose told us that it was not uncommon to go to a public area on Tau and see two or three people coupling.

As we stood talking I enlarged myself a bit then stepped up behind Karen. Putting my arms around her waist I drew her close as I slid my erection between her legs. Karen let out an eeek as I drew her to me and slid my hands up across her silky smooth body and caressed her firm nubile tits. She quickly began to relax and mold herself to me as she rubbed her pussy on my cock and moaned. "Oh damn you that feels wonderful! Don't quit, it makes me feel really funny inside.

Oh shit what took you so long? Nobody has ever touched me like this. Oh god it feels good, I want your hands all over me. Please don't quit it feels so good I feel like I'm going to explode any second," she moaned into my ear as her head lay on my shoulder. By now Susie's hands were roaming all over Karen's body and Rose was busy tugging and twisting on Karen's left nipple.

Karen would quiver and twitch as she crushed her legs together and brought one knee or the other up. It was as if she were doing some kind of a weird dance, she would bring one knee up an then the other trying to grip my cock tighter and get it closer to her pussy. "I think we better go in on the bed you can hardly stand up any more Karen.

Come on let's go in on Susie's bed." Karen's answer was a gasp and a moan as she tried to gulp another lung full of air as another shudder slammed through her. I knew if we didn't let her rest for a minute she would have an orgasm then and there unless I mentally stopped her. Karen whined as I withdrew from between her legs. She staggered and Susie and Rose kept her from going to her knees. The four of us hurried into Susie's bedroom.

Susie and Rose lay Karen back on the bed and couldn't help themselves they just had to fondle her from head to toe. Silently I slipped up behind Susie, she was standing just right.

Her legs were spread and she was bent over concentrating on Karen. Suddenly but gently I slid my nine inch cock into her wet pussy. "Oh shit" she cried out and then shoved herself back onto my shaft. "Oh shit he's fucking me! Oh please deeper, more, faster, oh fuck you feel so good I'm ready to come, I have to come" she was almost in tears.

Suddenly she stiffened up and let a low growl escape from her throat as she started to shake and cum. She fell forward off of me and onto Karen's mid-section face first.

Susie lay there twitching. As soon as Susie fell forward I flipped myself around and went down on Karen. She was in no shape to resist and she didn't want to either. She cried out in ecstasy as my lips and tongue latched onto her boiling hot cunt. Rose was still sucking on and playing with her tits and Susie's face was resting on her abdomen. Karen couldn't move she was being held down by three people and two of them were doing things to her she had only dreamed of up until now.

All she could do was lay there and try to gulp in lungs full of air and moan. Soon she started to quiver and a long drawn out whine left her lips.

She slammed her legs together on my head and reared her hips up off the bed as I grabbed her clit and slammed it back and forth with my tongue. Then she went limp, she couldn't take any more of the stimulation. She was curled up in a fetal position with her hands firmly covering her pussy and tears of joy and sexual excitement running down her cheeks.

She was gasping for air and twitching as she lay there in a haze trying to figure out what just happened. I had no more than lay down beside her and I felt someone cleaning the juices and cum off my cock. I looked down and Rose was between my legs with a smile on her face and my cock firmly embedded in her mouth. Both Susie and Karen were still trying to come down from orbit as Rose lustily sucked me to an orgasm while I fingered her cunt.

By the time Rose finished me off Susie had come back to earth and had taken over the fingering and eating of her mother's honey pot. Rose was jerking, bouncing, and rolling on the bed as I held Karen close. "Oh fuck what happened, what did you do to me? All of a sudden all I could see was flashing lights. I felt like I exploded inside. I've never felt like that before, never ever.

It wasn't anywhere near that intense that day on the sidewalk. I thought I was going to pass out it felt so good. Oh god I don't want to move I can't move I'm too weak.

What's going on with me?" "Just relax and enjoy those feelings. You had an orgasm and by the way you sound it was your first big one ever. What did you think did you like it? I'll bet I can give you another one in a little bit but we'll have to wait until those two are done or we might get in their way. "Oh crap there's more? I don't know if I can stand anything more than that. I thought I was going to die. I couldn't see, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't hear, I couldn't move.

Damn that was intense!" By now I had started to run my fingers over Karen's body and we began kissing. Rose and Susie had gotten each other off and were laying there exhausted as I continued to nibble and kiss Karen's face, neck, eyes, tits, and throat while my hands were busy on her body. Soon she was breathing hard again and moaning from time to time. Slowly and gently I brought her back up to a full arousal again.

She was gasping for air and grabbing the bed sheets as she tossed her head from side to side and moaned. Slowly I climbed between her legs and shrunk myself down to what I hoped would not hurt her to bad. I lined my cock up with her hole and slowly started the journey into her body. I felt her blockage and reached inside her mind to dull her pain when I broke through. I sawed in and out until I felt her relax then with a sudden stab I shoved my member deep inside her shattering her virginity.

Karen grunted and swore. "Oh fuck that hurts, damn that burns. Stop, don't move for a minute, oh ouch, oh shit that hurts!" We lay there not moving for a few minutes before Karen started to move her hips and squirm under me. Slowly I started a gentle in and out motion and soon she had forgotten the pain and was begging for more.

I started to enlarge myself a little at a time until I felt her think oh shit, too big. I was getting close to coming myself so I thought to Rose and Susie; "help me here, rub her clit and play with her tits I want her to come with me." Instantly they were all over Karen helping her. I couldn't wait any longer I slammed into her and started to dump my load of cum against her cervix.

Karen stiffened up and a scream was forced through her clinched teeth. She screamed and started to shake, she was cuming again. She cum, jerked, and twitched for almost a full minute before she sucked in a deep breath and passed out. As she flopped down onto the bed I allowed myself to shrink back down and slip out of her.

Rose was there with a warm wet washcloth too wipe up the blood from Karen's shattered hymen. Karen began to moan again and come back to life. Damn I wasn't sure if I could keep up with all three of those women or not but I was sure as hell going to try.

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Hopefully after a while they would slow down and mellow out a little bit.   12. The final meeting and an announcement. We had another three romps in that bedroom before dad called all three families together for a meeting one evening.

Late in the afternoon everyone was gathered at my house. There were four families that I didn't recognize. One family had a girl that I thought was very beautiful. I even whispered to my girls that maybe she should join the four of us.

Mom served coffee, tea, and several other strange looking drinks and a small strange looking cookie that looked like it was half cookie and half donut. There were strange looking fruits that I had never seen before.

The dining room table was covered with strange foods. We were all excited because everyone felt the big announcement was going to come out. Dad came slipping in the front door with another being behind him.

"Welcome everyone this is Elcarser, from Tau. He would like to get to know everyone and what their plans are once we get there." Dad was beaming with happiness as he spoke.

The alien being looked a lot like a normal man except his fingers were long and slender. His head was covered with fine fuzz almost like a peach. When he smiled and started to speak I noticed his teeth were different. They seemed to be one continuous tooth all the way around the top and the same way on the lower jaw. He spoke with a deep booming base voice. His English was perfect, almost too perfect and he had an accent that I had never heard before. "Thank you sir Karl. Greetings to each and every one here.

I am called Elcarser I arrive from the Galaxy Tau to converse with you. There are some beings here that have been to Tau and some beings that have not been there so yet.

I will greet you and welcome you all back to Tau. Please forgive me for the way I speak, it has been almost seven hundred years since I set my body on your planet and galaxy. My English is somewhat tainted. Every being from where you are going do speak your English so you will have no trouble communicating your thoughts with them. Over the millennia those of earth planet have changed the way they speak so your English is not always the same as our English.

You will soon learn our way of speaking. Now please everyone enjoy the evening and I will move through the room and talk to each of you.

Please partake of the food to your fill. The Tau planet group has sent it as a welcome gift for those that are coming home to Tau." The evening was like a royal party.

Everyone got to know everyone else. Everyone visited with each other and there were no wallflowers. No one was left out it was a happy joyous party. My girls had cornered the new girl and had a long conversation with her. Shortly afterword's they introduced Sadie to me. As we stood and talked Susie discretely took my hand and placed it on Sadie's beautiful ass. As I stroked her I looked quickly through her mind.

She wasn't a virgin and she wanted someone that would treat her gently and love her. She was already cretated and wouldn't mind being with three or four people permanently. She was pretty and she was aroused. I was afraid she was going to orgasm right then and there when I suggested she stable with the four of us. Elcarser moved around the room talking to everyone, asking questions and answering questions. He helped himself to bits of food from time to time.

Dad and mom were in their glory hosting an inter-galactic party. Late in the evening I saw dad and Elcarser move off into another room and close the door. Several minutes later dad emerged alone, picked up a spoon and a cup and began to tap on the cup for everyone's attention. "May I have everyone's attention," he called out.

"I have just conferred with Elcarser. Today is Friday. It's his plan to have a ship nearby one week from tomorrow. Does everyone have everything ready to travel? My family and I are ready and I think most everyone else is too. It'll be a fond goodbye for us since we will no longer have anyone here on earth and no reason to return. Earth has been good to me but I know I'll be happier on Tau and so will my family.

I'll contact everyone early morning on the day of the move to tell you where to meet. We'll travel caravan style to a predetermined landing area then simply drive our cars onto the inter galactic ship and be gone. The trip will take about an earth week but there'll be plenty to do. The ship we will travel in will be just like a huge ocean liner. The cars will be in the bottom of the ship and there will be about ten stories of staterooms, stores, eating establishments, everything including movies and swimming pools.

If you want you will be able to watch big monitors and see what it looks to fly through space at many times the speed of light. The other galaxies are millions of years ahead of earth in everything including travel as most of you already know. Everyone was excited and talking and asking questions until almost midnight. As midnight approached our guests began to filter out the door and leave for home. I did notice that there were still two beautiful women that were talking to mom.

"Don it's late, why don't you and your stable stay downstairs in the big guest room tonight? It's been a long time since the big guest room has been used. Our other two guests will be spending the night with your mother and me. Yes those two are part of my stable.

I'm not going to let my son have all the fun you know," he said giving me a big broad wink. Quickly I led Karen, Susie, and Rose off downstairs to a room that was huge. The bed alone was as big as four normal beds. There was a hot tub and a shower, both was big enough for seven or eight people. This room took up almost the whole basement. "Oh my word, Don you been holding out on us! This place is big enough for a stable of ten or fifteen people," Susie cried out.

Suddenly Rose let out a shriek. "Oh shit! What's this, look what I found!" Rose had opened a drawer that had sex toys of every size, shape, color, and description in it. "That's only half of them. Look in the cabinet below the drawer. That's where the bigger ones are." Karen moaned out loud and grabbed her crotch when she opened the door and saw the selection of sex machines.

"Oh fuck I hope you're taking these things with you," Rose whimpered as Susie and Karen suddenly began to pull their clothes off.

Five minutes later we were all four naked and the girls were howling and moaning as they put the different toys to work on each other. Finally I set the sybian machine up and placed rose firmly on it. I knew the room was sound proof so I began to control it as Rose screamed, cried, came, squealed, and came a second, third, and forth time. Finally she slumped off to the side too exhausted to go any more. Both Karen and Susie had their turn with it before we were finally exhausted and went to sleep at three o'clock in the morning.

  13. We move out of this world. The next week flew by as we fucked and packed the things we wanted to take along.

There wasn't a lot to pack most of our clothes would be left behind. The furniture was too big and bulky so we left it. I boxed the toys up from the basement and my computer, a few clothes, and some pictures I was fond of.

Mom and dad took a couple changes of clothes, dad's computer and a box of paperwork. Dad had almost a thousand pounds of gold stashed in the big one ton van we would be driving.

The gold was something that was worth more than anything else in the Tau galaxy. That would support my parents and me for thousands of years. Most everything would be furnished for us but we wanted some money of our own. Karen and her folks had a big pickup they were taking. They had more than we did but not a lot either. Susie and her mom would be putting some things in our van and some things in with Karen's folks.

Saturday morning arrived and dad made phone calls then we started out. We stopped and picked up Susie and Rose then we stopped at Karen's house. Karen crawled in with Susie and me. We were off and gone without looking back. On our way we met up with the four other families and their belongings. We traveled through the day at a leisurely pace only stopping occasionally for gas and bathroom breaks. Just before dusk fell dad turned off the main highway and onto a dirt road that headed into the desert.

It was a sight to see as six vehicles wound out across the deserted landscape. Dad stopped out in the middle of nowhere. He stepped out and placed a small black and orange box on the top of the car. Slowly a huge ship began to materialize in front of us. The ship was as wide as six football fields end to end. It was probably seven hundred feet high and I couldn't begin to guess how long it was.

There was a low humming sound then we heard the screech of grinding metal as a probably twenty foot wide door slowly opened, folded down and formed a ramp. Suddenly the ramp hit the ground with a ground shaking "whomp" then everything was deathly silent there wasn't a sound to be heard.

There were flashing lights on the inside and outside of the ship. Looking inside of the ship was like looking into the Grand Canyon. The outside was a dull grey, almost black. There were bumps, protrusions, pipes, wires, boxes and only they knew what, sticking out from what I could see of the main body. A misty fog began to billow and shimmer about half way between the ship and our van. As I sat there staring three beings walked out of the fog and strode towards us.

As soon as they stepped out of the fog it seemed to fold in on its self and disappear. I was getting a bit uneasy and the girls were scared spitless. The only thing keeping them in the van was mom quietly and calmly talking to us and explaining what was happening.

Dad hurried over to meet the beings and extended both hands to them. Each being touched his hands for a few seconds before they exchanged greetings. As the beings stood and talked to dad the girls finally calmed down and fearfully watched. Both Susie and Karen had a grip on me that I knew would leave black and blue marks for weeks.

Finally the three beings and dad touched hands again and dad turned back towards our van with a big smile on his face. "Okay guys we're going to pull up inside the ship and get out.

The crew will park the van and get it ready for travel.

We'll be taken to our quarters and then be allowed anywhere on the ship that travelers are allowed. Is everyone ready? Get your last look at earth because you may not be back for a long time if ever. Dad stuck his left arm out the window and waved everyone behind us forward behind him as we started towards the ship.

Dad drove up onto the long sloping metal ramp as if he had done this many times before. Mom was setting back like we were going on a Sunday afternoon drive. Susie, Karen and I were holding our breath as we looked around in shocked silence. We drove probably two hundred yards into the belly of the monstrous ship before dad stopped.

"Alright you four are you ready for a new life," he asked as the other cars and trucks pulled up around us and the humongous door started squealing and grinding back up into place. With our hearts pounding we stepped out of the car and joined the others. As we stepped into what looked like a small bus without any sides Sadie silently joined me and my girls. Dad's eyes got huge and then he just smiled and shook his head.

I think I've created a monster I heard him mutter under his breath. We were finally headed for a new life on a new planet in a new galaxy. The End (Or the beginning, you chose.)